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picture27 Nov 2001 @ 03:10, by Flemming Funch

This is posted a little late in regards to protesting about the specific meeting mentioned, but I'm sure the issue is far from over. The "Codex Alimentarius" commission, working with the U.N. and the European Union, is attempting to control and monopolize the rules for vitamins and supplements we're allowed to buy worldwide. This has been going on for several years and things are being decided mostly in secret, although the decisions will block the free choice of health practices for millions of people. The Codex commission is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. Anyway, the website to go to is: [link]

From: "Jim Walters"Codex - URGENT!

November 21

On Monday, the Codex Alimentarius is meeting in Germany to remove
our worldwide rights on vitamins, all natural supplements, and
natural health care. The drug companies want to take control of it
all, thus either eliminating products altogether or making them very
expensive and only available through a prescription, and
pharmaceutically made with synthetics (this has already happened in

Please go to this website and send your protest and get
this to as many people as you possibly can. It only takes a minute
and is very easy to do - the protest letters go directly to this
committee (I believe there are over 40 million letters so far, but we
have to keep it up).

The website is [link]

Letter from the website:

Say no to an European-wide ban on vitamin therapy
in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry's
billion-dollar trade in disease!

[] To the governments of the nations of Europe!
To the members of parliament of the nations of Europe!
To the members of the European Parliament!
To the members of the European Council!
To all political decision-makers in Europe!

I am an American Citizen who believes in worldwide vitamin freedom, and I am very concerned that the European Commission is preparing draft legislation that would ban vitamins and other natural therapies for millions of people in Europe. In the interest of the pharma-cartel's billion-dollar market of purely symptom-oriented pharmaceutical drugs, the right to access effective vitamins and other natural therapies as well as the basic right to health and freedom from bodily harm are being fundamentally violated.

This Europe-wide censorship directive purely serves the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the artificial protection of their billion-dollar market in pharmaceutical drugs that have been rendered superfluous. The main cause of this is the scientific breakthrough in the field of vitamin research into virtually all the major public health threats.

I myself am interested in natural health. I know that the main cause of most public health threats today is vitamin deficiency. I also know that heart attack, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and other major public health problems could be reduced to a tiny fraction of their current prevalence by the targeted dissemination of this information.

In addition, I am aware of the fact, that in contrast to natural remedies, 80% of all pharmaceutical drugs are purely symptom-oriented and that there is no evidence that they have any curative effect. Furthermore, anti-cholesterol medication and many other pharmaceutical drugs can also have deadly side effects. Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people die every year from the serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In contrast, to date not a single person has come to any harm as a result of vitamin therapies.

The planned European-wide ban on vitamin therapies is obviously a legislative initiative that does not serve our health interests, but is rather being aimed purely at protecting the pharmaceutical industry's billion-dollar trade in disease. Thanks to the resistance of hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe, this legislative initiative was temporarily stopped in spring of 2001.

I am alarmed to hear that, as of September 27, 2001 - in the aftermath of the appalling terrorist attacks in the USA - the European Commission now aims to force this unscrupulous legal initiative through the European Parliament. This is a 'cloak and dagger' operation running contrary to the will of the people! The EU Commission is a body elected by no one. It is the same body that was recently dismissed by the European Parliament due to corruption and taking bribes from multinational companies.

I will not allow my health to be sacrificed to the pharmaceutical industry's greed for profit!

By signing this letter I am calling on you, as a political decision-maker, to:

stop this "Dietary Supplements Directive" which is being put before the European Parliament at the initiative of the European Commission. Stop Europe from becoming the first stepping stone towards a worldwide ban on vitamin therapies.

commit yourself to providing people throughout Europe and world wide with free and unrestricted access to life-saving vitamins and other natural therapies and also to related health information.

promote scientifically founded natural therapies as a vital component of the health-care system in your countries.

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