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15 Jun 2016 @ 07:58, by erlefrayne. Alternative Money Systems
Light there may be for the global economy, but that light no longer comes from the Western economies. Definitely no longer from the once mighty ‘economic superpower’ USA that had lost the leadership leverage this decade when it suffered two (2) successive recessions within a short span.

I’ve already treated the matter of declining Western techno-economic power and hegemony over the rest of the globe in many articles. There is hardly any serious, highly-informed analyst in the world today who doesn’t share the same view, a view that Western (Caucasian) social forecasters do likewise hold even as they forewarned the West of the catastrophes that will confront them.  More >

 Alternative Monetary System0 comments
27 Mar 2010 @ 21:32, by crom. Alternative Money Systems
All our problems today are directly related to monetary system.

Will money exist in future at all? Although the most likely answer is no, if we must use it now, it is quite obvious that our understandings of money yearn for changes.

Fundamental source of power dos not lie in creating a laws, power is created by creating money that buys the laws.
Money is the main source of political power.
The monetary system is the one that affects our daily lives more than the executive, judicial and legislative decisions together.

Unfortunately, our monetary system is not designed to create a kind of world that most of us dream.
The money has been privatized in the absolute extent and is beyond the control of our "democratic" system.

The trick exists, but so far we have not been able to see it.
Money is first created from nothing, and then disappears into nothing.
All the money is created out of nothing as a debt that must be repaid at interest. There is no way that that debt can possibly be repaid because banks create only the principal but not the interest to service their loans.

Ownership of financial system for the community is of the key importance to achieve any kind of lasting prosperity

Alternative currencies have already become a viable option, by using them we can build bridges between individuals, companies, countries and their unfulfilled needs and objectives.

Crom Alternative Currency System is one of the valuable new tools available to all people worldwide interested in building a better future based on sustainable economy and common sense, financial democracy and social justice in whose heart beats the monetary sovereignty and financial independence of all community members as a basic condition of existing for any democratic civil society.

Alternative currencies are in the greatest percentage local currencies limited to small areas, parallel with that, the idea works well until the currency is tried to use outside the community in which circulate. Crom currency project among other things represents a concrete solution in that regard by allowing the creation of large number of small communities which may operate without any territorial limitation. Small independent networks connected within a large network.

 700 000 000 000 Dollar ?
picture picture 22 Sep 2008 @ 20:16, by feecor. Alternative Money Systems
Very roughly by rule of the thumb: 2 000 Dollar per capita, for every person in the USA ? or 100 Dollar for each inhabitant on this planet ? - for money given away for bad risks? - and how much alltogether already for such trash funds? 1.5b Dollar?
The problem seems to be not just of grounding and ethics, but the whole thing is intangible and abstract, so we have to imagination, no senses for what is going on and at stake. I write since about 20+ years about scales, proportions, and consequences. I learned it in the field of ecology, where you have slow and rapid change, dynamic interactions across subjects and sectors, and levels.
Milliards or Billions 10 power 9 or 12 - are quite different in German and English. We need 1000 Billions in German words for 1 Billion used in the English language space! Confusing isn't it ? So some people propose to speak about Giga (power9) and Tera (power 12). Why I focus on this many zeros? Beside the examples below I had my kick when someone entered our office and told us about the data stored on all their CDC computers in the world. It was Penta (power 15) ! So now consider all the data stored today in earth-sciences or worse on all GOOGLE servers today !

So who would be educated and experienced to discuss the magnitudes involved here, and can help us get a clue on how to not loose "touch", come to grips, and help us to jointly confront and grapple with the issues related with such "new dimensions" ?
Our leaders and journalist all too often fail - they confuse by factor 100 or 1000 on a daily basis. But how to make a difference, when not to learn, imagine, and communicate in new ways.  More >

 You want to be healthy? Become the Missionary!13 comments
13 Aug 2006 @ 17:56, by armos. Alternative Money Systems
Consecutive orientation of Power of the Sunlight to creation of conditions for full self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each citizen of the Power creating the New Civilization, has one more extremely a prominent aspect, aspect improving. The essence of it consists that any disease is connected to a deviation from the Outlined in advance Way, with a deviation from the Supreme Mission. And only return to the Duty, return to the High Applicability will provide to each of us original health as a condition of full physical, spiritual and social well-being  More >

 MetaMoney as the MetaTool of Creation of the New Civilization8 comments
1 Aug 2006 @ 11:06, by armos. Alternative Money Systems
If we speak about the real program of creation of the New Civilization, we are obliged to have the adequate program of transformation of monetary system. And this transformation should provide not only cardinal increase of efficiency of new monetary system, but also render appropriate influence on improvement of human nature, on its ascension from the animal essence through actually human essence to the Divine nature. About practically sold program of transformation of an existing financial system to MetaSystem of issue and the circulation of MetaMoney also there will be a speech in my article

P.S. I make my apology for my awful English; it is not understood even by me  More >

 Paper Clip to House4 comments
picture 8 Jul 2006 @ 14:24, by ming. Alternative Money Systems
And it actually worked...! On July 12th, 2005, Kyle MacDonald took a little red paperclip off his desk and announced that he would trade it for something bigger and better, repeatedly, until he had a house. He made this site, blogging about each step of the way. How the paperclip was traded for a pen shaped like a fish, for which he got an artistically crafted door knob, which became a barbecue, an electricity generator, an instant party kit, a snowmobile, a moving truck, which became a recording contract, which then became one year's free rent, which was swapped for an afternoon with Alice Cooper, which became a KISS snowglobe, which became a paid role in a film, which became a two-story house in Kipling Saskatchewan Canada.

I was kind of pretty sure he was going to succeed after seeing the first 3 or 4 steps. Because it is a very unique idea, and he presented it in a charming way, and he got A LOT of publicity, because everybody was linking to it and writing about it.

What surprised me was some of the bizarre choices, which logically speaking should have been down-trades, but which somehow worked anyway. I mean, one year's rent in a nice house for an afternoon with Alice Cooper?!? And then down to a KISS snowglobe. Oh, horror!! Where a couple of steps earlier he had $9000 truck. But it worked. Corbin Bernsen was making a movie, and liked the publicity of offering a paid movie role for the snowglobe, and, yes, maybe he actually does collect snowglobes. And the little town of Kipling thought that was cool too, and they apparently had a house standing around to give away, so there you go. Rather illogical, but it doesn't matter at all.

Certainly demonstrates ... what? That you can achieve anything, if you set your mind to it, and you're doing it in an interesting and original way. That internet publicity has a lot of value, and you can get it for nothing, if your idea is fun and interesting enough.

Lots of news stories and mentions, like here.  More >

  Gold, Money for Members22 comments
26 Apr 2006 @ 20:27, by b. Alternative Money Systems
I am persisting with this project and I hope to reach out to more members of then I have been able too. This entry concerns my thoughts on setting up an economic system both for the community here, the future newciv community and for individuals who want to participate and want to be paid in money or...  More >

 Conscious Creation
picture 13 May 2005 @ 23:53, by jmarc. Alternative Money Systems
Teri Harris Saa writes about a question that I have wondered about for a while now. If All I Have to Do Is Visualize & Affirm, Why Aren't I Rich?  More >

 Survival Debt13 comments
13 Oct 2004 @ 16:58, by ov. Alternative Money Systems

Souls Sold For Plastic Debt

Feh the credit card, that slippery slope toboggan ride, that leads to the mark of the beast tattoed on your hide.

Every day the debt climbs to ever higher levels and our entire culture is in denial about how we will ever pay it back. At the national level the majority of the real money collected in taxes is used to pay the interest on existing debt, and the infastructure expenses are paid with borrowed money. The ponzie pyramid grows like a volcano being pushed up but which hasn't yet exploded. Everybodies bluffing, nobody is calling and yet another round of power poker stokes up the pressure seeking out the point that will blow us all to hell and back.

Been going on so long now that all the chicken littles have been labeled as boys crying wolf, and the warnings of the bottom falling out are regulated to forgotten myths, and placing faith in a safety net of Bretton Woods that no longer exists, all the common man feels like a fool for not grabbing onto the gravy, or is it a hell bound train wreck in the making, and everybodies hoping that unspoken thought that they will die before it runs off the tracks.

Got to eat, got to live, we deserve a life they insist and we got a little plastic card that confirms the reality of this as the fact that is. Who has time to worry of tomorrow when they are busy trying to make it through the day, and the upcoming night is to scary to even think about. If worst comes to worst there is always bankruptcy like the corporations do, but powers that be have decreed that credit card debt need not apply, and with no way out are debtor prisons far behind, or perhaps a buy out with a spot on some Iraqi front line, there are no free rides with devil's deals all comes due in time. Charge the rent, charge the food, what else can we do.

The text that inspired the above rant of mine was this mornings news story on the Microsoft money network written by MP Dunlevy, and what follows was written by her, and can be found in the title link.

 More >

 Freecycle - A world-wide Network to Recycle Stuff!!!2 comments
picture 11 Jul 2004 @ 20:57, by magical_melody. Alternative Money Systems
One rule: everything posted must be free. Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano, or an old door to be given away, it can be posted on the network. Or, maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself? Respond to the posting directly and you just might get it. After that it is up to the giver to set up a pickup time for passing on the treasure. Freecycle  More >

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