New Civilization News: Goodbye MSM , and Good Riddance.    
 Goodbye MSM , and Good Riddance.
picture 28 Sep 2005 @ 22:32, by Jose Overalles

I've been following the imminent death of the Main Stream Media (MSM) for the last couple of years with a certain amount of unabashed Schadenfreude.

So it really warmed my heart to see THIS, over at SAMIZDATA.

It's been quite a few years now that the MSM has framed the news into the nice little picture that they, or the people who pay them wanted us to see. That wouldn't necessarily have been bad in itself, if it weren't for the utter deceit with which they practiced this. We'd always been led to believe that they were just reporting the news in an impartial manner, which of course was bullshit. We were limited also by how we got our information too. A half hour every weekday night, while you ate your dinner, if you took your news through the idiot box. That improved in the timeliness department with the advent of cable news, but the choices still just weren't there. For years it was just CNN, but they got joined later by all the other alphabet companies and FOX. I single out FOX because, well, all of the other ones were slanted one way. Fox slanted the other. So any political story would either be reported as "This is what the Democrats did today (smile), and this is what the Republicans did today (smirk), or visa- versa. No middle ground. Impartiality was mere window dressing, obscuring the facts of what happened today by those who held the keys to the soapbox. And sadly, sometimes, they just made shit up.

Yes,the lack of impartiality is still there, but it isn't hiding behind an anchor desk and a blue suit and suspenders anymore. Anyone can check the facts and report on them.
In real time.
Now people come upon an event, and they point and shoot, and upload.
And then they tell their POV.
And others join in.
With their POV.

Is it a story about a man who hasn't been allowed to see his child for four and one half years? Is it a story about the total lack of security at Parliament in the UK? Is it a story about how irrelevent the MSM is becoming?

Hey, that's up to YOU to decide now.
And I'm loving that.

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