New Civilization News: Natures first intention is to create a female.    
 Natures first intention is to create a female.0 comments
22 Nov 2002 @ 05:26, by tinajoy

The fetus starts out as female then later becomes male, nature may prefer women but virtually every culture has been partial to men.

I think that in an ideal world, men and women would respect the authentic differences between them, however, in reality this doesn't seem to be so, I think, that, its because of the social conditioning we are taught as children, if you think of a mother, raising her children, how many times have you heard her say to a naughty child, "wait untill your daddy comes home!" this gives the child the sense that, mummy doesn't deal with problems only daddy does, therefore the man is stronger, and the child grows up with the sense of men dominate. Isn't it true that, men are no more or less qualified by biological sex differences alone, to perform the tasks generally reserved for women in todays societys? and have you also noted that even in the english language, that it is man first? as with mr and mrs, men and women, husband and wife? you see, the roles and status which were assigned to females by a male dominated society, strongly influences womens own conception of themselves, females seem to be characterised by a desire to avoid competitive success by the will to fail, because of male dominated workplaces. The common assumption nowadays appears to be that, male behavior and female behaviour are different, that their display of masculinity or femininity is by and large the result of social training , which I feel can be corrected. Josts work suggested that nature had some fundemental bias in producing females, femaleness then, could not be, as Freud suggested, some form of incomplete maleness, it appeared to be the basic form of life. Maleness itself was the correction.

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