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27 Mar 2010 @ 21:32, by Aljosa Duric

All our problems today are directly related to monetary system.

Will money exist in future at all? Although the most likely answer is no, if we must use it now, it is quite obvious that our understandings of money yearn for changes.

Fundamental source of power dos not lie in creating a laws, power is created by creating money that buys the laws.
Money is the main source of political power.
The monetary system is the one that affects our daily lives more than the executive, judicial and legislative decisions together.

Unfortunately, our monetary system is not designed to create a kind of world that most of us dream.
The money has been privatized in the absolute extent and is beyond the control of our "democratic" system.

The trick exists, but so far we have not been able to see it.
Money is first created from nothing, and then disappears into nothing.
All the money is created out of nothing as a debt that must be repaid at interest. There is no way that that debt can possibly be repaid because banks create only the principal but not the interest to service their loans.

Ownership of financial system for the community is of the key importance to achieve any kind of lasting prosperity

Alternative currencies have already become a viable option, by using them we can build bridges between individuals, companies, countries and their unfulfilled needs and objectives.

Crom Alternative Currency System is one of the valuable new tools available to all people worldwide interested in building a better future based on sustainable economy and common sense, financial democracy and social justice in whose heart beats the monetary sovereignty and financial independence of all community members as a basic condition of existing for any democratic civil society.

Alternative currencies are in the greatest percentage local currencies limited to small areas, parallel with that, the idea works well until the currency is tried to use outside the community in which circulate. Crom currency project among other things represents a concrete solution in that regard by allowing the creation of large number of small communities which may operate without any territorial limitation. Small independent networks connected within a large network.

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