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29 Jan 2002 @ 02:16, by John Finn

Well, in my opinion, whatever the issue, its about us getting active. That's a really simple statement. But primary thats all it takes. Thirty activists doing a good job will equate around 30,000 inactive people. A few years ago a handful of activists activated against Berger King concerning their use of Central American (Costa Rician) beef, that was been feed on ex-rainforest claimed grazing land. Embarassed and compelled by a 17% loss of income they stated they would only buy local beef! It doesn't take that much really! I would like to go on about what is achieable, but I know on this list I'm preaching to the converted! So that's it!

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29 Jan 2002 @ 02:43 by jstarrs : Right!
Seems a lot of people are discouraged when they feel they're on their own against something - I do feel it important to re-iterate the (scientifically proven!) fact that every 'action' however small (the butterfly and the storm) have an effect on the whole.  

29 Jan 2002 @ 03:45 by istvan : Realactivism
This is a good point of future discussions. Real-activism is effective only if it achives results. The most important activity of the manifestation of merchant mentality is to make and accumulate $$$$.The way they do do this is to take $$$$$ from someone like you and me by convincing you/me that we need what they have to offer in exchange.
So it makes sense, to stop this activity by witholding their source of power $$$$$$$$$. I often wonder why activists by flying all over the globe, spending perhaps millions of dollars and polluting the environment don't just stay at home and stop spending. Well of course it would not be as exiting as traveling and partying. We could eventually support the establishment of local groups in our comminities like the co-operatives of the sixties/seventies were.  

29 Jan 2002 @ 12:06 by sharie : Loved your Comment Zendancer
You're right! Many "environmentalists" drive around in exhaust-spewing cars or SUV's... activist jet around the world feeding the corporate executives.  

29 Jan 2002 @ 12:24 by finny : Activists
I think that they are many ways to be an activist. Thinking global and acting local is a popular expression. However like all slogans it is not exclusive, that would make it fundamentalism. To argue that activists are polluting so therefore they should just act locally, or should stop their work, is a taking political correctness to a paralyzing level. The activists I know are aware everytime they take an areoplane that they are part of the problem, however, they consider they are more part of the problem not doing what they are 'called' to do. The example I gave was mostly local activists doing a direct action outside their local Burger King. However the idea came from a globe-trotting rainforest activist, who generates over $US200,000 a year to save rainforests. There are so few activists, that if they all stopped taking areoplanes or driving, it wouldn't even be noticed I suspect, as far as their polluting was concerned.  

30 Jan 2002 @ 08:53 by istvan : Misunderstanding?
In my above comment perhaps i did not make it clear enough what i was trying to say. Local activism may not be as trilling as Globetrotting, but has a viable place in the movement. I have participated both ways in the syxties and so, i do not just make statements to make statements. What i am suggesting is that local activism maybe a better way to achive counciosness raising in the general population. The big show demonstrations achived wery little, compared to the expense (perhaps millions of $ spent on travel expenses abd bandades, that only supports the establishment). Perhaps the money and energy spent could have more impact by setting up information centers, cooperatives, and to oganise local demonstrations so the general public does not just get the info from the biased media, but from the demonstators on one to one.I envision the setting up of information centers fot a New Civilisation once we get together on the idea of just what we are doing. Local cooperatives could be started right now by any of our members. Eventually we have to disseminate and put in practice the "great wisdom" we are accumulating. Yes? No?
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30 Jan 2002 @ 09:05 by istvan : Activsm
Perhaps the slogan should be changed to: Act Locally, network Globally.
I percive peaceful/creative activism as a natural part of any new civilisation.  

30 Jan 2002 @ 13:18 by finny : Activism
I think that what itl takes to make a difference is diverse, multi-levelled and multi-layered. Most of the activists I know are locally active. However, there are a handful of men and women who see that their skills are best used elsewhere, or all over the place. Not only that I think that the best activists feel somesort of "calling" to do what they do, and this "calling" has a mind of its own. Leading the activist to things and places they would not necessarily choose for themselves, but feel compelled all the same. I like the; "act local network globally".  

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