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picture1 Jan 2004 @ 03:33, by Alana Tobin

Solara 2004 Overview for the year.

The Year of the Monkey. (Chinese Year - Some Information)

Is he the one on your back, or the trickster simply trying to get your attention?

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2003 was an intensely deep year full of significant changes. During the year, many of us moved to new places, both physically and deep within our beings. Although the shifts of physical residences were the most obvious, all our shifts-- including the profound internal ones not so readily visible to others-- helped bring us closer to our new positional alignments. Throughout the past year, the process of Repositioning was highlighted.

Even for those of us who moved to new geographical locations, we discovered that we still had much to clear and recalibrate in order to fully emerge on a new level of awareness. We weren't quite ready to start living the life we were always meant to live, although we could feel it calling us. However, the physical act of moving did bring us closer to where we need to be.

Then began the process of Recalibration as we set up new fields in our immediate surroundings, aligning the energy to more perfectly reflect whom we are now becoming. Even if we didn't move to a new environment, we started setting new fields wherever we happened to be. And if you didn't move last year, don't be surprised if you do this year!

Many of us also experienced inexplicable, bizarre accidents during the year. Two friends of mine even got hit on the head by falling coconuts. Seemingly random events that came suddenly out of the blue, taking us totally by surprise and shifting us further off our old matrix. Unpinning us by forcibly breaking the pins which held us into the old positioning.

In the year 2004 we will start experiencing the results of this dramatic Repositioning, especially if we have made the inner shifts and put in the effort of creating new energetic fields around us. We always have the element of choice. And we are given the choice of remaining in our old energy fields or recalibrating them to help move us onto our new levels. Emerging on these new levels is essential in order to get the Green Lights which will move us forward. The Green Lights cannot be found on our old levels. This theme of moving through a series of Green Lights into our Greatness will continue with us throughout the year 2004.

The Year 2003 was also a profound year for inner exploration within the hidden depths of our beings. Deep waters abounded. Deep emotions surfaced which we hadn't fully explored before. Often, without any prior warning, we'd be suddenly engulfed by strong emotions bursting from the depths of our beings. This bursting up of sometimes overwhelming emotions which flood our beings will continue throughout 2004. Because of this, we need to get over being afraid or timid to feel and express deep & powerful emotions. Although it's unquestionably intense when this happens, it's actually helping us get in touch with our deepest feelings. It strengthens our emotional bodies, similar to reinforcing the walls of a well.

Last year we traveled deep inside ourselves and began sifting through the myriad elements of our beings, often making dramatic changes. These changes may not yet be readily apparent on the physical levels as their primary focus has been far within our depths, resetting or replacing our inner control panels. But during the great Year of 2004 our inner breakthroughs and transformations will become visible in our outer lives. In 2004 our outer world will start to reflect our inner level of consciousness.

All year, we were waiting for the Green Lights to move us forward. Sometimes, they actually flickered on for what seemed like a nanosecond. But we were watching so alertly for them and were so anxious to get to a new level, that we surged forward at the first hint of Green. Just as we were revving up our momentum and really going for it, the lights abruptly changed to either Red or Yellow. Halted in mid-stride, we toppled over onto the ground or lost control and crashed into a wall-- perplexed, disheartened, disappointed, injured and confused.

The Good News is that the lights are going to turn GREEN in 2004. The main condition is that we have more work to do within ourselves until we are totally ready. We need to get our new foundation stones irrevocably in place before we can race through those shining Green Lights. But if we do, the path ahead will not only be clear of obstacles, it will take us a great distance, to just where we most want to go. So clean up your dreams and make them what you really want. And get ready to show your greatness. In 2004 all things are possible!

Here are some of the things which we need to weave into our beings so we're ready to go through the Green Lights. We must make them irrevocable components of who we are. I'm aware that they've been repeatedly mentioned in these Surf Reports, but as long as they remain essential requirements to get ourselves onto our new levels, here they are again!
In January and the first half of February, much of our focus will still be deep within ourselves. This will be the crescendo of sorting through everything we carry within us, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It will be a time of much contemplation, as we analyze, resolve, release and realign. We'll be letting go of many qualities and old patterns which can no longer come with us on our journey into the Greater Reality.

It's like preparing for a trip. We can't cram everything we own into a few suitcases. We just want to take with us what is appropriate or useful. We don't need to take with us all the debris from the past; we don't need to fill our suitcases with the old emotional baggage. This is exactly what we are doing within our inner beings and outer lives. Sifting through everything and choosing what remains.

As we do this, we will experience resolutions of many uncomfortable or unresolved situations in our lives. We might be letting go of some long standing relationships, friendships or jobs which are not based on rock solid honesty and integrity, which don't make us feel good. With these resolutions will come a lightness of being, a whoosh of freedom, a release of some of the ballast of duality that we've carried around with us for a very long time.

Integrity continues to be one of the key foundation stones of our lives. Without it, we cannot go much further into the Greater Reality. We need to make our integrity firm and unwavering. It's one of the greatest qualities we have and without it, all our words, actions and glimmering potential mean little.

Integrity means doing what we say we're going to do. Walking our talk. Living our Love. Being unimpaired and living in a state of openness, completeness and Oneness. To bring all parts together in a whole. Integrity means giving our all wholeheartedly, 100%, in whatever we're doing. Putting all our love and full consciousness into it. Integrity means not misusing or leaking unrefined sexual energy. Integrity means not keeping oneself numbed out through the overuse of recreational drugs or alcohol. Integrity means not falling into the traps of manipulation or control. Integrity is being true to who we really are.

When we embody integrity, we can be trusted. We have opened ourselves to being who we are and we emanate clean energy. And when we are with others who also have integrity, our combined energy is honest and clear, without struggle, divisiveness or subtle undercurrents of manipulation.

Along with Integrity comes Respect and Mutual Support. We really need to constantly honor both our own selves and one another. And when our own interests and the interests of others seem to be in conflict, to find the Win-Win Solution which serves everyone while maintaining our honesty. This is not a part time endeavor. It's something which needs to be super solid, something we can always count on in our interactions with each other. We can't sporadically turn on our integrity and mutual respect when it's convenient. These qualities need to be firmly woven into our beings. Proudly worn by us and always present, no matter what else is happening. As ever present as are our eyes and nose and feet.

Another key foundation stone of 2004 is Honesty. Deep, core level Honesty. Honesty with ourselves and Honesty in all our dealings with others. This is essential. Dishonesty always brings separation and that is the path which leads away from Oneness. And if we are still holding on to partnerships and friendships which aren't based on Honesty, Integrity & Mutual Support, perhaps it's time to let them go.

We also see this state of dishonesty being mirrored in our world situation and in the consciousness of most of our world leaders. If we tolerate dishonesty within ourselves, we will also be prone to tolerate it in the world at large. Along with Love and Integrity, Honesty is a critical component of the glue which holds together our One Being.

Compassion is another foundation stone for preparing us for our Green Lights in 2004. Compassion is the ability to put ourselves into another's point of view, thereby understanding the motivating factors behind their thoughts, feelings and actions. Let's stop judging ourselves and others! Compassion is the antidote to Judgment, just as Gratitude is the antidote to Lack of Abundance. If some find it too difficult to be compassionate, then we can begin by embracing that simple old Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you." Just think, if everyone on the planet started living by the Golden Rule, what a mighty transformation that would be!

Another foundation stone is being empowered by taking Personal Responsibility for all the elements of who we are. Recognizing our talents, abilities, gifts and being comfortable with them. They are a natural part of the weaving of our beings. By doing this, we can step out of any cloaks of unworthiness or poverty consciousness that we have hidden ourselves under, realizing that we really do deserve the very best. We can regain a natural sense of confidence, not the ego driven kind, just a comfortable knowing and acceptance of our abilities.

We can also be aware of and honest about the places within us where we haven't yet achieved mastery. We are all works in progress. The journey of life gives us the needed time / space continuum so we can step into mastery and wholeness.

If we reach for Empowerment without making our Integrity and Honesty integral parts of the weaving of our beings, then whatever we put forth will be distorted; it will be a false empowerment. The Green Lights won't be quite as effective. We'll see them and move forward, but not quite go the full distance.

The Year 2004 will also see many changes in certain things which we've taken for granted. Some tried and true elements of our daily lives or of the mainstream culture will just fall away. An example of this is the advent of Mad Cow Disease in the US which might make many people question whether they still want to eat beef. This could be a huge shift in the land of the Sacred Hamburger.

We will also be focusing on health issues as part of our recalibration process. This includes both long standing and often ignored, health problems, as well as new ones which appear suddenly. These health issues represent areas where we need to make major shifts or release some ballast. It's part of the process of becoming whole and free. Whenever health problems come up, don't ignore them; rather, delve to their core and find out what they want you to do.

During the past several years, many of us have often felt that we don't quite belong on this planet; that there's no place for us to really feel at home. And many of us have found it difficult to manifest our creativity. This will change when the Green Lights turn on and our creativity will burst forth on whole new levels.

2004 is going to be a magnificent year. The Surf has a new overlay of the Greater Reality imbued within it, altering the elemental composition of the water of life itself. It now radiates an iridescent sheen which is sending forth a penetrating harmonic of enduring Love and Oneness, spreading outwards in ever expanding concentric circles. As they touch us, we resonate in accord. Our One Being is becoming increasingly viable. The waves are moving into a new sequential patterning. All of this will affect us deeply.

Those elusive Green Lights are going to shine brightly in 2004. And if we've done our homework and give it our all, we'll be able to travel into new places, experiencing new lives, new love. Our outer lives will finally reflect our inner beings, and this will feel so good. We're going to constantly experience the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

In 2004 we are given the golden opportunity to be wildly creative, to love and be loved and to step into and finally embody our greatness.


The Year of the Wood Monkey
Jan 22, 2004 - Feb 8, 2005
by Gahle Atherton

January 22, 2004. This is the first day in the Year of the Monkey. However, New Year Intentions best set on January 23rd according to astrological data!

It is Year 4701 by Chinese calendar.

Whilst the sky's the limit in the year of the wood monkey, take care because all is not what it appears. Look behind the scenes for the real action.

The Monkey is by far the hardest to understand or to define of all the Chinese Zodiac animals. The Monkey is known to be so agile that even if he is 'missing a power', he can acquire it as soon as he recognises the need. Indeed, the Monkey has a complex but simple nature. He is productive, methodical, caring, humanistic and vivacious. He can also be restless, calculating, strong-minded, a highly intelligent planner, and at the very lowest end of the scale, a trickster.

The highest inner nature of the Monkey is said to be quite pure. He is renowned for his superior intelligence as well as his detachment, boldness, clarity and alertness. The Monkey is a highly active creature with powerful survival skills. Intense, social, adaptable and independent, the monkey is beyond being influenced. The Monkey is well known for building an entire city and then destroying it just to see the effect. So detached is the Monkey, that he has the power to do what is needed rather than what is wanted.

Monkeys like variety, change and stimulation. They are bound by the character of shen (Chinese calligraphy character for 'Monkey') to keep moving and affect everything around them. Monkeys have remarkable energy and possibilities, which they can endow on anyone or any situation.

Monkeys may possess extraordinary healing powers or wreak havoc relentlessly, without guilt or favour. They are lively, agile, superior, diplomatic, honest, charming, inventive and flexible characters. It is said, never try to make a Monkey out of a Monkey, because the Monkey will find a way to make a Monkey out of you.

What can you expect to happen in the year of the Wood Monkey? The Chinese calligraphy for Monkey symbolises energy, which comes from the centre and extends to the entire periphery. having an effect on every single thing around it. The coming year of the Wood Monkey shows a refined balance. This is due to the other heavenly stems of earth, metal and water, situated inside the Monkey branch. The Wood Monkey shows the image of earth moving and shifting underground to make metal, then metal moving underground to join the water, water moving up through the ground to feed the wood or trees.

Of all the Monkey years, the Wood Monkey is the most balanced. This is despite the fact that wood element sits on top of the metal (Metal chops Wood in the sequence of the five elements). However even though there is balance in this year, that doesn't mean it will be completely harmonious.

Actually, this configuration shows that there is an incredible amount of movement going on behind the scenes, with many developments and treatments coming to the fore (even if still behind the scenes) from technology and the redevelopment of the physical earth (space), people and places (or spaces).

Because this year also coincides with a 'five' year in Feng Shui (meaning a karmic rebalancing or restoring of energies) and the fact that it is the beginning of a new 20-year cycle in Feng Shui astrology, the Year of the Wood Monkey indicates a huge transition of energies that could begin with a bang.

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1 Jan 2004 @ 08:22 by spiritseek : Interesting indeed...
I got alot out of your article, it seems it falls nicely in place for me. I recognize that photo from my family
Thanks,Marie Monkey #1956

****Ha! very good Marie Monkey!! Glad the post was helpful.  

1 Jan 2004 @ 08:28 by martha : Yes indeed it is
interesting. I'm looking forward to the balance! thanks alana...

half century monkey
(marie is just a youngin')

***haha! To all of us monkeys! Hip hip horaay!!  

1 Jan 2004 @ 08:46 by swan : Happy New Year Alana,
the summary of 2003 was really accurate for me. Blessings for 2004.  

1 Jan 2004 @ 17:26 by craiglang : Soo true
Hi Alana,
Thanks for posting this. It's right on the money.
Happy New year,
-Craig & Gwyn

***Craig, or did you mean right on the monkey?  

2 Jan 2004 @ 01:25 by shawa : For me too :-)
A Happy new Year, Alana and Max!
Thanks for posting this, it´s right on the nose for me!  

4 Jan 2004 @ 11:09 by hgoodgame : Great post, Alana!
Thank you for sharing all this information (and the links) with us.  

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