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10 Jul 2002 @ 18:00, by Flemming Funch

I'm just reading in a new member site about Sociocracy. It is quite similar to what my vision would be of how groups of people ought to organize and make decisions. The main 4 principles are:

  • Governance by Consent
  • Circle Organization
  • Double Linking
  • Elections by Consent

    The "Governance by Consent" thing is almost the same as what I'm used to calling "Consensus". But in the text it is contrasted with Consensus. Which I can understand, because for many people "Consensus" means that everybody agrees. Whereas the Consent principle is more that everybody can live with it and don't have any specific and substantial objection.

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    18 Jul 2002 @ 11:00 by ted : soci. elections are unique and interesti
    Sociocratic elections are like nothing I've ever experienced before. Ted here. It's my website sited above. During my first workshop weekend we did an election. It had to be something real so we chose some to give a review in the evening. Everyone votes on paper first putting their own name on it as well. The facilitator says, "Ted, you voted for Mabel. Why?" A reason is always given. "Because she already seems to understand this stuff and I think she'd present the material clearly." You end up saying nice stuff about each other! People feel good and get positive feedback. The facilitator puts the votes in piles for each person and asks if anyone wants to change their vote. Usually people do. If there's not a clear majority for someone, the facilitator can choose any of the ones most voted for (or even not if they think they can get a 'no objection') and go for a 'no objection' round. The candidate asked about is asked last. Elections are interesting and fun, but most importantly nobody feels like they lost!  

    21 Jul 2002 @ 07:55 by ming : sociocratic elections
    That's interesting. I'd like to try that sometime. I wonder how well it might work online, or whether it depends on in-person facilitation.  

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