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10 May 2007 @ 17:58, by Anthony Marsh

Right, like they didn't notice Jets laying down thick contrails that spread out and blot out the blue sky till the Sun goes down. Oh gee guys, lets just sneek this in as a normal everyday thing, the kids will never know that 20 years ago jets didn't lay down cloud cover, like we your gov, have always had to do this to protect the planet from solar radiation. But we are just going to say it's a new discovery. Your jokeing, right? Dudes, give it up and force the big corps to break out the high tech clean power. Don't you corperate super rich people think youve made enough money? Rather than clean up your production practices, you all chip in on reflecting sunlight back into space. You put the guilt of global warming onto the citizen that can only make the choice of burning fuel or walking to survive/basic comforts. When the facts show that millitarys use and burn most the fuel produced. Just one plane flight across the country uses more fuel than I could burn in 20 years in my truck plus cooking and heat and lights.


"We found that the region affected by this cloud field 'twilight zone' extends to tens of kilometers beyond the identified cloud edge," said Koren. "This suggests that 30 to 60 percent of the atmosphere previously labeled as 'cloud-free' is actually affected by cloud-aerosol processes that reflect solar energy back into space."

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30 Jul 2007 @ 12:12 by Juan Port @ : Aerosol Detection
What planet are you from Mr. Marsh? Jet contrails have been around since jets entered conventional military service circa the mid-1950's. They are caused by humidity and pressure factors rather than conspiracy. Also, try sneaking in an English class or two, it will make your statements easier to translate. Have a nice day.  

30 Jul 2007 @ 16:21 by bushman : lol
Right, persistant contrails have not been around since the 50s, I was born in 62, and lived in Pasadena CA, we never had contrails leave a solid trail that spread out and covered the sky till around 90s. Your comment is nothing more than talking crap about my spelling, as if that is the issue. How long have you lived on this planet? I know how contrails are made and if you accualy had looked back farther in this log you would have noticed that. There are over 50 weather modification projects going on in the USA right now at this moment. There are patents for solar scatering agents for mixing into jet fuel, so why dont you go do some further research? :}  

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