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 Iran & Iraq
30 Oct 2002 @ 18:40, by sharie

About 15 years ago, I was living in La Jolla, California, and had a lot of friends from the middle east. Armand Simon Simonian was from *Persia*. A lot of my Persian friends wouldn't call their country *Iran* because that's not the homeland they knew growing up. It had changed too much.

Simon explained to me that when the Ayatollah took control of the country from the Shah, the people rebelled against the strict muslim constraints. They weren't used to it. The Shah was more western.

Because the people were rebelling, the Ayatollah and his followers decided to start a war with Iraq, which they then used as propaganda "We've got to band together to fight the invading Iraqi's". It was all a ploy to keep the people from throwing out the Ayatollah.

As he told me this story, it dawned on me that this was the same thing our U.S. government was doing to us, telling Americans that Russia was going to invade us and we had to stick together. I could see the propaganda kept the masses ignorant and allowed those in power to keep raking in our tax dollars into their own pockets.

We're being lied to. Peaceful people all around the world are being lied to.

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