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picture11 Sep 2004 @ 15:33, by spells

Just a few headlines on website today, 9-11-04…

US military launches bloody attacks on rebel strongholds in Iraq

The political issues behind the Jakarta bomb blast

Death toll rises on US-Mexico border
Stop the persecution of immigrant workers!

Israel targets Palestinians, threatens Syria

Although I agree we must have peace and love in our hearts and spread this consciousness out to the planet, via vibration, words, articles, radio stations, tv etc, very little to nothing will change if we don’t get to the bottom line or cause of these issues.

As long as we don’t see everyone (and I do mean everyone) as consciousness/souls in bodies and that we are all connected via this energy/intent, then there will not be peace and respect on or for the earth.

If we have a “them” and “us” attitude, therefore believing/feeling we have the “right” to land, and feel/believe we are “justified” to shove people out, take over their country or bomb them, then how can there ever be peace?

If we allow lies to rule our government,(and other governments) in any way shape or form, then how can there ever be peace?

If our very lifestyles demand more of the earth then it can handle, and we constantly need/desire it’s resources/life blood just to support our lifestyles, how can there be peace?

Yes this is a beautiful planet, and the high vibration of love is a potential that exists for all of us, but words won’t do it folks, we HAVE to reflect this in every way.

Allow lies, ego/power struggles etc to run the day, then it matters not how much you “speak” of love and peace, you won’t get it, maintain it, and spread it out to the planet. If your actions don’t reflect it, then your intentions are NOT what you think they are. Action follows intention, in everything.

If you really have the intention for a better planet, peace, love and highest benefit to be the norm, then this has to be reflected in your actions also.

You can’t say you want peace, then support a government that demands war. You can’t say you want peace, and live a wasteful lifestyle.

You can’t say you want peace and see people as separate and/or evil.

This is pure and simple. No matter how many sweet, acceptable, loving, pseudo-positive you “sound”, nothing will change if one’s actions and intentions don’t change.

This is not negative, it just is. One gets so accustomed to the low vibe, the lies, the downward spiral that one doesn’t even notice it anymore and actually believes that by keeping their “attitude” positive, things will change. The Universe doesn’t work in such a way, how can the human species progress and evolve in this way?

Can you imagine if the law of gravity only said in words that it will be a force that keeps your feet on the ground, but in truth some people float and some people don’t? It is through the action of gravity that makes it true and real, not just the belief in it. This is how Natural Laws work, and this is how Spiritual Laws work and this is the Truth.

It is believed that we all have the right to our “opinions” and lifestyles. Free will is the name of the “game”. Yes, we have the right, but then we also have to take responsibility for the consequences of this free will. You want to vote, pay taxes, believe lies, support one side/country in war, etc then do it, but accept the responsibility that you are also part of the cause for it. You are just as complicit as any government official.

So go ahead spread love and peace via words, “positive attitude”, not seeing the truth of the world situation etc, but also take responsibility for your actions. Your soul knows this, but your mind/ego fights it to the core. Again, this is pure and simple. The way things are going, NOTHING or very little will change.

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11 Sep 2004 @ 15:56 by istvan : Sandy i agree... can those of us who see these can get together on this."The way things are going, NOTHING or very little will change."  

11 Sep 2004 @ 16:15 by spiritseek : I agree...
there must be a balance in all things. Recognizing the dark as well as the light and our part we play in it. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  

14 Sep 2004 @ 04:53 by spells : thanks...
SOrry for the delay in answering...and thanks Istvan and Spiritseek....

I suppose Istvan, we are doing all we can do by getting the info out to people, but unless people take the truth seriously, take responsiblity, and stop separating and labeling, there is not much we can do except live the best we can, preserving the earth, honoring what is true and not supporting in any way what are lies, for greed, corruption, power etc. It seems this path is not the one usually followed. Thank you for your clarity and lucidity on these matters.  

30 Jan 2006 @ 13:31 by Amardep Kaur @ : just want to say................
i think peace is simply virtual & nt realistic. does anyone, i mean anyone in th whole big huge world has ever achieved peace. i question u does peace really exist Or will ever exist.  

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