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 Recounts show Gore would have won1 comment
picture12 Nov 2001 @ 00:09, by Flemming Funch

A consortium of media companies commissioned a recount of all Florida ballots in the U.S. presidential race. No matter which standard is used for the recount, Gore comes out ahead, but only with between 42 and 171 votes, depending on the method. However, ironically, if only the counties had been recounted that Gore asked for, Bush would still have won. The analysis of the effect of the several seriously misleading ballots showed that Gore lost out of many thousands of votes that were meant for him, but that were misplaced for other candidates because of the design of the ballots. Interestingly, most all of the media companies are downplaying the clear results of this study, presenting it in their headlines as if Bush still would have won, but revealing the opposite in the details of their articles, except for a couple of them who seem to add things up differently.

AP: Fla. Vote Study Shows Thin Margin...

NY TIMES: Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds
Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding...

LA TIMES: Bush Wins, Gore Wins-- Depends on
How Ballots Are Added Up...

had more votes...

NEWSDAY: Bush-Gore Election Revisited...

WASH POST: Study: Recounts Would Have Favored Bush...

CNN: Florida recount study: Bush still

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Ballots, rules, voter error led to 2000 election muddle, review shows...

WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN ARI FLEISCHER: 'There's no news here. It's over'...

AL GORE: 'As I said on Dec. 13th of last year, we are a nation of laws and the presidential election of 2000 is over.
And of course, right now, our country faces a great challenge as we seek to successfully combat terrorism. I fully
support President Bush's efforts to achieve that goal'...

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25 Apr 2002 @ 12:54 by disisdkat : An Orchestrated theft of the election
The stealing of the election was orchestrated long before voting in Florida occurred. Everyone tries to blame the butterfly ballot on the Democrats but the fact is that Harris is the one who gave Palm Beach the ballots that they could choose from and they chose the best of the lot. Thousands of legitimate black voters had their voting rights taken away by an outside company (illegal in Florida) with Republican ties. It was the law that Harris's people had to validate the voters removed from the voters' rolls and they did not do so. They ignored the law just as it was ignored or thwarted it in the recount.  

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