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29 Nov 2008 @ 22:27, by Vaxen Var

When these New World Order murderers have exhausted the usefulness of the American sheep, American worker ants and American soldiers and there's no more treasure to steal from abroad, when such a time arises that the sheep have nothing left to steal from others and nothing left themselves that is worthy of stealing, then and only then will these ignorant sheep, who supposedly support this crusade, see the fate that awaits them. Then and only then will the sheep see what these New World Order criminals have in store for them. Only then will they see the danger. Only then will the sheep decide that maybe it's a good time to get off their knees. But by then it will be too late to rise up.

03/29/2003 Entry: "CNN/CIA - THE ENEMY WITHIN - by voxfux"

by voxfux

Bush is a fascist

The chilling reality of our time is that our biggest enemies are within.

CNN is one such enemy.

The New World Order crusaders know that it is better to control people and nations with the scientific application of fear and lies rather than the more unpredictable and expensive methodology of bullets and bombs.

So forty years ago, the CIA's, "Operation Mockingbird," went into full swing. The goal of the program was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media. Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you've won the war before it has even begun.

And they have been frighteningly successful at achieving their goal - Since the 1950's all major news and polling organizations have, to one degree or another, been absorbed into the sphere of control of the intelligence agencies. Now, the hard truth, which is simply too fantastic for most people to believe much less even comprehend in the first place is that the major news media is in actuality, mind controlling, opinion forming, population control mechanisms, and little else.

CNN is such a mind control machine.

CNN Being wholly a government propaganda machine, an organ of the CIA, and indeed as claimed by many in the right as well as left, extraordinarily influenced to the point of near subservience to a Zionist political agenda (more so than any discernible American agenda),

CNN is in charge of faking out the American people and tricking us into thinking there is support for the government, Bush and the war. CNN, Fox and the other government propaganda channels are clear warnings of what these New World Order types have in store for us - lies, war, death, slick 3D graphics, fraudulent polls, fraudulent elections, ominous theme music and dumb newsreaders.

CNN - the masters of the televisual lie.

And so now, the reptilian newsreaders with hairdos and tanning cream at CIA-CNN issue the latest fraudulent poll - 70% of the people support the president. This poll is a lie. It is a fake poll. The polling organizations, Time, Gallop, USA Today, CNN and all the rest of the CIA front companies posing as legitimate news organizations are all controlled by the CIA who themselves answer to the billionaire bankers and industrialists. The function of these fraudulent polls is to get people to conform with what they are tricked into believing that "everyone else" is conforming to. The polls are designed to create your attitudes, not reflect them. It's called, "push polling," and it works.

Not in a million years do 70% of the people support the president. People in the big cities have never met anyone who supports this jerk in the White House, yet there is this myth perpetrated by the media that there are these giant pockets of people (presumably hillbillies and rednecks) somewhere (presumably in the "heartland" of America) who are the ones who comprise this overwhelming 70% majority of Bush supporters. But when you look at the map, there just isn't that many people in the, "hillbilly belt," to comprise this mythical 70%. And so what does that mean? It means folks that you're being lied to on a scale you never even imagined possible. That is the biggest scam and biggest secret of today - That there could be such an all encompassing hoax, pulled off right before our eyes - is real. But it is.

The American media is so fraudulent - the communist Chinese or Soviets never dreamed of forcing such preposterous lies down the throats of their people. No Soviet ministry of propaganda ever had the vast resources that the new lie masters have. The Red Chinese never had the prowess to so completely obliterate the truth in real time and retransmit it as utter lies to such a well conditioned and eagerly awaiting obedient sheep-like television viewing audience.

Each reporter knows full well the extent of truth that CNN senior editors will accept (very little) and so they don't even cross that line into the realm of truth in the first place. They wouldn't risk submiting a balanced and objective news story because by doing so their career would be finished. Each reporter knows full well, the tight, rigid parameters with which he is permitted to report the, "objective truth." Each reporter knows that TV news is a game of lies - pure lies.

And the lies work! You really can control the vast majority of American "opinion" with massive transmission towers and cable systems transmitting 24 hour a day lies. That's how it's done. If the lie is transmitted over and over and over again, and if the application of fear is constant and conducted with the utmost of scientific precision - people can be transformed into sheep and herded into a corral of fear where they become well behaved, obedient sheep.

So turn off your TV news and forget about the major polls.

Get out in the streets and take them back. Confront these reptiles and sheep among us who are ruining this planet. And attack them.

It's time to hit the streets and create some ruckus.

There needs to be a massive convergence of protesters at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. CNN will of course barely mention the protest, but their ambitious fellow liars in the other lie machines across the news industry would race to cover such a protest. Even though these other lie machines themselves are CIA controlled just like CNN they will still air the protest - demonstrating that in fact these LieNews organizations are equal parts CIA control, government propaganda, and ratings hungry back stabbing reptiles seething to make a profit for themselves, eager to stab their own kind in the back as long as they could gain one more square inch for their little corner of the big lie.

It is the responsibility of every young person and every seeker of truth and freedom and everyone who wishes for a better world for themselves and families to rise up and fight this REAL ENEMY WITHIN. The lie transmitters must be jammed and there are ways to do this. Jam CNN everywhere and anywhere with every method possible. Confront and disrupt anyway possible all CNN reporters, news trucks, satellite dishes or office buildings.

Steer the discourse towards topics never before even heard of.. New memes need to start surfacing in the worlds press and in the state houses of the worlds governments.
Shift the paradigm of rhetoric. Try a few of these memes on for size. A few headlines we need to start seeing:
"Foreign government seizes the assets of CNN and expels it's journalists"
"Citizens urge their government to ban all CNN operations within their borders."

Cut them off at the neck. Here's a good rhetorical question to plant in foreign forums throughout the world:

"Since CNN is a CIA "front company" shouldn't we urge our leaders to include a manditory warning label on all CNN/CIA newscasts warning us that CNN is a US government propaganda channel?"
What happened to our truth in advertizing laws?
"Europe jams all US government propaganda channels."
"Boycotts organized against all advertisers on CNN."
"Protesters disrupt, for the 20th day in a row, all activities of CNN and it's advertisers."
You get the idea.
All free nations or defenders of liberty must make efforts to knock out the capabilities which allow CNN and others like it to propagate the US government lies. Governments need to immediately mount massive public awareness programs warning their people that what they are really up against is nothing more than a massive lie machine and that if the world simply unites against it, and exposes it for what it is, they can knock out these machines of fraud and death quickly. The world must unite to cut them off where they breath. Boycott all advertisers on CNN. Protest and interfere with all activities of CNN and it's advertisers. Deface their advertisements. And spit on every element of that machine of lies and death. Before they kill you all.

Since news is vital to our mechanisms of consent we need to draft laws assuring that our news companies have not been infiltrated or operated by the CIA. Laws must be enforced requiring an open and auditable mechanism of oversight for all major public opinion machines. (Gallop organization, Neilson ratings group, CNN, Fox and the other machines of lies.) The American attitude and psyche needs legal enforcement of the laws already in place to protect citizens from manipulation by the scientists of deception, whether from intelligence agencies who master such psychological operations or political parties who have adopted the techniques gained from these shadowy agencies to influence or steal elections.

The lie is the enemy.

And no news organization anywhere on earth represents this lie more fully and completely than CNN.
It is the responsibility of individuals to learn the nature of this struggle and organize to stop these fraudulent groups from spreading their terror to the peaceful nations of the earth.

And so it has come down to this: Americans are tricked, by the news media's lies and fear, into doing the dirty work of oppressing the rest of the world using American bullets and bombs.

But soon after the ruling elite has finished using these deceived American worker ants and foot soldiers for their crusade of plunder they will turn the guns on these same worker ants and foot soldiers because there will come a day when the scientific application of lies and fear will no longer be sufficient to quell the unrest of these sheep and ants. The lie alone will no longer serve it's function of suppression and will have to be supplemented with the next level, bullets.

When these New World Order murderers have exhausted the usefulness of the American sheep, American worker ants and American soldiers and there's no more treasure to steal from abroad, when such a time arises that the sheep have nothing left to steal from others and nothing left themselves that is worthy of stealing, then and only then will these ignorant sheep, who supposedly support this crusade, see the fate that awaits them. Then and only then will the sheep see what these New World Order criminals have in store for them. Only then will they see the danger. Only then will the sheep decide that maybe it's a good time to get off their knees. But by then it will be too late to rise up. For by then the sheep will fully fit within the vastly expanded definition of what a terrorist is. The definition of the word, terrorist by then will include any sheep who decides he wants a better life. It will be the twilight of the sheep - for the elites will find the few remaining thugs, reptiles, and pigs among us who are still ready, willing, eager and able, and pay them to turn the guns on the sheep, and slaughter the lot of them..

I never did like human sheep - so good riddance to them.



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30 Nov 2008 @ 03:53 by frank4zen : CNN
I just now started noticing CNN was very much like Fox news which isn't really news at all but a talk show for the Republican Party today as I was watching CNN I noticed the commentaries after each news story was totally negative against our new elected president.  

30 Nov 2008 @ 04:17 by a-d : It's been Long Time Coming!
I was sure in Oct 1987, after the Wall Street collapse and assassination /"Suicide" of Maxwell, that the Civil Uprising/Revolution would happen. But maybe it is coming now!....

No mincing of words here. "The economic collapse of the United States has been accelerated to an unprecedented level. This collapse is being done deliberately to achieve the goals of the "new world order" crowd. At the rate they are proceeding, the survival of the United States of America as a nation is now a real question.

When the US suffers its final, massive economic collapse, probably by the end of February, 2009, the New World Order types think they'll have a free hand at putting things back together the way they want. They're sadly mistaken.
I begin with a report from Bloomberg Business News telling us that in the past three months, September, October and November, the US government and federal reserve have spent 3.18 TRILLION of our tax money bailing out Banks, Stock brokerages, Hedge Funds, Insurance companies and a host of other "brilliant money people" -- all of whom proved to be so incredibly stupid, they went broke.

In addition to the 3.18 TRILLION the feds have already forked over, they are now saying the total they plan to spend on this "financial crisis" will be around seven point seven TRILLION tax dollars. In numerals, that's 7,700,000,000,000.

Put another way, they are pledging an amount of money equal to the value of half the entire domestic product of our country last year!

This begs the question: Where did all that money go? It HAD to go somewhere, right? Where?

To help you understand where it went, I must resort to the words of (HBO) TV Mob Boss, Tony Soprano: the country is being "busted out."

"Busted Out" is a deliberate Bankruptcy through intentional criminal fraud - so that a small group of hoodlums (masquerading as honest people) can get filthy rich.

Well, I've got news for the hoodlums. The jig is up. Revenge for what you have done is our just due and we are going to take it; against them. Mercilessly.

I am pleased to announce that from this day forward, I am researching every aspect of the pubic and private lives of every major player in the financial meltdown that has taken place. No matter who they are, no matter what role they played, I'm going after ALL OF THEM.

I am going to pry into their lives with a vengeance. I don't care if I violate their privacy. I don't care if I violate their civil rights. I sure as shit don't care if I violate the law.

They put our money to sleep and I'm looking to put them to sleep. But I think they should suffer first.

Let me be even more blunt. First, I intend to ruin the people who did this. I intend to systematically and deliberately destroy their reputations and wreck their personal finances.

Then, after I've heaped enough public scorn upon them to achieve my results, let me borrow another phrase from HBO's Tony Soprano; "they need to get whacked."

Yea, You read that right. they need to get whacked.

If it was legal for me to say another phrase, this one from Robert DiNiro as he portrayed Al Capone in the movie "The Untouchables:" I would. Capone said "I want them dead. I want their family dead. I want their house burnt to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes." My sentiments exactly.

Back to the "new world order" types. . . . .

You new world order folks who have benefited from all this money - from this "bust out" of our country - better start asking yourselves what good all your money will be if you're not around to spend it. Because by the time I'm done, you might wish you had died.

You see, I reach a lot of people. hard-working, honest, decent people. People who have worked all their lives in menial jobs to make a better life for themselves and their children.

You new world order guys have destroyed all that. You have wrecked the lives of millions of people. You have destroyed the nest eggs they created for their children.

I intend to incite revenge. Vicious, brutal, savage, revenge with malice aforethought.

You can't stop it. Your lawyers can't stop it. Corporate Security can't stop it. The police can't stop it. The courts can't stop it.

You new world order types are killing our country. In my opinion, it is right and proper for us to return the favor upon you. Call it "self-defense."

You new world order types needed to wreck everything to get your new world order. You may yet get to see it; but if I have my wish, you'll die in sight of it.

While I can't legally undertake killing, I may -- just MAY - be able to say enough of the right things, to enough of the right people, to make it happen: People who have lost everything on account of you. People whose children have lost everything on account of you. People with nothing to lose by hunting you down and murdering you. I am going to be pounding them with information about you day and night. On and on, week after week after week. Sooner or later, some of them are gonna snap and you will get dead.

While I certainly would never use this blog for such an endeavor, my eight years on the radio and on the internet has gotten me in touch with enough of the right people to get it done. I know how to get it done. Federal District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow in Chicago is proof.

Judge Lefkow made a ruling in court that I opined made her "worthy of death." After I said that, someone went out and murdered her husband and mother inside the Judges Chicago house.

You new world order types . . . . . . I'll be talking about YOU next.
Think this is terrorism? You ain't seen terrorism yet. But I think it's coming.
( ...and so do I.... You can't abuse people forever, without SOMETHING of your own Medicine coming back at you! Give all the Crooks their OWN Medicine; the one they gave to those who they deemed "needy" of it!... After all, Only Fair is fair, eh?... well... this Karma process will go on in full accordance to its Cosmic Laws and in full swing, regardless of me or what I say. And of course; I will only say: May Divine Justice Rule the Day/s ahead!... and just send ALL involved as much Love & Light as possible... That'll do!... : )  

30 Nov 2008 @ 17:20 by vaxen : That's the plan...
and Jack London outlined it in "The Iron Heel." Get the already oppressed to revolt then you can legally murder them. Cool, hunh? Thanks A-d...

frank4zen Obama wasn't elected. A fraudulent voting system doesn't 'elect' anyone. Big fraudulent "MONEY" does. Now take a real good look at the Obamassiah's advisors! He is just one more New World Order pawn! He is certainly no 'pre-sident' of mine, nor 'Commander in Chief!'

We will ride this one out, too, and then the end will come. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Give a dog (A mutt) enough rope and it will hang itself! Financial crisis? Ha! For who?  

1 Dec 2008 @ 08:09 by maxtobin : Oh dear
Hang in folks; to shift the paradigm requires just that. Yes IN DEED send love and light and well intentioned support for all our brothers and sisters to awaken to the truth of the divine reality and the plan. For as Vaxen clearly intuits (or does he know?) the current game (of the illumined ones) requires an excuse for civil war/total shut down of the common unity, So be care full with the responses folk and seek to align within a 'heart wise' space before calling self to action. The financial crisis is totally manipulated and very predictable if you can see behind the scenes. And even the Bankster's are fighting amongst themselves. This ritual sacrifice of the energy of the future generations (and consequent redistribution of current asset ownership) and their birth into a state of servitude is the game plan at present. Don't panic BUT do prepare, it is going to get worse before it gets better, as those who are seeking to lock down the future may not let you out of their little silken trap easily. It may already be too late.

For what it is worth we have many nationalities here in NZ and I have meet Russians with knowledge of the 'psychic army', they say the 44th is the last President (they were not clear if he got elected and then inaugurated as well. No I did not ask that question but it was part of a very interesting conversation).

Its bigger than any of the bankster's but they do still delude them selves that they are in control.  

1 Dec 2008 @ 08:32 by vaxen : Max!
Thankyou for the information, Max. "...Russians with knowledge of the 'psychic army." Could you elaborate on that a bit? I know about 'the psychic army' only all too well and would love to meet a few others who do as well. I also have friends in Russia who are 'in the know.' Thanks for this comment Max. Thanks a bunch! :)

"The American attitude and psyche needs legal enforcement of the laws already in place to protect citizens from manipulation by the scientists of deception, whether from intelligence agencies who master such psychological operations or political parties who have adopted the techniques gained from these shadowy agencies to influence or steal elections.

"The lie is the enemy.

"And no news organization anywhere on earth represents this lie more fully and completely than CNN.
It is the responsibility of individuals to learn the nature of this struggle and organize to stop these fraudulent groups from spreading their terror to the peaceful nations of the earth.

"And so it has come down to this: Americans are tricked, by the news media's lies and fear, into doing the dirty work of oppressing the rest of the world using American bullets and bombs." - The Above

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi  

1 Dec 2008 @ 08:39 by vaxen : I...
have this little dog who is sleeping behind me as I write this. So content and at peace. I love him very much. This is a new experience for me as I've never really 'loved' anything or anyone in this life before. All I want to do is go to bed with him laying in my crooked arm and fall to sleep with my sbagen playing Alpha, Theta, Delta sounds in the background then wake up to his little licks and bright eyed smile coaxing me to hit the deck with him by my side running into a new day, or night. But you know ... the ones mentioned in the above article would rip him apart without blinking an eye. The Iron Heel.  

1 Dec 2008 @ 19:58 by ashanti : Puppy Love
...has more power than you would believe, Vax. Yes, they would. Rip him apart. Many of them start their training by being made to harm and be cruel to small, loving animals - interesting they start with that, because animals are the ones who show us true, unconditional love, the purest and most powerful form. That is why they destroy that first, as animals are a primary portal to Source.

It is hard, but we must stay focused in that Love. Otherwise, we are simply feeding them the etheric energy they crave from us - fear, despair, anger, hatred. I know it is hard. But it is now essential for survival in the long term. It doesn't matter what happens to the outer forms, and the material world/matrix/programme. All that matters is what happens in our "souls" (for want of a better word), and to keep them in Love, no matter what. Only then, can they not touch us.

So you and your puppy/little one are doing the best thing possible at this time. If you look at it from the other layers/levels/dimensions, that is.


Love, Ashanti.  

2 Dec 2008 @ 08:53 by vaxen : For sure...
Ashanti! Thanks for the guidance. Very well received. In fact I was just reading an article the other day concerning how love for an animal is the highest form of love. And these doggies we have are certainly unconditional in their love and have taught me so much. A GE bond, for sure, but transcending that a direct window to source, as you say. Nice comment, ashanti, and so good to hear from you.

I do so hope that all is going well for you there. I know the illusion of it all and am fortunately able to source this avatar. After all is said and done we constructed this planet from MEST, and Mental MEST, for a variety of reasons and it is a great simm within which to work out our 'agreements/contracts.' A billion years goes by like a firefly in the night, eh? ;) Luv ya...

CIA works to break info-sharing barriers

CHICAGO -- The CIA is slowly breaking down barriers to sharing information within the agency and among the intelligence community.

The agency ran a test with about 300 employees who used software to track the information in their e-mail messages and helped identify experts in specific areas, said Mike Wertheimer, assistant deputy director of national intelligence for analytic transformation and technology in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

"They have to figure out what is intelligence information and what is administrative information still, but the test showed this concept works," he said at the Analytic Transformation conference, sponsored by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.


Director Hayden stated we must be enablers of support functions and that intelligence still plays a vital role yet now in an operational capacity. "We must use military operations to excite the enemy – in enemy response – we learn a lot!" With every military action we learn a lot more concerning intelligence. We need this kinetic activity to put the enemy in motion, then intelligence will follow, since operations creates opportunities to learn more of our enemies stated Director Hayden.

Regarding positioning the {link:|CIA} to respond with high integrity and foreign capabilities, he has launched an aggressive campaign to lead with the most weight on the forward foot, meaning that he has taken the lion-share of his younger officers and strategically planted them in forward operations where there is often times no military nor diplomatic support. We would all be amazed at how many intelligence officers are already on the ground around the world, he said.  

2 Dec 2008 @ 19:49 by ashanti : You are most welcome, Vax
And thank you for continuing to speak your Truth. Yeah, things are no picnic over here, but nor are they anywhere on the planet right now. I am always amazed that people do not realise how much of the world is shaped by intel-ops. Billions of dollars/euros/sheckels budget go to these agencies, what do people think they do with all that money - hold office parties? Ah well, I guess the blue pill is much more comfortable.....anyhow. I like being awake, life is so much richer and fuller, and even though it is horrifying, it is better to be alive, than among the living dead. Life is beautiful.

Love to you, Vax.  

2 Dec 2008 @ 22:36 by vaxen : Thanks...
Ashanti San. Things always get darkest before the dawn, eh? Glad to hear that you are holding your universe together. Really, there is little they can do to us. So I guess that means we are responsible for letting the people know their rights and that they do have rights! Thus teaching people to think 'independently' becomes a real moral task. ;) Blue pill, Red pill, no pill. I like being awake, too, and am so glad you are. Lots of love your way from those of us who do remain awake at Arctic Circle. GO is a fascinating game. ;)

The site at the end of the following quote may be of some interest to you.

"The constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered, as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any government is independent, is absolute also; in theory only, at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice, as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law."
~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge Spencer Roane, September 6, 1819. "The Writings of Thomas Jefferson," edited by Andrew A. Lipscomb, vol. 15, p. 213 (1904).  

2 Dec 2008 @ 22:42 by b : yeah,
It is a coup all right. I wonder who the agent is that can issue stock by the government in their newly owned corporations. I guess they own the casinos too though some of them are soverign native American owned.  

3 Dec 2008 @ 19:47 by vaxen : Sovereigns...
on a via called 'Treaty.' Who is the 'main holder?' ;) Heh, heh... b, san, we are! I think we are more 'native state' than the 'native Americans!' Aha! Good to see you running hedges and drinking white Russians in the early hours of the new dawn. Into Forex? Exotic currencies per chance? ;)  

5 Dec 2008 @ 20:01 by ashanti : Well, some people in India are awake...
Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD : Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists...


6 Dec 2008 @ 11:49 by maxtobin : Much Happening here it seems
Felt called here again. A nice space to call it for what it is from within a space of grace. Go Vaxen (I hold a vision of your melting, and growing therefore, into a space of unimagined grace through this new relationship), we have a cat which claimed us and 'jumped the fence' to be with us, she has a sacred contract to hold us within our commitment to unconditional love. She sits beside my head in the mornings and just purrs till I awaken, if I am sluggish she will try to climb the curtain and that gets one of us up and awake. It is impossible to be annoyed at all when she just sits and purrs at us.

The "army" as it was referred to is as I understand it a very real aspect of the USSR (that was) in terms of a scientific approach to the use of psychic ability and development of same within a military (control and dominate) focus.
I intuit that it was something that was not as distorted (through disinformation) there as similar activities in your part of the world have been.

We have just had a little wake up call as we have been shown how elegantly the impulse to good can be hijacked, converted and perverted and that damage can be done by one without any conscious intention. All times call for great diligence and discernment, BUT these are rare talents I find within the species at this stage of the game. So given the time table for the grand return there will be a lot of movement in the next couple of years.

My sense is that we are globally in for an entertaining and potentially dangerous transition, but it will be focused through the events now unfolding in your part of the planet. Global control is the game yet freedom and integrity and conscious alignment with/in the sacred heart are the keys to the future of the species.

As Deborah Harry (Blondie) advises; fade away and radiate.

So we hereby decree that all be free to remember the human one heart destiny. One who lives with a one hearted consciousness is considered as naive currently by the vast majority suffering, as we are collectively, from the American Dream (He who dies with the most toys wins!!)

I thought I was awake but feel that the wake up process is really just beginning.

Many Blessings, you are providing a much needed wake up service; thank you.  

6 Dec 2008 @ 16:14 by a-d : Dear Max,
just read your comment here. Made me think of --especially two-- Reports, sort of , on "how the World is turning (and cherning) these days.... with ever faster and ever more unfair spin -as it were. Two more different situations you cannot find!

WHAT, do you, Max, think is the bottom line to ALL human trouble/suffering; caused by us on our Brother? Strip ALL the stupid "Fig Leaves": Country /Nation/ Flags, the this Org/that Org, Religionisms, etcetc, you get the drift,eh?..and what do you have left? an idiot/ic selfish prick --or an intelligent /GENT(I)LE, amiable -naive- individual, who has no difficulties in co-operation and sharing! TIME to DROP ALL the LABELS and The One WEAPON that ALL these Selfish Pricks have always used against the rest of Humanity (The "Funny") money!

Very soon even the ones who are lured to make up the Support group for the Pricks (the guys in the first link) will realize how stupid this game is --and unfair... and then!.... that will be it!...when this Closest Supporting group all of a sudden finds itself being screwed... by whom????.... tchahhh...pretty much just ONE family!... the rest of the "Insider Families" are really "just" sort of, "Extended Family"... to the very core of the Circle.
People have always been nice to the crooks, but are now fed up with the shit and ready to let it go back where it came from in the first place!
Many different means will be used by Humanity in this EQUALIZING PROCESS  

8 Dec 2008 @ 07:28 by maxtobin : I dont know BUT
WHAT, do you, Max, think is the bottom line to ALL human trouble/suffering;

Astrid; The dis-ease of separation, one from the other within community (domination dream says I got to take it before anyone else gets it) and more importantly the head from the heart. So a lack of integrity (Integration of the being?) IMHO is the root of all suffering. Integrate the head with the heart and you will know the part for self to play, it is (again IMHO) a path of peace, harmony and forgiveness. Forgive the self for holding such ignorance of the truth (we are of the one life energy; divine I AM expressing through the one and the many), and forgive others who through fear or ignorance would maintain and impact that state of separation.

In other words embrace the paradox and know the future will be filed with calamity until we open to the new way of being CO_CREATORS within a divine play.
So work together for the common good and realise that those who will survive best in these times are those who humbly till the soil and produce healthy organic food and can share their table and see bounty in a single grain.

I am reminded of the famous words attributed to our spiritual brother Chief Seattle when he gave warning so many years ago; his words are power filled and true. We are working together on an interesting project which is an inter dimensional dialogue facilitated by my beloved mate, we have presently shelved it for the moment while we find our piece of bush to 'hide out' until the madness of humanity heals itself.

I am also very aware that the way ahead is not the way we have ever moved before, there is a great letting go happening and best to open to the flow and stay centred in the heart. There will be surprises both pleasurable and otherwise before this 'new' way of being whole (integrated) beings is anchored in the collective. On the one side are bullies and the other are sheep, some where in the middle is where I seek to be; at peace with myself, my wife and then my community.

Forgive them (those ones who know no better)for 'they' know not what they do; for surely if 'they' did 'they' would not do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed we be when we embrace our collective hu- manity.

So mostly I do and share very little, I prefer to watch and wait until spirit inspires me. Breath with awareness of the Hunab Ku pulsing through all that is.

In' Lakesh  

9 Dec 2008 @ 22:22 by b : Yeah Vax
Roex and then some, even had my own applet And I did beat the gold line here at newciv. Being president of US is not a voyage of discovery. Static is senior to civilian.  

13 Dec 2008 @ 08:22 by vaxen : And...
• “Create a transparent and connected democracy”
• “We will put government data online in universally accessible formats”
• “To seize this moment, we have to connect all of America to 21st century infrastructure”
• “If we make technological literacy a fundamental part of education, then we can … ensure the next generation of scientists and engineers is being educated right here in America”
• “Together, we harness technology to confront the biggest challenges that America faces, just imagine what we could do!”

Guess who?  

27 Dec 2008 @ 05:35 by vaxen : Hiya Dan1...
Thanks for the thoughts. Thought you might like this:

The Fall Of Babylon
By Benjamin Fulford

What we are witnessing is the fall of the 6,000-year old system of Babylonian debt slavery. The human ants are running around in increasing panic because they sense something big has happened. Most are blind so they cannot see that the eye at the top of the human ant-hill, or pyramid, has been overthrown. There is chaos because the people at the top cannot agree on what to do next.

Here is a humble suggestion on how the end the chaos and start an unprecedented era of prosperity. First of all, we need to replace the God we call money with a symbol of the world. A new currency would be issued, call it say a Mundo or ??and, for a limited period of time, it could be exchanged on a one for one basis with dollars or euros. The U.S. and the EU could then replace their currencies with something new, perhaps something like the greenback. The old dollar and euro would become something to be found in curiosity and antique shops. Other national or regional currencies could remain as they are.

Done any research on 'The Flandrian Transgression?'
Happy New Year, Dan...

27 Dec 2008 @ 22:21 by dan1 : HiYa Vaxen
I hope you are right about "Babylonian Debt Slavery". I just hope We The People would be ready to replace it with something better. A lot of ideas are circulating. One is the breaking down of large nations into small ones. Which would provide more choices in Life to the unique Individuals of Humanity. I think the idea is that a war between two states or nations couldn't involve the whole world as easily. I'll see if I can find that article or site and bring it here. A small nation world would tend to preserve the many beautiful cultures that We have developed and thta still exists.

I like the new money idea. Certain American Patriots push to end "fiat" money and return to a gold or silver standard makes me a little nervous though. Gold and silver are finite and relatively rare and therefore not enough to be the medium of exchange for all Humanity in its teeming billions. I suggested a new standard for value in my blog area. You might get quite a cackle out of it.

The last research I did about the "Flandrian Transgression" was when I asked you here somewhere what it was. Haven't made any progress beyond that. So many paths to travel. But, now that you have me in a headlock about it, I will go google it and learn.

Thanks for the book suggestion. I will see if I can obtain a copy and read it. I wouldn't want to waste well intended advice. Right now, I am reading a small work about Eugene Debs.

Happy New Year to You too, Warrior. Its going to be a very interesting one I am sure.

In Friendship, DAN 1  

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