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10 Oct 2007 @ 04:44, by Brenda McCann


The Lights Of Love Membership Circle™

!! OPEN To Join Free SOON!!

A Soul Family.... gathering now from around the world to
embrace each other in the common consciousness of
ascension as a life-style path of mutual growth and

This community is forming in a location not subject
to time or space - nor, race religion creed or
nationality. *The one thing we all know in our hearts
and our spiritual core is the ONENESS of our being soul
brothers and sisters eternally already.

Divine guidance called and we have answered by creating

Lights of Love Membership Circle

a members only Soul Family Organization to be hosted
on and currently under construction.

Do you feel a call from within to be a FOUNDING MEMBER?

FOUNDING MEMBERS will have access to instant downloads
of All Ascension Life-Style Mastery eGuide & interactive
Workbooks ~ One on One Mentoring Services - with -
Custom Recorded MP3 Guided Meditations and membership
participation in ALL Energy Work Groups and Law of
Attraction Work-Shop Conference Calls scheduled within
Lights Of Love Treasure Chest

All Potential FOUNDING MEMBERS will receive an mp3 gift copy
of the HOW TO BE ZERO - The Cleanng/Clearing Series by Joe Vitale
and DR. Hew Len in their last 3 day - Live-Time Seminar on the page
following, when you fill the Founding Member form to receive email notice below.

These mp3 tracks were the basis for Joe's new book Zero
Limits. *Just hearing from DR. Hew Len in a live-time
seminar is worth it's weight in gold as per what YOU GET
in your spirit by resonance with a master practitioner
of the modern Ho'oponopono healing by clearing method,
not to mention the realizations you receive listening to
this mp3 series in your own private sacred space.

*These Ho'oponopono seminar mp3 recordings are a
definite MUST GET!! And they are a huge compliment
before or after reading the book Zero Limits, by Joe

If you feel you are called from within to be a FOUNDING MEMBER

and you would appreciate having this Soul Family's Treasures in the

Lights Of Love Treasure Chest
and you would like to be *notified by email*
the moment the
Lights of Love Membership Circle
comes online and is *FREE TO JOIN* then... Please
Enter your full name & email address in the form after clicking this: I AM READY LINK

*And The next page you see is THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU with the link to
CLICK AND LISTEN or *right click and 'save link as'
to receive the 1st track of "This SH_ _ Is Gonna Hit The Fan!" MP3 Series from
Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len's last 3 day LIVE-TIME Seminar as
OUR GIFT to you!

*Visualization to Uplift
Mass Consciousness and Gaia... PLEASE CLICK HERE!

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10 Oct 2007 @ 05:33 by a-d : GOOD going, Brenda!
here's one who has a little bit similar thing going on:  

11 Oct 2007 @ 04:45 by Brenda McCann, aka Freo` here... @ : I AM SO TICKLED & CELEBRATING!!
*We have 173 founding members to date: 12-17-08 - the wave is still breaking on the shore!! We're shooting for after Christmas and before Jan 1, 2008 steady as she goes. It's like we've all met be4 and it feels like a reunion!! OR AM I JUST IN ANOTHER DIMENSION TODAY?? LOL And what NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME is 40% of the above mentioned have never exchanged an email nor ever been to our website be4 - just came from a web search TODAY! The many in the ONE ~ The ONE in the many!! "Yee Haw!!" (believe it or not) as they say in Idaho USA Earth... OK and Alpha Centauri too! LOL  

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