And God Said: *Creation Beloveds, Creation!*1 comment
pictureWednesday, April 4th 2007
Creation Beloveds, Creation ~ posted here by Brenda

And God said:In every moment, there is a dying. It is death of the past. The past cannot stay. You might say it lives on in your memory. It lives on in your imagination, and that's all relative life is, beloveds, something that you imagine.

You imagined something occurred. You imagined its appearance, and you imagined its significance, and you imagined its disappearance. You let your thoughts have an effect on you. Understandably, it all felt real to you. That is what the relative is. It is an illusion of reality that you accept at face value.

The past is like a wave in water. Water simply flowed into itself. There was movement in the water. The water rose and fell on itself. It was water all the time, and nothing but water. We could say that the water had a dream of itself, just as you dream away moments of this lifetime of Ours on Earth.

There is a strength in water, whether it be the ocean or a lake or a fishpond. Even the water in a glass has great power. We can say that you are like a glass of water of the Infinite Ocean. You are not less than the Infinite because you happen to be in a glass. And all the glasses of water are no more nor less than you are in your glass. They are the same as you. The glass holds you within it. The glass you see through makes you think you are separate from all the other glasses when you are actually One and the Same. Oh, yes, the glasses appear different. ==>  Read More

 "Be careful how you configure your water" it is 98 % of you...1 comment
pictureWednesday, April 4th 2007
Singing the Song of Your Molecules
By The Hathors through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energies that you are going through are considered to be an adjustment frequency as you expand into the inner promptings, the inner soundings. The song of your souls, the song of your molecules. Balance our presence through the breath, through the feet, through the tailbone, the root chakras. We come to sing you, we come to sing to you, and we come to hold you into the experience and the music of your essence. The music comes to the fountain, to the center. It comes through the night cries of the birds. It comes through your yawns, it comes through your breath, and it comes through your heartbeat. It is in the very quanta that are humming to you in your inner ear.

All things of Earth sing their essences. Listen! Listen inwardly.

We are the beings that are known as the Hathors. The bowls of crystal open portals within self. They open dimensional doorways and interim-dimensional doorways. They open the path of the future through your physical presence. You will be listening to more sounds that do such things. The sounds that comfort you, the sounds that heal you, the same as with the smells; they all are gaining entrance into your existence, into your beingness, into your memories. They are the keys that unlock you. The you that has been closeted away from the human self. The you that has been sequestered away from the personality, from the brain, and even from the soul. You have locked yourself up and bound yourself up as a treasure that has been buried and lost in time. in your humanness you are afraid to open that box. You are afraid to open the doorways of the unknown. For what if you lose control? What if the sound that you make is not sweet But as sounds as of a monster growling in the very pit of the stomach of Earth. What if the sounds that you hear and the sounds that you see are of monsters that you still fear within yourself?  Read More

 And God Said, "YOU GOT ME ALL WRONG!", by John Cali1 comment
pictureWednesday, April 4th 2007
God Said: "You Got Me All Wrong" ~ posted here by Brenda

Do you ever wonder why there is so much "evil" in our modern world. And, if you believe in a divine being -- call it God, Goddess, whatever you want -- why does it allow all the suffering we see today on the planet?

John Cali: I recently watched the movie, called Conversations With God, based on Neale Donald Walsch's best-selling book of the same name. The movie, produced by Stephen Simon of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, chronicles the true story of Neale and how he rose from a destitute homeless person to an internationally acclaimed author.

Near the beginning of the film, Neale is engaged in a question and answer session with a large audience. One woman asked him if God had one important message for humanity, could Neale put it into one paragraph?

Neale replied, "I could put it into five words: 'You got me all wrong.'"

I thought that was a great answer. Many people I know have a distorted notion of what God is. I certainly did for most of my life.

One very poignant, often-asked question I hear in my work with Chief Joseph is "Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?"

Here's Chief Joseph =>  Read More

 Anchoring the 5th Dimension by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles2 comments
pictureWednesday, March 14th 2007
Anchoring the 5th Dimension by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

*SOURCE: [link]

2007 is an amazing Cosmic Moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth, and opportunities for positive change have never been more prevalent. The Company of Heaven is communicating this Truth through every conceivable Open Door, and this realization is flowing through the hearts and minds of Lightworkers around the world.

In our last newsletter, I shared with you the opportunity that is being presented to each of us for the integration of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies and our mighty I AM Presence. This is a process that is unfolding day by day, and the energy, vibration and consciousness of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies is being accelerated in every 24-hour period the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow.

In August 2007, the Light of God will flow through Humanity’s more rarefied Earthly Bodies and create an upward rush of energy that will lift every soul who is resisting the Light and those who are caught up in the negativity surfacing to be healed. This merciful act of Divine Intervention and Grace will allow this planet and ALL her Life to move a quantum leap forward on the Spiral of Evolution.

The next step, after the God Victorious accomplishment of that phase of the Divine Plan, will be to anchor these frequencies of the 5th Dimension into the Crystal Grid System of Earth. This activity of Light will allow the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God to begin tangibly manifesting in the physical world of form. These are the patterns that we have always known would one day be the true reality of our Earthly existence. These are the patterns of Heaven on Earth—the patterns of the New Earth.

This will be a global activity, and Lightworkers around the world will be guided by their I AM Presence as to how they will most effectively serve as an Instrument of God to fulfill this facet of the Divine Plan. We at the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, Inc. have been asked by the Company of Heaven to co-create a sacred pilgrimage of Lightworkers that will anchor the 5th-Dimensional energies into the Crystal Grid System along the Heart Meridian of the Divine Feminine in the body of Mother Earth.

The path that we will follow was empowered by the full manifestation of our Mother God of ancient times. In order for the New Earth to reflect the full capacity of the Divine Feminine and the full potential of the Infinite Love of our Mother God, this meridian must be reactivated. It is critical that this Heart Meridian within Earth’s Crystal Grid System be infused with the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Mother God’s Solar Heart Chakra if She is to *reclaim perfect balance with the Divine Masculine* and our Father God.

There will be Lightworkers who receive the *Heart Call* to be physically present on this sacred pilgrimage. There will also be Lightworkers who unite with us in consciousness from myriad sacred sites and various locations around the world.

I am going to share with you the path we will take on our sacred pilgrimage, so that even if you are not with us physically you can join in consciousness and be a powerful Instrument of God for this vital facet of the Divine Plan from wherever you are on the face of the Earth.
*Sacred Pilgrimage => continued =>  Read More

 How to determine your own Core Emotion, by The Eloheim 3 comments
pictureTuesday, March 13th 2007
El·o·him (ĕl'ō-hēm', -hĭm', ə-lō'hĭm) pronunciation

A name for God in the Hebrew Scriptures. God's Energy
manifesting or penetrating Earth in PERFECT BALANCE of
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies...

[Hebrew ’ĕlōhîm, pl. of ’ĕlōah, god.]

03.02.07 Eloheim: How to determine your Core Emotion
Posted in Eloheim Audio, Core Emotion, Eloheim Quotes,
Eloheim, Channeling, Consciousness at 1:11 pm by eloheim
How to determine your own Core Emotion ~AUDIO~
CLICK HERE 2 HEAR this message
Transcript is below...
Your core emotion is dictated by your Soul, agreed to by you
as you decide to incarnate into this body at this time. It
spans all actions, all thoughts, all feelings, all emotions
that you experience in the body.

When you bring consciousness to your core emotion you are bringing consciousness to such a huge percentage of your being that it will exponentially increase your spiritual progress.

The best way to determine your core emotion is by determining two things. These things should be determined not well thought out but what comes first to mind when you ask yourself two questions:

1) What is the happiest memory I have?

2) What is the most troubling memory I have?

When you can *write those two down* then ask yourself to think about them simultaneously. This is the part that can be disturbing because you don't want to 'contaminate' your good memory with your bad one or you don't know how to allow your mind to have these two seemingly different experiences simultaneously.

However, you are capable of this and what you need to do is just balance the two of them so that they are equally as intense. If the sad one starts to get too sad, ask it to just get a little smaller and bring the happy one up a little. You want to have them equally balanced in your mind as you think about them simultaneously.

When you think about them simultaneously the question you ask yourself is: How are they the same?

When you can see similarities between your happiest memory and your saddest memory you will see the essence of your core emotion. Because it is existing both at your most happy time and your saddest time.... As you identify your core emotion, it will become apparent to you how often it shows up in your life as a driving force behind your behaviors. Each time it flares up and you apply consciousness and you acknowledge, "wow this is going on because this is my Core Emotion, I am here to learn about this" it is your tool to bringing consciousness into your life.

I believe that it would be helpful for some of us who have had Eloheim's assistance in determining our core emotion to explain the actual process we went through and/or for me to get permission to post the audio of those experiences. I will ask for that contribution.

When Eloheim helps you determine your core emotion, he walks you through this same exercise. He is also able to tell you how your core emotion might show up in your life which is incredibly helpful in people getting a real handle on their core emotion.

An example that comes to mind is a person with the Core Emotion of, "I am not seen." This person might dress in very bright colors, drive a flashy car, and always have something to add to every conversation. He is always driven at a Soul, unconscious, and subconscious level to make sure he is seen, noticed, paid attention to, etc.

If you were to apply consciousness to this core emotion, it could look like, "wow, I am not included in this conversation, I don't feel like they see me, I will sit with this feeling and experience this conversation without letting my Core Emotion drive me to interrupt."

Noticing that your Core Emotion is activated causes you to apply consciousness to that moment. Applied consciousness is Spiritual Growth.

The Eloheim have taught many times that a healed Core Emotion is *the greatest tool on our Spiritual Journey*. Working with my Core Emotion has been quite a ride, but I can say, with confidence, that it has made my life more peaceful, enjoyable, and has allowed me to be of more service.

Link to the Source of this message: [link]

Hi this is Brenda: It was a toss up for me between abandonment and or HUGE FEELINGS OF LOSS. I see now why I chose the parental extremes that I came in through. Each of my parents had this very same issue to the HILT and one was making the best positive he could out of it while the other was battling her mirror every day and rebelling against intense feelings of remorse and unworthiness. BOTH PARENTS died as a transition style at their age 62. BOTH PARENTS died of depression and drug abuse while trying to escape (not deal with) their own dominating feelings base. I came in knowing that death or depression excuses and blaming are NOT THE ANSWER... My mother left when I was 12 and my dad went south 3 months be4 I graduated high school. I was not a good reflection for either of them as it turned out. I have had much healing and great understanding flows by doing this exercise above...

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*See all archives listed here *bookmark* for for your progressive reference.

*And join Brenda & the star goddesses at the firethegrid care2 Lightowrkers
group about 110 members strong after last week's shake up.  Read More

 The Planetary Grids: THE ANATOMY OF GAIA (EARTH) By Abjini Arraíz7 comments
pictureTuesday, February 27th 2007
"YES THIS IS A COPY & PASTE ALL THE WAY DOWN and the more I find of this kind of information the more sense I make of this world as presented to me by... all media taking their info feed from the behind the scenes governments of this world since I have been in it watching it all => 1942, army base II World War, Jacksonville, Florida. No... I am NOT a walk in and NO I do not channel. But I am born to be here now! Are you born to be here now also? N O W is the power seat of change you know." Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 Team Leader ~ firehtegrid a care2 Lightworker Group.

INTRODUCTION [Source: [link] ]

The planetary grid concept is not new, in antiquity Plato spoke about this in his work Timaeus as "the ideal body of cosmos" and explains the grid as the synthesis of the platonic solids. Also in other of his discourses he compares it with a leather ball made of twelve pieces, similar to the ones we know today as Football.

From the birth of our planet the grid that covered the Earth was formed over the matrix of the sacred geometry of the five platonic solids, as emanation of creation. Plato believed that the basic structure of the Earth was in a process of evolution from simple geometric forms to other more complex. In the order of complexity the five patterns, according to the theory of Plato, that formed the blocks of the crystalline matrix are: The tetrahedron (4 sides), the hexahedron or cube (6 sides), the octahedron (8 sides), the dodecahedron (12 sides) and the icosahedron (20 sides). Plato expounded that Earth was evolving to an icosahedran grid. [See Fig. 1.]

Platonic Solids
From the Book: "Awakening to Zero Point" by Gregg Braden

Fig. 1. Platonic Solids => [link]
For a long time these planetary grids were forgotten until in the last years through the remembering of some and the channeling of others it was started to be spoken of the existence of a Christed grid or spiritual grid that will support us in the change of the planetary consciousness we are living in today. And fulfilling the hermetic principle as above/so below the appearance of the Internet also proves that the spiritual grid has been materialized in other technological grid, created by the human hand, that today shortens the distances of the world. Let us say, all that is created or thought of is finally manifested in our dimension.

But Plato was only referring to the geometric grid of the planet, we can say today that there are four known grids around our planet influencing human life. These, even though separate and functioning independently, are related in a sort of interaction where any change that occurs to any of them, affects the others.


So we have: (1) the magnetic/gravitational, (2) the telluric, (3) the electric, and (4) the one of light/consciousness.
DARE TO READ =>>  Read More

 What Science Knows about these Earth Shifts0 comments
pictureThursday, February 22nd 2007
Scientists who are studying evolution from a celestial perspective believe that there are four kinds of celestial events and cosmic forces that might be triggering The Shift:

• Galactic Cycles,

• Solar Cycles,

• Solar Events and

• Supernovas.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence in these four areas indicating that we are deep into the Great Shifting of the Ages. So let's look at the first:

* Galactic Cycles are created by the rotation of our galaxy through evenly-spaced zones of energy that are not visible to the naked eye. It takes approximately 26 million years to pass through one of these zones and it appears that we are now moving into one that is more highly charged. Moving through this accelerated energy is changing our DNA, our consciousness and triggering our metamorphosis into Christed Beings.

Our Milky Way Galaxy is about 100,000 light years across, 30,000 light years away, belongs to a group of three large and 30+ small galaxies, and is the second largest after the Andromeda Galaxy. Our solar system lies out on the edge of the Orion spiral arm.

The Hubble Telescope, launched by NASA in late 1995, has been opening the stars to us, revealing a once secret world of celestial events and activities. Many of these images go beyond amazing —they actually appear to be a window into the world of creation and evolution. Here are some of them.

This image above, known as the Hour Glass Nebula, has generated a lot of interest.

There is now a growing amount of scientific information indicating that our whole solar system, and perhaps the whole galaxy, is in the midst of a shift.

The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is a black hole with a mass estimated to be the equivalent of 3.2 to 4 million of our suns, but is compacted into a space ten times smaller than Earth's orbit around our sun.

Many native tribes in Mexico and South America believe that Galactic Center or Tula emits a frequency or tone known as Ge, and that this tone not only heals the body and mind but brings immortality. The spiral Ge shown here represents the frequency being transmitted from Tula or Galactic Center.

I believe that as our Sun, Earth and us move towards the big conjunction of 2012, that this frequency is getting much stronger.

It's vibration is activating our DNA and metamorphosizing us from being humans to Christed Ones. Some believe Ge-sus Christ was a Master Being sent from Tula to anchor the Ascension process on Earth. His birth brought a big blast of love energy to Earth *to attune our DNA to the frequency of Ge* so that we can also become Ge-sus Christs.  Read More

 A TIME FOR ACTION - Part 2 of 2, by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles1 comment
pictureTuesday, February 20th 2007
Posted here by Brenda and the star goddesses
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*source: [link]


From the moment 2007 was breathed onto the Screen of Life, the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child has been flooding the Earthly Bodies of each one with the maximum frequencies of Healing Light that Cosmic Law will allow. The intent of this Divine Intervention is to prepare every soul evolving on Earth to be able to withstand the integration of the I AM Presence and the 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies.

This process of Divine Alchemy will transform Humanity from carbon-based planetary Human Beings into crystalline-based Solar Light Beings. Humanity is in various stages of readiness, and these physical changes are affecting people in a multitude of ways.

There are Lightworkers who have been preparing for decades for this moment. Others have recently awakened and are just beginning to realize the opportunity at hand. There are many others who are still in a deep sleep spiritually and do not have a clue what is happening to them at this time. For this reason, there is an urgency of the hour.

A profound Truth from the core of Creation is resounding through the ethers:


We are all One, and we are all in this together. What affects one facet of Life affects all Life. The Divine Opportunities being presented to one Human Being are available to ALL Human Beings. This is true regardless of how oblivious a person may be of those opportunities.

The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are strongly impressing on Humanity’s conscious minds the fact that we are living in a new paradigm. The ancient prophecies that indicated millions of souls would be left behind because they would not be ready to make the shift into the 5th Dimension are OBSOLETE. That troubling scenario has been averted through selfless acts of Divine Love and the tireless efforts of myriad Lightworkers over the past one hundred years.  Read More

 A TIME FOR ACTION ~ Part 1 of 2, by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles2 comments
pictureTuesday, February 20th 2007
Posted by Brenda & the star goddesses
*source: [link]

Our Father-Mother God have issued the Divine Fiat that 2007 is the year in which the cycles of destruction will come to an end! This year a new paradigm of Heaven on Earth will be birthed in the hearts and minds of awakening Humanity. These patterns of perfection will then be seeded into the Crystal Grid System of Earth through the 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies of Lightworkers around the world. Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because you have been preparing for lifetimes to assist with this vitally important facet of Earth’s Ascension process.

Your part of this Divine Plan is unique. There is not another soul who has been prepared in exactly the same way to accomplish what you have volunteered to do this year. You have all of the wisdom, skill, knowledge, strength, courage and ability you need to succeed in fulfilling your part of this glorious Divine Plan. The Legions of Light throughout Infinity are standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to assist you at your beck and call.

Only your mighty I AM Presence can reveal to you the full magnitude of this auspicious moment in the Earth’s evolution. As you seek the Kingdom of Heaven within, all will be revealed to you. Read these words, and feel them resonating in the deepest recesses of your heart. Allow the inner knowing of this Truth to awaken within you the remembrance of your purpose and reason for being.

The day of domination and control by Humanity’s fear-based human egos has passed. Through miracles that have taken place over the past 20 years, a critical mass of the energy, vibration and consciousness for every evolving soul on Earth has reached the threshold of the 5th Dimension.

Our I AM Presence now has direct access to our physical, etheric, mental and emotional Earthly Bodies. Each person’s I AM Presence is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity when he or she can take full dominion of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Through the fulfillment of the next phase of the Divine Plan, that opportunity is destined to be presented to each person’s I AM Presence this year 2007!  Read More

pictureTuesday, February 6th 2007
Atmos: You will be magically drawn to
those *with whom your energies vibrate*

For very many of you, this year will prove to be the one in which you have the realization that you are changing at such a speed that it is becoming noticeable. The vibrations are speeding up at a much faster rate than before, and with your intent to absorb them they are received into every cell of your body. They bring about a feeling of peace and contentment, and you may not recognize yourself as the same person you were even just a year ago. Your energy noticeably encompasses a larger area around you, and people who come within your aura will be positively affected.

Think then of the power that is being generated upon Earth by millions who are growing exponentially. The energy is giving upliftment to others and the result is remarkable increases in the mass consciousness of Man. We have the ability to measure such emanations, and we are therefore certain of our facts. The whole picture is one that gives us great joy, as it indicates that many more of you have fully stepped onto the path to Ascension. You are fulfilling the promise that was apparent before the Millennium, when it was perceived that you could respond to the challenge and rise up out of the dark.

Whilst we were confident you could achieve success, nevertheless we had to allow for the negative effects of the dark ones who were entitled to challenge your Light. We could not positively know in which manner events would work out, although in one way or another we could foresee success as it was of course divinely ordained. Our concern was for the millions of souls who might be unable to throw off the negative energies, and remain caught up in the lower vibrations and thus unable to escape...  Read More

 A change of pace: THE EMERGENCE OF SELF, by Elysha 1 comment
pictureFriday, February 2nd 2007
The possibilities of the human family maturing into human beings...Now there's an idea that could give great pause to the heart and to the heart of existence itself!.

A monologue...continues:

"Humans maturing into their beingness" which would allow for a much greater movement of the heart to incarnate onto this planet - allowing for the incarnation of love and what all things it would bring with it.

A "yay" saying to simply out shine the currently existent "nay" saying... hmmmmm... now would that not bring about a change of a thing or two...on this planet?

It would certainly bring about a radical change to you there getting a window of seeing clearly into your freedom and then... having you imprisoned into the movement of trying to teach others 'about' what you have just seen, without realizing at all that you have just "knee capped" yourself once again and are suffering something that is not you any more.

The emergence of self is currently an unfolding motion that this planet has not experienced before. It is an addition and an extension to our *traditional enlightenment* in his & her stories. And it continues on from where we 'have been' limited and stopped short - and what a limitation it has been! That limitation was not an accident, it was completely reflective of the state of the human family.  Read More

 R E M E M B E R who you are if...you are0 comments
Tuesday, January 30th 2007

 Will 2012 Actually Arrive Sooner Than We Think? By Kris Sherwood8 comments
pictureFriday, January 19th 2007
While watching a History Channel program on the life of Jesus which examined, among other things, questions about the actual year Jesus was born in relation to the calendar most commonly used to mark time by: the ‘Christian Era’ calendar, a startling question arose as Ed (husband and research partner Ed Sherwood) and I discussed it. Based on various inconsistencies in the chronology of events and dates, as well as mistakes made by the monk, Dionysius, in the creation of that calendar, I realized the date of 2012 is our interpretation, or assumption, of the corresponding year in the much longer time span of the Mayan Calendar that predicts the ‘end’ of our present world or cycle on December 23rd of its own prophesied year within its calendar, but doesn’t relate to or take into account the discrepancies in the conversions to the newer calendar, and the corresponding date may not actually be 2012 by the Gregorian Calendar! It may actually be years sooner! After further research it seemed to me that at the very least, and based on historical facts, our present calendar does not account for at least one year, to a maximum of seven years, in the chronology of events and the conversion of the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian! This means 2012 actually may correspond to one of the years from 2011 to as soon as 2005, depending on how you interpret the evidence.  Read More

 I AM A LIGHTWORKER & a new revelation 2 share!!1 comment
pictureMonday, January 8th 2007
A NEW REVELATION that I am reading & doing
NOW as we speak...

My name is Brenda and I AM a Light Warrior:

This Book is the most GOD CENTER ENERGY
ACTIVATING tool I have ever yet encountered
on Planet Earth.

The meat of action Meditation EXCERPT HERE!!

By page 44 I have breathed the HARA GOD BREATH,
3X3X3X3X3X3X3X3, sent it to the four corners North
South East and West, Circling the planet & filling
all quadrants with the Omniversal Energy.
Then spoke with a body of 20,000 + Beings and friends
of beings on the inner planes of all that is US most of
whom are members of our lightworker force here & now.
We did a massive and quick clearing just by raising our
vibrations and then... We stationed Light Warriors from
our ranks around each and every person who is drawn
to this light.  Read More

 The Symptoms of Ascension ((channeled 2002))3 comments
pictureFriday, December 22nd 2006
"Prepare for the 2012 - 2017 Earth ascension. People with fully assembled fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies functional in their DNA will be able to ride this ascension wave that comes every 2500 years. The next ascension cycle after this will be in 4230."
Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila" - April 27, 2000
Source site [link]

We, the ensouling factor of this ship that humanity (along with all other kingdoms) reside on, also known as Earth, recognize that much of the material written through our channels is detailed and esoteric in nature. It is our channel's genetic lineage (which is one of the spiritual elite of long ago who governed ascension in a region that was once known as Lemuria) that causes her to be so detailed in her material. For there are the records of over 300 biological ascensions in her ancestry, and each occurred as the result of intense inner study and the consistent release of those patterns necessary to be transcended in order to ascend.

We also recognize that not everyone will resonate with this material as it focuses on more detail than perhaps the average human has interest in. So this article is written for those who are ascending and perhaps who are not the mapmakers but are ascending nonetheless and need to understand what is happening to their bodies and their lives.

Ascension brings about the expansion of the auric field, the chakras, the subtle bodies and the etheric body that surrounds the form. This ultimately translates down to a physical expansion that follows suit. This expansion will be for all species, including those in human form who choose to ascend. The expansion will also include the global body of Earth. The expansion of Earth will take many centuries and will be gradual enough to allow for humanity along with other species to move as needed as the Earth body is reconstituted.

Why is expansion necessary to ascend? The expansion comes hand in hand with a new biological and biochemical structure that holds a new vibration. This new cellular structure not only holds a higher vibration but is larger in size, which ultimately causes the entire body to grow in the process. It is not just the human form that will increase in size but all species, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms along with the dolphins and whales. This expansion will be roughly a twenty per cent increase overall in size and weight.

At another time, the human species stood ten feet in height and was much larger in bone structure and form. Over the last 10,000 years of human history, the human genetic material declined, causing the human form to shrink in stature by many feet and drop in lifespan and consciousness. This is also known as the 'fall of man' in which mankind fell so low in vibration that he/she embodied fear rather than unity consciousness and unconditional love. This has also been called the fall out of the 'Garden of Eden.'

Ascension brings about restitution in the genetic material and vibration that all forms experience on Earth. For the human form, this restitution causes many new glands and organs to grow in the form that allow for the new cellular structure to subsist and results in a renewed level of joy and unity consciousness to prevail in the human experience. Our channel is one of 5,000 mapmakers of the process of ascension in human form and has detailed articles on the subject available free of charge on this website.

About six years ago, the first group of 100 humans embarked on the initiations to restore the physical form to what is called the 'crystalline form' (of which our channel is one). It was determined, after some planning, that it was not appropriate to restore the human form to its original size and stature. For one thing, a ten foot tall human would have a difficult time living in your current civilization. The second consideration was simply an issue of chi or energy. Too much energy would be expended attempting to restore the original height to the form that could be expended instead in the process of resurrection and ascension.

You see, the loss of genetic material and consciousness has caused much of the human form to decay over time. Even babies are born with over ten to fifteen per cent decay already present that has become a part of the human genetic encoding. By the time a human is fifteen years in age, they stop growing and begin to age. This occurs as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ceases to be produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. By the time an average human form reaches age thirty, the form has decayed by thirty per cent. By the time the form reaches fifty, it is over fifty to sixty per cent decayed. Decay is aging, which is also the result of molecules that have ceased to vibrate in the energetic gridwork of the form.

In order to bring forth the first known cases of resurrection of the decay and the growth of the crystalline cellular structure, the human growth hormone must be activated. This hormone allows cells to be converted or transmuted to a new biochemical structure that holds a higher vibration and allows those cells that have decayed or scarred to be resurrected. HGH also brings forth an overall growth of the form, not so much in height, but in size.  Read More

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  • LOVE'S LOOP ALERT-Issue #89 Vol. NOW July 19th - 26th 2008

  • 2008-04-16
  • LOVE's LOOP Issue #83 Vol. NOW April 12th - 19th 2008

  • 2008-03-28
  • Love's Loop Alert ~Issue #82 Vol. NOW ~March 29th - April 5th 2008

  • 2008-01-30
  • New Codes for Planet Earth Economic Balance & Abundance for All

  • 2008-01-16
  • January 1st : 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...We are One Family

  • 2008-01-13
  • The History of The Earth~ take it or leave it, by KRYON

  • 2008-01-01

  • 2007-12-31

  • 2007-12-30
  • New Form Of Humans Being Made? DNA, Cellular Upgrades?

  • 2007-12-29
  • Shake Your Bhutto, Get Down Tonight! - by Mark Krueger

  • 2007-12-21
  • WHERE IS THE NEW EARTH?? by Crystalai

  • 2007-12-11
  • Step Into the Stargate of Transformation - posted ONLY by Brenda

  • 2007-12-06
  • Changing the Course of Human History: 2008 a most pivotal year
  • Soul Transitions December 2007 Vibe report - by Nancy Leilah Ward
  • You Step Into a Transfiguration of Your Consciousness & of Your Bio-Bodies

  • 2007-11-15
  • 11:11 New Earth Portal Activation through Michelle Eloff©2007

  • 2007-10-31
  • NEW ADDITION - Planetary Grid Activation on Mt. Zion

  • 2007-10-29
  • *Planetary Grid Activation on Mt. Zion*

  • 2007-10-28
  • Mysteries of The Universe, by Owen Waters

  • 2007-10-11
  • *How to Clear Negative Implants, Elementals, & Astral Entities - Lesson 100, *

  • 2007-10-10
  • !!Coming Soon!! The Lights Of Love Membership Circle™
  • Oct. 2007 Your Light Is Needed Now

  • 2007-09-19
  • The INDIGO ACCELERATION ~A Glactic Uprising!!

  • 2007-09-07
  • ENERGY ACTIVATION 5D Crown to Root Chakras with KUTHUMI

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