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picture 1 May 2008 @ 15:34, by Joan Clark

Greetings Goddesses!

I was thinking about Mother's Day recently and how as a child I LOVED this day. I would get so excited thinking about what I was going to give my mom and therefore spent endless hours making sure that the gift was something perfect and would put a smile on her face.

My favorite memory is the one Mother's Day that I spent all my money buying her what I thought was the most beautiful perfume in the world. It was called "Evening in Paris". It came in this beautiful blue bottle with the name etched across the front of it. I can not tell you how many trips my dad and I took back and forth to the dime store so I could smell it to make sure it was what I wanted to give her.

Once I purchase it-- each night before going to bed I would smell it and think how much my mother was going to love it. Mom always talked about going to Paris and taking all of us girls on a trip there and so this made the perfume even that more special because it was "Evening in Paris".

Each time I took a whiff of it-- I saw us in Paris and mom wearing this perfume. It would be the trip of a life time.

When the day finally arrived and as my Mother opened all of her gifts, I could hardly contain myself. I knew she was going to love it. As she opened the package I heard her gasp and then looked my way and said, "Oh, Joan it's lovely, and the bottle is so beautiful."

She dabbed a bit on her and gave me hug to thank me. It was such a wonderful moment for me. It was a life changing moment as I have reflected so many times-- because from that day forward I became obsessed with perfumes, scent, france, Paris, the whole idea of fragrance.

On one day, much later, when my sisters and my mom were sitting around talking about gifts and what she had gotten from us when we were little my sister Maria started to giggle and said, "Hey mom, do you remember that awful perfume Joan gave you that one year that you had to dump out because you could not stand the smell?"

My mother looked at her and then looked at me and said, "I loved the thought and care Joan; and dad told me how much time you took picking it out and I just could not disappoint you by telling you I did not like the fragrance. So I kept the bottle and put it on my dresser so you could see it. But I did have to empty the bottle."

I was grateful that she had not told me when I was younger. Something may have changed for me and I may not have found my passion for fragrance, scent and the work that I do now. A mother's wisdom. We all had a good laugh and yet because she had shown grace I had a life changing moment - we both did. Because from that moment on-- up until the year she died-- each year on special occasions she would purchase for me my favorite bottle of perfume. No matter the cost she would go purchase one for me or send someone else to do it; but I always got a special fragrance from her.

I still have all of them on my shelf. I don't use them any more, but they were the gate keepers of me finding my passion.

Mom and my sisters never got to travel to Paris and France together but I have-- and take other women there to immerse them in the fragrance of the land and the beauty, art and grace of fragrance.

I walk the streets, her essence is there with me, and every time I see a bottle of "Evening in Paris" I can't help but reverence it a bit.

When we cleared her home out after she passed away - tucked deeply inside one of her drawers wrapped in a beautiful hankie was that old bottle of "Evening in Paris".

So, on Mother's Day-- I celebrate my mother, her wisdom, her grace and the gift she bequeathed me: my journey into the world of fragrance and the beauty of that special bond that is between a mother and her child.

I hope that your Mother's Day is special. That you celebrate and honor the mother presence in your life in a very special way. And if you are looking for a beautiful way to express it with fragrance, I hope you will explore all of the wonderful scents of the Goddess at my website, created with gifts from the womb of nature-- the Goddess herself.

Mother Day Special-- Beautiful new sculptured pendants of (winged heart - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mary Magdalene, Angel Mermaids) anointed with a Mother's Day ceremonial blend in a pretty pouch filled with lavender. $22.00 (limited supply).

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6 May 2008 @ 18:39 by celestial : Ah, Mother's Day!
Of all the people on the planet, it seems to me that women would know that


Your birthday is also Father's Day!

So...when your birthday rolls around next time (mark your birthday on your calender as Mother's & Father's Day) treat your mother and father with great interest, and don't forget to do it every time you have a birthday! If they have passed away, maybe put some flowers on their grave or light some incense in their honor because you surely wouldn't be here with out them!

Just because Congress mandates two days a year as Mother's Day and Father's Day does not truly inspire gratitude; that can only come from the heart!  

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