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2 Sep 2005 @ 15:25, by swanny

It has just occured to me that
the "media" seems the only one getting
through to these areas and they seem to have a willingness
and perhaps "duty" to help so if the could be
contacted and coordinated and use their resources
and experience to provide relief in the Katrina
disaster.... it would go a lot farther then providing
mere "news".. and rehtoric..
Any way I think the media has more of a conscience
in this concern any way..... more of a willingness
towards the truth somehow.........
I know the media is supposed to be "objective" and "non- partisan" but saving peoples life is neither of these but our
duty to our fellow human beings....... and the "necessity of the moment......"..
The media has resources and maybe some of these resources
can be tapped for the immediate concern....

previous posts.....

I was just wondering what can be done in the
interm for these people and I thought
maybe different states could "adopt" a family
for a couple of months if they feel they can
be so willing and have the room.
This is kind of an emergency and "unprecidented"
situation and calls for creative and extreme
measures. Perhaps some of the "military" dollars
could be channelled to the "crisis" at home...

and of course the dikes will have to be strengthed
renewed and redeployed and the water pumped from
the area and a general cleanup. Where is the
"national guard here" and the "minute" men?

anyway when our city was recently flooded it was
found that the quickest way to convey and coordinate
the information and news from city hall was the
cities web site. It was easier and more convient for
people to access than the traditional media and
the web page staff seemed there around the clock
with current and breaking updates.

Just some ideas

A disaster of similar proportions occured
in Amsterdam in 1953...

It is therefore not necessary in this situation
to totally reinvent the wheel but learn
from some of the lessons they acquired.

Dutch Background = [link]

Well hmmmmm then if your Government is not prepared to help
these people then I suppose you the people will have
to help these people.

Perhaps the Officials have just become to good at shuffling paper when a shovel is the instrument required.

Lets do it then shall we?

Well first since the "necessities" are in short
supply every one in the effected area will have
to understand that "rationing" could be in effect
and perhaps a "curfew" to dissaude and
discern the looters
perhaps food coupons could quickly be issued.
And bottle water immediately be ceased and diverted to the state under "disaster" authorization.

Top priority
In order to contain disease outbreak
the sewage and dead matter with have to be
collected, contained and disposed of.
Also the city hall should be sequestered
as a temporary headquarters.
And work and volunteer crews assembled to
carry out the directives.

I suppose someone should dig up the cities
disaster relief plan as I take that is a
requirement for all cities.

As well NASA should be consulted to determine if
any more possible systems will be moving into the
area so people should be on stand bye in case another
system should move in and repeat evacuation be required.
This may be a "new" trend as far as the effects and consequence of the land mass movement of
the 2004 Asian Tsunami....
So don't go home just yet....
Analysis and assessment of these possible "new" weather patterns should be initiated and cooridinated.
It may actually be that the city may have to be
abandoned or greatly resturctured in the face of change.

I suppose my point would be
that it is a little to late for hindsight

and it is a time of "action" grasshopper
you must contact those "responsible"
and "insist" that they do the job that is
required or insist that some else with
the capacity do it......

why berate the obvious when people are
dying ....

email a letter to the editor
email amensty international
email the white house
email congress
email the UN
email the Red Cross
email the National Guard
email the Homeland Protection Agengy
email your senator
and all those appropriate

the people "MUST" speak to the appropriate
and "RESPONSIBLE" administration

act grasshopper

it is to late to blame and criticize

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2 Sep 2005 @ 15:51 by swanny : A "Car" City
I was debating whether a suitable nearbye field
on higher ground could set up a temporary
"tent city" but given the unpredictability
of the weather in the area at this time
a "car city" might be a more secure and realistic
option. I think people will and should temporarily
live in their cars or mobile homes while the mess gets sorted out.

A car city plan and plot be planned drawn and established
and people and their cars be organized as such.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 15:57 by swanny : .....
The US afterall has more "cars" than people....  

2 Sep 2005 @ 16:02 by swanny : .........
Okay as well people should start getting some
"containers" in case it starts to rain again
these can be used to "collect" the rain water
which may be needed to drink because of ground
water contamination.  

2 Sep 2005 @ 16:18 by swanny : ........
The Car City would require toilet and dispensaries

Empty fuel semi trucks could be jury rigged
to act as a gravity fed sewage cisterns with
a porta potty on top
and semi-trailers could be stationed periodically
as dispensaries...  

2 Sep 2005 @ 16:33 by swanny : .........
People would only live in their cars
and should not drive them as that is not
terribly efficient and econmic

A emergency Public trans should be established
utilizing buses that would transport citizens
to and from their appointments and such....

A field hospital or mash unit should also
be established to treat the injured
and a command, communications and resource center
as well.....

well I suppose I'm done for now

carry on....

in Canada  

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