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picture 11 Jul 2006 @ 23:50, by Flemming Funch

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your
words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for they will become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny."
I was just watching The Secret, a 1.5 hour film about .... well, it isn't that it is that secret, or is it? The Law of Attraction. A bunch of inspiring motivational speakers and authors tell you, very well, and very convincingly, about what might be the biggest secret you need to know in your life. It costs a couple of dollars to see it online, but if, like me, you're on a Mac Intel that their video system can't handle, you can look around and find it on YouTube or in Wikipedia.

Next to my bed is the book Ask and it is Given, which teaches exactly the same thing. And, well, there are lots and lots of books that do so. The Master Key System is a cheap e-book. There are lots, and there has been for a long time. In 1957, Earl Nightingale, the co-founder of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, and a famous motivational speaker and author made a record called "The Greatest Secret". Same secret.

And, yes, lots of folks would automatically be completely unwilling to accept such a far-out and naive new age idea. Doesn't matter. The proof is in the pudding. It is a concept that pretty much is self-proving. Except for the annoying aspect that if it doesn't work for you, it is for the same reason as why it works, and one is quite likely to reject it.

The simple point is that you get what you focus on in life. You get the types of experiences that you consistently think about, that you feel you're likely to get, that you expect and that you believe in. You attract to you that which you're emanating.

With what we've learned from quantum physics that doesn't have to be as outlandish an idea as you might think. Who is observing and how they're observing will influence what is observed. You can't say with certainty what is there without taking into consideration how it is observed and by who. Well, certainly at the quantum level, but, to the chagrin of some scientists, a lot of folks have found that to apply quite well to life in general. It is rather easy to understand, and in many ways easy to demonstrate. You go out into traffic and look for red cars, and you'll see a whole lot. Our senses are filters, as are our brains, so if you focus on a particular wavelength of stuff, it should be no great surprise that you'll get it. It should not be an extraordinary mental jump to the hypothesis that life works like that all the time. Whatever you focus on, you'll see more of it. Or more tangibly, you'll get more of it. Whatever you're thinking all the time, you'll be it. Whatever you're believing will tend to be validated. You think you have problems, and you're looking for problems - you'll have problems.

It can be put very simply by calling it "attraction". You attract that which, uhm, you're attracting. I.e that which you're broadcasting strongly that you want. If you tell everybody you know that you're looking to adopt a kitten, you'll attract a kitten in no time. No surprise. If you didn't tell anybody, it would be harder. But even if you told just yourself, and you thought a lot about getting a kitten, you'd probably succeed. You'd probably succeed a little faster if you put a picture of a cute kitten on your refrigerator, and you looked at that every day. That would make you think about it, feel positive about it, look forward to it, look for it, and be ready for it. And if any kitten should be available in your environment, you'd be quite likely to run into it.

The funny, or not so funny, thing is that it works just the same whether you think about the positive or negative version of it. I.e. whether you want it or "don't want it". It is a well-know fact for a hypnotist or an NLP practitioner that negatives don't matter at all in the mind. Whether you think "I don't want to burn myself" or you think "I want to burn myself", it has pretty much the same result. Both will be a message to yourself, to your nervous system, and to your general environment that you're looking to burn yourself. Psychology in general seems to be unfamiliar with that, as are usually public leaders. That's what gives rise to stupid campaigns like "Say NO to Drugs!". Or "Don't Smoke!", or "Don't have Sex!" or whatever it is. It is like when I tell you "Don't think about a pink elephant!". You can not even process what I'm saying without thinking about a pink elephant in some way. Whether there's a "no" or a "don't" in there or not, it is a suggestion to think about what I'm putting forward. And a hypnotist can tell you that it is probably more effective as a suggestion if it is camouflaged as a negative than if it is as a positive order. "You don't have to.. Get really relaxed!" works much better than "Get relaxed right now!"

So, same thing with your own thoughts and feelings. Whether you're getting worked up about wanting something or about wanting it to go away, if you spend a lot of energy on creating it in your thoughts and feelings, you're just the same attracting the actual experience to you.

That gives the rich-get-richer, poor-get-poorer effect. I.e. you automatically get more of what you already have. No sinister motives have to be assigned to anybody to explain that. If you make a lot of money, and you have proof of being good at it, and you spend a lot of thoughts on imagining how you'll do even better, and you look for it, and you expect it ... then you'll be very likely to succeed, and get more of it. If you spend your energy on lamenting what you don't have, and how hard and impossible it is, and you react negatively to the obstacles you find in your way, you're naturally attracting more of the same.

The hard part here is of course how to change one's direction, if one doesn't like it. Mainly because of that feedback loop. You see what you don't like, you get irritated about it, think about it, curse it, complain about it. It is hard to suddenly spend one's creative powers on something entirely different. It is so much easier when one already is going in that direction.

If one decides to give it a try, one might quite likely give up too easily. Lots of people believe in the power of positive thinking. So, maybe you'll start saying affirmations. You might tell yourself every morning that everything is perfect, and all that you need is coming to you. And, well, if you start believing it, and you act accordingly, you're probably good. That might do it. But if you don't really feel it, it doesn't matter what you say to yourself. The point is that you attract that which you believe, that which you sincerely feel, consistently. And if you start feeling something different, it might take weeks before you see any result of that. And in the meantime you might well have decided that it didn't work, and you go back to your old unsuccessful ways of trying to change your world. In order to change and to change your circumstances, you have to keep going in a new direction long enough for it to actually manifest.

In my own experience, I've never found anything to contradict the law of attraction. I've worked as a counselor with hundreds of clients, and I've always found that they had a life that corresponded with their internal make-up. They had pretty much the successes and failures that they expected to have. They could do or not do pretty much what they believed they could. They might not be happy with what they got, but they generally had gotten exactly what they were asking for. And the only workable approach to personal change I've found would be to change your mind and start asking for something else, and believing you ought to have something else happening.

Despite that, I must admit that I personally find it as hard as anybody else to change my direction in life if things aren't going my way. At least sometimes I do. When things are flowing in a good direction, it is easy to make more good things happen. But if proof is stacking up that you aren't doing well at it, it is a little too easy to believe it.

Then it is nice to have some good meta-beliefs. Like, personally, I believe that things always work out. It is a little vague, and that doesn't tell me when or how, but I know that all problems eventually get sorted out. I mean, I've made it this far, so of course they do. And it is nice to be able to look back at past experiences where one has accomplished something against the odds, simply by keeping focused on it.

The Law of Attraction is kind of annoying, unless one has mastered it. You get that which you put out. Pisses me off a bit. It would be so nice to blame somebody else if you don't succeed in something. Much harder to admit one just didn't agree with oneself well enough. But on the other hand, it could be the most positive and mind-blowing thing to know about life, in comparison with which all other details will pale. Wherever you currently are, you can do whatever you want, as long as you're clear about it and you focus on it.

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12 Jul 2006 @ 08:42 by Tim @ : Link
I thought maybe a link would be useful too:

Wolinsky's book 'Quantum Consciousness' (to which the link points) is a good place to start. His audio set is useful too.  

12 Jul 2006 @ 13:02 by ming : Quantum Consciousness
Tim, I have the Quantum Consciousness book here on my shelves somewhere. Haven't looked at it for a while.  

12 Jul 2006 @ 13:07 by ming : Feedback
zby, good links on feedback. I think it is nice that it sort of checks out on a variety of levels. A lot of things can be explained simply by reinforcing desired bahavior, and not feeding energy to unwanted behavior. One gets good at that which one works on being good at.  

13 Jul 2006 @ 02:04 by maxtobin : Magnetism; Ahhh-men
Is the force which drives the Law of Attraction.
I often recall the words of John Whitman Ray; 'assume the virtue even though you have it not' It is in deed all a confidence trick!

'As above so below; as within so without'. {link:|Thoth the Immortal} (AKA Hermes and others, an often incarnate imortal)

....And the power of magnetism (animal/spiritual or otherwise!) is focused through the heart. The key is sovreignity known and vibrated in an allowing manner (unconditional love no less).

Much to do; wot a todo! The force invested at (largely unconscious level) core with keeping us separate from cor(Latin root for heart) is the top down domination of the mind/head/brain/agenda rather than the centred dominion of the hearts knowing and the flowing that such a centred life allows.

Easier said than done Ming; for sure, but a simple and worthy way of resolving that paradox which eternal 'I AM' expressing sets us as our task in the realignment. (Remembering!)  

14 Jul 2006 @ 13:29 by scotty : Great !
So glad that you posted this article Ming !!
(it's one of my favorite subjects )
Good links here - thanks !!!

Here's a site which is all about the law of attraction ... {}  

15 Jul 2006 @ 18:09 by ming : Powerful Intentions
Ah, right. I'd swear I already had signed up for that site, but it can't seem to find me right now. Anyway, good.  

20 Jul 2006 @ 00:43 by Lee Travathan - author, mentor @ : oh yeah, it's sooo good
Just caught this while researching for my next book. Would you consider a short article for my blog? Extraordinary Thinkers Unite!!! Let me know at and check out the blog. It explores the thinking of extraordinary minds. Looks like you've got one.  

11 Aug 2006 @ 23:11 by Richard @ : The Secret is a science
I'm such a fan of this way of thinking - it explains so many positive and mysterious things that have happened in my life, not to mention some of the bad ones - we are what we think. If you liked the secret and wish to go further into the subject there's a great movie called "what the Bleep do we know" which delves further into the rabbit hole of quantum physics - the scienece behind the secret. I wish you continued good fortune.  

3 Sep 2006 @ 17:24 by elunar @ : a science?
While i was about 14-19 i thought a lot about the world and somehow constructed a little philosophy for myself that somehow really goes along with this way of thinking.

Now, i'm rather new to the world, and i'm wondering wether there's a way to get me involved with 'how our reality gets shaped' as a job. Or wether that's rather improbable to achieve.

I'm asking this cause i made it my purpose to delve deeper into the subject in chase of a dream. To me it's the most important thing there is.

As You probably can tell, i'm a bit lost at the moment >.<
Well, if anyone knows any hint, or directions as to how to delve deeper into the subject or help in any way, i'd really appreciate it.  

15 Sep 2006 @ 03:13 by Ariel @ : Amazing!
Today someone told me about the movie "The Secret" and wanted me to look it up on the internet. I googled and found quite a few discussions and the trailer.

I am entirely flabergasted that anyone is selling this "secret" as a secret! Where has everyone been? This stuff is not at all a secret and no one has been hiding it from anyone. (Although, I admit that plenty of people insist on closing their eyes to such principles.)

Many people and companies for years enjoyed making money off this so-called secret by selling books, tapes, movies -- under all kinds of names, when any one with a fifth grade education can walk into a library and read a book on it! Good grief. New Age, Rosecrucianism, Wicca, Unity -- all just a different spin on it. Some rabbis and ministers even correctly see it as a form of prayer.

Anyway, after practicing what is now being called the "law of attraction" myself for over two decades, and quite successfully, I will caution anyone discovering the law of attraction for the first time on how the silver cloud can have a dark lining. I mention it here because I wish someone would have warned me when I started on my journey.

Thinking that these laws are the end all and be all to life, if taken to an extreme, can lead to arrogance, callousness, cruelty and foolishness. I actually already see this possiblity in the discussion here. Soon the poor and ill become demonized, and I have personally watched many practitioners of the law of attraction lose their compassion and morality. That may be why, though not a secret, some groups have been cautious with sharing such knowlege.

I urge humility in your explorations.  

26 Sep 2006 @ 00:12 by elunar @ : ow..
Aw Ariel that doesn't sound good. Is it because they lose sight of what they really want?

Me always sees my ultimate goal as a paradise for everything and everyone, for all, and always try to see wether what i do gets me closer to that situation.

I do believe that bad actions can be used for good, but in general i really hope people are fast to learn their reality reflects themselves. Not just by thought or feeling, but also by nature.

Well, realising endless potential was a secret to me, till me started to slowly explore the world. Im still struggling with most my thoughts, and the ones talked about when explaining "the secret".
I find it fascinating how it can mean so much, while not necesarily contradicting anyone i've heard at all.  

27 Sep 2006 @ 20:11 by ming : Attraction
What I like is that it doesn't really require any mystical belief system. As you point out, you could explain it all with selective attention. Of course, if you focus on a particular target, you'll of course select for it in your perceptions and your actions, and you're more likely to get there.

But at the same time, I don't think it works as well without regarding it in a somewhat mystical way. Although I might not be using the word "mystical" in the same way you would. What I really mean is that it works better if you have some meta beliefs that outline a model that works that way. Describing a universal "Law of Attraction" really makes it much more simple and workable. Whereas, if you insist that there's no such thing, but there's merely selective filtering in the human brain, then you're sort of putting this thing in a much smaller place. And you'd probably be less successful with it.

There's quite a huge difference between the idea that the universe works on attraction and the idea that the human brain filters things so you're likely to see what you're thinking about. The first idea evokes some variants of ideas from quantum physics, where something is what it is perceives or measured as being, rather than any inherent finite thing. And that makes the universe a rather friendly and accommodating place where everything is possible. Whereas the brain filtering version still leaves the universe being a rather hostile, uncooperative place, but we just happen to have been equipped with brains that reinforce our thinking patterns, which sometimes is useful. Not quite as glamorous, and, actually, not quite as useful that way.  

29 Sep 2006 @ 15:27 by ming : Expectance
I'm actually with you on the view that if the universe really is indifferent, I'd like to know. And if it really is just brain filtering, I'd like to know that.

But the 'proofs' I see of that are usually nothing more than materialist religion and circular logic. The logic usually is 'oh, we haven't measured any other force in the universe that looks anything like that, so it doesn't exist'. Of course, negative proofs are always questionable. 'We can't put it in a test tube, so it doesn't exist' is a little limited.

I prefer inductive thinking. So, like, you make a theory or a model that would explain the world to some extent, and then you go and test if the results you get correspond to that. In that regard it doesn't matter too much if you can't actually isolate the actual forces involved. If your model explains and predicts more than the competing models, and the results check out, it is a better model.

In my own personal experience, an assumption of non-local consciousness, and the universe providing that which one is focusing on - that seems to explain much more than an assumption that it is brain tricks. I seem more able to predict things that way. That doesn't prove anything for others, but I'm first of all concerned with choosing models to live by effectively, before I'm concerned with what we might all agree on.

But even if we more or less accepted the theory that the universe provides what one focuses on, it of course is more complex than that. There are multiple levels of consciousness, for one thing. Yes, something might be a wave or a particle depending on how you measure it. And I can focus on something and then be more likely to get it. But does that mean that lions suddenly are friendly just because I believe what I see on my handbag? Probably not. One can still fool oneself. We are usually not even in agreement with ourselves. What we consciously are aware of that we're thinking is only a small fraction of what we believe and perceive. So, if one is hoping to attract something out of the ordinary, one might have to dig a lot deeper than just thinking the thought superficially. It is always easier to attract something that already is fairly likely and normal.

If I were a lion cub, my family might seem perfectly friendly and happy to me, and in fact it would be. Because my whole reality is wired that way, including my brain and nervous system, and my expectations, and those of the other lions. But a human is more wired to look like lunch to a lion, so that takes more work to change.  

6 Nov 2006 @ 19:58 by Neo Secret @ : The secret
Yeah, positive thinking is very important. The film is a little over the top but it gets the point across. I would not say that by thinking it, it will happen. Maybe hard work and a positive attitude will get you there. Just thinking it and it will happen is kind of crazy (e.g., I am sure the 10s of millions of Africans post slavery didn't think about the joys of being thrown on a boat, shipped like cargo, half dieing on the way, the fortunate ones sold as cattle to their new masta’s then worked to death on plantation. I am damn sure no person on earth grew up and thought, WOW I want to be raped and tortured my whole life then maybe go out in fashion with a good lynching. I really can't imagine anyone thinking and/or dreaming of that.  

6 Nov 2006 @ 20:27 by Neo Secret @ : The secret part 2
This law implies that there is a peaking order in the attraction. Let’s continue with the slave example.

Slavery during the 16 th to 18th centuries:

African slaves were transported to Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central & South America, starting very early in the 16th century.
Slavery was an attractive proposition to landowners. In 1638, "the price tag for an African male was around $27.00 while the salary of a European laborer was about 70 cents per day." 2 A slave had less value at the time than 40 days of labor by a European.
So now that we are all clear that slavery is a very profitable business. So lets think about kidnapping other human and treating them as property, to be freely bought and sold. Hey presto – it worked.
This I can understand. But this implies a priority to the law and who in at the top of the bullshit totem pole. You have a guess because it sure as hell was not the slaves. Did I mention they were NOT white?
Then the movie has the audacity to use the word God and reference the bible. “We are created in the image of God” – secret movie quote. Still maintaining the slave theme, who are they talking about? Because the aquilus folk sure did get any help. God was a little late. About 400 years late with that law. Please people, try and debunk.

If you think it, it will not magically appear, well maybe if you are not aquilus?  

6 Nov 2006 @ 20:31 by Neo Secret @ : The secret part 2
Excuse the typos and mispellings please. Hit the add comment button before I could re-read what I wrote. So sorry. :(  

12 Nov 2006 @ 17:29 by Ana @ : Feeling and the Laws of Attraction
Dear Ming,
I've seen the film and read your blog which I particularly liked. A few questions though:
1) When you mean Feeling what I want how can one train oneself to Really FEEL something and know that one feels it? (right now I feel it a lot of the time, but downward slopes also affect me).
2) The film seemed overly oriented to the attaining of material things and I'm interested more in personal growth.
3) Any other resources you might recommend for "feeling" training?
I'd like to comment that one of the major aspects of what I see as the Law of Attraction is SECRECY because in my experience if you tell about your dreams or the methods (Law of Attraction) used to attract your dream into your life you inevitably open the energy gate to also let in a lot of negativity, criticism, ridicule from others. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the "Law" was kept a secret - because only those ready for it should come into knowledge of it and use it. I made the mistake of telling some people about the Law of Attraction thinking I was sharing information only to reap a LOT of negative comments, dismissals of my dreams and criticisms because no one wants to really accept that it might just be that easy. No, for most people, it is easier to wine, complain, flay about blaming their bad "luck", skin color, sexual orientation, upbringing whatever and they are NOT ready or willing to listen to others. It is very interesting to find that those very negative people are often quite interested in certain aspects of Buddhism such as not having expectations or wishes and the inevitable stoic "be a beacon of good" in the world. It seems to me that this reading of Buddhism is quite reductive. For the small understanding of Buddhism that I have indicates that only when you have mastered what you want in its negative aspects (vanity,greed or whatever) can you find peace in a balance of yin and yang. Any input?
Cheers, Ana  

16 Nov 2006 @ 16:22 by Drea @ : So simple
The funny thing about 'the secret' is that it's so simple. We are conditioned to fill our minds with infanint junk and we make life hard as this is what we're told life is, hard, you must work hard and in reality we never really get anywhere. When something so profound and simplistic comes along we are hesitant to believe as we could be deemed as crazy and this isn't what is taught at school, by our parents or on TV. How could it be so simple when we were tortured in school to remember so much that hardly comes into our later life. Very tricky, this is why it gets so confusing, when actually it's a joke on each of us until there's awareness in our life. There must be a reason that people of power don't share this, maybe it's important to be humble with your thoughts and not expect anything especially that someone believes it. Once you let go, only those who know or need to be taught will surround you!  

18 Nov 2006 @ 18:21 by ming : Feeling
Ana, yes, it can be risky to feeling share one's thoughts about an approach like that, or what one does to get there. Exactly because it works when you really believe it, no matter how weird your steps are, no matter how strange the things are that you convince yourself of to get there. But the moment one mentions it to others, they're likely to be skeptical and introduce all sorts of logicals concerns, and it is hard to keep believing the same stuff. Because often it isn't logical at all.

Thus I suppose it is easiest to share when one has had great success with it already. When one can show, hey, I wanted a million dollars and a dream house, and I really believe it and attracted it, and here's my check and here's my house. Because then suddenly you can logically "prove" it, even to skeptics. Where, really, that's not why it worked.

As to "feeling" training, well, at least part of it is to become more aware of what one actually feels. And the kinds of feelings I'm talking about is perceptions of weight, temperature, movement, density, consistency, vibration, etc. As opposed to the abstract kinds of feelings like "anxiety" and "hope". If one can translate the abstractions into what one actually perceives, then one starts having some components one can work with.  

22 Nov 2006 @ 21:35 by Ana @ : Feeling
Thanks for the clarification Ming. It really helps to imagine that because the film shows people imagining themselves driving their Ferari etc. What I want is far more personal and romantic so I'll start with your suggestions and see how it goes. Sometimes I can feel things but a lot of times the abstract feeling of anxiety creeps in to shift awareness. It sounds a bit like meditation that I learned in yoga class.
And by the by I've given up on sharing too much this great stuff too early.  

22 Dec 2006 @ 14:53 by Rick @ : Law of Attraction
Would someone please help to make something clear(er) for me?
I have read and been told that to say, "I want" puts you in the position of "lack"....That you are supposed to all ready assume you have whatever it is you are after, or, "want". Is there a correct way of expressing "want" without coming across in a "lacking" frame of mind or feeling???? I am stumped on this and it has completely brought me to a stop. If I focus on wanting what I want, then I begin questioning whether I am still lacking. Is there a one and only one way for the LOA????  

22 Dec 2006 @ 17:57 by ming : Wanting
Well, it isn't the words, per se. Yes, the thing to affirm is that you have what you want, or, that you will have it. As opposed to affirming that you don't have it and it is hard to get. This is a little similar to how some people say that you should never say "I'll try to ...", as "try" implies failure. That completely depends on what you mean by it. For me, personally, "try" is a quite positive thing to say. It will often get me in the mood for making something happen, without the pressure I would experience if I had promised I for sure would do it. "I might .." or "I'll try .." is much more likely to get me there than "I will .." or "I must ..", which immediately makes me feel locked down and not very powerful.

So, if "I want .." makes you feel really in touch with that which you desire, it might be a good thing. If it makes you feel lack, it isn't useful. Depends on what you feel like while you think it or say it.

The "correct" way of experiencing the want is to spend the majority of your energy on imagining yourself having that which you desire. If it is "I want a Ferrari" and it makes you imagine in great detail, with a whole range of perceptions, yourself owning a Ferrari, and driving it, it is great. If it just makes you imagine standing out in the cold, pressing your nose against the showroom window, then it probably isn't what will work.

If you really want what you say you want, it will be a positive, fulfilling feeling. There are some important nuances there. It is feeling great with the object of your desire, not feeling great without it. And certainly not feeling bad without it.  

22 Dec 2006 @ 22:15 by Rick @ : Getting it....
Thank you, Ming....
I am finally settling into understanding the LOA. But I must say that along the way, I was encountering lessons, books and articles which made it overly difficult rather than something which should be as easy as 1-2-3.
So if I understand correctly, it really doesn't matter what the "words" are, as long as the emotion and vision is accompanied with the words....
And to emphasize, LOTS of emotion....feeling what you KNOW you will feel when the manifestation does materialize in reality. And being grateful....
Is this correct?
Thanks again, Ming! :o)

22 Dec 2006 @ 23:54 by ming : Reality
It is kind of like creating a virtual reality, and if you do it well enough, it IS the reality. Saying the words "I can fly" doesn't provide much of an experience, and you're not likely to believe it. A picture taken from the air gives the idea better. A video even more. How about if it is 3D, 360 degrees around. And we add sound. Then it starts becoming convincing. And what would your body feel like if you were flying, how would you move your muscles, how would the wind feel through your hair? If you can perceive all of that, and you believe it, hey, you're flying.

And the feeling is the most important. Not just the emotions, but whether you feel it as real. A sense inside of you that it is right, that it is how it is supposed to be, that it is as expected. If you can feel that, then you can get there even if you don't do a perfect 3D widescreen Dolby surroundsound visualization. And whether or not you say the "right" words. The words might just maybe help you get into the right mood, but they're not really it.

And, yes, being grateful. In part because, if you're being grateful for something, its reality is not in question. If I'm happy and grateful for the apples I got, then obviously I got some apples. If I'm happy and grateful for the apples I'll get next week, no great difference. It makes them much more real all the same.  

22 Dec 2006 @ 23:56 by Ge Zi @ : all the feeling
Yeah, feeling - emotion is the ticket here. Words mean nothing. Sometimes the words say he opposite of what we feel, then it's what we feel what counts. I also had a problem with 'saying' that I already have the thing that I wanted because I knew it was a lie. buy just creating the emotion, the feeling you have when the thing is there - no lie in that.
Ming - you are close to a nice trap there with "you have what you want, or, that you will have it" - that will put the thing into the future and it works the same way as the sign in the bar "Tomorrow free beer!"  

23 Dec 2006 @ 00:23 by ming : Having it
Well, it is a bit like another angle of what you just said. If I say I have it now, I might immediately notice that it is a lie, so it might be hard to convince myself. It is easier to believe that I will have it a little bit into the future, after certain things happen that put it into place.

The trap is if I put it permanently into the future. Like in procrastination where one will do it "later", without really deciding to do it. But if I put it solidly at a point in the relatively close future, and I work backwards and maybe lay out a series of easy steps for getting there, then it might make it much more likely to happen, including at a logical and analytical level. Like, if I see myself getting a business license, then printing business cards, getting a bank loan, then opening a store, then making lots of money from it, then I might more easily convince myself than if I just imagine myself having a successful store, making lots of money. The steps are in the future alright, but not in the "manyana" sense.

The key point is making it real, and making it feel real. Sometimes a few reasonable steps and a reasonable schedule might make it more real, rather than less. And then, yes, one should be able to imagine the reality of each step, as if it were right now. But not necessarily by saying one already did it, if one didn't.  

23 Dec 2006 @ 03:01 by Rick @ : powerful emotions
Ming, must the emotions only be joy? If the emotions are powerful and passionate and REAL and full of life and energy, but not gleeful happiness, then does this cancel everything out?

Personally, when I envision my manifestation, the emotions I experience run the gamut from happiness to passion to ecstacy....

The emotions are honest and heartfelt. Not trying to fool the Universe with phoney happy thoughts, but opening up fully and completely so that it is legitimate.

Your thoughts????
Thanks in advance!

23 Dec 2006 @ 17:48 by ming : Emotions
As long as it is positive emotions towards that which you want, you're getting somewhere. Positive emotions for the experience of having that which you want to have. The feeling of being in that situation, and enjoying it. But it doesn't have to be loud and spectacular. Sometimes a quiet certainty is a very powerful thing. Yes, it isn't about demonstrating glee, but about accepting that reality as fully as possible.  

29 Dec 2006 @ 01:06 by ming : Resonance
I think one can say that resonance is about the same thing as attraction. Or, we can maybe say it is a different metaphor, but for the same thing.

Sort of the channel you're tuned into, which we might say is one of an infinite number of possible realities existing potentially in the quantum soup of the multiverse. If you're tuned into a certain reality, the stuff that happens is the sort of stuff that happens in that reality.

We could maybe say that working on attraction is to try to change the channel. Like with radio waves, all of them are in the air at the same time, but it would be a mess to try to access all of them, so we'll normally aim for picking out the one we want. Which frequency you're sending at will determine who or what you'll reach. Which channel you're listening at will determine what you'll see or hear. If you want sports, you probably shouldn't be on the history channel.  

5 Jan 2007 @ 16:58 by K T Cat @ : Argle Bargle
What a load of total argle bargle. Go to the library and pick up the book "They Called It Passchendaele" by Lyn MacDonald. For the poor blokes in the British infantry who participated in that disaster, the dominant feature in a substantial percentage of their conscious lives was mud, fear and mayhem. They could have had positive thoughts about Zen Buddhist masters giving them back rubs or kumquats falling from the sky and they still would have been blown to hell and gone by the German artillery and machine guns assuming they hadn't drowned in the mud by falling off the duckboards.

Basically, the Law of Attraction works until it doesn't, after which you make excuses for why it didn't work.

On the other hand, Dave Ramsey's financial advice works all the time.

You do the math.  

5 Jan 2007 @ 20:17 by ming : Choices
Going through life, we're presented with many cross roads, many doors that we might or might not open, many possibilities for a choice. You get to where you want to go by picking the road that leads there, or rather the sequence of steps that get you there. It doesn't work very well to continuously pick the roads that go to completely different places, and then in the last moment try positive thinking, wishing you were somewhere else.

The way to not get yourself in front of machine gun fire, is to not go to where that happens. Once you're there, it might take something stronger than a nice positive vision to get you out of there.

The law of attraction, the way I find it useful, is to always choose that which you want, rather than that which you don't want. Choose it in your thoughts, your feelings, and, not to forget, your actions. It doesn't require any fancy super-natural theories to explain that you're likely to get what you're seeking if you've consistently chosen in and created it, a step at a time, in a strong and decisive manner. On the contrary, it is a bit bizarre if anybody will claim that it isn't the way of doing it.  

4 Feb 2007 @ 18:55 by Andrew @ : Hiroshima
Did the people of Hiroshima all focus on being consumed by a massive fireball in the sky leading up to being bombed? Since it was kept secret, I guess only a handfull of people focussed on this happening before it did. Was the power of those few people under the law of attraction more powerful than the milion or so people adversely effected?

Positive thinking is certainly a good thing, but how specific can it be and how are conflicts between different people's positive thought resolved?  

4 Feb 2007 @ 19:24 by ming : Attraction and conflicts
I suppose that if one doesn't make moves to create/attract something else, one is sort of going with the flow of what's happening in one's general vicinity. There might well be a collective consciousness in a certain area, or among certain types of people, which broadcasts and attracts something, and that might be something which would be a big surprise to individuals in that group. A big group might well be "asking for it", even if we can go and focus on them individually and say: "But that cute little baby there! She couldn't possibly have asked for it!?!" No, but she might have been along for the ride with a collective culture that did.

And, again, it isn't simply what one asks for consciously. It is much more what one sub-consciously is accepting as reality. The sub-conscious part is much bigger. Which is confusing, particularly to people who sort of deny that part of themselves. "But I was thinking positive thoughts! How could that happen to me?" Well, maybe it wasn't really what you believed.

I don't think there's a question of whether something needs to sort out conflicts between different people's positive thoughts. If there are possible conflicts, they probably weren't really positive thoughts. But it also means that it is all rather fuzzy. I can attract red cars and you can attract blue cars. No problem at all, there are plenty of either. But you can't turn my red car blue, that's not how it works. What's very variable is exactly when and how one might run into that which one is attracting. One can't particularly have inflexible expectations there. It is attraction, broadcasting what you want, and being open to it coming to you. It isn't ordering the universe around and making demands as to when it is supposed to comply.  

7 Feb 2007 @ 21:17 by ming : Oprah
Yes, I've heard about that. If anybody hears of a way of watching it online, I'd be interested.  

7 Feb 2007 @ 23:54 by swanny : Attraction
So in theory then we've collectively attracted the law of attraction.
Attraction of what... ?
mindless twentieth century consumerism.
Which 90% of scientists say leads directly to global warming?
Where the size of houses have doubled and the family size
has halfed and the storage places are the fastest growing
industry in America.


Careful what you wish for.

Now if we could attract or "be here now."

Actually the use of the word "secret" is sort of a flag.


8 Feb 2007 @ 00:01 by Danny Vega @ : hilarious.
The Secret may be one of the funniest videos ever created. From the almost totally incoherent speakers, with their official titles like "visionary" and philosopher, to the kid who magically gets a bike. It is a must watch because it's so beautifully stupid and false. Yeah, ok so all these people are getting anything want, but who are they? What do they do? They're all self-help gurus [look it up, I did.]. WOO! Big surprise. These people are nobodies who pander to goons who buy their nonsense, that's how they make their money. The secret is that the secret sells and that's it. The most "successful" person in this video is the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Admittedly, no small feat, but c'mon, where's BIll Gates? Where's someone who is you know FAMOUS? Oh, nowhere to be seen. Why? I mean if all these people can do nearly anything, you'd think surely they could get one celebrity. I cannot wait till I encounter someone who buys this nonsense so I can show them how much more successful I am at making a fool out of them than they are at resisting my attempt. Oh it's going to be delicious.  

8 Feb 2007 @ 02:09 by ming : Success
Uhm, so you think that Bill Gates sort of got where he is randomly or out of luck?? I on the other hand think that he's been focused on it all along, thinking about it, feeling it, broadcasting it all around him, making others believe it. I think he's wanted it so bad he could taste it all along, and that this is a huge factor. He didn't make better software, he didn't even do anything very new, and its not that anybody liked him very much. He made mediocre products, based on others' ideas, and he did them very inefficiently. But he always wanted to be at the top of the heap. And he proceeded as if that's where he was meant to be, and he got there. And once he got there, his company became a self-fulfilling prophecy, the momentum of "more of the same". The reason to buy windows is because people buy windows. That's why he's the gazillionaire, and why you're the guy sitting here complaining. It is an excellent example.  

14 Feb 2007 @ 02:36 by Rick @ : Right on, Ming
Right on, Ming with your response to Danny Vega. Apparently Danny needs to remember to just let others follow their own path even if he disagrees with it. This is called the Law of ALLOWING. I don't agree with what he wrote, but I certainly have no intentions of trying to prove him matter how "delicious" that would be. Lighten up, Danny and just let everyone live their own life.  

14 Feb 2007 @ 23:55 by Sophie @ : Where does Karma fit in to this?
I have a copy of the Secret DVD (the original) which I have watched numerous times. Prior to being introduced to the DVD I had many mysterious experiences of the law of attraction, but I did not know or quite understand the science behind it all. I came upon the Secret last May, before it was widespread. The Secret definately made me more aware of the science behind my reality and confirmed how I create reality by my thoughts and feelings. What the Secret did not describe and what I am battling to understand is Karma. I believe that what goes around comes around. If a person is in a negative vibe for example and consequently affects the universe in a negative way (by doing someone else a wrongdoing for example) then in time that person gets that negativity directed back at them in a similar way. If this same person changes his or her vibe into a positive one before the bad karma gets back at them then can they use the law of attraction to avoid bad karma altogether? Personally, based on my experiences, I don't believe they can...karma is unavoidable. One could argue of course that karma is imaginary but whatever you want to call's real (to me and many others). One could also say that karma is just another word describing the law of attraction but if so then people could manipulate the law of attraction and avoid universal justice.  

15 Feb 2007 @ 01:55 by ming : Karma
I don't particularly think there's any universal agency that doles out measured justice according to one's offenses. Rather, I think it is something we ourselves tend to do. What you've done in the past becomes an integral component in the construction of your sub-conscious expectations. If you feel you've done bad, you'll limit yourself and expect less, or expect that something will come back and bite you. And it will, to the degree that you experience it like that, just like any other kind of attraction. Because you'll act accordingly, and you'll be looking for it. We have a sense of justice built-in, which is wired to some implicit sense of what's due. We might feel like we're temporarily getting away with something, but we're due some payback. It can be in the positive sense too, of course. We might feel that we've done so well that lots of wonderfully good things are headed this way.

A key part is that our sub-conscious vibe tends to be more powerful than what we consciously put in our mind. It doesn't help much to just obsessively affirm that you'll win the lottery if you quietly are sure that you don't deserve it. So, you can't just overrule your baggage with an affirmation. But you might tell yourself enough positive things that you actually will change your mind and start believing it, maybe believing that you now are deserving of much better payback from the universe. But you can't fake it.

So, I'd say that karma simply is the sub-conscious accummulation of your accounting, which adds up to what you expect from the world. You can accummulate something else that pulls the balance in a different direction. Or you might dig up the stuff that is submerged in your mind, work it over, and change your mind about it. Because the meaning of events that happened is something quite flexible. You might evolve a more empowering meaning of your life if you work on it.  

20 Feb 2007 @ 21:21 by tone @ : Perception of People in Your Life
Does the Law of Attraction apply to how we perceive and subsequently feel about the people(co-workers, friends etc.) in our lives? That is, I was in a meeting today at work and while one of the individuals was speaking, I became consciously aware of the thoughts and feelings I have towards that individual. Is this a starting point to deliberately create my reality?  

20 Feb 2007 @ 22:54 by ming : Awareness
I'd say yes. Anything you can do to become aware of what you actually see and think and feel and believe and expect, that should help. Because all of that goes into how you act and how you present yourself to others and to the world. And if you're aware of it, you might discover when there's a mismatch between what you think you want, and what you actually are putting out (attracting), and you might adjust it.  

5 Mar 2007 @ 07:07 by Mike @ : Question
It seems this law of attraction has a flaw in it. If it's true, and perhaps it is, there should be some sort of emergency parachute incase one gets trapped in this matrix of sadness they created. After decades of people hurting them, A God abandoning them, bad stuff happening, it's not so easy and seemingly impossible to change one's mindset to believing God and people and life is good. It's almost flawed for folks like this. There should be a failsafe button. That people get trapped in this seems flawed and not designed well. And this whole law of attraction thing makes God seem like sort of a cold entity that works only if you say or think the right thoughts, rather than a compassionate being who will swoop down and safe those in trouble, regardless of what they think or do. Any thoughts on this? Email me with the answer as I'm not sure I'll find this site again. And another thing, I'm trying like heck to give this Law of Attraction thing a shot. Jesus said "ask, believe, and recieve". He said, "where two or more gather there I am". Perhaps he had some insight into this theory. If so, then would you all do me a favor? Send your vibes my way. Pray for me to this universe that I can escape this matrix and master this law of attraction despite the past. Please. Even a quicky prayer is better than nothing  

7 Mar 2007 @ 22:49 by ming : Flaw?
That's a both sad and funny conundrum there. If we assumed that this universe was designed so that we all can have whatever we want, if we just ask for it ... And then we're not happy with that. We say, "Yes, but I didn't really mean it!", or "I don't know how to ask". And we want somebody to come and rescue us from getting exactly what we want, exactly what we're asking for, and instead persuade us to want what we really ought to want.

Its like the stereotypial cartoon version of a genie who grants you three wishes. You use the first two for something really stupid, and you have to use the third wish for asking for it to be undone.

If it were a God who designed a universe where we get whatever we ask for, is that a cold and uncaring entity? Or is it the most unconditionally loving thing that possibly could be imagined?

Luckily there are safeguards. For one thing, because you're not alone. You might trap yourself in a vicious cycle by creating bad things for yourself, and then responding by asking for even worse things, and concluding that you were right in doing so, so you make it even worse than that, etc. But as long as you have even the slightest quantum of consciousness left, something from the outside will sooner or later be able to get through to you. Something you observe, something somebody else says or does. For that matter, life is presenting you with an endless parade of absolutely obvious clues. But even if you miss them 999 times in a row, the next one might well sink in. Meaning, you might actually get out of your mental loop for a second and pay attention to what actually is going on.

The failsafe button is that no matter what, no matter what kind of trouble you get yourself into, the natural state to fall back on is your basic capabilities. To be present, to pay attention, to reflect, to make decisions. And, no matter how much you've painted yourself into a corner, you always, always have the opportunity to wake up and realize you want something else. And, in the long run, you can always dig yourself out, no matter how deep you are, if you wake up just a little bit.  

15 Mar 2007 @ 19:27 by Cee @ : Law of Attraction
You put in a nutshell! And I was able to crack it! Great examples of
how the principals of the law work in life situation.

Thank you

23 Mar 2007 @ 15:26 by ming : Limiting beliefs
Yeah, if one doesn't really believe it is possible, of course it doesn't work, no matter what one tries. And that's maybe the hardest thing to change. Otherwise, one can go through the motions, one can say affirmations every morning, visualize exactly what one wants every night, put pictures of it on the refrigerator, talk about it to everybody, etc. But if one doesn't fundamentally believe it is possible, it probably won't work. And probably what would be missing would be the emotion. Not the theatrical emotion one might be able to manufacture on the outside, but how one really feels inside.

Paradoxically, the overall belief might also be the easiest thing to change, but it can be hard to see. Because one doesn't really need anything to change it, one doesn't need any proof, or any supporting information or anything. It is just a sense that, yes, I deserve to be wealthy, good things will happen, whatever I need will come to me, and it will all work out. And one doesn't need to get that from anywhere, it is just a decision. Of course it would help if one does the work of uncovering the origin of existing limiting beliefs one has, as one can't necessary just slap another one on top. Makes sense to clear out the old useless information before one fills up with better stuff.

What do I really believe? How come? Is that what I want to believe?  

26 Mar 2007 @ 07:01 by You can figure this one out, I'm sure @ : Belief
Why believe in something, anything? I think belief signifies not knowing. Either you know it, or you don't. Nothing to have to believe.  

27 Mar 2007 @ 12:17 by ming : Belief and Knowing
Well, the interesting part is the stuff that you don't really know, but that you're guessing is so, consciously or subconsciously, without any kind of proof. Like, do you know the sun will come up tomorrow? No, you don't, you have absolutely no control over that. But it has come up every day so far, and smart people tell you that this is science, the earth is rotating around the sun at this rate, so of course the sun will 'come up' every day. But you personally don't really know. It is a habitual belief for you. But most people would insist that they know.

Same thing with your more personal beliefs. It is the ones that are so strong as to be 'knowing' that win out. If you know that you'll never be rich, or you know that you for sure will be rich, either way you're right.

The trick is actually to turn the beliefs that obviously merely are attempts to believe, into something that you know, without doubt. It is still just belief, but you respond differently to it if it has ascended into the category of 'know'. Likewise, it would be useful to revert some of the things you 'know' back into the category of somewhat doubtful beliefs, to lessen their power.  

31 Mar 2007 @ 17:46 by ming : Believing

1. If the reality of the kitchen table bothers you, just wake up!
2. If you like the dream, keep dreaming it!

Would be nice if it really were that simple.  

5 May 2007 @ 21:14 by CC @ : Accidental discovery
I taught myself, when I was very young, to look at adversity as an adventure and a puzzle to be solved. Consequently, it's been a very interesting life. What a ride! But I WAS, just the other day, wondering how to slow it down as I will be 50 next year and my daughter, who is 30, is also contemplating how she will curb HER appetite for adventure. It's good to know there are tools out there!  

21 May 2007 @ 08:47 by Suni @ : Bad Intentions
Haven't seen the movie yet, but is the universal law of attraction selective? I mean what happens if you are some kind of terorist and begin to make all kinds of bad intentions to blow up other sectors of society? Is it not a kind of scarey thought that you can start manifesting your reality within a week???  

10 Aug 2007 @ 14:38 by Seth @ : Ode to the Alchemist
I noticed in the beginning of "The Secret" was a scribe copying what looked to be the Table of Destiny (Emerald Table, or Emerald Tablets). Well, I have searched through the Emerald Table for years now with a sceptical eye of its true origin and intentions but have come to understand a glimpse of its wisdom. Of all the amazing things you can learn from these ancient words, I recommend these, which, in my opinion, sum up everything that "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" are moving to communicate: "Hear ye, O Man, the SUN is the symbol of the LIGHT that shines at the end of thy road. Now to thee give I the secrets: now to meet the dark power, meet and conquer the fear from the night. Only by knowing can ye conquer, Only by knowing can ye have LIGHT." -Thoth

_Know_ you are light. _Know_ you are right. Only by _Knowing_ can you overcome that wich might confuse you into fearing the unknown.

I cut out a portion of a magazine article yesterday and plastered it on a board to go on my wall and I feel it realy presses an important button:
"Mastering the Art of Fearless".

Until next time,

14 Sep 2007 @ 05:12 by james murdoch @ : RE: original post on Karma
Hello, Karma as i understand it is rather accumulative and it does come back at you, the speed of which depends on many variables. So if you do a socalled 'bad/negative' thing, and then change your vibration, the negative thing will still come back at you, but: perhaps with less force and/or MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will have the tools to deal with it in a positive way, to change the patterns of behaviour either in yourself or in other people via the communication you output.
I think these two subjects are a part(even though it reflects the whole) of the theory of everything, that is everything is rather chaotic, the utmost specfic things always changing, have a vibration, yet at the same time we have patterns/generalisatoins of 'things' that remain the same. So with respect to the law of attraction i do think it is getting at the same 'reality' as karma is. I never understood karma until after experience the law of attraction, and even then i didnt know what they both were, and then someone i really respected talked about karma in such a way that it was interesting. The relationship with your partner is a big part of your karma. So while the 'law of attraction' works, there are always deeper understandings to somethings, and for me, you know when the deeper understandings are happening when you can get more specfic into the simliarites of the truthful reality that you cannot see properly because of your blinding perceptions.
I think that 'fire the grid' was about how within humanity, everyone influences each others karma, and to raise ones awareness, they shall raise others awarenesses just by being themselves and being aware. This is like the 'Critical Mass' topics. A great man who founded the world mind society talked in one of his many articles online, about how one would 'raise their karma above that of humanity' and in a sense reflect high karma onto nature and it reflects it back onto thus taking you both higher and higher, its like a synergy; 1 + 1 = 11. So eventually when we have strong people with wizard like karma, they can work magics in helping people get themselves higher so that they can maintain it, no longer being conned into fear. A great man, Bill Jicks, one said "the world is like a roller coster, you think its real because thats how powerful our minds are; You choose to go on it. Its very loud and brightly coloured, it has chills and thrills for a while, but then you think 'is this real or just a ride"? And people come back to us and say 'hey! its just a ride!'" and we? 'Kill those people.' and let the deamons run amok you ever notice that? But its okay because? : its just a ride, and you CAN CHANGE it anytime. Its all in a choice between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your house, buy guns. the eyes of love instead see them as all the same. Heres what we can do to change the world to a better ride: Take all that money we spend on defence each year and spend it feeding and clothing everyone on the planet. and it would many times over.' cant remember the rest but its a great skit, you can look it up on youtube :'just a ride'.  

12 Oct 2007 @ 23:48 by Ana @ : Similar material that's fantastic
Hi Ming, Here's a website for a coach who's outstanding & who's written a book that while geared to relationships really outlines "FEELING" and how to get there quite well. She includes great techniques to become aware and ease into the world & one's own truth:
Best, Ana  

3 Jan 2008 @ 03:41 by Harr @ : Law of attraction
I went to this website And the information that you get is unreal and the amount of free stuff is awesome including a free course that is far superior to anything i ever paid for. The guy who invented it is Brady cameron and is a grand master in the martial arts. Go get the free course and news letter it is awesome. Hope this helps friends.  

15 Oct 2008 @ 18:35 by owen roberts @ : laws of attraction
i have just read the secret and i am following it to the best of my ability and would love and appreciate ant more information thankyou  

17 Dec 2008 @ 01:37 by marcus hancock @ : law of attraction
this stuff works the more you think the more your get. no matter what good or bad. but the key is to beleve and trust in what you whont. its been changeing my life for 3 moths now and still going.  

29 Jan 2009 @ 04:19 by Debra Voulgaris @ : LOA and the term 'Law'
I have spent time with LOA and what started out as acceptance is now doubt at best..and I have always been looking for the keys to life. I have been a searcher my entire life. But, I am also trained in the scientific method and while I can accept things, claims have to have some legitimate support. I am not a typical scientist...and I am not a linear thinker, but I have to ask why we are even calling this a 'Law'.. scientific law is based on repeated and reproducible ability to recreate the same results under the same conditions. Even in juris prudence, law is something that is established after a series of events and it is entered into 'Law' to be upheld.. without fail... Can we really say this about LOA... it is not being held up in my own life, atleast not to the extent of my desires. LOA has some think more positively... feel better... give off a more positive enery and people respond more favorably- things go better... maybe you get a free cup of coffee or out of a speeding ticket...but that is all minor... and not necessary expalined only by LOA. What about the big stuff... manifesting your soul mate after years of lonliness... or a new home after everything you own is washed away by a flood, healing in the last stages of a terminal disease. I have heard claims that you can regrow your arm if you really believed you could, and I think come on- I am a doctor.. that can not happen- period. As lovely as that would be, as much as I want to believe that such power does exist in our own minds and in the universe, I just know that certain things are not possible. I have been trying to believe... to imagine, to dream, to reach for higher thoughts and feelings around one specific issue in my own life for YEARS... nothing. I have doubts and I am sure LOA defenders will say my desires have not manifested because of my doubts..because I don't believe that it can happen... and that may be true, but I could spend my entire life trying to train my mind to be perfect, to be in alignment with source, and when it does not manifest, I will be told that I need to do something else... how can I prove them wrong??? Whatever happened to the concept of God...? I am not religious, but when I was growing up, I believed that God took care of you... that you were looked over in some way, that there was compassion and mercy. WHat about the people out there in despair??? If they can't get into perfect alignment they are basically out of luck... since they control there destiny, they invited in the tragedy...and they are are there own getting out of it and no compassionate universe will intervene... I don't find that comforting. At one point I did, but now I think it is kind of cruel- If it is true at all, I would love to see someone with a trained LOA mind manifest something while being observed in a controlled environment...of course that will never happen. I have seen very little supporting this is a 'Law'. I just find it incredible that it is called a 'Law", and so many adopt it as a fact...  

18 Apr 2009 @ 23:14 by Will @ : LOA
The Law Of Attraction has been dumbed-down to the point of being ineffective for most people.

I think most of what you see about the LOA today has a 50/50 ratio of NOT working due to this factor.

Understanding energy, synchronicity and time helps to complete the learning process but knowing how to act with that information is the real key.

We are putting together a kit that addresses these primary factors so people can really see changes and results take effect.

Let me know if any of you are interested and I'll send you a link.

Will -  

13 Aug 2009 @ 22:11 by Jonathan Crewdson @ : It doesn't exist
I've been trying for 12 years to manifest and it's never worked once. I started off believing it did and life has taught me it doesn't.  

25 Mar 2010 @ 13:27 by goga @ : interesting
interesting for everyone

29 Jan 2015 @ 07:21 by Zeynep @ : hfZEwhWzdt
You have the monopoly on useful inmeafation-rron't monopolies illegal? ;)  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:24 by Auth @ : ctGMwMBUkJAjhPlbNn
Exactly, thguoht Exactly, thguoht creates , thus WE CREATE !We never attract, we're not attractors, We're creators thru divinity itself.Everything begins and ends within. IF you believe you're an attractor, than you'repart of the human race who are using only 10% of their true capabilities. IF you KNOW that you're a creator from within, YOU WAKE UP WITH A SMILE FROM EAR-TO-EAR BECAUSE YOU KNOW BETTER AND FEEL INFINITE, just because..u know u can Knowing is ever so humbling and fun. Believing doubts.  

30 Jan 2015 @ 06:19 by Lukas @ : pQadazBXQLUUd
Thank you so much for this arcteli, it saved me time!  

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