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12 Mar 2005 @ 18:01, by god

Children are the future!

i have come to believe that one of the most effective ways to assist the evolution of mankind is to promote the practice of meditation for children on a grade one level. in the past 20 years there have been many studies done on the effects of meditation on human health and well-being. meditation does not have to be religious or even spiritual to be effective in regards to health and well-being. most recent studies show that regular meditation increases one's happiness. the ability to concentrate is improved along with immune function and creativity. a five minute session in the morning would give students a calm and refreshing beginning to their day and before long we would see a change in society that would be a peaceful and welcome variation of what has been. children are so open to the new. i have found that teaching children meditation is a rewarding and very useful endeavor and would like to suggest to all parents and educators; please consider giving it a try!

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13 Mar 2005 @ 09:10 by jazzolog : Problem
What would happen, in the States anyway, is fundamentalists would swoop in complaining about Hindu practices in the schools. They'd demand prayer instead. As it is, evangelicals are running a bible study extracurricular activity at the school where I work. I'm waiting for pagans to catch wind of this and set up a few rituals. Perhaps meditation could be presented in health classes connected with physical exercise.  

13 Mar 2005 @ 23:44 by jerryvest : Breathing & Movement
I think that mediation is great for all ages, but Richard is probably right about the fundamentalist reaction. I introduce breathing, drumming and movement exercises to my kids and grandkids and they love it. Also, I realize that touch or physical interaction is a forbidden subject in most classes, but when children learn to self administer some touch activity it helps them become calm and relieve anger and tension.

The parents and teachers should learn to give each other a massage while being aware of their breathing so that they are less reactive with their kids and can learn to understand and appreciate their exhuberance as well.  

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