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7 Feb 2004 @ 09:17, by Anthony Marsh

If this info is true, it's enough reason to revolt.
In re: the rabbit eared looking object that seems to have been removed from the 360 pic by the Opertunity rover on Mars. The cover up has to stop.

Latest Update link to this story: Shows that the Oppertunity rover delibritly ran over the rabbit eared object, you can see it crushed into the rover track. But, I guess it proves that it was just an odd shaped chunk of c02 snow, like all those sphericals you can see all over the soil.

Here is an updated link so you wont have to scroll to the bottom to find it, if you allready read the original post.

Links from original post.



Even more.

Then someone noticed this object.

In this link, the person obviously forgot the rover lander has airbags, and they left bounce marks, so the link below shows an airbag bounce mark, and the lander rolled down hill before they deflated the bags. As well a comment asks why theres no tracks behind the rover, but there are tracks right there in the pic, lol, so this commenter obviously didnt have his glasses on nor did he read any of the press releases about it.
Sorry, it appears the link below was removed, or the info was moved to one of the other links above.

Still there is enough info to say NASA is covering up what they are finding on Mars. I do agree that the object could be a fulgerite, still the object warrents investigation, and in the newest pics you can see they drove right by it, as well you can see the rover tracks where it kicked its back half over to the right about 8 inches, now do the math, how much range of motion does that translate into at the arm? I'd say 6 feet, so they did look at the object and then dug a trench with the wheel and burried it. The trench digging move was the next thing on the list, they didnt show pics of spirits trench either, because they found that the surface soil is dry, but under it is semi frozen permafrost, Mars is wet, real wet. NASA had a press release up explaining the trench diging thing, and now thats gone too. How dare them!

Some updated comments to the original post.

Also I found this animation of the microscopic imager, smashing or pressing the soil down to test compaction tendecies of the soil. What you see is very intresting as to the small white spherical objects on the soil. Notice you see them then you see the press mark and all the white things seem to of disappered, or got pressed into the soil. This is not the case, those white spherical objects are basicly balls of dry ice crystals, micro c02 balls, the arm is heated so when it pressed down on the soil, poof, gone, turned to c02 gas. Also notice that 2 of the ice chunks stuck to the plate that pressed the soil, the arm is heated but the chunks stuck to the coldest part of the plate the left edge.

The larger annimation is at the bottom of this link.

Here see if this works so you don't have to download a large file. :}


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7 Feb 2004 @ 09:28 by vibrani : That's right
how dare they! Guess the figure they own Mars, too. The last photos are good - obviously NOT rover tire tracks. How would they explain the perfect circle undisturbed? The object in the sky - is that the second thing NASA sent to Mars? If not, no reason it couldn't be an ET craft, since Phobos is a hang-out for a number of reasons. The first object with the rabbit ears - at first I thought it might be a dust-devil...but it could be part of NASA's debris. Thanks for posting this, Bushman. Any response from NASA about their cover-up?

I wrote to NASA myself to and then received a reply to send inquires to
Dear NASA:

I noticed that a few objects photographed on Mars were
initially published but then they were changed. One was
of an object in the skies, visible from the Martian surface;
another was a circle with spokes (like a picture of the sun
with rays); another was of an object that maybe one of
yours (not sure), dust-devil like with rabbit ears, or is it
something organic? In any case, why are you covering
them up and acting like they don't exist? If you are seeking
answers to life on Mars, there is plenty of evidence if you
don't keep hiding it from the public that is paying your
salaries and funding these missions. As a taxpayer, I feel
I and the public have a right to know EVERYTHING you find
on Mars.

Personally, I KNOW life existed on Mars in the past. There
were canals, water, ice, cities, and there was a major
disaster when meteors and asteroids pelted the planet
causing fires and tidal waves and destroyed a lot of life
there. There are tornadoes and were volcanos. And I
didn't need science, or NASA, in order to know this. Please
don't think the public is ignorant or unable to access information
in unusual ways.

(end of email)  

7 Feb 2004 @ 09:51 by bushman : Those are bag marks.
See if I can find the pic, but those circles are from the airbags. Remember the oppertunity rover rolled down into a small crater.


At the link below, is the airbag info, at the bottom of the page, but you will also notice all the 360 pan shots have been cut down to like 260 view, all have the rabbit eared object removed from them.

7 Feb 2004 @ 09:53 by vibrani : Airbags?
I don't think so. I think because of the air and rover movement, the circle would not remain so clear and intact like that - with spokes going out from it like sunrays. It's like an open parachute, almost. I'm not saying everything NASA does is suspect or a cover-up, but I do think some things aren't so easily explained. And them removing the rabbit-eared item is weird and merits an explanation from them.  

7 Feb 2004 @ 10:07 by bushman : Try it :}
Find some soft dry dirt and drop a basket ball on it, it will leave a print, and remember that gravity on Mars is less than here, so picture a 4 sided object, a tetrahedron with 3 balls on each side, the air bags, bouncing in a semi slow motion. But its fact those are bounce marks from the landing. The really clear one right next to the lander basicly shows that the lander basicly tiped over real slow as its last roll. Basicly they deflate the air bags in such a way to cause the lander to be right side up after it comes to a hault. It's so lame though that they would want to hide anything they find, with our money none the less, lol. But maybe I'm not seeing thier angle of thought, like you and I both know what went on , on Mars. I figured it out from Native American drawings, so, they arn't really hidding anything really, because if you accualy spend the time looking at all the info that is out there, it's obviouse that something was going on and that there is a direct connection with Earth and Mars. But it's the 21st century for gods sake, it's time for the whole truth, with pics, lol.  

7 Feb 2004 @ 10:37 by vibrani : Bushman
I do understand that and I have no doubts that some of the marks are from landing. But do you think that the air is completely still on Mars?  

7 Feb 2004 @ 10:50 by bushman : Well
The air bags on the lander use nitrogen as the gas they get filled with before impact. But ya, I saw the pic on NASA TV of a Mars with blue sky, obviously the wind wasn't blowing dust around, that says there is more oxygen than what is being told. Also though, Mars suposedly has mostly a carbon dioxide atmoshere, heavyer than air, a larger partical, so in a lower gravity setting, if you were on Mars and could breath, you would feel the heavy air around you, it might feel like walking thru water, it would flow around you just like water does. Matter of fact, what I know of fluid dynamics is that carbon dioxide in its gasous state would be clear and heavy enough to accually carve those channels like invisable water. Mars express got a hi res pic of a dust fall in progress, heavy carbon dioxide pouring off the edge of a crater. So I'm seeing flow of an invisable ocean of carbon dioxide, and large pockets of breathable air moving about the planet, as well just the flow of carbon dioxide into a lower spot would cause lots of wind. Again try it :} get some dry ice and watch how it flows around stuff as like water seeking its level. Try setting 2 pieces of dry ice next to each other and see how the fog interacts with itself, very intresting. You might find this intresting too, most the Natives out here lived on the tops of mesa's, on Mars, the breathable air would be at the tops of mesa's. It's a tossup as to if it can be called wind as we know it, the tornados and dust devils, could be eddie currents in a sea of invisable heavy carbon dioxide. Just the rotation of the planet and heating from the sun, could cause major carbon dioxide movment.  

9 Feb 2004 @ 13:09 by Adi @ : NASA & Mars, etc.
NASA's Charter says that it must release all data to the public unless it is considered to be a threat, i.e. military...

The Oversight Officer at NASA who's been in charge of clearing all data before it's released to the public has been Ret. Admiral Bobby Inman, formerly the head of the NSA...

For 20 years of more NASA has had a photo retouch lab that systematically airbrushes all UFOs out of all of their photos before releasing them to the public...

There are various ETs on Mars (and on the Moon), and the US military-intelligence agencies consider them a threat because the ETs have us way out-gunned... and because the ETs have told us not to return to the Moon or Mars since we were ready to send a nuclear bomb to the Moon and explode it as an experiment to see what would happen!  

9 Feb 2004 @ 14:21 by bushman : Drones
Russia has drone type rovers on Mars, they figured that a multipropellered skipper rover, was the way to go. Thats how I would do it, since as you notice, our rovers, can't cover alot of distance. So as we know russia has had how many landers/rovers on Venus, and now even those old pics with todays tech, are pretty cool. Russia has us beat by 20 years or more probe wise. So thier Mars probe probable can move long distaces fast, and have the ability to hover to see over stuff, so they can calculat a jump to a new spot, as well, the Russians have advanced heleum tech, so they could have a rover, with a blimp cam thing they can reel out and look around when theres little wind, easy rover tech, off the shelf stuff I could buy at home depot and radio shack, our rovers, are bilet drilled proto type stuff, that old as heck, makes you wonder, what they were thinking putting a 20mhz cpu chip, when I got a 300mhz cpu chip right here on my desk thats 3 years older than our rover program, lol. Well, lol, the beings on jupiter arn't happy, I bet, since we dumped 70lbs of encapsulated plutonium on them. Now that I think about it, things on this planet havent been the same since we pulled that stunt, but at least they didnt crash it onto Europa. Dumping stuff like that onto the sun sould be ok though I think, just not cost effective. And just letting them go into deep space, I could see us running it over in 100 years because we forgot about it, lol.  

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