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6 Aug 2008 @ 07:40, by Shreepal Singh

Summary of what the author has said so far in these pages and going ahead in quest of a new civilization:

1. The subject matter of articles posted on these pages is not haphazard in its organization but follows a certain logical sequence.

2. We had commenced by promising to talk about human beings, their society and their evolutionary course.

3. We have dealt with these subjects in the following sequence.

4. Our curiosity to know is the engine of our progress and evolution. The conclusion is that we should advance the cause of this curiosity by liberating our search from all corrupting influences.

5. The frontiers of modern science bring us to a point where we are able to see the vast span of yet-undiscovered things of bizarre nature. The scientific theories of relativity and probability offer inkling into this bizarre nature of things in nature.

6. The scientific mechanism of hypothesis, experiment, theory and law for understanding the truth of things is not sensitive enough for knowing the truth of those things (phenomena) that are not amenable to the scientific process of ‘controlled and repetitive experiments.’ There is a leaking hole in the ‘scientific mechanism’ in the form of ‘the effect of the remainder of the universe.’ The conclusion is that we should not be arrogant in pronouncing our judgments about things. Things are still mysterious and we should respect this mystery of nature.

7. The greatest mystery of all mysteries of nature is life. While studying life the fundamental question is not how it works but why it works. Life has a wonderful mechanism to function. But still more wonderful is the fact that it has a direction to go ahead, to grow from simple to complex and to evolve from lower to higher.

8. The highest evolved form of life on earth is the ‘intelligent Mind’ of humans. It reasons and the reason is equivalent of inter-relations of things present out there in nature, which relations are always harmonious (if they do not look so to a person, he or she is of defective Mind, that is, insane or fool).

9. Mind is a trans-receiver of thoughts. Thoughts in the form of inter-relations of objective things already exist in nature. We may receive them or not receive them, they are always there. What has been thought and what could be thought, both already have their existence.

10. It is not this inter-relation of things alone that consumes the entire picture of nature. There are not thoughts alone that exist in nature. There are other things also having their existence. The creative energy, the urge to unfold, the desire calling for attention also has its own place and relevance in nature. The whole creation is the expression of a grand desire. Like in the earlier case, we humans are trans-receivers of desires. Desires have their own beauty but still it is lower than thought in its rhythm (only from humans’ point of view and not absolutely). Desires have a very wide spectrum, which includes all sorts of cravings, attachments, hate and revenge, urges etc.

11. The lowest rung of life is the gross body’s instinctive mechanism. It is the first sign of life, the life that has just emerged out of the dark matter. This lower rung of life is represented in trees, insects and animals but it is not exclusively confined to them. Human beings also carry almost all the elements of this lower rung in their evolved self; the difference is that in the case of humans these elements are subordinated to their desires and, during the period of last 10-15 thousand years, to their mind. We are concerned in these articles with human beings and their problems, and not with animals etc. and therefore things should be taken in that context only.

12. Human self is composed of the physical body, desires and mind and these are processing instruments of data. These instruments are all the time connected to their respective outside worlds of these things (the worlds of matter, of desires and of mind) and receiving and transmitting information from and to those worlds. How these elements of human-self are connected to their respective outside worlds? There is a bridging medium between these personal elements and outside worlds. There is a subtle physical body behind our gross physical body, which connects us to outside subtle physical world; and it is so with our body – or bundle – of desires and mind. The subtle physical-body, the subtle desire-body and the subtle-mental body of person do not die immediately with the physical death of that person. They get anchored out of this physical world and remain for their assigned periods in their respective subtle worlds (and therein lay the explanation of sometimes appearing these bodies as ghosts in our physical world). After their assigned period of life, these bodies too are disintegrated only to be absorbed and recycled once again.

13. We live a life composed of the interplaying of our physical body needs, our desires and our thoughts. This is all what we call our life. Ordinarily we do not go beyond these formations. But beyond these formations, there is an element of human-self, of which we are not aware. What is that element cannot be described by words of language but it can be known by experience, just like our awareness of our desires or thoughts or even our physical body. This element is a reality; it is not a mere mental imagination. It is as real as our physical body or desires or thoughts. Any effort to describe this element of our self – the sweetest, the most satisfying, and the most peaceful element of our self – has created through out the long human history the maximum confusion and the maximum antagonism among different sections of mankind. Do the ordinary people have any way of finding – or having at least a glimpse of – it? Yes, there is a way. It is something like what we call the voice of our heart. What is the voice of heart? It is a like a voice in the first place. In some people this voice is (depending upon one’s Para-psychological evolutionary stage) often a very strong one, which makes itself heard despite objection from their desires (because it contradicts the legitimacy of those desires) and their thoughts (because it goes against their logic). However, almost in all cases, this voice is suppressed by the mighty ding of our desires and our thoughts. Our desires and thoughts rule this voice out as harmful and illogical one. Thus, this voice of heart is distinctly separate from one’s desires and thoughts; it is not only separate from them but even contradicts them and prompts us to go and act against them. This voice is not respected by our civilization; it is not allowed to be cultivated by us. It is ridiculed as worthless, harmful and foolishness. But the reality is that this voice is unfailingly correct in its decisions; its advice is always in the best interest of the person concerned under the available circumstances. This voice is the Gateway to the world of secret of all secrets. We leave this subject at that.

14. Our desires and, like wise, our thoughts have real existence. What is their nature? What are their properties? These entities are not material; they are not electrical charge; they are not made up of gravitational force either. Then, of what nature are they? We have to wait for our science to catch-up with them; it will take time; we must have patience. There are many things we not know yet; this is the lesson, our science teaches us.

15. With this understanding of our self and our life, we proceed further. Our self is a complicated instrument, which has come into being on account of the forces of nature and evolved to this state. Nature is geared to move forward. All her movements seem to move towards a goal; towards the goal of more good, more perfect and always from the better to the best. It is what we call evolution.

16. This evolution of humans is not confined alone to the stream of thriving Homo sapiens on earth. This constancy of biological evolution carried from generation to generation is only one stream. The complicated self of humans follows a pattern of evolution, which is spread over countless births and deaths, on material places (like earth) and on places, which are not material from our reckoning. We must understand this evolutionary pattern and help ourselves to move forward on to the correct course, avoiding pit-falls, zigzag straying off this course or lagging behind lazily. This gives us bacon to chart our course and build our civilizations. This bacon is the pursuit of ‘truth’. Around ‘truth’ we have to craft our new civilization.

17. Now we understand that our physical body disintegrates with our death to be absorbed by nature for the second recycling. We understand that the bundle of our desires – our desire-body – like wise disintegrates with our death only to be recycled once again by nature; and, like wise, the bundle of our thoughts disintegrates with our death to be absorbed and recycled once more – in countless such happenings in the past – by nature. All these elements of our self – our instrument – are provided to us by nature in our ‘one’ life – in this present life – to help us to become aware of that one element, of which we have spoken about herein above and which we do not know yet. Why should we proceed to know it? Because it is the most satisfying, the most enjoying, the most… (All those things that humans love).

18. Therefore, a civilization that is given to pander our body demands, our desires or our dry thoughts is not suitable for enlightened mankind. Such civilization assaults the nature and mauls it (and, today, beyond repairs), foments competitive ill will and violence and, per force, brings to the fore the traits of human personality that degrade him. But this is only one reason of this civilization being third rate (today). And, this is not the chief reason for its being so. The chief reason is that it in pandering to clamor of humans’ body demands, desires and thoughts this civilization effectively pushes behind that sweet element. Therefore, we need to search for a better, a new civilization.

19. The current civilization is exclusively dedicated to this pandering of human needs and demands and there is an engine that powers this civilization. The powerhouse of this civilization is that section of humanity whose sole business of life is nothing but to make available the means – manufactured products – to satisfy those needs and demands of the balance part – a huge number – of humanity. This tiny section of humanity is smart and intelligent. These people sense and search every opportunity to pursue their business – the business of making products available and earn profits in the process. Their one point program is to make profit and nothing else. All their actions are guided this one point agenda. They need machines – machines that are the creation, the fruits, of collective human genius and labor - to produce products and therefore they get possession of those machines; they become owners of those means so that they may earn profits. They need human labor – the work of human being, the most precious thing ever created by nature – so that they may put those humans to work on ‘their’ machines and therefore they create (artificially because they are man-made in nature) conditions – economic compulsions – for those human beings so that they are left with no alternative but to flock to them to work on their machines. They call it ‘creating jobs and providing employment’. Creating jobs or providing employment is not their concern (it is necessary evil sought to be avoided) and therefore they reduce the ‘jobs and employment’ to the minimum possible. (Incidentally, with the advent of modern age of computerized automation of manufacturing process, this minimum possible is further reduced to a bare few who are technologically highly skilled and economically highly paid; therefore, an era of great unemployment of general public looms large in coming future).

20. The current civilization is patently unjust and third rate in meeting the problems of enlightened humans. Why should the humanity not go deeper into the Para-psychological make-up of humans and investigate the forming elements there? Why should the humanity not delineate those elements and put them into their respective places of comparative utility? Why should the majority of humanity allow the tiny minority of her species today to ‘own’ machines, to ‘hire’ humans to work on those machines and to make ‘profits’ out of this whole arrangement? This arrangement is nothing but a misuse of machine. Machine is a lever that minimizes the amount of labor that is needed in the struggle of Homo sapiens against the harsh nature. Why should the mankind not wean away the use of ‘machine’ from generating private profits of a tiny section of her part and instead dedicate this lever – the ‘machine’ - exclusively to lessen the common human toil in her war against nature? Humans have come of age now, not only in their science but in their enlightenment also. They must rise fearlessly and fabricate a better civilization. In this venture there is no ill will towards any body and good will towards all. All those among us – we humans – who ‘own’ this lever – the machine – are not bad people. And, not all among us who are compelled – consciously or unconsciously – by economic reasons to work for those who ‘own’ those machines are good. We all are in this earthly world like the migratory birds, knowing not our destination. We are in a ship – an earthly ship in cosmic ocean – sailing together. We have common interest and common destination.

21. But still a large part of humanity is deeply steeped in ignorance of all these considerations. Mankind can come out of this dismal situation, in comparatively lesser time (we say lesser time because mankind would certainly come out this situation later than sooner on her own account driven by the force of her forward movement, that is, her evolution), by making a combined efforts on three fronts: enlightening people by education; empowering them through technology; and enabling them to manage their own affairs in accordance with the majority wish (effective democracy). It is suggested that based on these three basic principles new civilization zones may be established. But this approach is only ‘wait and watch’, which needs to be supported by an active program. This is what we have covered so far in our articles.

22. We propose to proceed further and examine other aspects of the subject, which have not been considered so far. We propose to examine certain other efforts, which were made in the past to replace the current civilization with a new one, and point out their deficiencies in understanding human life and its evolution. After pointing out their defects, we propose to suggest a decisively effective and completely peaceful method of ending the current civilization and substituting it with a new one.

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7 Aug 2008 @ 16:31 by a-d : Paragraf Eight.....
....I must say "hmmmmm" to that one....that Human Mind would be in it's Highest of evolution (UNLESS this is what you mean with "Highest" , but I do not see you as one , who would find pleasure in PRETENSE, nor MALICE!... : Mark Twain once wrote, “Heaven is by favor; if it were by merit your dog would go in and you would stay out. Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one… that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain.” ) at this moment ... which statement I perceive to be swimming in the undercurrents of this statement, I don't know if I am willing to buy into!...nor did Jesus!.... nor did the Buddha, nor did so many others, who managed to brake away from the curse of the COMATOSE Mankind ( a BIG part of Humans are in there, in that corral!... ALL of MAINSTREAM; all the Sheeple, you know, those who follow without as much as second thought... their leaders, regardless how sick actions these leaders perform!... AND DEMAND from the Sheeple blind obedience--"or else"! !.... NOT VERY ( much of ) COSMIC Activity there!....
Humans do NOT --as a group-- buy too much into integrity!... "I do what I say, and say what I do!.... and if I change my Mind in between,I let you know!.... but I do not cheat you and I am true to my Missions" THAT would be to have integrity, that would be to be Evolved!... I agree with our friend Jeffry here on NCN, when he says, that he sees Earth Worm to have more integrity than (most) Humans!....NOR is TECHNOLOGY a good Substitute for Cosmic ABILITIES IGNORED by us!... No Airplane can be better than God-given (Mind power for ) Teleportation for instance!.... Nor is any "Medical Advance" better than to be naturally so intuned and in HARMONY with your own body and NATURE/LIFE, that you can keep your body naturally, spontaneously, healthy at all times... as it is DESIGNED to be!....etc. etc. etc.

...and let's NOT forget, that GOD/LIFE did NOT create/demand death to a cosmic Mandatory "transition" into Anything at all!.... that is ALL HUMAN Hogwash!.... "thanks" to humanity having indeed DE-volved (=fallen back from a higher State to a lower... and hence ) deep into UN-consciousness from which we have been crawling up & out again for the last two-three thousand years...
HUMANS "created" a MANDATORY Death within a certain cluster of frequencies of Cosmic vibrations ... ALL is Cosmic Vibration.... some higher, some lower... and the lowest being doomed to death... which never has been anything but accidental!....because we were never meant to for this low vibration!... NOTHING , nor NOBODY on Earth was meant for this low vibration where death is a man-made mandatory thing. Not even Plants nor Animals.We as the Stewards, forced this condition on them!... Mother Nature/Gaia will re-adjust Herself and Her Loyals to follow UNIVERSE, not us, humans !... eventually!

Hopefully some of the things said in this comment will also (begin) to cover a few of your (in later paragrafs) stated (rhetorical) Questions as to "why" Mankind-"this", Mankind-"that"!... yuppp.... we need to get back fully where and what we were/always are intended to be by Life. Nothing less will do!.... in that I totally agree with you! : )  

8 Aug 2008 @ 14:41 by shreepal : Evolution, lower, higher evolution, mind
Paragraf eight says: "The highest evolved form of life on earth is the ‘intelligent Mind’ of humans. It reasons...." etc.

We have to start our case from "what we know today as true (though ultimately it may turn out to be false from from a state of our consciousness, which is still alien to us and therefore from which state we are still incapable of seeing things)".

We say it is true that there is life on earth, that there are many forms of this life on earth, that human beings have life, that this life is less evolved in some forms and more evolved in some other forms, that human beings are more evolved than, say, trees. Is it not so? If it is not so, then there is no common acceptable foundation between us to proceed further.

But I think you would agree that there is life on earth, that there are different stages of this life's evolution on earth - some less and some more evolved. It is taught so in our schools even to our kids.

Why should we reject as wrong that is found to be correct by our science? Science may be an imperfect tool to search truth but it is not correct to say whatever it states is wrong. Truth demands from us that we must accept that "steam has force, that electricity is the flow of electrons, that gravity is a force" etc.

We can not promote dreams as truths by denouncing the truths discovered by science. We use these discoveries in our daily life; and we have no moral right to denounce them as false.

The only contentious thing is that there are certain things which are true but which the science still does not know - has not discovered yet.

If we two walk along this much, then the question would arise whether humans have "developed mind" or not. If it is developed one, is it more developed one than that of an animal?

What is the measure of this "mental development"? One who can make a "computer" is more developed than the one who cannot do so. It is as simple as that. Is it not so? Whay should we always run against reason?

I always hold that reason is not perfect instrument to uncover the truth; but then what is that instrument that is better than reason? We can always say this or that thing is better than the reason but unless one goes beyond reason and firmly secures that thing, one cannot jettison the reason. This position is neither here nor there; it is idle talking.

We have to use reason, we have to proceed along reason and we have to trascend reason. It does not mean going against reason. Is it not so?  

10 Aug 2008 @ 00:27 by a-d : I let these two
comments with whatever intelligence, Power of Cosmic Truth, and even "science", they each might contain , speak for themselves... and I rest my case! : )  

10 Aug 2008 @ 08:54 by shreepal : Relativity of truth sanctified by time:
I completely agree with this attitude. This is the best attitude on our part; who are we to judge the right or wrong of what we say? All statements are relative only; there is nothing absolute in whatever we say. We all are caged in the capsule of time (in which we live) and circumstances (in which we are placed). It is the truth alone expressed commensurate with time and through people that provides sanctity of truth to that expression for that age.  

11 Aug 2008 @ 22:07 by FedNix @ : Endings and Beginnings
"After pointing out their defects, we propose to suggest a decisively effective and completely peaceful method of ending the current civilization and substituting it with a new one."

Kudos, up to this point. But you still have a long way to go. I'd be curious to check out the plausibility of your methods of ending an old civilization and beginning another one. Ambitious project, to say the least. ;-)

The conclusions I've reached during my seven decade time span here is that the current economic models we (our world order) are using are corrupt, and indeed need changing. But it is probably too late to effect those changes, peacefully or otherwise. The forces of the NWO are too powerful, entrenched, evil, and ruthless. We are in something very akin to a "Star Wars" situation here on our little isolated planet.

Cutting to the bottom line, we are now entering an apocalyptic situation, where much if not most of our current civilization will self-destruct. It will change itself, and all that really spiritually minded idealists need do is lay down a network for drawing up plans for this new civilization. Most likely it will need to be rebuilt from the ground up, with new local constitutions, charters of liberties and freedoms with commensurate responsibilities.

The big task will be to identify what flaws have existed in our current constitutions that have allowed today's conditions to evolve, and then correct those flaws. No small task to be sure :-)

The biggest flaws I have found is in balancing public, corporate and private powers, and representation of real live human citizens at every government level.

Specifically the system of creating and controlling money properly belongs with the people, i.e., a representative government. Today it is controlled by private central bankers who create money out of nothing and indebt our civilization with usurious interest rates. We wind up with unrepayable unsustainable debt.

We have to limit the size and power of corporations. We now have government of, by and for the corportations and bankers, rather than the citizens.

We have to provide for genuine education and information, without which a republic or democracy cannot long be sustained.

We have to elect and select the best and brightest among us for public office and trust. Few men or women of real integrity would subject themselves to today's electoral Roman Circus.

We have to provide lifelong education for those who wish to progress as citizens. Sufferage should be differentiated so that the best and brightest citizens can earn extra ballots through educational and civic achievement and service.

I could go on, but my time is limited. In summary I will repeat that I doubt that anything anyone could do could prevent the dissolution and eventual destruction of the current World Order. A purely profit-motivated economics is doomed. Our system of representation and checks and balances must be rethought and overhauled.

I will recommend some reading or viewing material:

Simplest Video on money = Money as Debt (47 min) :
Comprehensive Video on money = MoneyMasters (3.5 hrs):
Best Book (By Far) = Ellen H Brown's, Web of Debt: (Publisher's website reviews and comments) Amazon Reviews of Web of Debt:
Web of Debt website:
Another Best Book = The Lost Science of Money - The Mythology of Money – The Story of Power: ttp://
American Monetary Reform:
Best History, Comprehensive = Carrol Quigley - Tragedy and Hope:
Some good moments = Video: America: Freedom to Fascism:
Chris Martenson's Crash Course on Economics and Money: (videos in small segments)



12 Aug 2008 @ 10:15 by shreepal : Uprooting old order without violence
Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the old adge. You have really pin-pointed the 'cause' and the 'solution' of the problem. I really admire your keen insight into the problem with which the humanity is suffering today and you have also indicated its 'solution'. The only question left is the 'plausibility' of the method to cure the defect.
You rightly say:
(1) 'the current economic models we (our world order) are using are corrupt, and indeed need changing. But it is probably too late to effect those changes, peacefully or otherwise. The forces of the NWO are too powerful, entrenched, evil, and ruthless.'
(2)'the system of creating and controlling money properly belongs with the people, i.e., a representative government'.
(3)'We have to provide for genuine education and information, without which a republic or democracy cannot long be sustained. We have to provide lifelong education for those who wish to progress as citizens'.
(4)'Sufferage should be differentiated so that the best and brightest citizens can earn extra ballots through educational and civic achievement and service.'
Nos. (1)and (2) are absolutely correct; No. (3) is is the haveist of odds against us; and No. (4) needs a little rethinking. I intend to cover all these items in my comming articles in details; please bear till then.
About No. (3): The crux of the problem, as I see it, are the people - the people as they are: the ignorant of the nature of things happening around them, careless to remove this ignorance, being busy with the trivial things leaving things that make and unmake their fate on this earth in the hands of those who pretend to be their friends but are in fact foes. And, government of the, for the, by the people, in the mean time, runs amock over these 'slumbering people'.This is the haviist odd against the chance of a change of the world order. It was this slumberness of people that communist invented the idea of 'the vanguard of the working class', a group of highly intelligent and motivated group of individuals. It was a necessity to 'fill the gap' caused by ignorant and almost ;sleeping' people. And, then, people had to repay for their 'carelessness in protecting their rights' by their life under the dictatorship. Is it possible to bring a change without violence? Let us see.


12 Sep 2008 @ 23:15 by b : The shift
Conciousness of all human could change if we all perceived the same cataclysmic event and delt with it the same way. If we go on it could be credits for done deals. You do what y ou say and pay or get paid.  

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