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26 Jan 2003 @ 11:13, by spells

Only Action will Bring about True Change

On Saturday January 18, 2003, there were demonstrations in 33 countries and over 100 cities protesting war against Iraq. Some cities that participated in the demonstrations were: Portland, Honolulu, Albuquerque, Des Moines, Ann Arbor, Lansing, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa. Countries included: New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Egypt, and Syria.

Surprisingly CNN televised a demonstration of over 200,000 people taking place in Washington DC, as it happened. As I watched this I could see and feel from the speakers and the crowd, that they felt strongly against this action of war. They eloquently listed the reasons for stopping it, and why it is wrong. These people were passionate in their intention to educate and express all the reasons why unprovoked war for oil is so wrong.

Many important points were made, such as:

-President Bush does NOT care about world peace, our civil rights or us. He functions NOT for the people but for the corporations that placed him in power to start with, via a supreme court decision, rather than by popular vote.

-Our nuclear and conventional weapons are OFFENSIVELY used. They are in most cases clearly NOT for “defensive“ purposes. The hundreds of billions spent for the military budget each year, should therefore be called, "offense spending" rather than “defense spending“.

-There is never enough money in the Federal Budget for medical insurance for the elderly, scholarship programs, numerous social programs and/or school programs, colleges, unemployment, libraries, state government functions and repairs on public facilities. But there is ALWAYS an extra 25 billion dollars or so to spare, to build that new bomber, to destroy the earth, kill millions, prevent peace and create widespread hatred toward the United States among the peoples of the world, even amongst our “allies“.

-The only thing Bush has succeeded in doing during his term of office thus far, is to thoroughly expose the lies upon which this government is based. The same may be said for the hypocrisy and lack of right action in our representatives, in their ill-considered approval of pointless wars, the creation of the Department of “Homeland Security” and the passing of legislation like the Patriot Act. . Our land is neither by or for the people. It has been taken over by special interests who install whatever president and congress best suits their private needs. America is now home of the slave and land of the fee, by the corporations, and for corporate profits. Our government no longer represents us, and needs to be replaced entirely by those who really care about humanity.

-This isn't a war to stop terrorism, it IS terrorism in the worst possible form. In other words, this is the War OF Terror, not ON Terror. The whole world has been put on notice regarding the bullying and aggressive intentions of the United States, summarized by Bush’s comments to the effect of, “You are either with us or against us”. Those who don’t “obey” and get in line smartly, had better be prepared to have their peoples bombed and their economies strangled into submission. Hitler was never so efficient.

-A slaughter of Iraqis would be a criminal war for colonial conquest. And that is exactly what another “war” with Iraq will be….a no-competition slaughter of an insect being stepped on by a fifty-ton behemoth. It has nothing to do with helping the people in Iraq or the world in any way. They have already suffered tremendously in the last ten years since the last Gulf Slaughter. Literally millions have suffered and died who would not have died otherwise. It would be interesting to ask people how they think such a war would "help" Iraqi‘s, but then such a question supposes a logical answer, when there is no logical answer. Most people only know what they see on television. Just like computers, they willingly take this virus-corrupted software into their minds, in the naïve assumption that because it’s on TV it must be true.

-Presidential impeachment appears 6 times in the U.S. Constitution. It appears this many times to protect the people from such tyranny as we are witness to today. The reason for this is quite clear...the Constitution was written by men who had come to this continent to escape the arrogance and insanity of Kings. King George had taxed them without representation, taken away civil rights and freedom, and imprisoned people without just cause or due process. If all this sounds too familiar, then you‘ve been paying attention to what‘s been going on. If it doesn‘t then you must be sleeping through Reality 101.. Needless to say, there is much talk of impeaching Bush, who is our own version of King George, (FYI, in a few days at least one website will be up and running dedicated to the task of impeaching G dubbya.). Another interesting section of the Constitution, states that the president has no authority to make war on his own accord...this must be by the official declaration of congress. No such declaration has been made, nor will it ever be, even when we move on to destroy and occupy Iran, Syria, North Korea, half of South America and anyone else who looks like they might be both easy prey and have something of value we’d like to steal. Now, everything under the sun is lumped under the hazy guise of the “war on terror”, about which “good and patriotic citizens” never ask “Why“?. One can well imagine that this is exactly how Nazi-ism came to power in the 1930’s.

I salute all those who had the intelligence and courage in recent demonstrations, to stand up and speak the Truth. Of course, I see unmistakable truth in everything that was stated.

But as the day went on after watching the televised protests, questions and conclusions crept into my mind. Although I was in total agreement with all that the protesters stood for, I wondered how many were really serious and ready, to take the necessary steps to truly make a social change. War, and the direction of “consumption” in which this planet is moving, can only end up in one destruction. These problems won't just go away with a new president. In truth, the president is not much more than a mere figurehead. Impeach him and you will only get more of the same. Cheney and whoever else the corporations want to sponsor, will then take up where he left off, through another rigged election if necessary. How many of you have forgotten just how our illustrious president got into office? He speaks of forming democratic governments abroad, but evades and corrupts democracy here. The hypocrisy is sickening, right to the bone.

Corporations run this country, not one man. Hell, he is a puppet with more strings than I care to count. At this point in time it matters not who is president or what party dominates congress. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is honest about the whole process of modern government. It is all controlled by corporations, power, greed and corruption. In other words, the way our government now runs is a reflection of the social values which permeate every part of our society.

For example, as long a material objects, titles, job descriptions, and dollar amounts in bank accounts are all that matter to people, nothing is going to change. In other words, so long as only external things that build and feed egos are what is considered important and a priority in our daily lives, our world will continue to decay. It will matter not who is in office anywhere on planet earth, until everything that is a major focus in today's world, (such as consumerism, love=money, "success" as defined by dollars, instead of wisdom or kindness) is seen for the absolute and total folly it is. Until we fully realize and live as the consciousness/cells in the body of God that we are, the human species doesn't stand much of a chance for survival. Society will only continue to go in the direction of de-evolution and destruction. Does this sound harsh, negative, pessimistic or cruel? Call it whatever you like……I call it The Truth. The Truth won't bend because we don't like it or don't want to hear it. Stay in denial and watch where it takes the human race.

Action and taking responsibility is what is needed in daily lifestyle, not words, marches, petitions, voting, letters to senators, or phone calls. I ask the reader and the demonstrators to consider the following questions...

1. How many of you, who are against what the government proposes to do, own an SUV or other gas guzzling vehicle, (or for that matter, two or three of them) ? These only perpetuate the need for more oil. Now may I ask, what is the need for such a wasteful vehicle in the first place? Could it be to run to the supermarket? The nearest shopping mall? But this isn’t the bottom line. Let's face it, it is only to "show off" to anyone who is looking, since ego-boosting is all that counts in the modern media, workplace and social circles.

2. How many of you own houses with 1000 or more square feet than you really need? Has anyone ever stopped to consider how much lumber, oil, gas, electricity one family truly needs to survive, beyond which these private mansions of luxury are extreme examples of greed? I can assure you that what is needed to live well, is far less than what it took to build these palaces, or to maintain them. Then why do so many here in the US live this wasteful, selfish and impractical lifestyle? That is easy to answer...this is what is accepted and expected. For what reason? Again, it is only for the sake of shallow self-importance, and the supporting of a false construct...the Ego. There is literally no good reason why people are killing themselves and the planet upon which we live, to achieve “financial goals” that can NEVER make them happy or fulfilled. Only a spiritual, simple and practical life focus can do that.

3. How many of you still pay the government taxes for their military killing machines of mass destruction? How can anyone complain about what the government does with money, when they hand it over to them willingly? YOU are giving the government the money it needs to continue doing whatever it pleases, including the bombing of women and children, and the constant bribing of foreign officials, commonly known as “foreign aid”. Now, why should the government stop any of these actions? In their mind there is no need to stop. Why? Because they’re getting paid to do exactly what they’ve always done for the last century or more, and without real protest from a sheep-like public. The solution? STOP PAYING THEM TO KILL MILLIONS AND BRIBE THE WORLD! Vote with your money and how you spend it, rather than trying to change things like futile elections, protests, petitions and other activism, which most government leaders couldn't care less about anyway, and more often than not, totally ignore. If you need examples of this, just look at what protests have done so far…nothing but speed King George’s lust for war all the faster, before public unrest starts becoming a matter for the police, national guard and prison system. Stop paying them, just as you would do in the case of any worthless and destructive employee.

4. What is the difference between the National Debt and Credit Card debt? They both exist because of wrong social focuses, and wrong social values. Credit card debt happens because "consumers" believe they need to buy absurd, “new and improved” plastic-coated products, “while supplies last“. A huge percentage of these products are really not needed, except to keep up with the neighbors, (who couldn't care less about what you have, any more than you really care about what they have).. This results is paying interest on what you didn’t need, for the rest of a miserable, prozac-popping life. Such a life makes people not only wage slaves, but credit card slaves, who are owned by the banks just as much as their mortgages and car payments are. Does anyone really believe they are not slaves to the system, for the sake of shallow social status and corporate work-force drudgery? Talk about delusion!. When as a people did we become so naïve and foolish, that we believe everything we’re told about “success” and life, regardless of how absurd that message is? Wake up and realize there’s better things to do in life.

5. How many demonstrators and/or readers have been in the armed forces, or willingly sent their children into the military? Let me take this one step many have made sure their sons registered with the Government, when they turned 18?
How can any thinking person allow their children to willingly volunteer to be on the government's list for military service, when they know their job description is likely to be that of a mass murderer for minimum wage? It doesn't matter what the government says is "mandatory", when government is only out to protect it's own selfish interests. It cares NOTHING for the lives that are being put in jeopardy. It is sickening to see the constant advertisements on TV, showing life in the military as glamorous, strengthening and respectful. It is demeaning and destructive, nothing else. So many complain about the cost of the military and the corrupt reasons for war, yet blindly follow whatever the government tells them to do. I ask you, why should the government change anything when it governs such pathetic, servile subjects, who are no more discriminating than laboratory rats, willing to grovel mindlessly in the name of patriotism and participate in wars of conquest?

The next question is: When is anyone, including the demonstrators, going to stop talking and start doing? A common belief is that the Power is in the People. This is not true when you can’t tell the difference between the people running the government, and the people that are governed. The only real difference between the demonstrators and the government, is the level and/or degree to which they subscribe to the social values of our day. But when greed and lack of honesty are the mob-rule at ALL levels of society, then there will be no real change. If you think there will be any change with such values as consumerism in place, then you’re just fooling yourself. The greed of the average man in wanting that shiny new car when he doesn’t need one, is no different than the greed of nations going to war for the sake of stealing what other nations have. Honestly, there is no difference when it comes to what is actually being done on a daily basis...Most still worship the dollar as God, regardless of what kind of a protest sign they hold in their hands.

Simplicity, Practicality and Spirituality....these are the keys to true freedom and reform. Until the majority of us with materialistic/consumeristic ideals adopt this focus, nothing else will change. What we do today is not so much a problem of governmental form, specific people in office, political parties, wealth or power. It is a matter of values, daily focus, spiritual ideals, honesty and the decision to evolve or self destruct, (or the lack thereof).

How many readers would be willing to give up their over-indulgent American lifestyles for peace? How many are willing to live honestly for Truth alone? How many would trade in their Phd or Master's degree, for true Spiritual Mastership? I'll bet not one, (or very few) because this is just not “accepted“, and therefore would not be, "easy or comfortable". In this world, you go with the crowd regardless of what the crowd does or stands for. By another name this is known as “corruption and cowardice“. Sorry, but nobody said the truth or the right action that goes along with it, had to be easy or comfortable. People think it is easier to stay in the status quo, even if it means our total annihilation as a nation and as a species. They think it is easier to demonstrate and complain than to really change a thing about themselves. But simple protests won't make a bit of difference in the long run, as long as the population still values materialism, and the Dollar as their focus and God. If you doubt this, then just look around to see which God is the most worshipped every day…the Great One, or the little green one…

Time is running out, but not because the president or his minions say so. Soon millions will be bombed so that every one of you, all government officials, and all the corporate heads, can continue to live that over-indulgent, selfish, and shallow consumer’s life. The time to get serious is now or never. How many out there are truly ready to take on this responsibility? “Rights and responsibility are indivisible.”

I recommend this;

For information on how you can live well and what you can do daily, please visit the World Mind Society Library, (social commentary section) at:, and read; The
Survivalist’s Guide for the New Millennium.

It is time to truly stand together and initiate a REAL demonstration of our values, not only in words, but in the way we live day to day. This is where you really vote, through your spending and your daily decisions. Daily actions are the true test of one's dedication to higher ideals, nothing less.

Sandi Hunter

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26 Jan 2003 @ 12:38 by cho : "It's time ... not only in words ..."
Disheartening, to see so much good effort dismissed so easily. Why didn't you title your item "there's nothing to be done".

While you make the effort to copy and paste an article, you overlook the fact that the many dozens of demonstrations that took place involved millions of people taking time from the other aspects of their daily lives, and that's without reference to the many weeks and months that went into planning and building the events.

So easy to talk high principle ... so easy to be flip and glib.

/Millions of people in the street/ makes no impression? You can see why I'm talking more often about pathology something like brain damage.  

26 Jan 2003 @ 17:27 by spiritseek : Demonstrater's
What makes you believe that they are only demonstrating what they want and not living it too. One right action done at least for the right reason will spark another and then another, etc. It starts with one foot,one action or one word. I am a demonstrater and I am changing my way of buying and saving and recycling. Please don't lump us protesters in to one heap of do nothings,you have no idea what the millions are doing. If what we get out of all this is to learn compassion for our fellow humans then we have done something wonderful.  

26 Jan 2003 @ 19:45 by spells : Defensiveness....
It seems that whenever something is written about people really taking responsiblity, the only comments that are posted are defensive. I never said all the demonstrators lived in any way, I ASKED how many do? Why not trying to talk about important points made, and not just being "flip and glib"?  

27 Jan 2003 @ 06:49 by istvan : Sandy...i agree..
Especially with this: "It is time to truly stand together and initiate a REAL demonstration of our values, not only in words, but in the way we live day to day. This is where you really vote, through your spending and your daily decisions. Daily actions are the true test of one's dedication to higher ideals, nothing less."

The demonstations of the syxties were fine parties most of the time, where we had a good time. Did they change the world? Perhaps a little.
Unless we are able to demonstate and live new ways the New civilsation remains no more than imiges of science fiction to ease the pain denial creates.
Would this wake some people up? [ ]
Or would this? [ ]  

27 Jan 2003 @ 09:34 by vaxen : I never...
had a 'good' time at any of the demonstrations in the sixties zenndancer. Maybe you did. Maybe your demonstrations were just 'parties.' Ours were normally ended with tear gas and many beatings by the local gestapo.

Toppling a Government so viscious and so well equipped, as this one is by the people, will take more than platitudes on the nature of war etc., ad nauseum. This 'polyglot people' is a nation of sheep. They are brought up on fear, uncertainty and doubt and educated to be slaves. Many times worse that Orwells 1984 is the so called 'society' that we Americans have been privy to.

Ceasing to be a part of the overall insanity is the only way that one can maintian a modicum of self worth and confidence. Creating a new universe from within and not participating in the pseudo freedom offered by a jaded humanity may save a few of us for the times after those who are in power destroy the world utterly.

There is no sense in becoming the enemy through being manipulated into actions against them. An oblique march far away from their Armageddon (Har Meggido) is the only way I see of preserving self and posterity. More and more I care about neither. That worried me a bit. SLowly I find myself not caring whether or not humanity survives at all. One more blight off the face of a very hostile universe. But I'll continue even in the face of doubt to be just who I am and I will stand in the face of this god awful tyranny and spit in its nobodaddy face! Like I did before. Hope you will too...  

27 Jan 2003 @ 10:02 by cho : " Protests won't prevent war" ...
... that's not balanced. That's not constructive, or impartial. Neither is it an invitation to discourse. It's certainly not indicative of of inquisitive interest, and it /sure as heck/ isn't appreciative of the /hundreds of thousands of people who put themselves out.

Facile, glib, sloganeering intended to dismiss ... and entirely in keeping with the times.

It's so entirely black, and so simplistically superior ... representative of the us/them think that characterises both sides of that divide. (Can you characterize the divide? I can take a pretty good shot at it ... but there's been precious little else on my mind for decades, so really, that just shows how slow I am.)

Frankly? It's contemptuous ... and I'm sorry if this triggers more of your defensiveness.

What's that line we were talking about? new-age thinking or something? Well, that can't be faked, because it's foundational in the sense that it's an attitude that /precedes/ verbalization. If I'm feeling X, then I'm going to have an X approach to the issue, come up with X-like phrases, and likely express X-type thoughts. Unless I'm deceptive, in which case I'll contrive to do otherwise.

"Protests won't stop the war" "The rich have all the control" "The UN is a communist front" ... no wonder people are averse to thinking things through in even a slightly nuanced manner; black/white thinking seems to be proof of allegiance. "With us or with the terrorists" ... Dubya really hit the nail on the head!

Protests and demonstrations are one part of a fully human response to a dire situation, one part of democratic engagement. Really, that isn't so complicated, is it? I humbly suggest that we dignify one another with intelligently responsive language.  

27 Jan 2003 @ 13:51 by simpleman : BELIEVE!!!!
BELIEVE that anything is possible. BELIEVE that the protests changed the opinions of many. BELIEVE that any peaceful solution can make a difference. There is no right way or wrong way, there is no smart way or stupid way, there is no good way or bad way, to prevent this war. Just BELIEVE there is a way, and that it is a peaceful way. BELIEVE!!!  

27 Jan 2003 @ 16:32 by rishi : Let's stick to the points at hand
First, great post Spells, which I answered in my own log. Second, great comments were made by Zendancer and Vaxen, whom I agree with on every count.

Third, to those others here who seem to have taken offense at the suggestion that simple protests aren't the key to world change, I'd like to make a few comments. With all credit due to Spells and her courageous, no holds-barred presentation of the unsuppressed truth, I want to point out that she DID give credit where credit is due. If you actually READ her article, she gives both praise and salutation to the courage of the protestors, and the points they publicly made. If you think otherwise, then you obviously didn't read carefully.

The whole point which some seemed to have missed, is that while marching down the street once every few months has its merits, it is by no means the sum total of what needs to be done. Neither is recycling your empty plastic containers. As Spells pointed out, what REALLY counts is how life is lived by each of us every day. This she clearly stated, and there's no need to get defensive about anything, other than perhaps, because of a real lack of sincerity on some people's part, to make real and lasting change in the world. Let's get a grip on what priorities are most important...this post was not about "protestor-bashing" was about taking responsibility for yourself in ALL areas of life, in the midst of a completely irrresponsible society.

Do you still pay taxes, Cho?  

27 Jan 2003 @ 20:29 by tdeane : Wouldn't It Be Wonderful...
If we could unanimously agree, both demonstrators and non-demonstrators, to do something together, like all staying home from work, not using any vehicles, not turning on our televisions or computers, not buying ANYTHING on even just one or two particular days. The economic jolt alone to corporations and governments, with a warning of more to come if they don't listen, might just hit where it truly hurts. I have found the most effective way of going "within" IS going without; it has taken me to the place I've found the true treasures in my life, the place of natural riches, and wholeheartedly agree this is where the work that will change the world begins.  

28 Jan 2003 @ 05:51 by cho : Deafness in NewCiv
I came to talk about a dream I had last night, and about a NYTimes editorial that read in part "".

But instead, I'm going to respond to something I find far more upsetting. Is it impossible to have any sort of honesty, even here?

I wrote "Protests and demonstrations are one part of a fully human response to a dire situation" and read "The whole point which some seemed to have missed, is that while marching down the street once every few months has its merits, it is by no means the sum total of what needs to be done."

Now, let's walk through this: I wrote "are just one part", and someone responds "The whole point which some seemed to have missed ... it is by no means the sum total." So, really, is there any hint of honesty here? All I see is someone straining to appear superior.

I wrote "I humbly suggest that we dignify one another with intelligently responsive language." and I read "Do you still pay taxes, Cho?" My reply is, in part "Fuck you!" ... how dare you?!

But more ... rishi is at home here ... knowing full well that passive-aggression is the coin of the realm ... fucking yuppies ... eat shit and die. pfffffffft *gone*

N.B.: My software popped up an alert letting me know that this page had changed. Classic passive aggression! Somebody *3 guesses?* had added a tag line to this comment ... no attribution, no comment, no note ... just a quote from what I'd written, out of context, designed to mock. Classic passive aggression. Tell me, does it give you a childish giggle to know you can gather together and titter at your sophistry? When I say "Eat shit and die", I mean it on at least three levels, and make no effort to veil my anger. /That/, of course, marks me as the painted bird: your sophistication bands you together ... heads full of resentment, hearts filled with contradiction, bodies tortured by the opporessor within, brains mangled by the rhetoric of 7 year olds frustrated by arbitrary authority ... pathetic bunch of over-bred twits! Eat the shit of your culture ... what will this get you but death? ("Business is a conversation; money is just the punchline." Who but a bunch of alienated post-modern aristocrats would talk that way in public?) Eat the shit you hand each other in your ritual bonding, with your self-serving pseudo-high minded defeatism, deprecating real effort (however flawed) in favour of ESToid group-think. The third meaning? _wey_ over your heads ... I never came _close_ to speaking openly in this elitist clubhouse.

*All those hours in the chat rooms ... I was reminded of my kids, when they were 9 and 11 and 13 and 15 ... childish babbling.*  

28 Jan 2003 @ 10:12 by istvan : A preecursor to WWWIII???...
Probably tonight Dubya wanted to deliver the exact same speech, but his speechwriters will smooth it a bit.
It maybe time for all of us to find and hit the reset button, or God will do it for us.Than we can start over in some nice cozy cave,chatting around a roaring campfire and take some time out to drag the women around by the hair.Not a bad idea.  

28 Jan 2003 @ 16:37 by sharie : WWIII
Say goodbye to America. Say goodbye to your home and everything you've ever known. Say goodbye to security and safety.

Sandi and Matthew, I quit paying state and federal tax years ago. I quit buying gas about a year and a half ago. Life is so much easier this way than when I lived in a hi-rise condo with an indoor pool and drove a BMW 735i, my life is so much easier now than when I traveled thousands of miles every year, and so much easier now that I've faced the truth of what's going on in the world and respond appropriately.

I thank all of you for your articles and information over the past couple of years which have helped me immensely.

Thank you all for your comments here.

Life as we know it won't exist for much longer. I think you know that now. Please make plans and be prepared.

The regime took control of trillions of dollars of public funds and are launching a military assault against a defenseless nation - as they have been doing for decades. Do you imagine sanity will lead them to do what is right *anywhere*?  

28 Jan 2003 @ 17:21 by rishi : The end of the modern world
You're right Sharie, life as we know it surely will not exist for much longer. But then you and I have talked about the fall of society for some time, and have seen it coming. Spells and I have done the same. Although I know very well that the current self-destrcutive path of humanity needn't be followed, I think it safe to say that there's a huge amount of inertia behind this trend and that isn't going to go away easily, not with world meditations, not with protests, and not even with a fundamental shift in the lifestyle in less than 50% of the world's population. It's a classic case of too little, too late. I see this as fact all the more so, because of a completely irrational insanity that is sweeping the land. I see people making excuses and inventing rationalizations for mass killing and mass environmantal destruction. They do this as if they believe that's going to make world problems go away. But I think the real reason, to be honest, that people rave and froth on behalf of world destrcution is because they really don't want to live anymore, and don't mind taking the rest of the world with them.

Of course, none of this implies that spiritual practice or lifestyle is any less relevant than it ever was, it just means that this is nature of realism and honesty in the modern age. I'm sure the presidential state of the corporation speech tonight will highlight such facts very expertly.

Thanks very much Sharie for our contribution here, and for being another sane voice in a very insane world.  

29 Jan 2003 @ 03:28 by meru @ : whafuh?
So rishi what was the point of the above? Why waste the energy? I agree with cho. Man or woman please share your point of view on LIFE because I'm also sick and tired of these little self styled divinities stomping on every one elses sand castles with their ideas of what or what does not constitute 'real' change. It is really pathetic to watch the sick little power trip cliques get together,once again, to talk about how wonderful and wise THEY are and how little anyone else is doing while they continue to lick each others dogmas. Hey Cho it is possible to have honesty. It just takes some people a little bit more time, space, reflection. I'm here: I'm listening:I'm hearing: I'm observing. I have to laugh at my observation of the fatuous further comments of the jaded and their as you already put it passive aggression. Observe their pussy clamp deathgrip on the 'We're all gonna die! Long Live WWIII! I second your emotion fuck that, you people are acting sick! Who died and made YOU the masters of the Universe? Please reflect deeply on the question. Love for all, meru shrugged.  

29 Jan 2003 @ 03:36 by Meru @ : Making sense simply
Thanks for your comments tdeane. A calm breeze from an opened window carrying the pure scent of efficiency. Your message is coming across loud and blessedly clear. Yeah, it would be wonderful and might I dare add, IT WILL BE!  

29 Jan 2003 @ 17:57 by sevenLamb @ : Toys that save worlds...
Ancient peoples understood some basic stories and toys about our natures which, deployed in modern society, can literally save our planet. We can end war now, and the
toys, tools, and secrets we've been waiting for are in
our we brave enough to unify in rings
of 5 people, and save our nations and the world? I
know we are...if we can only admit that we can...again.  

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