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 New Toy
picture 21 Aug 2005 @ 01:11, by Jose Overalles

Well, this is pretty cool.
Wireless headphones for the computer.

I havent got along very well with previous sets of headphones. I'm always breaking or ripping the cords on them. A set of headphones for me is lucky to last a year without me fouling them up somehow. I liked the last pair of headphones that I had for my computer, because they had an in line stereo / mono switch. Being totally deaf in one ear, mono is the only option for me when listening to music through headphones if I want to hear both channels. But I broke that pair the way I break them all, by accidently ripping the cord out of the jack when preoccupied with other activities.

So, I decided to go wireless. And I got a special adapter for the transmitter that plugs into the computer, so that it changes the signal from stereo to mono. No more cords to accidently destroy. I can pick up the music from up to 150 feet away from the transmitter now, which covers the whole house and all around the outside of the house too. Now I can listen to the mp3s on my puter while I mow the lawn! I can listen to hillbilly banjo music streaming through the internet from Tennessee while I sit on the front porch, or listen to any worldwide internet streams anywhere outside in the yard. Sweet. Hope I don't find some way to break it too soon. Hmm. Now I need a wireless microphone. and a wireless keyboard, and mouse...and monitor.

This looks pretty sweet too.
D-LinkĀ®/Omnifiā„¢ Home Media Streaming Kit
Some day.

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