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picture6 Dec 2007 @ 21:15, by Brenda McCann

Changing the Course of Human History: 2008 a most pivotal year
channeled by Carol Fitzpatrick... [link]

"We are here my dear ones because you have called us to you. We are
Yeshua from the House of David, and Jehostephat brother and son John,
Corinna, sister, and Mary of the Magdalene. We are coming to you as a
collective consciousness because your beloved family of humanity is
preparing to play out the grand details of life in the physical.

Creation cycles that have been in play for millennial, well before the
time of our tribe, have come into the movement, a creation that is
about to explode with possibility. Many will look back at the end of
your time on the planet and realize that this year of 2008 is the
year that your path as a race of nations pivoted and changed the
course of human history. We cannot reveal the details of this
dramatic unfolding, my dear ones but in the telling of the creation,
you will find your way to your own choice. Your choice will be made
in the quiet of your very own heart. Your choice will change the
course, set the ship right, onto a different course.

You have been playing out the games of self-destruction for a very
long time. There have been many of the original tribesmen who have
been prophesying the coming choice, but to no avail. We beseech you
now to come into a collective adjoinment with one another.

It is now time to repair the breach among you as brethren of the
light. You will find that as you soften your heart, and atone for the
creations of old that the Divine light that you are it will become
heir apparent to even the most hardened of hearts.

There are many among you who will say, "I saw it coming all along,
but there was nothing that I could have done differently."

We say to you, our sons and daughter of the light, that you are the
last of the cycles of hatred and violence to set up this earthen
plane. Beyond the time of 2007, there will be no more. We are
preparing the way to light all hearts with understanding that
violence against the collective self must now be finished.

As you open your hearts to receive the Grace of God the Father, you
will find your Divine Mother there waiting for your embrace.

We open our hearts in all manners of being. We are the Essenes."

* Click here to read more by Carol herself =>

I have connected with this light, this consciousness many times
before but the intensity from that transmission was particularly

I am now asking how to explain the details of the encodings that came
through the speaking; so we begin:

There will be many rains of terror placed upon our human family by
the warring factions of star tribes who have ended their struggle.
The earthen tribes, who are still here in the physical, are feeling
the affects of these warring nations, so much so, that our human
family will say, "Enough!!"

In doing so, the violence factor that is still playing out will
become so intense that the world community steps in and declares a
truce. With this truce, fathers and sons reunite in peace. War torn
nations come back together with resolve to create a different
generation of blood soaked remembrances. The east then rises up to
crush the western way of dominating and controlling the factions of
faith in the east. All are vindicated for their actions. Lessons are
declared learned, and peace is negotiatedâ€â€not by world leaders
but by the people. The warring tribes lay down their arms and declare
victory over our human nature. "Let the rebuilding begin," they will

We have all seen or heard the effects of hatred and violence filled
with voices and images of hatred beamed into our own living rooms.
It's a drone of daily doses supplied by the media. We are inundated
by violence of every kind, so much so, that our children have become
immune to callous acts of unkindness. A look or a touch can become
lethal in certain social settings. The urban cowboy of old is being
replaced by the city peacemaker of today. We, each, have an
opportunity to affect vast global change by not only saying enough,
but to *stand in our power* and say "And here is the way for me."

Many of our brothers & sisters are so ingrained in terror that to speak
kindness brings fear and suspicion. But to simply beam light now...
there is an opening.

What if, instead of creating movements of peace or protest, we simply
decided to BE THAT!!?

These ideas have been sprouted in myriad ways but now are the time
that we are to be creative.


We can only create our lives in the now moment. But in each now
moment, most of us are carrying around entire histories of creations.
Some are old, eons old, others are the remnants of emotional patterns
from a broken lover or friend. Some happy, some painful. Take your
own life for example, then multiply these creations out to the group,
and you have entire trends that develop. In 2008, we will still be
working on creation cycles from 1952 that were born from the cold war
era of black verse white global politics. Control and manipulation
cycles are over-ridden now by pushing into the collective
consciousness where, in 1972, a force of nature, the world economy,
stepped back to allow control of others to give way to allowing the
light to come in.

Now, many meta-physicians are focused on allowing and with good
reason. Much Shakti or peace energy was pushed into the planet by
the higher realms of light to brake-up the prevailing thought forms
of manipulation and control beginning in early 1957. "It was the
cultural revolutions of our youth", the Guides are saying, that *led
the way* for the current wave of allowing.

This wave is about to come to a crescendo in early to mid-2008. Many
of us who are already riding the wave of "flow mode" or allowing our
lives to flow with the Divine presence, will not feel the crash like
the others who are in chaos. But for those who are in chaos, life in
2008, beyond early winter will be quite a wild ride.

To use a metaphor, water is water but we all can picture a crashing
wave, a tsunami for instance, and we can also imagine a bubbling
brook. All is water. It's the force behind the water that pushes the
mass. For those of us that remember that we are the water and God
essence, or Source, is the flow, then allowing becomes second nature.

Wherever we are, there we are! All is well. Specifically, as the
world's financial markets reel, some like a Tsunami, and others like
a babbling brook, we will all be feeling the affects of this global
financial realigning in our own lives. Whatever is out of balance
must come back into balance, So 2008 will become the year that out of
balance is rebalanced.

As we move our imagination into the future, it is easy to see the
utopia on the other side of 2008, but it is the getting there that
will be full of adventure.

The Guides are saying that allowing is the practice of surrendering
all your fears to God. All is well.

"Create a feeling inside your very own self, you see, and that is
where we shall be," the Elohim. These grand beings of light and the
angels called fairies, worker-bees of the natural world, just love it
when we are so very open to receive the light of God that we are, and
then go out in our world, the world of our dreams, and create just
that. We are never to worry or to doubt ourselves about our place in
the world. We are merely to go looking, to go and to see, to hear,
and to feel the many blessings of creating in our lives. We are to
know that as we go, and as we do that everything we need will be
there waiting for us to discovered first through feeling then through

*Allow the light that you are to shine ever so brightly and to say
yourself, all is well.*
Carol Fitzpatrick is the author of Fear Not My Child, I Am Here, a
guidebook written for the practical mystic. In Fear Not, Carol shares
her personal transformational journey to releasing fear and offers
life-affirming strategies for shifting into joy and co-founder of
Arayu, an educational vehicle for sharing higher learning and the
musical encodings of joy.


*note: The word ELOHIM in Hebrew means GOD manifested into Earth as
balance;masculine feminine balanced energy
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