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9 Jun 2006 @ 00:11, by Nigel Best

it is true that there are millions of problems - is it enough to pick one we like and contribute an effort? - is it possible that problems are very difficult to effectively deal with one by one, and relatively easy and solvable if we go to the root of the millions of problems? - if we wish to maximise happiness in this world, must we be sure that we cant do a more effective job by going to the root - a vine can cover a tree and be impossible to eradicate by getting ladders and risking life and limb going out the branches to every leaf and cutting leaves one by one - and be easy to eradicate by cutting the trunk of the vine - the solution presents itself easily in the case of the treevine, because the trunk of the vine is close to us, but problems in the world are close to our eye - we are like birds living in the tree and seeing the leaves of the malicious vine - if we just jump in and try to peck leaves off we will fail, the vine will win - if we rethink and do something unbirdlike and go down to the root, and peck there, we can do so much more and have so much more success

what is the root of the millions of problems? what is the most efficient place to put our energies? why do we allow wealthpower giants? money is power - letting anyone have unlimited fortunes is like allowing anyone to be a giant - in relation to people as if people were ants - it is like everyone goes around in a tank, but allowing people to have fortunes a million times the average means their tanks [their power] is a million times as big - they are going to cause a lot of damage, and they are going to be unstoppable, uncontrollable - they are going to be loose cannon in society - and they are

the average person works 50 hours a week or more [american housewives work over 90 hours a week, i read] and no one can work more than 100 hours a week, so no one works more than double the average - and yet we have pay per hour up to a million times the average - the 1% of people who are paid more than the average pay [which is US$15 an hour if we pay all housewives and tertiary students as well - 2006AD, it doubles every 12 years or so] get over 90% of world income - 90% of people are on less than a 10th of the average pay - less than US$1.50 an hour - the 90% are on between a 10th and a 1000th [thousandth] of the average - 90% are in deep slavery - what is the benefit of having 1% get over 90% of world wealth? - of 0.1% getting over 80% of world wealth?

what is wrong with limiting fortunes to the maximum a person can contribute to social wealth? - which cannot be more than double the average? cannot be more than about US$3 million att eh end of a lifetimes working? allowing unlimited fortunes is really letting the cat out of the bag! - allowing over 90% of the earnings of 99% of people be sucked up into superwealth and superpower - and still sucking US$200 billion a year out of the third world! -

a simple law, moving overfortunes on decease to the most enslaved, disempowered, robbed and angry, counterbalancing the ceaseless automatic legal shift of wealth from poor to rich which has gone on unbalanced for 1000s of years, causing endless conflict and suffering and waste and destruction and misery and pain - endless and *everincreasing* conflict and suffering and pain - growing war from sticks and stones to ICBMs, from village squabbles to world war -

time to look at the big picture - where all these problems are coming from - the globe built on injustice cannot stand - we have super hyper extreme injustice - we cannot stand - we are racing to extinction - we already have the bombs powerful enough to end the world, to put the world in permanent global snowstorm, a triple iceage

everyone gains from justice - justice is essential to happiness - we have super hyper injustice, so we can be SUPER HYPER HAPPIER - for 1000s of years philosophers, observers of humanity have noticed we have great difficulty in seeing the big picture - the big picture is the root - attack there and you have effective successful activism -
how many will be against a law limiting fortunes to say $20 million? - which is 6 times the maximum a person can create wealth by their lifetimes work - ie, 6 times what a person puts in to the social pool of wealth by their work - the less superoverpay there is the less super underpay there is - the more jsutice there is, the more peace there is

imagine your anger to be on 100th of your present income - multiply by 5 billion - that is the anger, the violence, the war and crime in the world that will disappear with justice

there is super-plenty for all - enough income to pay every family working average hard US$75,000 a year - it is time to wake up, see the root cause of all the human problems, start to be kind to yourselves and commit some justice - is it more important for someone to get out of the social pool of wealth a million times what they put in, than for everyone to have peace by justice, by fairsharing?

we can have all the features of capitalism, except unlimited fortunes - unlimited fortunes is unlimited freedom to extract wealth from the world's humans, unlimited freedom to enslave humanity, to put humanity into super hyper unnecessary suffering - when we could all work average hard and have US$75,000 a year per family! -

the american dream was based on limited fortunes - it was obvious to the founding fathers as it is obvious to us that tyranny requires unlimited fortunes, concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, ie super injustice - so the founding fathers tried to limit fortunes - and failed - we must succeed or go down in a heap of smoking ruins

see the big picture, teach the big picture - if everyone who hears of this passes it on to just two people close to them, every adult in the world will hear of this in just 32 times the time it takes to pass it on to two people - and word of mouth is nonviolent, nonconfrontational, non dangerous - and when a great majority see the simple sense of it, there is a general will and therefore an easy way to the necessary goal

we have pay from $1 to $1 billion for a fortnight's work! - and violence to match - how can any solution to any problem work as long as that big picture situation continues, as long as a few have most of the power, as long as a few are allowed to charge around freely in tanks of power up to a million times the size of the average person's? [and a billion times the size of the most underpaid robbed enslaved person?]

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