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 Charlie Jade
picture25 May 2006 @ 10:57, by ashanti

I am totally hooked on a sci-fi TV drama called Charlie Jade. Apart from the gripping plot, and really cool actors, the thing that reeled me in was that it was shot in Cape Town, South Africa (where I live) and is a joint South African-Canadian production. Cape Town is a really multiverse type of place, and the perfect setting for the story of three parallel universes - the Alphaverse, Betaverse, and Gammaverse. Many of us already think Cape Town is a portal between intersecting universes, so the fact that the Canadians agreed and chose to shoot their movie here has to be more than coincidence! To many of us, this movie is not sci-fi, it is reality. It has everything - Table Mountain, Lions Head, muti-traders in body parts, deserts, gardens, turquoise oceans, Evil Corporations, microchipped populations in two of the universes, a mind-control guru, an alter-programmed killer or two, and explores issues of betrayal under coercion. This really is one of the best TV dramas I have ever watched (I don't watch that many) - in the league of the first Matrix film. In fact, I think it is my favourite piece of pixel-stimulus ever.

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