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 Transmediale - space navigation and interfaces
picture picture picture 9 Feb 2010 @ 20:13, by Heiner Benking

Berlin is again

beside the Transmediale [link] and the Berlinale [link] full of media glitter and creative media movers and shakers. What a time... We are at the edge to thinking deep - not new for me as 3D vizualisation was my think & do "thing" (in deep and in colour since 25+ years), but only now the technology is at the edge of reaching the public eye and mind as we can see in movies and interfaces.
I will hop between the events and lounges , and my heart and concerns are with immersion into old & new spaces, as an old and new door and vistas opened, for example with new intefaces. See gesture cubes ! [link] or what we called Advanced Visual Interfaces. [link] Interfaces even for Cultural Heritage ! - see also this more recent virtual worlds proposal: [link]
Going from 2d-3d is not new for me, from flat to deep and maybe also from Show to Schau ! [link] and being aware of interface design and immersion or the challenges of virtual reality [link] , but what it means to have all walls as monitors and connect the space in-between still rocks my mind. I know that we need spaces for knowledge in modern times of internet and media, like we need space for living, if we do not want to end in the noise of Cyberculture, and I know we can agree on spaces and frames, orders and rules, like we can agree to drive on the right lane and stop at the red light. But who dares to challenge orders and frames, not by postmodern irgnorance, but by negotiating, creating and moving line and objects. I always come back to the citation of Rueckert, maybe someone will check it out and help translate it to the modern media age!?

Whoever imagines mental deep permeable barriers which actually do not exist
and then thinks them away, has understood the world.
As space is entrapped in geometry's network of lines,
thought is caught in its (own) inherent laws.

Maps make the world comprehensible to us;
we are still waiting for the star-maps of the spirit.
In the same way than ambling through fields we risk getting lost,
the spirit negotiates its terrain.

Friedrich Rückert, Wisdom of the Brahmins, a didactic poem, Charles T. Brooks in 1882 – above is unfortunately only a clumsy first translation by Robinson/Benking as we could only get hold of the original German version. More at BRINGING DOWN NEW WALLS: [link]

So maybe we can find ways together between the movies, media, and realities locally and globally instead of being sumbmerged in the glut of endless, no-return Cyberculture [link]

If you care to see what agreed frames and spaces might look like, goto: TONY [link]
or check out what we mean by deep and flatworlds: [link]

A footnote:
I am shocked getting today this [link] to get a Journal covering the topics above for a subscription of 500+ Dollar per year. See still high tech with lots of insider development potentials.

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