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 MetaMoney as the MetaTool of Creation of the New Civilization26 comments
1 Aug 2006 @ 11:06, by Sergey Chujko

If we speak about the real program of creation of the New Civilization, we are obliged to have the adequate program of transformation of monetary system. And this transformation should provide not only cardinal increase of efficiency of new monetary system, but also render appropriate influence on improvement of human nature, on its ascension from the animal essence through actually human essence to the Divine nature. About practically sold program of transformation of an existing financial system to MetaSystem of issue and the circulation of MetaMoney also there will be a speech in my article

P.S. I make my apology for my awful English; it is not understood even by me

It is not necessary about to speak a role of money in our life: is money - you are alive, there is no money - there is no also a life. At the same time it is considered, that in conversations on the New Civilization to a monetary theme not a place. To speak it is necessary about spiritual perfection, about moral cleanliness, about light ideas. I think what to speak it is necessary, including, and about money. More precisely to speak it is necessary about the future MetaMoney which will cardinally differ from money known to us.

In my concept definition Meta represents itself as not only a distinctive sign on a compound word and completely new concept formed by me from an initial word. The main thing in this definition - « elevating force » from an animal condition of the person in which he stays at domination of modern money, to his human condition, and then - and to a condition of the Image and Similarity Divine. In creation of this elevating force the super task of the New Civilization, Power of the Sunlight (MetaPower) within the framework of which we create institutes of the New Civilization, and World Civil Front for the New Civilization which carries out administrative support of ours civilization initiatives also will consist.

What do I understand practically as the MetaMoney forming a nucleus of the MetaFinance of the New Civilization and being positive organizational-energy component of MetaCulture, aimed on formation of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind (MetaMankind)? I shall try to present system of issue and the organization of the currency of MetaMoney from the various points of view.
1. Three basic types of MetaMoney are entered in MetaPower:
a. perfect commodity FondoMoney, formed as a result of consumer capitalization of means of production of the goods, participations and services that necessary for the consumer, thus MetaShare represents itself a part of the capital World FondoBank of the perfect commodity FondoMoney (GlobalFondoBank), the MetaBudget - an issue payment, and the MetaProduct - perfect commodity FondoMoney as such, possessing all qualities of traditional money plus unique qualities of the perfect commodity FondoMoney;
b. author's FondoMoney, to which also traditional monetary systems (dollar, euro, pound, Jena, ruble, etc.), "money resources" LETS, and also the most various author's monetary systems inherently concern;
c. private FondoMoney, emitted by everyone (!) citizen of MetaPower (MetaCitizen) and Carrying out the monetary circulation by the rules determined by Operational TINFO-FondoBank, included in structure of MetaBank.
2. The infrastructure of MetaBank which is formed with the following components is developed:
a. World FondoBank of the perfect commodity FondoMoney(GlobalFondoBank), providing appropriate liquidity and quality of FondoMoney emitted by it during consumer capitalization of means of production
b. FondoBank of issue of author's and private FondoMoney, organizing full spectrum of works on preparation and carrying out according to existing standards issue of author's and private FondoMoney;
c. Operational TINFO-FondoBank (from TINFO = Telecommunications Investments inNovations the Finance the Organization), providing movements of all financial, information and logistical streams in MetaPower;
d. The interface - FondoBank created according to working bank legislation in the form of bank with zero risks and providing converting FondoMoney in usual money, and also process of currency replacement;
e. GuaranteeFondoBank, the large international bank representing by self being the center of global system of consolidation of guarantees and guarantees, MetaPower developed extremely quickly.
3. Purposefully supported financial MetaTriad of each MetaCitizen into which structure generally enter:
a. belonging to him private FondoBank of private FondoMoney, created long before occurrence of the MetaCitizen on Light Divine and providing to him (in interaction with the capital of the "feeding" property as the MetaCapital) necessary and sufficient conditions for process of his self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization);
b. formed by him FondoClub, through which he carries out investments (in a mode of Strategic Investment Altruism) in FondoBanks of those MetaCitizens in which self-accomplishment he is interested;
c. created by him author's FondoSchool which is focused on distribution of that knowledge by him, that it has received personally, having raised during Universal Innovative Self-sacrifice up to a level of the Image and Similarity Divine and which he leads up to the interested participants the FondoSchool (through structures of the allocated MetaUniversity)
4. The MetaStructure of direct synthesis - interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer, focused on the decision of the following basic problems (in a context of becoming of the MetaFinance) develops:
a. formation of the global hi-tech market of direct sales, escalating of volumes and rates of capitalization of means of production, creation of conditions for optimization of all logistical aspects of the direct commodity circulation;
b. development of opportunities of consumer crediting the manufacturer of the goods, participations and services necessary for the consumer, investment, including innovative, guarantee and other support of the manufacturer;
c. mastering innovative making MetaCulture, culture of management of change of all spectrum of the technologies which are carried out in interests, for the account and under the direct order of the consolidated consumer.
5. The MetaCulture of becoming of MetaMankind is supported:
a. it is formed (within the framework of MetaPower as the global social institute, open MetaCitizenship for reception, but showing to the MetaCitizens rigid enough requirements to an eminence of the Person) the consolidated subject of representation of universal interests who now is absent;
b. it is affirms the culture of interaction of MetaCitizens instead of existing culture of the obvious and latent, active and passive counteraction of the person to the person, constructed on concentration of attention of MetaCitizens, their organizational planning and the consolidated action that unites them, instead of that separates them purposefully;
c. it is supported the responsible attitude of each MetaCitizens to all included in his personal space substances, physical, public (hearty or sincere) and spiritual, to their knowledge, development and realization;
d. it is stimulated as base the type of thinking established by a principle "from the general to the particular", rather the reverse, allowing to combine in the most effective image global thinking with local action;
e. is adjusted direct interaction between the MetaCitizen and becoming MetaMankind, not requiring in any state, cultural, ideological, political and other institutes.
6. It is stimulated MetaProcess of self-accomplishment of the person, mankind and any social institute which unique purpose is assistance to MetaProcess of their wards, including generally:
a. the self-knowledge which is carried out under a corner of purposeful finding-out of all details of MetaMission of each person - constructions of a hypothesis, its check, specifications and development of individual programs of MetaAssistance;
b. the self-development occurring exclusively under a corner of MetaMission (within the framework of the education-business concept of MetaUniversity - MonoThemes) and providing extremely full use of potential of the MetaCitizen;
c. the self-realization during which the MetaCitizen will start from development of the animal essence with the subsequent ascension to the human essence and the further eminence till the Image and Similarity Divine.
7. There are created the MetaConditions purposefully stimulating display of human and Divine qualities of the MetaCitizens, instead of animal abilities to pull out a piece of bread from a throat near on what modern capitalism is under construction :
a. there are entered (extremely tactful, but rather stimulating image) concepts of animal essence, public essence and spiritual essence of the person, on this basis supports natural aspiration to an ascension of the human MetaPerson from simple to complex, from primitive to advanced, from low to raised;
b. there is purposefully develops the system of mutual guardianship allowing everyone of the MetaCitizen to feel on not passive, arising at occurrence in him of problems, and active, aimed on his self-accomplishment, the consolidated support of MetaCitizens and MetaInstitutes of MetaPower which essentially increases potential of the MetaTriad;
c. there is created the global system of distribution of financial and other risks on the basis of mechanisms of the mutual guarantee, a mutual insurance, mutual reservation and a mutual provision of pensions.

The text has turned out not for entertaining reading, but with it there's nothing to be done - when it is necessary to describe, and to describe technologically precisely, rather important component of the New Civilization and to make it on pair pages the text, it is necessary "to turn off" serious enough senses in familiar to the reader, but words having absolutely another sense, marking them thus « a marker of vertical rise », definition Meta. Certainly, each of these words as well as the concept of "MetaMoney" to which the present material is devoted, has innovative enough contents, but for the beginning is enough and it.

Thus, I assert, that money on which the New Civilization can be constructed, essentially differ and inherently, and on a method of the creation, and on technology of the introduction during a public life from traditional money. And their main difference will be that they should support process of an eminence of the person from the animal essence through public essence to Divine essence. Instead of to preserve his animal qualities within the framework of existing market and bureaucratic institutes, putting on on the wolf contents the sheep form of external civilization. In it and only in this case we can put as a real task achievement of the following extremely important for the person and mankind of the purposes:
1. Real clearing the person of all types of circuits of public slavery.
2. Performance by each person of the Supreme Mission, the High Applicability, passage of the Outlined in advance Way directed to becoming of MetaMankind by it
3. An eminence of the isolated conglomerate of human individuals absorbed by mutual destruction up to a level of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind, organization of Paradise on the Earth and performance by MetaMankind by the assigned to it Supreme Mission of Revival, Animation and Spiritualization of the Universe, with finding by Mankind and the Person Actual Immortality, necessary for them for this purpose

The similar sight at MetaMoney and MetaSystem supporting their revolution allows determining confidently the program of their creation as super profitable (by criteria both the existing market, and created MetaMarket space) and quite deserving the name " the Millennium-Program: the Project on Trillion"

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