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10 Mar 2005 @ 17:04, by Craig Lang

I have often been fascinated by various personality typing tools such as Myers Briggs, and the Wilson Social Interaction Types.

Just as a background, in the Wilson model the primary types are Analytical, Amiable, Expressive and Driver. The sort is by ask vs tell assertiveness and task vs people focus:

- Analyticals have a task direction, ask assertiveness,
- Drivers have a task direction and tell assertiveness,
- Amiables are more people directed with ask assertiveness,
- Experessives are people directed with tell assertiveness.
(Note: my own type is largely Expressive/Amiable - people focus with a borderline tell/ask assertiveness. This translates to a focus on ideas and people)

What I have noticed recently is that many more people seem to be showing Driver type of mannerisms. This constitutes a "tell" assertiveness, but a task focus. In short, it becomes a "bossy" or directive interaction. Getting the job done with a minimum of discussion seems to be the most important. There is less tolerance for discussion, etc...

Typically this interaction type seems to show up alot under stress. One often sees intolerance of questions or ambiguity - and in cases of disagreement, a tendency to "lay down the law". I have noticed this alot in multiple aspects of life. This leads me to ask the question - is there alot more stress in the world at large in recent weeks/months?

I have noticed this among people in the day job and at school. I have also seen it on the road as road rage seems to be increasingly prevalent - drivers honking and flipping eachother off, etc... And I simply get the sense that there seems to be a wave of this ornery/agressive attitude as each person seems to be percieving other as elbowing into his/her personal space.

I have been wondering if others have percieved this, or if it just my own perception. And if this is really the case, then I wonder what is the "driver of the drivers".

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1 comment

11 Mar 2005 @ 16:33 by jazzolog : The Closed Mind
Well Craig, in the States we're at war. By itself such a state of national involvement doesn't produce such a driver I think. World War II didn't, nor did some of the swift "police" actions we pulled, such as Panama. (Whatever happened to Noriega anyway?) Korea and the Gulf War did, and eventually Viet Nam did. Controversy surrounds "wars" like those, and people get defensive. It doesn't happen so much with people who remain open to discussion and debate, but many people don't do that, can't do that. Unsure of the facts, unsure of reality, we grab a slogan that seems to explain things, at least in the circles in which we travel most. And we shut down. If the country is "getting tough," of course we can expect individual social behavior to emulate such models. I believe it can get MUCH worse.  

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