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30 Sep 2005 @ 11:27, by swanny

Howdy just trying out the Opera web browser
It seems pretty good with a few different features
I find most browsers to be pretty similar.
I've tired Firefox, Navigator, Epiphany, Modzilla,
Internet explorer, Safari and a real old one made by and
for Java. I find not much significant difference between them
I suppose some are a little faster but I suppose in the end
its like just different colors for the same model T. I guess some have different "skins" that give a different show but the nuts and bolts seem to be pretty basic. Oh there was this one I tired that only did web cams that was pretty neat and this other one called Earth browser but it was difficult to use.
Anyway opera is free for the moment with no ads so i thought i'd give it a whirl. Actually I suppose there is some difference as I tend to use different browser depending on what the thing I wish to accomplish is.

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30 Sep 2005 @ 14:17 by silviamar : I vote for firefox
I haven't still tried Opera. My favourite one is Firefox, I like the search box of google/yahoo/amazon/Wikipedia/blablabla on the right, the way it organizes the options, the multiple extensions that you can install to do hundreds of things; for example, I use the weather forecast, the FTP extension and the proxy switch almost everyday. I've also noticed that it opens most of the pages faster than Safari.  

1 Oct 2005 @ 01:14 by jmarc : I vote for firefox too
the search box with the dictionary is great, and pop up blocking automatically makes it better than ie. I tried to download opera but i run win 98 and it doesnt seem to work with it. Hey aren't all browsers free? And how do they acomplish that? How do the people who slave to make them get compensated?  

2 Oct 2005 @ 18:21 by vaxen : Opera
is the best browser ive ever tried. the new 8.50 is a step forward in that it is now free for everyone and no it wasn't free before but...that should never stop a dedicated seeker from anything. everything is free on the web if you know how to...

but opera has so much more like extended keyboard macros, for example, that you can program. also the use of 'style' sheets and a built in email program as well as a news aggregator and download manager too plus a gaszillion different skins, toolbars, setups, plus being inordinately fast. Opera beats firefox hands down. Opera worls very well on win 98 so i don't know what your problem is jay.

anyhow, glad to see your testing opera. try hitting 'control + b.' GTRL +SHift is nice too as is CTRL + q...oh, there is so much that Opera has that isn't, at first, apparent. Has tabbed (MDI) browsing and popup blocking as well as banner blocking and just so much more.  

2 Oct 2005 @ 18:48 by jmarc : maybe i tried
the wrong version of opera? I think IE also has style sheet option available, though as I said, Ive pretty much abandoned Ie. Thing I've noticed is that some coders have been using Ie for so long, they arent correctly coding their pages for other browsers. For example, background sounds. and forms. I usually find background sounds anoying anyway, but I could completely abandon IE if it weren't for the fact that a few web sites i visit have their forms coded wrong, and i must resort to Ie for them to work correctly.  

2 Oct 2005 @ 19:50 by ming : Firefox
I've just switched to Firefox as my main browser. I've been using Mozilla for ages, so it is not that much different. But the many extensions seem to be more likely to work on Firefox, and that's what's really cool. I haven't tried Opera since a really early version.  

2 Oct 2005 @ 22:02 by jmarc : oh and
thanks for pointing out the ftp extension silviamar. I didn't know about that. Just downloaded and tested it, and like it.  

3 Oct 2005 @ 05:54 by silviamar : I also used Mozilla before
many years ago, because it had the browser & email integrated, and it was easier to backup the emails. But since I bought the mac I started using the Mail program included in the OS, and I switched to Firefox, I'm very happy with it.
Jmarc I'm glad you liked the FireFTP extension, I always use it to upload files to my website and it's wonderful. Have you tried the Bookmarks synchronizer? It's great when you have more than 1 computer.  

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