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25 Dec 2004 @ 07:11, by Brian White

A group of random volunteers was set up in British Columbia to design a better voting system. (LOts of people are unhappy because there is not a close relationship between the votes tally and the numbers of seats in the legeslature that the partys eventually get. So, effectively, Canada and most of the provinces are governed by the largest single minority rather than a concensus of the majority.
Anyways, after a year or so of diliberation and listening to presentations from the public, the Citizens Assembly chose Single Transferable vote as the new system for BC. (It still has to go to referendum and get 60% approval from the voters).
This is the first time in history that voters actually decided which system would be the most in the VOTERS interests.
Commonly, voting systems were imposed from above by partys to further their own ends.
STV provides for open competition (and co operation) between candidates within and between partys before the judge and jury of voters in MULTISEAT ridings. It is a totally different ball game than the first past the post that most people are used to. It is like chess compared to noughts and crosses. Intelectuallyu stimulating!
Check out the citizens assem/blyu website at [link] for details.
Brian White

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1 comment

25 Dec 2004 @ 10:59 by jazzolog : Other Studies Beginning To Emerge Too
Thanks for this reference Brian. Studies of the system (or chaos) of our election in the states are beginning to emerge. You may be interested in the entry by Attorney and Professor Dan Tokaji on Christmas Eve.  

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