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 Swami Beyondananda (Beyond and on da)
5 Nov 2001 @ 09:35, by sharie

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman .

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"How to Tell if a Dogma is Friendly" by Swami Beyondananda

... Yes, it's a dogma-eat-dogma world out there, filled with pit bulls whose bull pits them against other dogmas. And while
we might be tempted to raise a stick to these bad dogmas, any
dogma-trainer will tell you that you cannot train a dogma to
be loving and obedient by beating it. To win a dogma's heart,
offer it a treat. Say, "Good dogma. Sit. Roll over ... heal."

Now of course it's sad but true that when a dogma is foaming at the mouth and is clearly rabid, it must be put down before it infects other innocent creatures. Even the most sentimental
dogma-lover understands that. So to help us all, I have divided dogmas into two  categories: Angry, unfriendly FundaMENTALIST dogmas, and the happier, more friendly FUNdamentalist ones.

FundaMENTAList             FUNdamentalist

*Accent on the mental.... Accent on the fun.
*Heaven is aboveus....... Heaven is where you make it.
*Ours is the One Way..... One Way? Do not enter!
*Laughter is frowned upon...Frowning is laughed upon.
*Vow of chastity. ..........Vow of levity.
*An eye for an eye......... Live and let live.
*You stone people...........People get stoned on their own.

Now the good news is, even the baddest dogma can change
simply by changing their emPHAsis to another sylLABle. And
to help teach these dogmas to heal, I am launching a Blisskrieg to warm the heart of even the most fearful and angry dogma. And we begin by kindling the spark of peace in our hearts and turning it into a bright flame. Then we share this spark of peace to light everyone and everything we come in contact with. It's a fight to the life! We will light them on the land, we will light them on the sea, we will light them in the air! We will even shine the light of love and laughter into their caves!

And maybe with enough light, enough of us will get so
frustrated with the stupidity of dogma-fighting, we'll just
surrender and say, "Ah, peace on it!" And with a little peace
here and a little peace there, who knows? We may end up with
one Big Peace everywhere, and both Nonjudgment Day and
Disarmaggedon will come to pass.

To hear Swami's song about Nonjudgment Day, click here.

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