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 Bringing Back the Fairness Doctrine19 comments
picture6 Oct 2007 @ 20:17, by quinty. Broadcasting, Media
Now that the Democrats control the Congress the possibility of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine has been raised.

By Democrats, of course. And by liberals and those who feel mute and unheard today over the nation’s airwaves on the left. Certainly not by the rightwing.

When Ronald Reagan was president he put an end to the Fairness Doctrine by simply signing an executive order. Handing the nation’s airwaves (which are the property of the American people) over to corporate America was that simple.  More >

 Democracy Player5 comments
picture 26 Jul 2006 @ 00:51, by ming. Broadcasting, Media
Wow, very cool! The Democracy Player from the Participatory Culture Foundation. It's a desktop application for watching free, open source TV. Kind of like iTunes, but for free stuff only. And better, really. Lots of channels, which essentially are PodCast channels. I.e. often amateurs that produce a weekly, daily, or occasional video show, which is freely available. Or some public broadcasting shows, and various other sources. All free, and all stuff that you wouldn't necessarily see on TV. Quality varies, but there's lots of choice.

The application does most of the work for you to make it really simple. You can subscribe for channels to be automatically downloaded, or you can browse around and pick things to watch. The content gets downloaded by BitTorrent. It gets played by the open source VLC media player, or other media players you might have installed. All of which means you can watch pretty much any format without worrying about it. The video just shows up within the Democracy Player, and you can blow it up to fullscreen if you want.

This is close to being able to change the broadcasting world altogether. I mean, if there were enough content here, I might not feel like watching normal TV at all. There isn't quite, but there's lots, and great stuff there. Diggnation, a regular show for computer nerds, similar to Screen Savers. Democracy Now, great regular PBS show with news. Popular podcast shows like RocketBoom. Etc, etc.

If it is this easy, all we need is enough variety to emerge and enough natural selection to take place in order to no longer need traditional media. Well, some distance to go. No traditional sitcoms, feature length movies worth watching, and real current news reports is still not very easy for a bunch of scattered amateurs to come up with.  More >

 Charlie Jade
picture25 May 2006 @ 10:57, by ashanti. Broadcasting, Media
I am totally hooked on a sci-fi TV drama called Charlie Jade. Apart from the gripping plot, and really cool actors, the thing that reeled me in was that it was shot in Cape Town, South Africa (where I live) and is a joint South African-Canadian production. Cape Town is a really multiverse type of place, and the perfect setting for the story of three parallel universes - the Alphaverse, Betaverse, and Gammaverse. Many of us already think Cape Town is a portal between intersecting universes, so the fact that the Canadians agreed and chose to shoot their movie here has to be more than coincidence! To many of us, this movie is not sci-fi, it is reality. It has everything - Table Mountain, Lions Head, muti-traders in body parts, deserts, gardens, turquoise oceans, Evil Corporations, microchipped populations in two of the universes, a mind-control guru, an alter-programmed killer or two, and explores issues of betrayal under coercion. This really is one of the best TV dramas I have ever watched (I don't watch that many) - in the league of the first Matrix film. In fact, I think it is my favourite piece of pixel-stimulus ever.  More >

 All Disasters, nothing interesting about recovery7 comments
13 Dec 2005 @ 20:54, by oasiian. Broadcasting, Media
Notice how almost always, the News is about all the bad stuff happening? Earthquake here, Murder there, car crash somewhere...and then a little bit of politics, which at least in Canada are always depressing.  More >

 Goodbye MSM , and Good Riddance.
picture 28 Sep 2005 @ 22:32, by jmarc. Broadcasting, Media
I've been following the imminent death of the Main Stream Media (MSM) for the last couple of years with a certain amount of unabashed Schadenfreude.  More >

 Operation: "Media Rescue"5 comments
2 Sep 2005 @ 15:25, by swanny. Broadcasting, Media
It has just occured to me that
the "media" seems the only one getting
through to these areas and they seem to have a willingness
and perhaps "duty" to help so if the could be
contacted and coordinated and use their resources
and experience to provide relief in the Katrina
disaster.... it would go a lot farther then providing
mere "news".. and rehtoric..
Any way I think the media has more of a conscience
in this concern any way..... more of a willingness
towards the truth somehow.........
I know the media is supposed to be "objective" and "non- partisan" but saving peoples life is neither of these but our
duty to our fellow human beings....... and the "necessity of the moment......"..
The media has resources and maybe some of these resources
can be tapped for the immediate concern....

previous posts.....

I was just wondering what can be done in the
interm for these people and I thought
maybe different states could "adopt" a family
for a couple of months if they feel they can
be so willing and have the room.
This is kind of an emergency and "unprecidented"
situation and calls for creative and extreme
measures. Perhaps some of the "military" dollars
could be channelled to the "crisis" at home...

and of course the dikes will have to be strengthed
renewed and redeployed and the water pumped from
the area and a general cleanup. Where is the
"national guard here" and the "minute" men?

anyway when our city was recently flooded it was
found that the quickest way to convey and coordinate
the information and news from city hall was the
cities web site. It was easier and more convient for
people to access than the traditional media and
the web page staff seemed there around the clock
with current and breaking updates.

Just some ideas

A disaster of similar proportions occured
in Amsterdam in 1953...

It is therefore not necessary in this situation
to totally reinvent the wheel but learn
from some of the lessons they acquired.

Dutch Background = [link]

Well hmmmmm then if your Government is not prepared to help
these people then I suppose you the people will have
to help these people.

Perhaps the Officials have just become to good at shuffling paper when a shovel is the instrument required.

Lets do it then shall we?

Well first since the "necessities" are in short
supply every one in the effected area will have
to understand that "rationing" could be in effect
and perhaps a "curfew" to dissaude and
discern the looters
perhaps food coupons could quickly be issued.
And bottle water immediately be ceased and diverted to the state under "disaster" authorization.

Top priority
In order to contain disease outbreak
the sewage and dead matter with have to be
collected, contained and disposed of.
Also the city hall should be sequestered
as a temporary headquarters.
And work and volunteer crews assembled to
carry out the directives.

I suppose someone should dig up the cities
disaster relief plan as I take that is a
requirement for all cities.

As well NASA should be consulted to determine if
any more possible systems will be moving into the
area so people should be on stand bye in case another
system should move in and repeat evacuation be required.
This may be a "new" trend as far as the effects and consequence of the land mass movement of
the 2004 Asian Tsunami....
So don't go home just yet....
Analysis and assessment of these possible "new" weather patterns should be initiated and cooridinated.
It may actually be that the city may have to be
abandoned or greatly resturctured in the face of change.

I suppose my point would be
that it is a little to late for hindsight

and it is a time of "action" grasshopper
you must contact those "responsible"
and "insist" that they do the job that is
required or insist that some else with
the capacity do it......

why berate the obvious when people are
dying ....

email a letter to the editor
email amensty international
email the white house
email congress
email the UN
email the Red Cross
email the National Guard
email the Homeland Protection Agengy
email your senator
and all those appropriate

the people "MUST" speak to the appropriate
and "RESPONSIBLE" administration

act grasshopper

it is to late to blame and criticize  More >

 Where Is Jeff Gannon Now?3 comments
picture20 Jul 2005 @ 11:15, by jazzolog. Broadcasting, Media
Every day you must say to yourself, "Today I am going to begin."

---Jean Pierre De Caussade SJ

One day a nonbeliever visited the Buddha, and said: "Question with or without words?" The Buddha remained silent. After some time, the nonbeliever bowed deeply before the Buddha and said, "Because of your great compassion, I am relieved of all illusion and see the Buddhist Way clearly before me." He bowed again and left.
Afterward, Ananda questioned the Buddha: "What did the nonbeliever find that caused him to see the Way?"
The Buddha replied, "A good horse is one that runs merely on seeing the shadow of a whip."

---Zen story

We now know that the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.

---N. David Mermin

A Late Afternoon in Summer - (Thomas Moran - 1909)

Last night my wife sent out an article by David Corn, who is a writer I like and whose stuff for The Nation sometimes shows up at Yahoo News. Mr. Corn was lamenting about the right-wing disinformation machine and, like many folks I guess, it made me wonder what will become of Rove/Libby and the Plame case now that John Roberts is here. Some analysts this morning are worried the President announced his Supreme Court nomination on primetime television in order to push his administration's problems right out of the public's mind.  More >

picture 1 Jun 2005 @ 20:20, by jmarc. Broadcasting, Media
The New York Times has done it again.  More >

 Comfort Stand
picture 22 May 2005 @ 18:15, by jmarc. Broadcasting, Media
Because everybody needs free music  More >

 t'isnt all bad news in the world !
picture 4 May 2005 @ 21:51, by scotty. Broadcasting, Media
It seems to me that just about everywhere I look there are tidings of woe and bad news ! Lot's of people seem to think that the world is going to the dogs .. I don't buy it !
I'm more convinced than ever that people only see what they want to see - there's a hell of a lot of beauty and love and selflessness in the world - there are many people who care and who are trying to make a difference - if we all try our own little bit in our own wee corner then the sum of it all will be one BIG difference and our future can be as beautiful as we dream it to be !!
Anyone who can't see the changes that are happening simply isn't paying attention !

....."Believe ultimately and believe unequivocally in a better future. Find a reason. Get a long term view on a subject that will lead to a better future. Fight yourself for weeks while you try to figure out what is ultimately, truly important to you. And take the time to figure out what it is that can make a real positive difference in people's lives, and in the world for a long-time to come. For example, if you believe that our use of the environment could be so much better, don't fall into the trap of wasting years of your life protesting evil businesses. Make a real difference. Find out who is working on hybrid cars, or even more alternative methods and work to get those people's names out, and on the minds of the masses. Create a little club that meets once a month to explore real, practical ways that you can start doing little things on a daily basis to be more environmentally friendly and efficient. Get the word out. Think positively about the way the world can be. If you really believe that the world should, and ultimately will be environmentally more friendly... In other words, if you believe that you are without a doubt right. Than start moving the world in a positive direction around your issue. It doesn't matter what's wrong right now, or even for the next 5 years. The people that aren't doing it right can't be forced to change. You need to make it happen. You need to lead the understanding and creation of a new way.".....[link]

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