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picture10 Jan 2005 @ 10:37, by Richard Carlson

Tom Toles' great work is available all the time online at [link] .


The great man is one who never loses his child's heart.


In eternity there is indeed something true and sublime. But all these times and places and occasions are now and here. God himself culminates in the present moment, and will never be more divine in the lapse of all the ages.

---Henry David Thoreau

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

---William James

James' implication of course is what not to overlook either. Am I seeing things or is Tom Toles becoming even more brilliant with each day? This cartoon is for yesterday but should live through the ages. It has layers of meaning that make me want to ask a lot of questions.

I'm not an economist nor an engineer or even much of an ecologist. So this message really is to ask for help. Some of you have answers...and who knows? maybe it is time to gather information together. Why are the airlines failing? I get bills for what little refuse we can bring ourselves to send to the landfill. I get bills for the utilities we still have to use. I notice on many bills we get charged extra for the oil necessary to bring the service to us. How much is our dependence on oil really costing us?

I can't even imagine how much oil it takes to lift an airplane 3 miles high. At $2 a gallon what does that do to the price of a ticket? We thought propane would be a good substitute when we had to buy a replacement for our oil furnace. Then we learned the price of propane is connected directly to the price of oil because they need oil to extract it. Do hospitals need oil? Are insurance costs connected somehow to the price of a barrel? What place did oil have in every war of the Twentieth Century?

Like all of you, I was born in the Twentieth Century and raised to live with and depend upon the amazing technological developments of that time. Near my home in Western New York and now here in Southeastern Ohio, there are large settlements of Amish and other groups who decided humanity took a wrong turn with industrialization and its use of coal and oil. If we have to stop flying airplanes, is there a domino effect that will take us all the way back to kerosene lanterns and a team of horses? There is a significant population in our world that seeks and has been successful in efforts to "get off the grid." Many want to be self-sufficient in production of energy.

And so I want to inspire questions and answers. We've got a guy coming out here to advise us on harnessing wind power for our home. Are there alternative fuel plans for airplanes? Can industry operate and machines go without oil? Will I still have the Internet? Is oil what's wrong with the ozone and the climates? I remember the sky without any jet trails. In the 1940s coal soot from railroads and factory chimneys was annoying on washday, but mostly a good thing for prosperity and the war effort. Did we overlook something somewhere? Can we get back? Will my students and their parents find anything to do with their lives besides NASCAR, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles and dirt bikes? How will I mow my lawn? How will I blow my leaves? Where can I buy a good broom?

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10 Jan 2005 @ 20:13 by vaxen : Alternatives...
do exist. But humanity has been 'hood-winked' by the 'oil-men/women.' Ask yourself the question: Was oil the admin why for the recent Tsunami? WHo stands to profit most from that little excursion into 'terra-forming' the planet for greed's 'profits?'

Since Teslas works were largely suppressed, by 'oil men, and everybody who is anybody knows that Marijuana is a better burning 'fuel' why don't we just 'off' the oil men? Oh, it will come to that. WE are letting themselves 'burn themselves out' so to speak. Sure lots and lots of people's bodies will die but, as you know, or should I say 'as your religion 'teaces' you, there is no death. That is really 'Ben Panderas' message, isn't it? Eternal life?

So as the multitudes become 'loaves and fishes' a few most definitely will survive with the advanced technologies that have been hidden from the 'common herd' and largely assembled becasue the common herd has been bought and sold so many ways and exploited to the super max. The common herd doesn't, can't, listen...cradle to the crave. "Allegory of the cave."--Plato But he wasn't the only Pholsopher King, aka "The Republic," to have understodd the 'counter weight.'

I sympathize with you Jazzolog but, as an educator, you must realize what you 'educators' have been doing 'to' the common herd by accepting and preaching dictum that is meant to oppress and suppress creativity and free thought. The 'State' is a monster! Soul-u-tions do exist...find them.  

10 Jan 2005 @ 20:40 by b : solutions for Jazzo
One is a composite of solar, wind, methane. Use of solar panels, wind turbine, methane gas tanks combined to generate heat converter into electricity.
Another solution is for educators(like yourself) to revive freeware of fuel cell technology. Fuel cell technology answers many of the the energy needs of all Earth's populations but it is being suppressed by unnamed powers within and without government.
Collecting and collating the fuel cell info that was released will provide the answers of a type of fuel cell free ware that can take any user off the grid.  

10 Jan 2005 @ 20:46 by hgoodgame : Getting off the grid -
An ideal I find worth working toward. Can we allow parts of the 'grid' to be ok since we still use parts of it? Are we locked in even if we use only very limited supplies from the 'grid'? How completely self-sufficient can I become and still have the comfort of lifestyle I desire (and deserve!). I have one friend who says he knows how to build a generator that would provide electricity for several houses and it runs on used motor fuel.
So you are looking for answers? No matter what changes, no matter how great, any surviving humans will always try again. And somehow, if the environment is not entirely impossible, some will survive and continue. It's the nature of the beast. Or maybe it's the nature of the game.
What's going on right now?
Apathy is what has been taught, it's been engrained by the schools, by the preschools, by the media, and it's got a very solid hold. Now it is getting tossed together with confusion, mixed messages from the people who are supposed to be the 'respected' ones, the authorities.. Pretty soon you've got most of the population with a 'deer in headlights' look on their face doing whatever they are told to do today.
I always liked this one by Ashleigh Brilliant -
No country is truly free whose children are forced to attend school.

From the rights of children series by Jane Evershed
We have nothing if we have nothing
for our children
You ask me to shoulder your world
I am but a child
and without your care
I am nothing
And when you are weak
and time has almost passed you by
I shall not recognize your cry
for you have taught me to ignore it.  

11 Jan 2005 @ 09:41 by jazzolog : Off The Grid And Onto The Griddle
Thanks so much, friends, for your helpful replies. I've known a lot of people over the past 40 years who have dropped out of the mainstream and headed toward cooperative communities or self-sustaining lifestyle. While I've always admired them and enjoyed celebrating their various success stories, I didn't join them, largely because I think their solution is short-term...and really just something for themselves at the expense of the larger society. If the world's population has reached the point of no return regarding the planet's resources, the result is going to be a lot of death...and in areas not so "remote" as is the case today. My mission has been to issue wakeup calls to the mainstream. I fear I haven't been too good at it.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 03:13 by astrid : Well, well Richard...
I don't know if I would agree with you: "at the expense of the larger society." What do you mean with this????????? After you explained that then I want to continue talk about this.THIS IS THEE MOST IMPORTANT we can be talking about here on NCN, plus how to educate people about the moneyscam!.... ALL ELSE IS JUST "icing on the cake" /garnish or whatever... Right now we have the choise to either survive the idiots or to go down with them!.....  

13 Jan 2005 @ 06:19 by jazzolog : The Larger Society
Nothing mysterious. Just the mainstream. Ye Olde Civilization, if we want to bring NCN into this. The establishment. The majority. What you "drop out" from. Each person has his or her own breaking point, at which we say, "Enough of this. The world is mad. I give up on it." I hadn't reached mine yet---but I'm talking to fewer and fewer average, normal Americans, I notice.  

13 Jan 2005 @ 20:24 by astrid : This is I see as....
Very GOOD NEWS, Richard: "Enough....." "I haDn't reached....---but I'm talking to fewer and fewer average, normal Americans, I notice." That is Good News indeed!
I think you are absolutely right here: "maybe it is time to gather information together." But maybe that infromation gathering could -or even "should" be of a "different kind".... How about you making it to your NEXT GOOD MISSION in Life to actually re-connect with those friends of yours "who have dropped out of the mainstream and headed toward cooperative communities or self-sustaining lifestyle." INTERVIEW them, Ask EXACTLY HOW they did it; step by step info every step of the way, so to speak and make it to a guide for us who haven't figured that out yet! Make it as easy to understand as possible; no "Big" words, just normal Every-Day language, in simple 1, 2, 3,> steps. "How To Create a Self Sustaining Life-style For Dummies"
I bet you would make a killing on that one! I would buy several of them from you ( to give to my friends ) -provided that following the steps got me out of here!... : ) Let me know what you think about this suggestion!  

14 Jan 2005 @ 16:06 by jazzolog : Making A Killing
Not sure I ever wanted to cooperate enough with the marketplace to try to publish something, and as I have 4 very close and dear friends who each have struggled to the point of conniption fit over publishers, I doubt we'll see a book come out of me very soon. It's a great idea though Astrid, and I imagine there are quite a few books like that out already---maybe too many. And yeah, try to understand the complicated language many of them use! I will write here if we get into alternative energy sources though. The first hurdle is to get the New Age windmill dude even to show up. He was supposed to call us right after Christmas. ==snore== And then there's the New Age carpenter who may do a roofing job on the house when the vibes are right for him. Dana's ready to call in the attorneys on the New Age beading software outfit to whom we paid 80 bucks for a CD rom we can't get to work. Their own email is out of order, and they don't return phone calls. The company's in California, so maybe I'll ask one of you to pay them a visit. Yes, New Age vs. Old Age.  

14 Jan 2005 @ 20:21 by astrid : THANKS JAZZO!.....
... I am so glad you take up this subject about so called ( s.c. ) "New Age". The funny thing -which very few people know about the N.A. is that it is THE OLD PARADIGM thinking in Illuminati's version;HAND TAILORED for the Masses, started in the Thirties and launched via/by the Teosophical Society.
"The New Age" Message has the Spoiled Bratt/100 % SELFISH person in its CENTER and AS THE CENTER OF ALL OF UNIVERSE, whom ALL AROUND it is TO OBEY, SERVE and subordinate to, in any which way the BRATT wants/ DEMANDS!!!
The Bratt uses all the OLD PARADIGM Methods of manifesting the GOOD LIFE for him/herself: "Magic", both s.c. black and white ,through all kinds of "tricks", with no end in sight.

The first issue of "New Age" came out 1934, if I remember correct,( it might have been -37 ) published by the Teosophical Society.

This "New Age” is the Teaching based on s.c. Esoteric Knowledge –which is all based on the Old Paradigm. The Human being in the Center of ALL of Universe which is there only for the human to use and abuse to his /her pleasure.

The NAME “New Age” is –INTENTIONALLY chosen by these people, the Illuminatis, who were the Power House behind the Teosophical Movement, -and still are- because it was supposed to mislead people to think it was the TRUE NEW AGE, which was anchored into the Planet’s and our Collective Mind’s MATRIX/consciousness by a guy named Jesus of Nazareth and whose teachings are all about ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR: HOW WE RELATE TO THE WORLD AROUND US, The Land, Environment, Plants, Animals and towards eachother. Jesus Mission wa to anchor the AGE OLD Truth that you find in ALL Holy Scriptures: “Do Unto Others….” As oppoiste to the Old Paradigm and the PHONY New Age Teachings.

I could tell you more , but let this be suffice for now. The last thing I want to draw your attention to though, is that MANY THOUSAND of s.c. “New Agers” realized after a while, that something wasn’t quite right with the Teachings, lacking 100% any true Care an Love as it was/is and so they "kinda" just walked away from this SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT Idea, which is at the very core of the OLD PARADIGM and the New Age Movement,These guya then chose to become the PIONEERS in the Sustainable Living Movement, Walk Light On The Earth Movement, Do Unto… Movement, Equality and Freedom For All Movement etc….
ANY Movement that truly cares and loves and relates to others is the REAL New Age, though it does not carry that name..  

4 Feb 2005 @ 09:52 by jazzolog : The US As Loan Company & Casino
Paul Krugman's column today nails this whole Social Security debate and lays it out for folks like you and me~~~

The New York Times
February 4, 2005

Gambling With Your Retirement

A few weeks ago I tried to explain the logic of Bush-style Social Security privatization: it is, in effect, as if your financial adviser told you that you wouldn't have enough money when you retire - but you shouldn't save more. Instead, you should borrow a lot of money, buy stocks and hope for capital gains.

Before President Bush's big speech, a background briefing by a "senior administration official" made it clear that the plan calls for exactly the "borrow, speculate and hope" strategy I described - not just for the system as a whole, but for each individual.

Here's the money quote: "In return for the opportunity to get the benefits from the personal account, the person forgoes a certain amount of benefits from the traditional system. Now, the way that election is structured, the person comes out ahead if their personal account exceeds a 3 percent rate of return" - after inflation - "which is the rate of return that the trust fund bonds receive. So, basically, the net effect on an individual's benefits would be zero if his personal account earned a 3 percent rate of return."

Translation: If you put part of your payroll taxes into a personal account, your future benefits will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the amount you would have had to repay if you had borrowed the money at a real interest rate of 3 percent.

Peter Orszag of the Brookings Institution got it exactly right: "It's not a nest egg. It's a loan."

For years, privatizers - including Mr. Bush - have claimed that people would do better with private accounts than with traditional Social Security even if they played it safe and invested in U.S. government bonds (which yield 3 percent after inflation).

But the official at the briefing made it clear that his boss was fibbing: if you invested your private account in government bonds, you would face benefit cuts equal in value to your investment, so you would be no better off than under the current system.

The only way to get ahead would be to invest in risky assets like stocks, and hope for higher yields. But if the investment went wrong and you earned less than 3 percent after inflation, your benefit cuts would leave you poorer than if you had never opened that private account.

So people are expected to take a loan from the government and use it to buy stocks, and if that turns out to have been a mistake - well, too bad.

Experts usually tell people to plan for their retirement by investing in a mix of stocks and bonds. They disapprove strongly of speculation on margin: borrowing to buy stocks. Yet Mr. Bush wants tens of millions of Americans to do exactly that.

Meanwhile, what does any of this have to do with the ostensible purpose of the whole thing: saving Social Security?

Here's the senior official again: "In a long-term sense, the personal accounts would have a net neutral effect on the fiscal situation of Social Security." The government would have to borrow huge sums up front to create the personal accounts - $4.5 trillion in the first two decades - but it would supposedly make up for all that borrowing with offsetting cuts in account holders' benefits many decades later.

Color me skeptical: will retirees with private accounts that performed badly really be forced to repay their loans in full? Even if they are, private accounts will at best have a "net neutral effect" - that is, they will do nothing to improve Social Security's finances. Mr. Bush says the system faces a crisis; what does he propose to do about it?

The answer, presumably, is that his plan will also involve major benefit cuts over and above those associated with private accounts. And it's true that you can improve Social Security's finances with privatization, as long as you also slash benefits - just as you can kill a flock of sheep with witchcraft, provided you also feed them arsenic. (Thanks, M. Voltaire.)

Do you believe that we should replace America's most successful government program with a system in which workers engage in speculation that no financial adviser would recommend? Do you believe that we should do this even though it will do nothing to improve the program's finances? If so, George Bush has a deal for you.


Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company  

2 Jul 2005 @ 00:42 by Hebert Centrone @ : Teosophical 1940-1956 large prints
Hi, my name is Hebert and have some large prints of the Teosophical Society Black and white 1940 till 1956 annual reunion, if anybody is interested please let me know.  

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