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26 Apr 2006 @ 20:27, by Bee

I am persisting with this project and I hope to reach out to more members of then I have been able too. This entry concerns my thoughts on setting up an economic system both for the community here, the future newciv community and for individuals who want to participate and want to be paid in money or...

In my thoughts it seems that the only way for this project of starting a new civilization community that is funded by a gold mine can start off is: by first creating here at newciv network website, a community.
The first thing that is probably needed is money. Money for all who want to be involved. So in terms of creating a community I propose that this newciv community have multiple economic systems so that any of the participating members can be paid for what they do. An exchange!

An economic system that is composed of money exchange for labor, trade, markets for products, barter, contratrade of some things for services or services or favor for commodities and banking. I propose a newciv bank. We don’t have a name for the new community yet. A repository of funds, assets and liabilities, accounts receivable and payable. So there will be pay for work performed. That might be debited to a future account, or paid in service, barter or product, now or future.

There have been some questions about who governs what and maybe there has been some confusion about this. I am the source of the proposal to create a new civilization community both online and for real that is funded by a gold mine. I will continue to administer the project fo funding a new civ community and operating a gold mind to do so. I hope that members will wxtend their help toward these goals. Or at least offer to tangibly help in exchange for pay. Until there are enough members to need representation in a council I will be the administrator of chief executive of the project. I have asked for Flemmings help and he has given it. I don’t know how much he wants to participate directly in the project. Does one want to stop any current income flows to totally come into this project 24x7? That is why I am proposing economic systems(that still have to be designed)to reward those involved. I have already discussed ways for the initial investors to make a profit. Other shares could be forthcoming for participants who provide needed skills. If I want Ming to come on board I suppose I would have to send him a plane ticket and a bunch of expense money to start.

As I have mentioned in other blog entries re this project, I have started a workgroup where this all can be discussed a a schedule of forthcoming events can be created to fulfill the plan. It is still under construction so to speak but it is there. No members have joined and I haven’t figured out a way to send messages to the general membership. I would

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27 Apr 2006 @ 23:29 by b : So, no one wants me
to be in charge of this project? Or, no one wants this project to do anything for this project to succeed at NCN? Or, no one has any interest in making a better life, more money, having gold of their own. No one here at NCN needs to work? Or wants to work for something.  

28 Apr 2006 @ 00:09 by bushman : Hmm
Well, not much I can do at the moment. Other than sugestions. I can't see how you can assume that no one wants you to be in charge, it's too soon to tell if any of the 10,000 members/ghosts have seen your proposal, at least those with the ability to participate finantualy.  

28 Apr 2006 @ 13:33 by indrax : Sounds interesting
But where do we get the gold mine?
I don't really understand this proposal.  

28 Apr 2006 @ 14:15 by dempstress : Me neither,
and I suspect that one reason for slow take-up is the reluctance of many to equate 'new civilisation' with 'gold', no matter the fact that any real-time development needs to be funded. Perhaps people are more intested in new civilisation through concept than through a new physical place. Or perhaps what they/we really want is just a virtual place to chat and exchange ideas.......  

28 Apr 2006 @ 17:32 by bushman : Hmm,
Some people think an accual community would just happen by magic, with rich people paying the way. If you go back and read, Bee's previous posts, that info is there. Basicly, he has access to the land, and needs investors to get the ball rolling, but, one rich person is all he needs to get started on discovery opperations. He knows there is available gold , just not how much, and speculated reserves, that can be used as collateral for funding the main community. This all useing green methods of extracton and processing. Some people mentioned, its taking gold from the Earth, and it is. But, since when is mankind no part of the ecosystem of the planet?, granted, man does do a lot of damage to his place, but Ive seen Gophers do 10 times more damage, so I have a hard time seperating the life forms that are deffinetly part of this planet, man being one of them. But nothing is free, but we have tech that can do it clean, we have the ability to terraform and use the resources wisely enough, to build a working community, thats self suporting. Almost all the construction can be done with recycled materials these days. The Nevada location, has lots of sun and wind, so power generation will be a snap to do in a green way. Again I have to mention that gold extraction will be limited to what is accualy needed, the rest remains in reserve, in the ground. It's just about knowing how much is there and being able to take loans out based on that reserved resource. So as we could lobby to companies that make solar pannels etc, what in thier situation might get them to give us equipment for free? There is no magic, if a CEO has it in his/her heart, maybe, we might see it happen like magic. It's not likly though. And if mankind decides its some how not part of the natural fauna on the planet, then we are homeless and some sort of invasive alien species, that somehow invaded this planet. The point being, is there anyone, who can use the most advanced tech available, and creat a balanced community, that isnt a step backward, meaning living off the land in a stoneaged setting. Or a community, that is so advanced that they cant do damage to the enviorment and still eventualy travel the stars in star ships. Like lets say, we do build this highly advanced community out in some desert, lets say its already there and built. Would you move in and trade work for your personal needs? Say a work day is 5 hours, and dosnt matter what work your doing, pulling weeds in the gardens, or maintaining the solar grid, or whatever. Maybe you have a job discription thats your specialty, but your going to make the same regaurdless of the work you decide to do that day. Just clock in if you want to work that day, look at the list of things that need doing. Anyway, my take on the whole project is if we build it, they will come to work it. I mean look at the network that Ming built, he had to build it first, and then get the word out. What did Ming go thru to build NCN, did he just get bored one day and start slapping a program together? Or did he accually plan the community in such a way that people would see it glistening, beconing to them to come hither? Again, some see gold mineing as rapeing the planet, and some can see that its just animal sex. Shall mankind one day decide he has no right eatting the babies of the Orange tree?  

28 Apr 2006 @ 18:03 by swanny : EcoGold and EcoMoney for Members
Just a thought
You might have more luck if you try
"EcoGold and EcoMoney for Members"
as a heading and have some concrete
and committed details and contract to that effect.
Gold and money are "passe".
This is the 21st century.  

28 Apr 2006 @ 20:14 by b : Thank You Bushman
for understanding and persisting with this project. As Bushman mentions if you are just reading this blog entry, for full understanding of this project read the other blog entries re the NCN Newciv model community project funded by a gold mine.

Swanny, there are details for commited members. Yes, this is the 21st century and I don't think money and gold are "passe", maybe you do because you don't have any. It is not ecogold or eco money that I am offering it is gold reserves to fund a newciv community. Real money is used everywhere on this planet. It is what is usually exchanged for burgers and fries at McDonalds. Have you gone to the Newciv Gold work group yet?

One thing that I know is: That if you don't like money you are not going to get any. Luck has nothing to do with it.  

1 May 2006 @ 18:22 by b : To answer Indrax query
The gold mine comes from a list of gold bearing mines that I have had a long time interest in. I am will, so far, to put that into a company to be devoped: mining, milling, smelting, into gold bars. A large portion of proceeds will be used to fund a newciv model community project. That is if members here at want this and are will to participate in developing this with me.  

2 May 2006 @ 04:31 by iamramtha : Interesting
I think this has merit. A real tangible ncn newciv community rather than just this virtual one online. Isn't that what we are all about. To interact on a basic level with all of a like mind. Those of us who know that tne status quo is an illusion set up to work for the few, rather than the many. To unite literally in spiritual awareness.Sounds like a beginning to something that could be great.  

2 May 2006 @ 18:48 by b : This should be a great thing
for NCN, Iamramtha(ru?). It seemed to me this is a major interest of members of the newciv network. I have started a work group Newciv GOld but I have not yet been able to send a message to all members of the existence of this project that I have been writing about in this blog "Out of my Mind".  

3 May 2006 @ 18:45 by b : This was posted as explanation for Ming
May 2006 @ 18:41 by baron berez @ : funding a newciv model community
I have made an offer to members of that I propose to fund a real community where members can project their thoughts of what a new civilization could be like into reality.
I know that this takes funding and I have offered to put in profit proceeds from gold mines in Northern Nevada that I have an interest in.
This takes management of complex systems that form the parts of this plan and people who want to work to create this and share in the proceeds..

Do the members of New Civilization Network want to do this? Are they willing to participate, help and be paid for it? Am I to design alone a new economic system, create a moral code and ethics standard for a model new civilization community? I have not been able as yet to present a questionaire or survey to the total 10,000 NCN members to ask them. Some people just put me down for wanting to provide gold and money to create and develop this project. I have written most of the details of my proposal on my NCN blog called "Out of my Mind".

There are several parts to this project. Creating a model new civilization community has to be funded. No thoughts are going to create it out of air. I have proposed a plan to aquire up to 20,000 acres of gold bearing property, prove it up and mine, mill and smelt into gold bars 50 million ounces of gold reserves. Who wants to participate? (add your name to the workgroup: Newciv Gold)for more info...


5 May 2006 @ 16:04 by scotty : Free Land !!
If by chance your gold mining project doesn't 'pan out' ( pardon the pun )
perhaps you'd be interested in this {} and have some free land to built your new civilisation community upon !!  

5 May 2006 @ 22:10 by b : That is very patronizing of
YOU Scotty. As if you really gave ME some free land.  

5 May 2006 @ 22:39 by scotty : Patronising !!!
Like as in condesending !!
B !!!
If you don't think it's a good idea you only have to say so - I don't see why you have to go and make unpleasant personal remarks !
How does it look as if 'I' was giving you land ??
I saw the site - thought you might find it interesting - that's all !
(I thought it was a great idea !)
No need to look for things that aren't there !  

8 May 2006 @ 18:27 by b : I know!
I'll just pretend. Scotty.  

8 May 2006 @ 18:58 by scotty : heh heh heh
that too sound like a good idea - that's how some people begin manifesting things ... pretending - and then one day - Pouff it just appears !
Good luck B !  

9 May 2006 @ 22:08 by b : I am writing checks
for April.  

1 Jun 2008 @ 19:32 by poid : Well
I'd do anything to get out of this place, but I don't have any money. I am interested, though, in joining it.  

4 Jun 2008 @ 21:04 by b : Education start up
Self improvement is first. Do the best you can with what you have. Exercise, diet,meditate, control yourself. Read books, use computor to search for information. Get a goal. Go for it.
Ine Earth. One Human Race. To the stars.  

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