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 You want to be healthy? Become the Missionary!13 comments
13 Aug 2006 @ 17:56, by Sergey Chujko

Consecutive orientation of Power of the Sunlight to creation of conditions for full self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each citizen of the Power creating the New Civilization, has one more extremely a prominent aspect, aspect improving. The essence of it consists that any disease is connected to a deviation from the Outlined in advance Way, with a deviation from the Supreme Mission. And only return to the Duty, return to the High Applicability will provide to each of us original health as a condition of full physical, spiritual and social well-being

But the missionary not what that were ideas, whether it be idea philosophical, religious, political or any another. And the Missionary of own Supreme Mission, own High Applicability, own Outlined in advance Way. For is not present on light of other mission, except for the Mission assigned to each us by the Founder! And to learn this Mission, own Mission from which he has come to our Earth, the person can itself. Can and is obliged. Including - and for that simple reason, that outside of performance of the Mission there are no for the person Happiness, Riches, Health!

As all our illnesses, finally, occur that the person betrays own "Me", the High Applicability and is rolled in various kinds of voluntary slavery - slaveries in relation to money-making, to false authorities, including authority of authority, to defects, to a fashion, to other passing idols. Starts to be engaged than it is necessary, forgetting that Mission is assigned to him, tolerating itself in the refusal of performance of the Debt, opening to him a gate in Paradise Terrestrial and, in the long term, in Actual Immortality.

The English proverb (in Russian variant) says: « the most important - to understand, in what your duty will consist. To execute it, it is easier than easy ». And it is valid so. In fact where it is more difficult to go counter to destiny, to betray hourly and every minute itself for the sake of the illusive blessings, for the sake of false values, getting on ways erosion of Spirit, illness of Soul, suffering of a body! In fact « the talent excites » and « conscience disturbs », and disharmony of vital behaviour, absurdity of vital acts compels to work mechanisms of protection of Perfection and to start at times the most terrible diseases of Spirit, a Soul and body, including oncology and a diabetes, transforming thus a life even gentleman most externally safe and prospering as though, transforming thus a life even the most succeeding at first sight as though lady in a real hell.

And to this there are simple and clear explanations. « Not in the your sledge - do not sit! », - the known Russian proverb warns.
But already if you sat in another's sledge, have taken up all weight of treachery own "Me" keep! Refusal of the Outlined in advance Way instantly brings the dissonance in functioning all organism, and first of all - immune system. In fact what for to protect the one who dooms itself to destruction! Also there is no rest neither to the offended Soul of the traitor, nor his abandoned Spirit! And any circulations to fortunetellers, psychics and psychoanalysts anything here will not help. For harmony for the person, and accordingly - and the Happiness, and Riches, and Health, are accessible only in space of his own self-accomplishment, in the universe of his Spiritual Feat directed on becoming of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind. Also any doctors are completely powerless here. Especially those that treat not the person, not his deviation from the Outlined in advance Way, and his pocket, on a background of suppression in anything not guilty symptoms. And the society suffers, if the person has deviated! And if has replaced a way and a society itself!..

Therefore the Power of the Sunlight also starts with that, that creates platforms for restoration of the lost Harmony of Spirit, Soul and a body. Creates within the framework of the Global MetaMarket which will be glad to help anyone, not killed in itself primary Soul the Human and primordial Spark Divine, to return on a path of the Destiny and the Calling. Having engaged in that is necessary for the Person. And to Mankind. And the universe too. Instead of doubtful business of partnership in a global robbery to itself of the market coverlets similar under "sanctity" hiding both lie, and nasty thing, and a direct crime. And in it is a way of Health barefaced, it is open for everyone, step only into it. For Happiness, Riches and Health! And the, and near, and all. And Mankind’s of immortality and prosperity

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14 Aug 2006 @ 17:32 by b : So if you are saying
that it is a simple return to the call of a past mission? Yes, the new civilizaion that starts in many created communities but all of them are different.  

15 May 2008 @ 01:52 by Deepwater @ : Blessings Brother
I am heartened that such profound thinking is being done and that so many are engaging with it. The translation into english does make it difficult to extract the depth and complexity from the text, but there is enough for me to see that good work is being done.
I thank you for sharing this work with the world, and hope clearer translations become available.
I also believe that as we evolve we create a more sane society, I also agree that current prevelent thinking has distorted our true nature and that we need to be clear of mind, realized as souls and dedicated to service of the greater good for all.  

21 Jan 2011 @ 15:08 by istvan : Lost Treasures
Your posts, like many other significant attempts to clarify and to forge some kind of consensus on the meaning, the meme "civilization" are slowly disappearing into the mud of NCN.
Please post again if you are still around.  

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