The Fabric of Your Reality Holds Many Frequencies - from the Hathors...1 comment
pictureFriday, March 17th 2006
[March 2006 SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE
by The Hathors through Tom Kenyon [link]

We wish to address four levels that are interreacting and affecting the fabric of your reality. These are the cosmic realm, the heliosphere, the magnetic field of your planet and terrestrial politics. We begin with the cosmic realm, for this is the most intangible and yet the most powerful.

There are continual emanations of energy and consciousness not yet detected by your science, and these energies permeate all space. These energies are an _expression from the mind of God - to use a very anthropomorphic term that reduces the Mystery into human perspective. From our perspective, "God" is a very limited concept. The Mystery encompasses all that is, and the very stars and galaxies and all heavenly bodies comprise the celestial body of the Mystery Itself.

>From the heart of this Mystery there is a calling forth of a greater awareness of Itself, as It expresses in all worlds, even unto and especially your world. We will say more about this in a moment. But for now, we wish to broaden your understanding of the cosmic realm.


The lines through which these energies flow from the heart of the Mystery intersect the central sun of your galaxy, and from here they radiate outward into all solar systems that comprise the Milky Way galaxy. You might think of it in this way: The Earth holds many frequencies. It is cosmically very much like a giant tuning fork. When the right note is struck, a tuning fork begins to vibrate spontaneously. The Mystery is striking the chord that awakens the tuning fork of Earth, so Earth itself begins to vibrate in a different way, and this is very much related to the changes in your magnetic field and to the heliosphere.

Your Sun is changing its composition. Its energy field, or aura, is called the heliosphere. It is expanding and growing larger, and its energetic effects are more pronounced. Sunspot activity is only one small part of the transformation of your star. It is, in some ways, an _expression of the calling of the Mystery, for the Sun is also vibrating like a tuning fork to the cosmos, but it does this differently than Earth, for they are different celestial bodies and possess different levels of consciousness.

The frequency that is striking the tuning fork, if you wish, of Earth is affecting many levels, but especially the molten lead core of your planet, and these fluctuations are responsible for the flux and the changes in your magnetic field. Magnetic north is moving; it is not static. It is like a giant oscillator, and indeed, it is oscillating to the tuning fork of the planet. For in reality, it is the tuning fork, and it is responding to the calling of the Mystery that is striking the central sun and your galaxy, the Sun of your solar system and the heliosphere and the magnetic field of your Earth, even down to the very physical constituent of its core. As a result of this, there is also increased pressure within what you would call the volcanic lines.

Furthermore, your memory is very much a function of the magnetic field-of three fields, actually: the field of the brain, the field of your body itself and the magnetic field of the Earth. Since the magnetics of the Earth are wobbling, so to speak, memory is becoming a challenge for many people. We see this only continuing to escalate, so individuals must find ways to stabilize or strengthen the magnetic force fields of their nervous systems and bodies. To assist with this, we suggest that people increase and balance the minerals within their bodies.


Fundamentally, the soil from which you grow your food is depleted of minerals. It is an _expression of your dying ecosystem, so one has to do what one can to increase the mineral content of one's diet. Practically, this would mean eating foods grown in enriched soils as opposed to commercially grown foods, such as food grown by agrobusiness. By sprouting organic grains, there is an increase in mineral content. The only way to be sure that one's mineral content is balanced is to have a test done, but that is impractical for many people, so eating foods grown biodynamically and organically is a more practical solution. Living foods-foods still rich in enzymes-will assist, as will the act of blessing your water before you drink it.

Water is a living consciousness and is highly receptive to the thoughts and emotions of humans, so by connecting to water as a conscious being-what we refer to as LEEM-the vibrational quality of the water increases, and one actually introduces a higher vibration that has strengthening qualities, but the mystery of it is that it is consciousness. It is consciousness that is affecting the water and causing it to step up in frequency. This then affects the physical matter of the body. Consciousness affecting matter and matter affecting consciousness, this is how it works.

*Click on Your Country 2 ENTER then see *Body Balance* The liquid Super-Food from Land & Sea*


Now, to the terrestrial politics of your planet. It is a three-ring circus whose size and scope has never been seen before upon this Earth. But before we address this, we would like to place it within a specific context.

This is a universe of duality. Consciousness moves forward or backward, not with unerring or certain steps, but with great uncertainty, randomness and serendipity. Just as the cosmos, the Mystery, is sending forth Its calling, an impulse to increased awareness, the tuning forks of the celestial orbs respond, each in their own way according to their nature. The central sun of your galaxy is responding to this calling to awaken quite differently than the molten core of your Earth. The Sun of your solar system is also responding in its own unique way and so too is every human upon your Earth, for all humans have magnetic fields and a quality of consciousness that is unique-the tuning fork that is their being responds to the calling in unique ways.

Having said this, we can group the human family into two groups: what we would call life affirming and life negating. The irony is that each of these groups would accuse the other of being the negative, but *it is all the play of dualistic evolution*: antagonistic forces brought together at the same moment in time and space. There are persons in many places of power throughout the Earth who respond to the calling of the Mystery with paranoia, fear and the need to control. Many of these camps are in control of your media, your corporate bases of power and the political cabals that rule your planet.


It is an odd time on your planet, but then every time on your planet has been odd. Yet this time is especially odd, because as the Mystery sends forth Its calling to a greater awakening in all the worlds, your world seems wrapped in a drama in which a few gamble for the control of your destiny. We do not offer you advice on how you might deal with this, for we are not of your world and it is your responsibility to re-create your world as you desire and hopefully not according to others' desires. But we will say this: Understand that you are in the midst of a great evolutionary drama of immense cosmic proportions and that what is happening here is but a small reflection of a vast drama that is occurring throughout the cosmos.

Do not be disheartened by the duality. It is the nature and the fabric of your universe. Regardless of what seems to be happening around you, find a way to live in joy and appreciation, for these harmonics of emotion are evolutionary agents, and they will raise you to a place in consciousness where you are less affected by the lies and manipulation of the powerbrokers.

© 2006 by Tom Kenyon

P.O.Box 98 Orcas, WA 98280
e-mail: office@tomkenyon.com
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 They tell me in LOA circles this is a HOT MESSAGE FROM GOD1 comment
Tuesday, February 7th 2006
I have a "WOO WEE WOO" to share about this message from God...

About 2 years ago Glenda, a close friend of mine, gave me an 8X12 size paper with big Red & Blue font on it - in the format of a memo - with a picture of a clamp on top of the page.

The memo said,

HELLO, I AM God.  Read More

 Einstein's ability to Risk & Willingness to be WRONG...1 comment
pictureMonday, January 30th 2006
Einstein's ability to Risk & Willingness to be WRONG... : posted by Brenda Freo`

One day in his twilight years, he received a letter from a 15-year-old girl asking for help with a homework assignment. She soon received a curious reply: a page full of unintelligible diagrams, along with an attempt at consolation: "Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics," Einstein told her, "I can assure you that mine are much greater!" The man who was the greatest success at mathematics also failed a lot at them. But that didn't stop him from moving forward. Click here to see a GREAT PLACE TO POST/PUBLISH ARTICLES  Read More

 HOW 2 Escape The Goal Setting Trap0 comments
pictureSunday, January 22nd 2006
Learn How You Can Escape The Goal Setting Trap + 7 Secrets of Realizing Your Life's Passions!!

Why do so many people set new years resolutions and goals yet never reach them? There's a FAR simpler way to create what you want in life (and it's not what you think). Discover how Dream-Minder can help you create what you want with less effort than you've ever imagined. Key Words: LESS EFFORT

I, Brenda purchased this program right before Christmas `05 and the EASE with which I am actualizing my heart's desires IS PHENOMENAL, so far this month! I have BREATHED through blocks I had no idea I had with no pain and suffering. Each new day has been a totally new perspective within my VERY SAME LIFE.

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and want to sing it's praises to the house tops!! It is like this Dreams Alive program called Dream Minder, has completely bi-passed my ego and called my subconscious into complete cooperation!

Is it really possible to be deleriously happy? Well I am the living proof 22 consecutive days of JANUARY 2006 - steady as she goes, so far!!

Visit Dreams Alive website

From a happy Dream-Minder Dreamer:

"Following the principles of Dream-minder, I have achieved results and received opportunities beyond my imagination and I have had fun in the process. **The neatest part is that while I give myself credit for taking action, there is no ego trip involved.**

I have an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude that when someone seeks to share their dreams peacefully, God and this Universe will work out the details. There is a reason that I have this passion... I was meant to share it.

Thank you so much for creating this product. It has helped me to change my focus, and therefore, my life. I have merely scratched the surface of what my dreams hold for my future. My Dream Minder lists hold bigger dreams now than I would have dared to dream before, and I can see them unfolding. What can I say? Over-achievers die hard.

With Highest Regards, Leah Miller - Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

More real life stories

If you don't already have Dream-Minder, now's the time to give yourself the permission to begin to realize your Life's Dreams.

Why would you wait even one more day to open up and realize the creative genius that you know you have within you.

It's there - we can see it right now within you - so come on - it's time to share it with the rest of us.

If you DO have Dream-Minder, then call one of your DreamTeam members today and ask them how they're doing - ask them how it feels to be in the energy of realizing their most sacred Dreams and goals. Ask them how they did it, really connect with them and they'll inspire you in the process.

And let them help you as well... MORE about Dream Minder here !

Posted By Brenda in Idaho USA Earth
More than Happy to be totally grounded in the here & now N O W
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pictureSunday, January 22nd 2006
*How To Avoid The Inner Critic*

How often have you envisioned a new idea, project or goal but ended up in "inertia-land" even before you've begun?

Inertia - you know - that weird sensation of feeling like you've stepped in mud up to your ankles : - )

Let's take a look at the definition of inertia for a moment...

According to Webster's dictionary, inertia means: Resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change: the inertia of an entrenched bureaucracy.

sluggishness, The tendency of a body to resist acceleration Hmmm, do we notice a pattern here by chance?

Resistance pops up both times.

So what do we make of this?

Looking at the definition of resistance gives us:

1. The act or an instance of resisting or the capacity to resist.

2. A force that tends to oppose or retard motion. Now we're beginning to understand the reason for the sluggishness - but what's doing the resisting?

The ego mind - the part that's been conditioned by society, media, family, government, "corporate cults" and any other "system" that aims to hold you in a trance of following what they think is right for you.

So how do you avoid this resistance of the ego? First, you need to become fully aware of what your thinking and feeling. Second, you need to determine what's really important in your life. Is it your job, your family, money, etc.?

Hint: If you're focusing on any external desire, the ego's got control over you. (money, power, status, etc)

The KEY is to tune into what your Spirit is saying - to listen to it and honor it.

Example: If you're feeling sluggish at work and you know you can't stand your job, you may need a change of scenery.

Other possibility - if you're not facing an inner issue that's causing the resistance, the real solution is to come to terms with it (and free the "stuck" energy that's been causing the issue to begin with.)

Here's the "Essence" of how to avoid the Inner Critic starting today...

Become fully alive and... (yes you guessed it), really

and allow the "kid-like" energy in you to come put and play. Be outrageous today in your own way.

Take one step today that you've never taken before. The moment you do, you'll begin to free the inertia that holds back your Life's Dreams from becoming real.

Your Life's Dreams are sacred my friend.

We're counting on you to LIVE them and share them with the rest of us...

You've got some cool things to do today, we look forward to hearing your successes (and even if you happen to stumble, no problem, so do we occasionally : - )

Today's the day my friend, to be the real YOU

in all your glory...

And So It Is...
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pictureSaturday, December 24th 2005


From The Craig Mountains of IDAHO, USA

See the winter sun's rays coming again

In the reflections of our warmth shared

Now after Now after Now after Now

Much Love,

Brenda - Idaho USA

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 INTENTION Setting & ABUNDANCE2 comments
Tuesday, December 6th 2005
Here's a package that I just unwrapped & I can't wait to give it 2 you and yours!!


Channelled through Michelle Eloff© - 24 Sept 2005

**Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you** You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you.
It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your own Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose**  Read More

 I have a best kept SECRET 2 share!!7 comments
pictureSunday, November 13th 2005
2:2 SHARE A SECRET 4 The Love of God by Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 Idaho USA Earth & Beyond all 'normal' limitations... at lightsoflove.us

I have discovered a new quicki meditation SECRET that sustains and increases the size and magnatude of each vortex of ALL MY OWN Holographic Creations!!
See a short video About Holographic Creation here!!

*STEP ONE: Can you count to seven? Simple huh? Only here's the energy dynamic trick. Take the palms of your hands and put them together. You are simply going to rub them together to the 7 count and watch them as you do so. You will have to practice at a slower speed at first so you get the feel of 7 quick rubs together of you own hands - STOP - then 7 more - STOP and when you get this 7 count rub down and functional YOU WILL NOTICE as you speed up the 7 count rubbing - stop - repeat, etc., that you have just linked and activated all 7 of your energy chakras doing this ONE SIMPLE MOVEMENT.

Simultaneously, you will notice that no matter *how you were feeling* before you did this exercise your own fire is now activated, and you are approaching the HIGH JOY feeling of life that is OURS naturally and completely without ANY limitations to ITS energy and ITS feeling of it within YOU.

*STEP TWO: Now that you 2 can do this activation energy dynamic at break neck speed , IE., AS FAST AS YOU CAN... think of ONE of your own chosen holographic creations. You know, the ones that you choose to sustain into 3D MANIFESTATION right there in your own reality?

Yes those creations... Now think of only ONE at a time. I would choose your most joyous and favorite one to do first if you were me and HEY!! We are ONE aren't we? LOL... OK...

*STEP THREE: Now that you have ONE creation in mind, GIVE IT A TAG or a symbol of some kind. In my case I allow my spirit to give me one liners that represent a whole holographic creation of mine. The tag can be an image of, or words 4, but it has to be COMPLETE so that your tag incompasses WHAT your creation FEELS LIKE as you actually have it.


*NO MORE STEPS. Just REV IT UP with your quicki 7 count hands rub + then continue the 7 count rub - stop - 7 count rub FAST AS YOU CAN with your image tag or one liner tag that represents YOUR WHOLE FEELING of HAVING (one at a time on this) YOUR OWN preferred holographic creation as it is here in our 3D (and or above.) reality.

*THAT's IT FOLKS ~ Now is the time to *ROCK & RUB* your hands together 7X7X7X7 as long as you need or want to, as many times a day as you want to, anywhere you find yourself with the time and space and desire to DO SO. And may your spirit be your guide!!  Read More

 NEW Power SOURCE that turns physics on its head4 comments
pictureWednesday, November 9th 2005
Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head
· Scientist says device disproves quantum theory
· Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths
Alok Jha, science correspondent
Friday November 4, 2005
The Guardian Read the whole article here!!

It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. If that does not sound radical enough, how about this: the principle behind the source turns modern physics on its head.

Randell Mills, a Harvard University medic who also studied electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims to have built a prototype power source that generates up to 1,000 times more heat than conventional fuel. Independent scientists claim to have verified the experiments and Dr Mills says that his company, Blacklight Power, has tens of millions of dollars in investment lined up to bring the idea to market. And he claims to be just months away from unveiling his creation.

The problem is that according to the rules of quantum mechanics, the physics that governs the behaviour of atoms, the idea is theoretically impossible. "Physicists are quite conservative. It's not easy to convince them to change a theory that is accepted for 50 to 60 years. I don't think [Mills's] theory should be supported," said Jan Naudts, a theoretical physicist at the University of Antwerp.

What has much of the physics world up in arms is Dr Mills's claim that he has produced a new form of hydrogen, the simplest of all the atoms, with just a single proton circled by one electron. In his "hydrino", the electron sits a little closer to the proton than normal, and the formation of the new atoms from traditional hydrogen releases huge amounts of energy.

This is scientific heresy. According to quantum mechanics, electrons can only exist in an atom in strictly defined orbits, and the shortest distance allowed between the proton and electron in hydrogen is fixed. The two particles are simply not allowed to get any closer.

According to Dr Mills, there can be only one explanation: quantum mechanics must be wrong. "We've done a lot of testing. We've got 50 independent validation reports, we've got 65 peer-reviewed journal articles," he said. "We ran into this theoretical resistance and there are some vested interests here. People are very strong and fervent protectors of this [quantum] theory that they use."

Rick Maas, a chemist at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC) who specialises in sustainable energy sources, was allowed unfettered access to Blacklight's laboratories this year. "We went in with a healthy amount of scepticism. While it would certainly be nice if this were true, in my position as head of a research institution, I really wouldn't want to make a mistake. The last thing I want is to be remembered as the person who derailed a lot of sustainable energy investment into something that wasn't real."

But Prof Maas and Randy Booker, a UNC physicist, left under no doubt about Dr Mill's claims. "All of us who are not quantum physicists are looking at Dr Mills's data and we find it very compelling," said Prof Maas. "Dr Booker and I have both put our professional reputations on the line as far as that goes."

Dr Mills's idea goes against almost a century of thinking. When scientists developed the theory of quantum mechanics they described a world where measuring the exact position or energy of a particle was impossible and where the laws of classical physics had no effect. The theory has been hailed as one of the 20th century's greatest achievements. Read the whole article here!!  Read More

 *Sparking a Spiritual Revolution on Planet Earth*2 comments
Sunday, November 6th 2005
EXCERPT from: "Being All The Oneness That We Can Be"


*There is no way around the fact that in division and duality we all perish, whereas in unification and reintegration into Oneness, we all survive and prosper.

As more and more souls awaken to their innate Oneness with All That Is and *Actualize this Reality* into all they are until the very sense of separation is gone, extinguished, annihilated, it is becoming ever more easier for other awakening souls to likewise tune into this omnifying vibration that resonates like a dynamic magnetic star core in all frequency bands, permeating the very substance of our planetary body and exponentially expanding towards its Fifth Dimensional Accomplishment.

The results from this Miracle in progress are astonishing to behold and the upwardly cascading radiance of Love that stems from the center of *every single cell of our human bodies* in a symphonic chorus of tingling ecstasy is MELTING the fast vanishing barriers of *deception built by fear, hatred and disharmonic vibrations* generated by our lower animal nature as our embodied souls struggled through countless centuries of incremental growth towards this critical threshold of global awakening WHICH WE HAVE COLLECTIVELY ENTERED, starting in August 17, 1987 and during successive other Moments of Cosmic Choice, up to this critical juncture in our specific time continuum.

The Time is NOW

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Wednesday, November 2nd 2005
THE DOORWAY TO ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY : THE 11:11:11 PORTAL Archangel Michael Through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, you are indeed moving through a time of great turbulence and change. Some of you may already be feeling the effects in your life of the opening of the 11:11:11 Stargate, which culminates on the 11th of November. But while this will be a challenging time for all of you who are on the path of Conscious Ascension, it will also be a time of great Radiance and Clarity. The gift that is offered at this Stargate is the complete alignment of the Higher and Lower Aspects of the self in Absolute Integrity.

The 11:11:11 Gate and What it Means

The 11:11 Stargates are always times when the Planet experiences an influx of Spiritual Illumination. This is the first major Stargate after the Lion's Gate and the 8:8 Harmonic vortex in August. However, this year the energy is especially powerful, since the usual double 11 gate has been upgraded to a triple 11 gate. This is because in the energetic harmonics of numbers, the 11th of the 11th month 2005 also becomes an 11 (2+2+7=11).

This triple 11 vortex represents the culmination of energies that were initiated at the triple 7 or 7:7:7 doorway in July of this year, just as the Lion's Gate portal opened. At this event, the energy activated the full Twelve Chakra System of the Multi-dimensional Ascended Humans. In the past few months, you as Lightworkers and members of the first waves of Ascension, have been working to balance your Twelve Chakra systems and facilitate the activation of the lower chakras with the advanced energies of the Orange-Pink Ray, with the assistance of the Divine Feminine through the awakening of the Solar Feminine energies on the Planet.

Now, as this balance is achieved, you are able to work with the energies of the 11:11:11 Stargate to bring the Higher and Lower Aspects of your Being into complete Harmony and Alignment. This balance is achieved at the Heart Chakra, and the importance of being within your Heart's Light and allowing the Heart energies to flow at this time cannot be over-emphasized.

No matter how much negativity and chaos you see in the outer world, know that this is the right moment for you to move into Absolute Integrity of Intention and Purpose. To align your Higher Self with your Lower Self, and make your life an __expression of the Radiant Energy of your Soul and Spirit.

This will also not be an easy step for those who have chosen to make it, for everything in your life that is not in alignment with Higher Purpose will fall away from you. This will mean the ending of relationships and work changes that may be shocking in their rapid and intense disintegration.

But, no matter what happens, this is a time for absolute Honesty and Integrity and Openness towards the Self and Others. You have been working, in the last few months, to reach a point where your choices are made from the Heart. This skill will serve you well now. As you begin to demonstrate the reality of New Earth Consciousness, you will see only Beauty and Love. As the Old falls away to make room for the New, you will respond with Acceptance and Grace. You will know that there is a Higher Purpose to all that occurs, no matter how it seems or is perceived by you.

Energetic and Physical SYMPTOMS of the 11:11:11 Stargate

· Physical exhaustion and the need to sleep very long hours. This is because the Physical and Emotional bodies are aligning with the higher vibrations of the Spiritual bodies to facilitate the complete alignment of Higher and Lower Aspects.

· Emotional Stress and the ending of relationships. Everything that is not in integrity will end. Some endings may include hostility as repressed angers come to the surface.

· Depression and sadness. A feeling of being unable to cope or of failing. Do not worry. This is meant to be and your Higher Aspect is guiding the alignment process. It is not a test and there is nothing to pass or fail. If you are experiencing these symptoms of the alignment, then you have succeeded in this next step of the Ascension process.

· An increase in the apparent chaos of life. (tee hee) As you become more centered within the peace and stillness of your Soul and Divine Essence in the alignment process, the outer world will appear even more chaotic and frenetic. Do not allow this to pull you out of balance. Stay within your calm and peace at this wonderful time.

· Feelings of Emptiness and Loneliness and becoming Tearful. This is part of the complete surrender to the Higher Aspect. You have released the hold of the Lower Ego self and surrendered to the guidance of the Higher. This process of alignment represents a "no space" or "void" in which the Ego Self may feel very alone and lost. Do not allow this to overwhelm you. Just know it will pass and you will move forward into the full realization of your potential as a Human Angel.

· Deep feelings of Peace and Gratitude as the Alignment is completed and you move into the full experience of the 11:11:11 portal. As you wake up to the Inner Changes you will celebrate the intense power that you will feel as the Higher and Lower Aspects lock together and the flow of Crystal Energy and Higher Awareness moves through your bodies and into the Planet's crystal Grid System. You will begin to feel a sense of complete Harmony between yourself and the Planet as your Ninth Dimensional energies activate fully into the Crystal Grid System. It is time to celebrate!

Important dates in November...and towards the 12:12:13 Stargate in December

In November the Sun is in Scorpio, and moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November. The New Moon is on the 2nd of November, and the Full Moon on the 16th.

Mercury moves into Retrograde on the 14th of November through the 3rd of December, and this will intensify the difficulties and chaos of the changes being experienced. The retrograde will be in Scorpio and Sagittarius, and it will affect relationships and facilitate spiritual breakthrough and awakening.

Many who are not yet on the path of Conscious Ascension will begin through process at this time, and another wave will commence.

This heightened and powerful energy will surge towards the 12:12:13 Stargate on the 12th of December and will culminates at the Solstice on the 22nd of December. In December Pluto moves into conjunction with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. The Sun itself joins the conjunction between the 15th and 17th December. The Energies for Transformation will radiate out from the Great Central Sun and be amplified through Pluto and the Sun.

At this time, dearest Lightworkers, those of you who have completed your Alignments will shine like the Sun itself. You will be Radiant Stars of Light. People around you will sense and feel the Light that radiates out from you. You will be the Golden of Radiant Ones. You will form a network of Light and Hope and you will transform the Planet.

This is indeed a blessed time and a wonderful time. We watch with great joy as you wonderful Human Angels take your first steps into this Radiant Reality of Light.

As you pass through this Transformation, we ask you to remain centered and peaceful and keep your trust. Keep your balance. You have worked hard to achieve this balance as individuals. Now is the time to hold your balance as a Group and let the Planet see your Radiant Light!

For more Information on the 7:7:7 activations and the 12 Chakra System, please click here. www.starchildascension.org/starchild/channel21.html#one

© 2004-5 Celia Fenn read original article here  Read More

 Divine Health, Rejuvenation & Immortality Decree/Invocation4 comments
pictureSunday, August 28th 2005
Divine Health, Rejuvenation & Immortality Decree/Invocation

By ZaKaiRan (my divine masculine compliment)

By Divine Decree, with the Power, Love and Grace of God-Goddess, the 7 Mighty Elohim, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and my God Presence and all the divine forces associated with health on all levels, I invoke and command for the active creation, embodiment and result of the highest possibilities of gracefully and easily having and maintaining constant optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and rejuvenation, on multidimensional and soulular levels, across time and space. I also command and request for every possible support necessary for the complete and continuous manifestation of perfect health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually throughout all aspects of my beingness, including my Soul/Souls, Soul extensions, previous inhabitant (for walk-ins) and my entire genetic lineage, across space, time and dimension.

I command and request to my God Presence and for all these divine forces of Love and Light to continuously create complete alignment of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; all of my energy bodies, body systems, organs, meridians, glands, cells, bacteria…, and for all of them to work/play together in complete wholistic unity. I also open and allow for a full and intimate connection with my Divine Spirit, Guardian Angels, Councils… for optimum body-mind-emotional health and balance.

And I invoke and command with the full force of my divine beingness and all the forces of healing and creation for the complete release of all non-health, non-immortality oriented disease, pain, suffering and death oriented programs, beliefs, vows and agreements, across space time and dimension, for myself, my Soul/Souls, soul aspects, soul extensions and genetic lineage! I release all of these to the Light and any elements that may have been supporting the maintenance of any of these agreements, vows, beliefs, programs, implants…

I ask for a complete multi-dimensional healing and karmic clearing/healing and absolution for all aspects of my beingness in regards to health and healing, and for the complete release, healing and forgiveness of all past lives of disease and death, and associated traumas, vows, agreements, memories, regrets, curses… And I Call to the Archturians to remove any implants, programs and soul fragments from my Soul/Souls, soul aspects and genetic lineage, for their healing and forgiveness. And I call to the Karmic Board for complete karmic absolution and healing of all their records related to these lifetimes, and between all beings associated with these lifetimes. I send Love to all of these aspects of myself to release all of these programs and lifetimes and forgive all experiences that created them to experience disconnection, illness and adopt beliefs and vows of illness, disease and death. I call to all my Souls, soul aspects and genetic lineage and I ask you all to accept divine health and physical and spiritual immortality as our natural way, reality and birthright.

I call to the 7 Mighty Elohim and the Lemurian Emissaries to download into me the original blueprints of the Divine Human, for the graceful and easy activation of dormant DNA and limitedly functional glands and other systems. For the activation of my DNA and all my physical and energy body systems to their divine potential, for the full and complete embodiment of my God-Goddess-Christ Presence and creation of my Christ Body, my immortal body of light. I accept and embody this divine presence that I truly am now and forever. I allow this Christ-Body to create for me a life and experience of true unconditional love and divine creation.

I also request the graceful and easy ability to energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually deal with the increased levels of light and love that I embody through the continuous opening and expansion of my Heart and subsequent mutational symptoms that I may experience from these activations, (manifesting as flu and cold like symptoms, aches, pains, mucous, memory loss, time displacement, headaches, vision loss, gland swelling…).

I also invoke, request and command for a complete interdimensional immunity activation, for a mega immunity boost, and continuous quantum support for my immune system to function at peak efficiency, with the graceful and easy ability to align to, transmute and release toxins, unbeneficial bacteria, physical and etheric parasites and implants, viruses, heavy metals, radiation, drugs, genetically modified foods…, and anything detrimental to my system’s health and anything that is not in alignment with my Soul.

I request and command for a continual download, upgrade, activation and integration of the most accelerated and complete health, immortality, rejuvenation, maintenance and Light-Body programs available. And for the most optimum complete DNA, endocrine gland, meridian… and body system transmutation programs.

I also command and request for a complete connection/reconnection to and alignment with Mother Earth/Gaia, Buddha (our planetary logos [embodier], formally Sanat Kumara), and all the elements needed for this perfect health, including Light-Body/DNA/gland/chakra activations, karmic absolution, record clearing, forgiveness…, and support from all the Devas, Faeries, dolphins, whales, unicorns, ancient shamans…, and assistance from the galactic, dimensional healing, light body activation and mutational assistance teams.

I open to, allow, request and command for continuous support including multidimensional Ascension healings, activations and Divine Healing energies from (insert whoever you desire) Doctor Lorphan and the Galactic Federation of Healers, the Healing Angels, Sai Baba, the 7 Tibetan Healers, from the extraterrestrial Light-Body specialists: the Archturians, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Light League, Ascended Master’s, Ashtar Command…, and the Hathors (the Heart/Love specialists), MAP Teams… and the karmic record keepers and karmic board. And a release healing and forgiveness of anything that might be impeding a complete alignment with Gaia or any of these support teams.

I also request and command for the ability and capacity to always know and receive the most optimum healing arts and abilities, and to manifest the most accelerated and balanced healers available. And the ability and capacity to be able to always heal myself and keep myself in the most optimum health. I also request all of the healing energies of: Reiki, Sekhem, Seichem, Pranic Healing…(insert whatever you desire), and all healing arts such as: Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy…, and unnamed arts, be integrated and made available to me.

I also open to all physical and energetic exercises, reCreation, communion, such as: swimming, running, hiking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Falun Dafa, tiddly winks…, and anything that may assist with my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. And I release any sloth, lack or laziness programs such as: “there’s not enough time”, “I don’t have enough energy”... And I tap into, open up to and integrate with my bodies natural knowing of its optimum needs, including: food, drink, temperature, planetary location, exercise, sex, posture, sleep patterns…

And I decree, command and open to realize that I am and will always be doing the right thing, with the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

I also request and command to the manifesting powers for the creation and manifestation of more than enough money and resources to support the purchase of any needed foods, juicers, supplements, herbs, products and therapies, for my optimum health, rejuvenation, immortality, balance, centeredness, nurturance…and to always have an abundant supply of money to purchase whatever is needed for the creation and maintenance of my optimum health and mission!

I call to myself everything that my cells, organs, blood, bones, tendons, ligaments, glands, healthy bacteria…, need for their optimum health and happiness. And I thank Mother Earth and the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms for providing everything that I need for optimum health and happiness. And I thank all the support teams who have helped me thus far and will help me in the maintenance of my divine health, the embodiment of my Divinity and realization of my Divine Magnificence.

This I do decree, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is,

and my own Divine God-Goddess Presence!

And So It Is!

In Divine Health & Immortality,

I AM ZaKaiRan

And I second this motion @ 100%.
I AM Ahanda Kahsii AHA!

Brenda McCann - aka Freo`7
Idaho Indigo Earth & Beyond...

(P.S. Please insert any healing teams, ascended masters and anything else that you think of into this invocation to suit yourself and pass it forward).

This DECREE is an excerpt from the Ascension Master’s Toolkit: AT: [link]


LOVE IS US: [link]
SO WHY FIGHT IT? "just surrender and BE IT!"  Read More

 12 Attitudes & Responsibilities of Self Mastery - From KS2 comments
pictureThursday, August 18th 2005
Twelve Attitudes of Mastery - Dance for Life 2002*
From Intro to Keylontic Science: [link] And Supporting Articles: http://www.azuritepress.com/New%20Comers/supporting_articles_intro.html
Study the 12 Attitudes of Mastery, make an affirmation meditation out of them, and try to make them your way of life.
1. LOVE - Recognition of the TRUTH of the ALL-ONE-ness
2. GRACE - Allowing the ALL-ONE-ness to Be what IT IS regardless of whether it suits you. ‘Living Perpetual Forgiveness’.
3. GRATITUDE - Appreciating the ALL-ONE-ness; knowing your Alive-ness.
4. REVERENT - RESPECT - Acknowledging and giving to the ALL-ONE-ness.
5. RESPONSIBILITY - Co-Creating with, Serving and being able to Respond to (with and from) the ALL-ONE-ness.
6. TRUST - Knowing the Power and Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.
7. ACCOUNTABILITY - Being in a state of TRUTH with the ALL-ONE-ness.
8. IMPECCABILITY - Upholding and Protecting the ALL-ONE-ness.
9. MINDFULNESS - Loving, Nurturing, and Being Attentive to the ALL-ONE-ness.
10. FEARLESSNESS - Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature and Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.
11. ENGAGED DETACHMENT - Permitting the ALL-ONE-ness to BE without assigning Critique, Condemnation or Value Judgment; understanding the IS-ness of and Validating the ALL-ONE-ness.
12. JOY - Choosing to BE the embodied ALL-ONE-ness.


Freo`7 ~ 2 share!! LOVE IS US AS GOD CREATED US!! GOD US ALL  Read More

 EXCUSE ME YOUR LIFE IS WAITING ~ a short short review!!4 comments
pictureSunday, July 31st 2005
I am so totally smitten by this book that I THOUGHT I ALREADY KNEW and was CONSISTANTLY DOING!! BUT... "Excuse Me YOUR Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn ~ By the Law of Attraction, "It takes only sixteen seconds of focused thought/with feeling = vibrational frequency to begin a manifestation." HAS NOT ONLY broken it all down into FEELING STEPS!! It has shown me HOW to TURN EVERY ONE OF MY 'DON'T WANTS'....INTO the vibrational frequencies of what I DO WANT in and as MY LIFE!!!!!!

Skip to your own chase and click this link for FULL AND COMPLETE INFORMATION!! article
*BUT FIRST SEE THIS QUOTE from top of page 102!!
"Don't forget that the universe gives us - not what we think, not what we ! speak, or what we deserve or think/feel we are destined to have...
The universe gives us PRECISELY - AND ONLY - what we are vibrating (as) in every EVERY moment of every EVERY day. NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS!"  Read More

 Transcending Our Human Egos2 comments
pictureSunday, July 10th 2005

Transcending Our Human Egos

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


We are standing on the threshold of an event that Humanity has been longing for since we fell from grace and into the throes of chaos and confusion aeons ago. During that fateful time, we lost the awareness of our God Selves and the fact that we are Beloved Sons and Daughters of God. When we were no longer able to perceive our own Divinity, we inadvertently created our fragmented, fear-based human egos. This distorted aspect of our personality has held us in its paralyzing grip and controlled us for lifetimes.

text  Read More

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