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picture21 Apr 2004 @ 15:27, by spells

Being Dislike and/or Being Misunderstood

Someone once said to me..”I would rather be disliked, than misunderstood”. I see the truth of these words, but it appears that both can also be the situation. Now please don’t misunderstand this post (no pun intended). I am NOT looking for compliments, ego boosting, words of encouragement, advice or anything of the sort. I only want to clear the air and be real.

What prompted me to write this little post is a private message I recently received . I was told off in so many words and then blocked from responding. OK, that is his/her prerogative. But in all honesty, I see it as cowardly, defensive, immature and sneaky.

I am not here for image. I am here to share the truth with other souls on their journey. Sometimes this truth is harsh and to the point. But enough sugar coating is done without my help. This may come off as “unloving, unspiritual, harsh, negative, judgmental point out some of the “labels” I have been called. When I am told this I always ask the same question…what could be more loving than telling the truth so that others can see it and progress from there?

Repeating messages was another accusation thrown at me in this little private message. Yes, I do repeat myself, but only to make a point. When a post or comment is answered within paragraphs of the original post, this is done to be clear and thorough. So many points are missed when discussion gets going and my hope is to directly answer key topics in the hopes of inspiring deep discussion. When the points are not addressed, it is my habit to bring them up again. That way I may be disliked but not misunderstood. The same is true of questions that are not answered or not answered directly or honestly.

Contrary to popular belief, and I did have to do a lot of digging to see this clearly, I am not by nature a negative person. As I have said countless times before….don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t fool around though and I look at the bottom line in all situations. If it is not the cause of the problem that is being addressed, then the problem will not go away. Pure and simple. That is NOT my rule, it just is.

Now getting back to the message sent the other night. It wasn’t so much the words that struck me, as it was the psychic attack that I strongly felt. I (as many here) am very sensitive and when an illness, pain, discomfort or other symptom strikes me, I question where it comes from. I woke up yesterday morning with a migraine. My head hurt so much I wanted to just scream. I meditated and looked for the source and guess who popped in my head?..…the author of that message. I didn’t know yet that I had received the message, but after long meditation I knew who was attacking me. Of course, this was confirmed as soon as I logged onto NCN and saw what was written.

I am telling you this, not to attack anyone, but to ask you to please be aware! Psychic vibe and attack are not often talked about among members of a group, (or in our society) because we want to believe everyone is coming from good intent. But watch out for those that care more for image and their own self gratification then true spiritual ministry. They are very good at deception and convincing you that they are right and caring. They are very good at minimizing key points, pointing fingers of accusation and/or changing the subject.

Please always go within and seek the answer, don’t take another’s word for it. Also use meditation, logic and reasoning. And please also remember…it is said that the truth hurts, but this matters not for it is still the truth, no matter how you may feel.

Peace, love and clarity,

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21 Apr 2004 @ 18:12 by martha : negative energy
"Psychic vibe and attack are not often talked about among members of a group,"- Yes i agree Spells and actually here on NCN I have had numerous conversations on just this topic. So sorry you woke with a migrain but had enough presence of mind to figure it out. Good for you. Psychic attacks are alive and well on NCN just as they are on the net.
There are things you can do to prevent these attacks but I believe you have a good grasp on that already. The answer is always within as your rightly pointed out.
As far as negaive energy goes I am personally making an effort to get most of it out of my life. This does not mean I am turning a blind eye to the world. I am simply allowing the space for the Now and in order to do this I am rising my vibration. This requires discharging the lower vibrations that I feel and think. Not an easy task. Mind you I'm not trying to lecture you on your approach. Each of us is unique and has our own path. Maybe the person that wrote you is just trying to shift also.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 18:54 by sharie : You're very open, Sandi...
You're emotionally and spiritually sensitive, and very open, and I don't know how you manage as well as you do. I admire you, but I don't have the endurance to put up with all that gunk, so I had to put up a wall - spiritually and electronically to keep it out of my life. I know there must be a better solution than what I have done, but I could not find it. Do you have any advice? How do you endure all that garbage?

I tell myself that it's not that fault that they are so heartless and cruel, acting out their unresolved issues and all... I tell myself that most of us have been subjected to a corrupt culture, and have the psychological scars to prove it, and that helps me to not hold grudges or animosity against them... and I know I am exceptionally sensitive and aware when someone intends to be hurtful to me (to bash me in an emotional way, which some NCN members have done) and so I just deal with it the best I can, which means shutting them out.

In my personal life, my social circles are people who are kind and helpful, intelligent and sensitive, and I have learned to keep toxic people out of my life, but online, you never know who's going to burst into your world with their unresolved psychological issues and project them onto you, so it's been a whole new process for me to learn how to deal with it, and for now I just block them out.

If you have a better solution, I'd love to hear it.

I figure if anyone wants to be kind and caring, they will, and those who don't, will be cruel and pathological. Anyone can make that choice at any time in their lives. It's a level of awareness to choose to be kind, rather than act out mental problems. Any advice would be welcome.


21 Apr 2004 @ 19:54 by spells : thanks and a question.....
Thank you both for writing. I agree, of course, that both methods are good...raising one's vibration and disconnecting. I work on both, but have been a bit too slack on the disconnecting. I have found when I disconnect and not align in any way, I am far more positive and raised in vibration.

So what is to learn from this? Well, I think that it is time to disconnect ..mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Work on oneself and raise to the highest vibration one can. This is virtually impossible when connected to the world consciousness in any way. Believe in the standards, modes, beliefs, issues, etc and your vibration will inevitably be pulled down because of the law of resonance.

Sharie..I have been told often lately that one cannot raise the consciousness of the world, or inform at any serious level, at the level of consciousness that it is. I heard the message but ignored it. I won't ignore it anymore. As long as one learns as they go along, then they will progress.....

I do have a question...seriously just out of curiosity. If so many here are raising their vibration (many groups around the world are doing the same, so I am not picking on ncn, by any means) then why isn't the vibration of the planet lifting?  

21 Apr 2004 @ 20:41 by martha : It is spells...
I do believe the vibration is rising but in order for that to happen there seems to need to be extremes to get the shift happening. And I think we are in the middle of the extremes of thinking...killing, power over, control, seem almost epidemic. More and more people around the world are starting to say no and want a change. The internet has been very valuable in this shift. Sharie is absolutely right that you need to have people around you that are postive and want a change for the better. This is how you stay connected to the positive energy. You can't do it alone but as a group we do have great power.
When you match negative energy you only generate more negative energy. When you match positive energy, you generate more positive energy. That is the choice I am making. I am tired of pointing fingers and have decided to live a life now filled with light.  

21 Apr 2004 @ 22:52 by skookum : It can be frustrating
to try so hard to be uplifting in ones thoughts and actions. It is worth the effort and I applaud all of you for helping me keep trying. We are all working to help the world, but many work at adding negativity. We can expect it to be real work and effort to achieve the enlightened world we want.

When the boards seem to slip into negativity a bit, well.. we know that we can keep ourselves apart from that. You do indeed have to disconnect at times, or simply not give something the energy of your thoughts to feed it.

the smallest candle will illuminate the darkest night  

22 Apr 2004 @ 00:42 by vibrani : When you point a finger of blame
and accusation at another, you have three other fingers pointing back at yourself.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 01:56 by jazzolog : NCN As Infantile
The Block is the most childish aspect of this site. It encourages an outlook, in my opinion, that here is another message board on which to "sell" your individual wares, whether actual product or scintillating ideas. A sense of community or of opportunity really to build something out of this adventurous technology is dashed when members settle for a kindergartner's defense mechanism. The result is a membership of 8860, most of whom post a Profile yearning for community at a new interactive level, with only a handful participating in the so-called Open Area of the Logs, Chats and some Workgroups. Underneath is a network of people whose fights with each other involve the Block and psychic warfare, defended and celebrated as true freedom or some evolved higher state. And of course only the Webmaster and his anonymous helpers know the real story of how many people are Blocked from commenting about the entries of others. (I believe there are not that many, fortunately, who can bother themselves to think of no other way to resolve a disagreement than to slam one's psychic door and sulk.) Thank you, spells, for putting up another opportunity to comment on the biggest problem this site refuses to face.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 05:53 by swan : Thank you for writing this piece,

To look within for answers on all levels is most important. I have repeated myself many times in my time here too for the same reason you mentioned and I will repeat myself once again.

When one feels the need to lash out at another person it is time to look within to find the source of that anger, for the outer world is giving the perfect reflection for which to find oneself. If I, for example am judging you, there is something in myself that I do not accept. The whole thing about projection that I am sure everyone knows about.

As Shari said you "never know when someone on line is going burst into your world..." In the physical world around you usually there are cues you that you can pick up before hand but on line you can't see it coming until it is in your face and the negative vibes are jumping off your screen at you. I have found it important to disconnect right away, even go away from the computer, breathe and not respond immediately. I don't want to respond to someone in that kind of and energy field.

I do think the vibration of the earth and many people is changing and because of that the discrepancy between the vibrations is very apparent. Polarity is in our faces all of the time and things are not as they seem.

All we can do is continue to maintain and raise our own vibrations by becoming more conscious of how we respond and relate to lifes experiences and how we impact each other. I always ask myself this question: How can I come from a place of love right now in my response."

Any attack is a psychic attack. Just thinking negative thoughts about someone is a psychic attack and is harmful to the person and to the earth. We need to be mindful of our thoughts as well as our actions.

Great image, did you create that?  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:25 by spells : Thanks everyone.....
Thanks for commenting everyone...I knew there would be comments this morning and I thank you all for taking this seriously.....

"22 Apr 2004 @ 00:42 by enamrani : When you point a finger of blame
and accusation at another, you have three other fingers pointing back at yourself"....this may be true...but when the finger is a finger of truth and one points it to bring out the truth and/or to actually discuss as a mature being, then I say let 3 fingers be pointed back. When one hides, blocks, deletes and uses psychic attack this is only bringing out more negativity and shows their poor intent to "win", therefore they will also have 3 fingers pointed back. (probably behind their back because of karma, cause and effect, their sneakiness will bring out sneakiness in others, but not from me, I am open to discussion and facing the truth, but ONLY with those that have shown some good itent and a true caring for humanity.) And may I ask..just what is your intent of answering here when you have blocked me from you site and email? (just a question for answer needed)

Swan...I got that image on a friend's site. I don't know the link off hand, but if you would like it, send me a message and I will look it up.

One of the points I would like to make is that when one has the intent to raise their vibration, it may not go very high if one is still connected to the vibration of world consciousness.

I wish that the elevation of higher vibration were so obvious to me. I do see pockets of this, of course, but when the events of the world are going deeper and deeper into corruption, greed, wars, senseless killings, etc raising vibration by individuals is not truly making a difference. We cannot hide from world events by just talking. Action always speaks louder than words. Taking true action, being real and not playing games for image, speaking the truth,even if one is not liked for it, and being aware but NOT commiting and/or defending the same actions and having the same beliefs as those that perpetrate these very negative actions....may help. Does anyone remember the 60's? Now that FELT like a higher vibration, because it truly was....our level today does not feel anywhere as near to that level.

When I say withdraw, this usually doesn't mean from everyone, but from most. Withdraw from the modes and beliefs that have set the inertia of this world consciousness into action. If you are a part of it, how can you raise above it? This has been a question I have asked over and over, you don't have to answer, but reflecting on this may be beneficial.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:32 by martha : Richard
"The Block is the most childish aspect of this site."- get over it Richard, let it go. There are many reasons to block someone. This is an example Richard of you holding onto negative energy. I have blocked several people from my log and feel the better for it. They have never said anything negative to me on my log but sure made a point of it in other places on NCN. I just decided I didn't want their energy on my log. Of course I would never attack anyone on my log who wasn't able to comment back. That is cruel and childish action.
And as far as all the members that are on NCN, it is their choice to participate or not. Most of the members that are not connecting here are only interested in advertising their sites. There is always a kindred soul or two to find on NCN if you look.
And you are only touched by psychic warfare if you allow it to upset you. One needs to grow up, toughen up a bit and get on with the good vibes. There is lots of positive vibes in life.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:39 by martha : Does anyone remember the 60's?
Yes spells and I believe it was a very polarized time in America. We watch as three great humitarians are murdered and a war rages in Vietnam. I believe it was one of the greatest challenges in our lives to live through all that and not turn into a cynic. I believe we are also at another crossroads right now in America and the world at large. Only now we are much more proficient at killing more people but we are also more aware of the interconnectedness of all life.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:42 by spells : True blocking.....
Just one comment I said in my post, blocking is one's perogative, but if one is going to block, and yet attack psychically, then it is not truly a block, it is a sneaky way to send negative energy, and keep their image up. They may APPEAR to be doing it out of a higher good, but they are only part of the downtrodden, negative and destructive energy they are supposedly "blocking out".  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:46 by martha : yes spells
one always needs to look at the energy involved. And most can see through the games especially as we become more aware.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 08:49 by spells : action......
I agreee again mm, but the assasinations were a response to the positive energy elicited at the time and the war was also a ploy to distract from this energy. The difference now is that the higher consciousness that pervaded then was not even around and yet we are at war, and violence etc are at an all time high world wide.

This is more than a crossroads, this could be a detour to self destruction. In the 60's we still had plenty of natural resources including good water. Today we are running out of everything. So again if we live in the manner prescribed by the standards of society, then we are complicit in the destructive outcome, and all the positive vibrations sent out by well intentioned people will not save our forests, find better ways for energy and keep our water from being polluted.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 09:00 by martha : yes action is needed
and it is to be done in a positive manner.THAT is the shift. One has to live a positive life and that means not contibuting to the insanity. And we are at a very challenging time right now, I agree. One can be positive and still stop the forests from being cut and the water being polluted. You don't need to generate anger or negative emotions in order to participate in the changes we want.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 09:04 by spells : positivity.............
Point well taken mm, my comment was not meant to be negative or angry, in fact, this morning the "air" is not one of anger, but of honesty, only real in the light of the inertia these events have taken....again, action....what could be more positive then living in every way, the words that are spoken?  

22 Apr 2004 @ 11:26 by swan : I didn't feel anger in your comments or
this log entry. I felt honesty and an attempt to shine light on this issue. We can not have enough reminders to stay conscious. Maintaining a higher vibration needs constant effort. For myself my spiritual path; which is one of evolving consciousness, is the foundation of my life and every choice I make comes from that foundation. The survival and evolution of our species depends on each of us.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 12:01 by martha : I second that thought
of Swan's and also I didn't think you were angry at all spells.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 12:09 by hgoodgame : Many here are consciously working
at maintaining a core or center in higher vibrations. There is an old saying that it is always darkest before the dawn. This may be very close to the truth of what is going on now. My feeling is right now we are in the process of the typical crisis of the nadir with the termination of the old eon and the initiation of the new emerging. Of course in the darkness the truth is harder to distinguish and what we get in the meantime layers upon layers of bullshit. Some would say just find the layer you are most comfortable with and stay there. I say keep ignoring it and continue to look within to what you know your truth is.
I learned many years ago about putting up psychic shields since I was so easily damaged by negative energy, even just visiting a different city would create a reaction like what you described you were feeling before coming on NCN the other day. Essentially it involves visualization of actual shields, whatever you want to visualize, surrounding and protecting you. I think I used the image of an egg, made of impermeable material and reflective as well so the negative vibes would not only bounce of but go back to their source. That was 20 years ago and I must say it's worked pretty well for me. I am still able to be open and sensitive to people and issues I feel can use my energy and are open to it, but can shut that openness down very quickly when confronted with 'bad vibes', hehe. It has to do, for me, with staying well since I am useless to anyone if I am useless to myself.
There are a very few people here at NCN who seem to be automatically reactionary in a most defensive way and it turns a lot of us off (with me literally, I turn off my openness to them). Now I know deep down that they are insecure and wounded and their responses come from that, however, I no longer feel a need to 'help' them.
I believe as we each do our own inner work, and many here are doing that, we are doing the best we can for the whole world. And the world is changing. It is like more light is coming in. Of course as more light comes in, more of the hidden nastiness is revealed. All part of the process.
Almost everyone who commented here has had positive things to say and many have very good ideas. My compliments to all of you who have done so and are doing the inner work necessary. And yes, once the inner work is done, it needs to be lived, though I think when that inner work is really done, living it is second nature.
And this came in my email today, appropriate I thought - One never needs their humor as much a when they argue with a fool.  

22 Apr 2004 @ 19:00 by scotty : Energy !
I've always felt your energy Sandi - it's always been good - maybe not always felt like it to those who didn't like what you had to say - but that no doubt was 'their' reaction to what they felt - I'm glad to see you back with us again - and glad too to see this topic - it affects all of us.

Dealing with energy - mine and others is something that I'm in the middle of trying to practice more of - I don't know if you've heard of Tonglen ... Tonglen is a skillful training in a completely new way of being, in which you begin to develop a limitless, fearless and unbiased compassion toward all creation ... (most of my friends have heard me speak of this already ) - it's something that's helping me enormously to deal with all sorts of energy - maybe you'd like to have a wee look at this {}
I hope you find it useful - keep your log coming Sandi - we all learn so much from you !
*Love and Peace*  

22 Apr 2004 @ 19:26 by spells : Thanks....
Thanks Scotty and thanks for the link....I will check it out...  

23 Apr 2004 @ 09:10 by skookum : Concering blocking
are you talking about people here blocking communication with someone else? I think I recall some kind of button for that. I was surprised to see it. Not a very mature thing to do, unless some person was harassing you I would think.

I did want to clarify.. if you are being harassed or abused in any way.. of course this option is an important right. I would like to see us resolve our differences instead, but it is often not possible.  

17 Feb 2010 @ 20:09 by Michael @ : Understand we are only children
I know what you are talking about! I to have changed. I have not been sick for years, only stronger and full of will. It first came with floods of understang and wisdom, logic became my new pal. Soon came an empathy that was overwhelming and caused me pain when around others. I have lived with it for a few years now and have noticed a new change. The pain is better but now I feel as if I am reaching out and feeling the swells of life all around me. Imagine walking through the ocean when jelly fish all around you begin to light up. Some are darker than others and some are more together, like lightning storm in the distance. Regardless I have a better understang of life now. I have no hate, it is a poison!  

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