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picture11 Dec 2007 @ 21:05, by Brenda McCann

December 11, 2007: I have had this date on my calendar since last January - this is IT and IT'S BIG...

Hi Everyone, How are you this fine December evening? Well - this is going to be one of those weeks when you receive several emails from me. Things seem to happen in extremes these days, or as the old saying goes: "feast or famine." This week surely is a feast; and so there may be a plethora of emails coming your way!

I am in awe as I look a head to this month and discuss it with my metaphysical and astrological compadres. I almost don't know where to begin when I take in the breadth and the sheer majesty of what is happening in December 2007. I have heard some say that it is a "Grand Finale" of an epoch. Epochal, that is a good word to describe the times we are living in - indeed the IMMEDIATE times we are living in. This month we are dealing with cycles of 12 years, 90 years, 250 years, 3,000 years, and even 26,000 years. All coming to fruition NOW. In the dark of the velvet (5th) night...

As one of my previous emails discussed, we have just entered the 5th Night - the turning point of the 6 days and 7 nights - of the Mayan Calendar (as calculated by Carl Johann Calleman). NOTE: if you would like to read my article and many other posts/information on the Mayan 5th Night, click here: [link]

It is no coincidence that we are now peering into a very powerful Stargate Portal, just after we stepped into the 5th Night. The 5th Night is the backdrop (a velvety deep luxurious backdrop, like the indigo night sky) upon which all of this will play out. We have a New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday (12-9-07) which opened up a portal involving a momentous planetary conjunction on Tuesday: Pluto and Jupiter conjunct at the Galactic Center. Then later in the month at the Solstice we have the chance to hit the RE-SET button on our lives and start fresh, REALLY start fresh in 2008. More on the Solstice later. For now I want to focus on Pluto/Jupiter at the Galactic Center.

Many are asking me: "What does Pluto on the Galactic Center mean exactly?" Truly, it's hard to say; we can only talk in energies and potentialities. Like every other planetary or celestial alignment - especially those involving Pluto - it is an opportunity for spiritual evolution. The choices that we make as we walk through the Stargate determine our experience.

To understand this conjunction, we have to back up a bit. Those who have been receiving my newsletter for several years have been reading about the (dwarf) planet Pluto traveling over the Galactic Center .

What is the Galactic Center ? It is the Core or HEART CHAKRA of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. In fact, the Galactic Center is a Black Hole which sucks energy (all matter) toward it.

In addition, on either side of this Prime Black Hole, we find Pulsars which pulse info to us about the past and the future. This means that we are especially open to transmissions from Spirit at this time. The December 11th conjunction occurring at 28 degrees Sagittarius is exact on the Pulsar that gives us a glimpse of our future. (Read more info on the nature of the Black Hole at Galactic Center =>

Pluto journeying across the Galactic Center has been going on now for two years; and recently we had three exact conjunctions. The most recent one was the weekend of my birthday (October 27, 2007) and that was why I decided to have a party. I know how intense these energies can be, and I wanted to put the vibe of love, joy and celebration into the mix. (Which we surely did:)

This month, December of 2007, we have a "Grand Finale" of sorts, not only of Pluto crossing over the Galactic Center - which only happens every 250 years - but also of Pluto's journey through the sign of Sagittarius for the past 12 years. In January Pluto enters Capricorn for a totally different kind of journey that will last for 16 years.

Pluto will meet up with Jupiter on December 11th at 2:26pm and they will be hanging out at the Galactic Center . Pluto, the Great Evolutionary Force Which Cannot Be Denied will be making his last stand at our galactic Heart Center , which can only be described as a "great sucking vortex of Love."

To understand the Galactic Center, imagine the high-pressure of an airplane cabin . If the door were suddenly opened in mid-air, passengers would be holding onto their seats, to fixtures, to anything to keep from being pulled into the vortex. This is how it feels on a subconscious level as earth aligns with the Galactic Center . Everything and anything we are willing to let go of will be sucked out by Love. Whatever we surrender will be gone, in a heart-beat.

Pluto's presence here makes it possible for us to let go and surrender ALL of that which no longer serves us. And Jupiter's presence makes it possible that what we will find when we let go will be gleaming treasure beyond our wildest dreams: deep velvety love, soft inner-core peace, and the promise of real co-union with our fellow humans.

Then the Pulsar next to the Galactic Black Hole will pulse into our empty and waiting Hearts the Truth, the Illumination and the Oneness with all Life that we have longed for our whole lives. Envision and See this as you enter the Stargate Portal. What you envision will echo for many years, perhaps lifetimes.

That is the True possibility of this Stargate Portal.
That is your mission, *if you choose to accept it*.

Oh, and P.S. looking a head to the Solstice/Full Moon weekend of December 22-23, just to give you an idea of how potent a month we are having: Daniel Giamario, Founder of Shamanic Astrology [link] has shared with us that (paraphrasing) "the chart for the Full Moon on December 23rd could be a chart for the next 26,000 years. In other words, the Turning of the Ages is occurring now." Stay tuned for a more detailed discussion of this later. For now, let's pass through the first Stargate of the month and process it some (first things first:)

Needless to say, if you are the least bit sensitive, you have probably been feeling all of this energy. Philip Sedgwick writes: "Now it's the time to enjoy the feast of energy. It's everywhere. Like the smell of a basting turkey, simmering mesquite wood or blossoming trees, offering the promise of fruit to follow with their rich scent, the time is one of taking it all in. Sniff it out. Feel the energy shimmers. See the vibrancy of color whether in blue sky, grey sky, blowing snow or trees and flowers commencing their display of life. Hear the whispers of the wind. The insights and tidbits in the air offer up a creamy consciousness sauce. And like all good things taken in, digestion and assimilation follow before the food of spirit can become fuel."

And if you think you aren't 'feeling the vibe' of this energy, then I would wager a bet that the circumstances of your life are pushing you toward dealing with the *hurt places in your heart*, the *old stuff* from years ago that you've been carrying around for eons. It's coming up and it's time for it to come out and be released. The Black Hole of the Galactic Center will suck it up if you but surrender and let go.

I know how challenging this can be. I am walking the road with you, friends. My heart has been aching for the past few weeks in the worst way (as it was around the time of my birthday, thank God for that party) due to various losses, past and present. Here's how I am handling it: I am getting clear on where my pain is coming from - the CORE of it, not just the current-day 'triggers' which are merely disguises - and I am striving each day to *Choose Love* and to *LET GO* of the old ways. I am also taking lots of quiet healing time for myself (and lots of naps:)

The Galactic Center is stripping us down to our Core. What will you find there? Love? And what you will find below in this newsletter is a compendium of thoughts from sage thinkers and feelers on the topic of:

The Epochal Shift of December 2007!

Many Blessings of Peace to you,
Carol Ann Ciocco [link]

It All Began with the New Moon on December 9th...

The annual New Moon in Sagittarius , usually a fairly big deal, is getting sucked into the December 11th Vortex of Love and Transformation, and thus is not getting as much press in this newsletter. I see this New Moon as the opening of a door, the door that leads to the Stargate Portal. The New Moon occurred at 12:40pm EST on Sunday December 9th at 18 degrees of Sagittarius. We have a sweet Sabian Symbol for this degree: "tiny children playing in sunbonnets." We see here the innocence of the heart of a child, the sunny disposition of Sag, and the sheer joy of play. How did we pass through the Needle's Eye of the Stargate Portal? By becoming like a little child, open hearted and filled with joy.

As you can imagine, the Intentions you set for this particular New Moon in Sagittarius will be especially important and potent. Click here to go to Jan Spiller's website and then click on the New Moon link (it should be posted by Friday) for some suggestions on making those New Moon 'wishes' for how you want your world - and THE world - to be.

Claudia Thompson is a lunar astrologer, and co-creator of which publishes a free E-Zine twice monthly at the New and Full Moon. (Moonsurfing also publishes a down-loadable Monthly Lunar Journal, a phase-by-phase guide to living in tune with the current energies of the Moon.) She offers some thoughts on this Sag New Moon:

"What you focus on e-x-p-a-n-d-s BIG time during this lunar cycle... it all depends on what you believe. As you leave 2007 behind and move into 2008, commit to your own success. This month's lunar journal will make it a smooth joyful transition as you:

* Say goodbye to a "9" year of completion of old habits, an old order, and an old consciousness.
* Open your mind to 2008 and a "1" year of brand new beginnings and fresh starts.
* Take evolutionary leaps and make quantum changes.
* Align yourself with your truth and wisdom.
* Turn a corner regarding your 9/11/07 eclipse progress.
* Healthy Holidays -expand your horizons not your waistline.
* Experience more honesty and optimism in your relationships.
* Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer and the adventurer.
* Enter 2008 with a renewed sense of hope, faith, and adventure." [link]

And also check out the thoughts of Lisa Dale Miller on the energies of this New Moon Portal:

The Galactic Center : Sacred Heart of The Mother of all Matter...

The Following Paragraphs are written by Alex Miller-Mignone and can be found on pages 88-90 of his classic work, The Black Hole Book. Alex's ground-breaking astrological work with Black Holes can be found on Maya del Mar's website. (His latest article is posted here: [link] .) He can be reached at .

BLACK HOLE (Scientists describe) a massive black hole at the very heart of our galactic system, a feature which is the driving force behind our galaxy's spiral motion. As the Great Maw of the Milky Way slowly but inexorably draws in all of the matter in the system , that "great sucking sound" you hear is the gurgle of the cosmic drainpipe.

Located at 26 Sagittarius for most of the 20th Century (the G.C. will shift to 27 degrees early in the next millennium), the Galactic Center forms a primal polarity with quasar Gaia at 26 Gemini and the Pole Star Polaris at 27 Gemini. Energy absorbed and imploded by the black hole core of the galaxy is disgorged by the quasar opposite; the two function as a perfect pipeline for the cosmic round-robin.
Polaris, as the star closest in alignment to our North Pole, represents our highest aspirations, our drive and determination to be different, to become what we uniquely are. Generations of seamen have steered their course by this star, a perfect metaphor for the journey we take through life's uncharted waters. [link]

The Galactic Center on the other hand, represents both the source and the ending of the journey, the cosmic womb/tomb which birthed our system and which will one day in the far distant future reclaim it. [link]

As the Sun is the heart of our local system, so the Galactic Center is the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. The analogy might be considered that the Sun represents the nucleus of the cell which is our solar system; combined with all the other star systems/cells they form the organs of the cosmic being which is our galaxy, the heart of which is the Galactic Center.

As such, the clearest metaphor we might find in myth for the G.C. relates to the Catholic doctrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus . Mary is the SEA (Latin - 'mare') of the Milky Way Galaxy, from which Matrix Jesus (Greek - "ichthys" - fish), the Planetary Logos of the Christ Consciousness, is born. Gregg Castellucci has compared the G.C. to the Hebrew YHWH (Yahweh), the nameless name, and Source of the I AM presence.

The Galactic Center emits massive amounts of infrared radiation, which Sedgwick describes as both "arousing the subconscious portion of the brain" and providing "intense stimulation for the root chakra." This activation of the subconscious promotes the retrieval of information from the past, the past of this life and other lives, which may interact with the self preservation instincts of the root chakra, creating some uneasiness or tension.

The Galactic Center is closely grouped with a pair of pulsars which provide "information parentheses" about it. The pulsar at 24 Sagittarius, two degrees before the G.C., provides information relating to the past of an event; and the pulsar at 28 Sagittarius, two degrees after, provides information relating to the future of an event. Those with connections on either side of the G.C. will more naturally tend to orient information in one of these two directions. Balance may be sought by meditation with the alternate point, using the G.C. as the fulcrum between past and future.

Lying as it does just four degrees from the Winter Solstice Point, which is surely no coincidence, the G.C. provides a convenient time frame of reference for aligning with Cosmic Consciousness. Whenever the Sun makes one of its seasonal ingresses, it is within days/degrees of a major aspect to the G.C. These two frames of reference will come into alignment in the middle years of the Third Century of the next millennium, when the G.C. moves to conjoin the Solstice Point of 0 Capricorn."

It just so happens that December 12th (which falls within the window of the Stargate Portal) is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Cayelin Castell writes: "She is the Virgin Saint of Mexico . On December 9, 1531, she first appeared to Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill and told him that she wanted a church built in her honor on that very hill. The Bishop did not believe Juan Diego's message. When Juan Diego told Our Lady the bishop did not believe her message, she asked Juan Diego to hold out his tilma. This was December 12, 1531. Right there on that cold winter's day she filled the tilma with the roses of summer. When Juan Diego showed the Bishop the roses in his tilma, they were astonished to see Our Lady's image also imprinted on the tilma. The bishop did believe and a beautiful church was built on Tepeyac Hill. It is the most revered place of worship in Mexico ."

For more on the magical story of Guadalupe, check out these links: [link]"
- Cayelin Castell

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Mayan energy, and is considered the Patroness of the Americas (North and South America ). This Stargate Portal is the perfect time to commune with her energies and hold the highest vision for what America can be, a beacon of Light in the World. I would also like to suggest that Beloved Guadalupe (whom I have had a special affinity for since my early 20's) is the Goddess of the 5th Night, as she is sometimes referred to as The Black Madonna, an embodiment of the the depth and beauty of the dark womb of creation. May she bless us all as we walk the velvet path of the this mystical Night.

((Brenda Comment: WOW and this is my very own FAVORITE and ONLY Goddess - who in the E. Indian traditions is called: B H U V A N E S H W A R I. SHE PROTECTS THE SEEN AND THE UNSEEN WORLDS From a symbolic point of view, Bhuvaneshwari is depicted as a goddess with three eyes, sign of her complete knowledge of the manifested worlds, very big breasts (all the beings are nurtured and extract the essence of life from Her), and a smiling face, once again underlying the maternal aspect of this Great Cosmic Power. In other words, we may say that Bhuvaneshwari is in fact the whole universe embodied as a deity. Her ardent worship attracts the cosmic vision of the Reality, surpassing thus any limits imposed by a certain opinion, or belief. [link] ))


We are IN A MASSIVE TURNING POINT, the magnitude of which we will probably only recognize in hindsight. But make no mistake - this time that we are in NOW is special. As expansive Jupiter aligns with the Core of our Galaxy (and with Pluto) - we are now experiencing a profound shift in consciousness. The transformation taking place is from deep within, aligning us with our core reality, and Jupiter is magnifying its effects - which is why things may seem so gut-wrenching at times.

Pluto is stripping away every last layer of false belief that we have been clinging to. But Pluto does not take away without leaving behind something more beautifully pristine. If there is anything in your life you want to reach for, the coming New Moon has enough power to make the seemingly impossible possible." - Priya Kale [link]

"The Jupiter Pluto conjunction at Galactic Center has not occurred for about 3000 years! Pluto (in its 248 year cycle) and Jupiter (in its 12 year cycle) are at the Galactic Center NOW, and (at the Solstice) retrograde Mars in Cancer will be at the Galactic Edge. They are all coming together to activate the latent galactic codes ready to assist in the current planetary ascension ...When we consider how the center of the galaxy influences our evolutionary experience in general and then add Pluto's alignment in the time of the Lunar Standstill, along with the Sun's passage here at the December Solstice (something that only happens for a period of time during a 26,000 year cycle), we know there is a huge activation occurring in the harmonic calibration of our galactic source through our space-time-grid experience." - Cayelin Castell [link]

"The Secret" Emanates from the Galactic Cemter

Transmitted by Pluto and now Jupiter...

The Secret " was discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show. The subject of "The Secret" is the Spiritual Law of Attraction and how our Thoughts combined with our Feelings (the Heart) are what create our lives. It seemed like any other ordinary day, as Oprah has been on the air for about 20 years or so, with a wide-range of topics daily. The reaction to this particular show, however, was astounding. Oprah herself was shocked when so many people logged onto her website the next day that it crashed. (And hey, Oprah doesn't have a weakling website!) Further shows followed up on this phenomenon. A few months later, I stumbled onto this transcript of a follow-up Oprah Show which aired on February 16, 2007 with the following title:


When I read the following passage it became clear to me that something really BIG (Jupiter in Sag) was going on and I realized the Galactic Center was involved because of the nature of the Shift described here:

"AMANDA FEGNER (SAYS THAT HER LIFE DRAMATICALLY CHANGED WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER SEEING THE SHOW): was commented that we are in God. Instead of God is in us, we are in God ...That is such a huge concept to me. And, and...
OPRAH WINFREY: That we are in God?
AMANDA FEGNER: Yes! That I never thought about it like that in a million years. And it just tripped my trigger when that happened, because I...
DOCTOR MICHAEL BECKWITH (TEACHER OF "THE SECRET"): We Live, move, and have our being in The Presence.
AMANDA FEGNER: I didn't feel separate anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OPRAH WINFREY: That's huge if that could do that for you.
AMANDA FEGNER: It did. I-I suddenly, I said I woke up feeling new. I felt powerful. And...
DOCTOR MICHAEL BECKWITH (TEACHER OF "THE SECRET"): Mmm. That one statement tripped you?
AMANDA FEGNER: Just that, that...
DOCTOR MICHAEL BECKWITH (TEACHER OF "THE SECRET"): Pulled you right out of the illusion.
AMANDA FEGNER: Right out, completely--and I, I mean, leading up to that show, I was deeply depressed, unemployed, and, you know, the list goes on of, of my trainwreck life. And an about-face.
AMANDA FEGNER: An instant about-face.
AMANDA FEGNER: I mean, I just feel so inspired. It's like...
JAMES ARTHUR RAY (TEACHER OF "THE SECRET"): That's a quantum leap.
OPRAH WINFREY: That's a quantum leap.
AMANDA FEGNER : This was a birth for me.
AMANDA FEGNER: You know, it was a birth, and birth with fanfare at The Oprah Show, you know. What a great birth.

I feel it is no coincidence that "The Secret" blasted into mass consciousness during "the year of Pluto at the Galactic Center ." We are being given the chance, at the level of mass-Humanity to LET GO OF THE ILLUSION and birth a new way of being in relation to God and our fellow humans.

The Galactic Center IS the Source of the Omnipresent God Head *that we are swimming in*. It is the Sea (Mare/Mary) and we are the fish. We manifest beautiful, peaceful, abundant lives by opening up to the Flow from this Source, from the Creator. And we become the creators of our lives.

"Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius in the Galactic Gateway represent a combination of great Alchemy. They remain within 10 degrees of each other until early February 2008. The wizardry of Pluto and Jupiter at Galactic Center has not occurred for nearly 3,000 years! When we consider the rare opportunity of this alignment, it brings to mind the story of Aladdin who descends into the lower world to find the magical lamp hidden there. Un be knownst to Aladdin, this lamp has a genie capable of granting any wish and is a far greater treasure than all the gems and jewels he sees scattered around. Fortunately for Aladdin, he is given an opportunity to accidentally discover the genie (or genius within) and is then blessed with the ability to totally recreate his life. When Jupiter and Pluto connect, it is a reminder of what is hidden in the depths of our being and what we can access when we have the courage to call it forth into form. The magical alchemy of the genie or genius within, as Aladdin went on to discover, had no limits to its magical power. So the rest of the story is Aladdin also learned through certain challenges the importance of using this magic wisely." - Cayelin Castell [link]

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, it's true. And it is also true that the Underworld is where much Treasure lies. During December, Jupiter is maximizing, expanding and inflating the possibilities of our ability to access the Genie of the Universe who tells us, "your wish is my command." Make a wish! What will you wish for?

Consider wishing for this: "we have the choice and capability to move from our Lower Chakras (eye for an eye, wars, selfishness, narcissism, dis-empowerment of others, lack-mentality, fear-based life, prejudice, hatred, intolerance, greed, victimization, and all the rest of our unhealthy human characteristics) to the HEART LEVEL where these traits dissolve in the Gold-White Light of LOVE from the Cosmos that is there for our having." - Eileen Nauman, [link]

Open Up to 'Incoming' Energies - & Keep It Simple

The following passages might help you to feel less pressured to "get" something during these powerful times. Your awarenesses may not be Burning Bushes, they may not even be embers. Watch for the nuances, the flashes. Just be open and ready to receive. Open your heart.

The Milky Way is the creamiest part of the Galaxy. It is rather frothy, even whipped. Sometimes seen as a river of light or the tree of life, the Milky Way leads to our galactic home base. If you are feeling the need for more sleep, rest, dream or meditation time-no wonder or, rather, it's wonder-full and awesome.

The universe is asking us to bypass our mundane mental monotone to open up to galactic input. There are many planetary pulls to go within. We don't even need to totally know what is going on, just to be there to receive the Source energy. We'll know when we need to know. Can we be with the unknowing? - M. Kelley Hunter [link]

"The Sagittarius spiral arm of the galaxy is pretty much what we look through to get to the Galactic Center . There's an added thickness of "stuff" in that direction. While the "official" alignment of Jupiter to the G.C. takes place on December 4th, it's happening now and will continue into January. Can you feel it? There's a quickening and a thickening of the energy out there. Facts and details have commenced emerging at a pace so fast it might be hard to assimilate.

Truly, I cannot recall a time of portending insight and promises of greater understanding in my several decades of involvement in the realm of looking at galactic matters. This time is just like the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States . The food is too much, too rich and way over the top. Hope you like leftovers.

Some have e-mailed to object about the importance I'm suggesting exists in the next three to four weeks (as the Sun passes the GC on 12/19).
What if I don't have any insights? What if consciousness does not catch up with mundane reality? What if I miss the waves of galactic energy?

Well, some of the flashes of insight do seem like the lighting of a holiday display, accompanied by oohs and aahs and utterances of wonder. Other insights need to work their way into the processing center. It's almost like leftovers. With the remnants of a feast, one sustains the primary needs of life continuing to carry the appreciation and awareness of the previous celebration forward. In January it will be time to get to work, ground the insights and issue practical applications. Whew! Just in time, the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto all forge into Capricorn to insist that *insight un-applied offers no relief or value* at the end of the day. Get ready to get down and make galactic insights help you get your hands dirty.

There's really no extra special effort required. Just be and sense. It'll happen. Soon, the steps reveal themselves in the form of life's demands. Capricorn energy lies around the corner. The creamy consciousness intends to top off Capricorn with a dollop of savory insight that makes all humankind notice and get onboard." - Philip Sedgwick [link]

P.S. from Philip Sedgwick: "If you'd like to take a look at the Pluto - Jupiter - Galactic Center conjunction from an astronomical point of view, I posted a pic of it on my website - go to [link] and click on Galactic Times/Star Blogs on the left hand side.

Quotes from Jupiter and Pluto and the GALACTIC CENTER - Oh My!
Jupiter says: "Thanksgiving for the substance at hand (will) duplicate the substance indefinitely." - Suzan Caroll [link]
Jupiter says: "With wings I have won for myself in ardent love's striving I will soar.- Gustav Mahler, finale to his Second Symphony ...
Jupiter-Pluto-and-Galactic-Center say: "Dive deeply into the miracle of life and let the tips of your wings be burnt by the flame, let your feet be lacerated by the thorns, let your heart be stirred by human emotion, and your soul be lifted beyond the earth." - Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, "Call of the Dervish"
Pluto says: "No matter how far you've gone down the wrong road, turn back." - Author Unknown
Jupiter says: "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself Any direction you choose." - Dr. Seuss
Pluto says: "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." - The Dragon
And Jupiter has the last word: "One shoe can change your life." - Cinderella


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12 Dec 2007 @ 17:11 by kim mccullar @ : portal
i think there is a portal opening.and things are begining to shift. there are a lot of us who are waking up. er are finally begining to remember who we are. and where we come from. i am now knowing that i am not from this earth. i am from the alpha tau system. i am a time traveler. and i long to be back there. there is a great shift in my thinking. i am more open to the energy of the universe.i love it. merry christmas. god bless. kim mccullar  

12 Dec 2007 @ 20:06 by vaxen : Thanks...
Freo for the infotel. Are you familiar with this and if so how does it enter into your calculations if at all? The link to the full article is below. Please read it if youhave the time. Thanks, again...

Scientists Now Know: We're Not From Here!

Summary & comments by Dan Eden for Viewzone

Imagine the shock of growing up in a loving family with people you call "Mum" and "Dad" and then, suddenly, learning that you are actually adopted!

This same sense of shock came as scientists announced that the Sun, the Moon, our planet and its siblings, were not born into the familiar band of stars known as the Milky Way galaxy, but we actually belong to a strange formation with the unfamiliar name of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy!

How can this be?

Using volumes of data from the Two-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), a major project to survey the sky in infrared light led by the University of Massachusetts, the astronomers are answering questions that have baffled scientists for decades and proving that our own Milky Way is consuming one of its neighbors in a dramatic display of ongoing galactic cannibalism. The study published in the Astrophysical Journal, is the first to map the full extent of the Sagittarius galaxy and show in visually vivid detail how its debris wraps around and passes through our Milky Way. Sagittarius is 10,000 times smaller in mass than the Milky Way, so it is getting stretched out, torn apart and gobbled up by the bigger Milky Way.  

13 Dec 2007 @ 04:19 by freo7 : This ABOVE really makes me smile!
"We are from another galaxy in the process of joining with the Milky Way. The Milky Way is actually not our parent galaxy. The mystery of why the Milky Way has always been sideways in the night sky has never been answered -- until now."

"The observations provide new insights into the nature of the mysterious dark matter," said Princeton's Spergel. "Either our galaxy is unusual or the dark matter has richer properties than postulated by conventional models."

Implications in Global Warming?

"It has been postulated that this is the real reason for both global warming since higher energy levels of the Milky Way are almost certain to cause our Sun to burn hotter and emit higher energies. Indeed, temperatures have been seen to rise on virtually all the planets in our system. This seems quite apart from any local phenomenon like greenhouse gases etc.

This grand turning is possibly the root cause for the discontinuation of the Mayan calendar (the most accurate on the planet) because the 'read-point' of the Pleiades star cluster, which many believe the calendar was based upon, can no longer be a constant as we begin to steer away from the earlier predictable movements."

So.... I am no longer an alien! We are all aliens! I LOVE IT!! and where I come from we don't even have GODs Goddesses and all that jazz. Where I come from we do have science that says all the same things in a non worshiping way.

But but - a Sagittarian Dwarf?? The smile starts here... including the new reason for the global warming cycles.

And my theory that when I eat a plumb or a razz berry they become human sorta fits here...THAT's MY ANSWER & I'm Sticking to it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Isn't this a cool planet we've become?

THANKS Vaxen Var  

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