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2 Oct 2005 @ 19:08, by Flemming Funch

I'm tired of writing postings about how difficult it is to blog when I haven't done it a while, so I'll try to refrain from that.

In the meantime, my blog is still the command center for a bunch of Philippine treasure hunters, it seems. More than 30 comments a day on that one post. They seem to be busy. If they'd just give me a percentage of all the gold they seem to be close to digging up, I'd be fine.

Anyway, I've just been busy. And a bit more introverted, I suppose.

One thing that has happened since last post is that Google seems to want to give me a job. Which is sort of unexpected, and a bit ironic, after I had a bit of problem with one of my sites disappearing from Google recently. So, getting a job in the Google engineering department that handles that kind of thing would be intriguing. I don't know. A Google headhunter guy contacted me out of the blue, and they seemed to like my broad background. I'm going through their series of interviews and tests, etc, and we'll see what happens. I didn't really have in mind having a job job, but if it should be, then Google certainly wouldn't be the worst place to work. Except for that they don't exactly have an office in Toulouse. Dublin or Zürich are their EU locations. None of which are places I particularly was attracted to.

Otherwise life is pretty normal. My daughter Nadia started in first grade. CP, Cours Préparatoire, it is called here. She already knew most of the kids and speaks fluent French, so no problem there. My son Zachery has started in a new high school, geared towards civil engineering, which is 100km from here, so he stays there during the week, and comes back in the weekend. Which was a bit traumatic for him at first, but it seems it will work out well for him. My daughter Marie-Therese starts on the second year of her cooking school education this week.

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2 Oct 2005 @ 21:06 by Ge Zi @ : ears ringing
Hi Flemming,

good to hear from you again. True these treasure hunters are really annoying - I subsribe to your comment feed and the mailbox is full of these guys and I started to get worried about you as there were NO posts and comments with/from you.

But I guess the other days you ears must have been ringing like hell - I talked to max and we bitched about you - so you thought you better give a life sign otherwise you might suffer permanent hearing loss, right?

Hey, it's really nice in Zürich, and from what I heard, Dublin has real good pubs ;-)


PS: what did you say??? - introverted???  

2 Oct 2005 @ 21:48 by jstarrs : Hey...
..great news, Flemming - things are in the air.
I'm working with Mary Rix-Miller now, in Toulouse.
Keep me posted for the Google thing, ok?
Love to the family, also...  

2 Oct 2005 @ 22:30 by stephka : the saying
"if you have nothing to say, say nothing" works for me. A simple hi suffices. Nice to hear what you and your family are doing, anyway. If you decide to work for Google, wouldn't you be able to do it from home?  

2 Oct 2005 @ 22:36 by ming : hi
Well, one would think so, but that doesn't seem to be how they do things.

Anyway, thanks for the greetings everybody.

Yeah, I'm just a shy, introverted weirdo, who can't understand why a thousand people are coming by his weblog every day, even though he isn't there for a month.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 00:57 by swanny : Hi
hi again

carry on


3 Oct 2005 @ 10:07 by jstarrs : By the way, Flemming...
...I hope you're ready for a 'Fantastic Voyage' because, "You can't know what we are really up to until you are in the bowels of the company," Schmidt said during a recent interview with The Associated Press.


3 Oct 2005 @ 12:25 by ming : Google
Ha, yeah, I wouldn't mind finding out what Google really is doing. Like, I still can't explain how they actually manage to index all the web and all my mail, so I can search on anything in it and get the answer instantly. From all I know about search algorithms, that should be pretty much impossible. But it isn't.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 16:48 by Hanae @ : Toward a broader NCN?

Well, as someone known to me has been fond of saying: "Don't underestimate the value of being well connected." Some major movements towards a better world are very likely to be led by somebody who's a member of Google, or some of their close associates or friends, yes?

"Over the years, many of Google's biggest products have bubbled up from the personal pet projects of its engineers."
---{link:|The Mind of Google's Resident Muse}!

This is one of the places in the world (accessible to you) where things are happening - FAST - very much in the here and now, and on the cutting edge, definitely a place for you, I think.

Anyway, I still believe you should move to Japan ;-)  

6 Oct 2005 @ 20:57 by jstarrs : You may like to check this out..
..if you're a conscientous contender for the job...

Oh, please don't move to Japan.  

6 Oct 2005 @ 23:26 by ming : Collective intelligence
Ha, that's a good one. I get many of that kind of weird search engine searches here too. So, it isn't entirely as smart as it seems. But Google could be fun. I don't think I'm moving to Japan, though.  

28 Apr 2016 @ 23:52 by Caroline @ : HFiUzUWyDmpzTT
I can't believe you're not playing with meh--tat was so helpful.  

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