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Mayan Prophecy - Elders Gathering 26-27 November, 2007

Elders are gathering to Central America to sit with the Maya, to visit their temples and sacred sites. Many will sit with these 25 Mayan Council High Authorities in one of the villages in Guatemala . Together they will sit to share wisdom as they explore the Mayan prophecy during these times of the great Earth changes. The Maya of Central America will give their accurate interpretation of the Mayan glyphs, the telling from their prophecy of the end times and the dawning of the next world age on November 26-27, 2007.

Led by Don Alejandro, the National Mayan Council of Guatemala is convening a council of 25 high authority elders to interpret the Mayan glyphs and preserve the knowledge accurately for future generations. Tata Alejandro has said that the transcription of the elder gatherings will be compiled into a book published in several languages. which will then be signed by the entire National Mayan Council of Guatemala so the world knows for certain that this is the real prophecy. This book is destined to be published in several languages. After the initial witnessing of the completion of the Mayan Prophecy, Don Alejandro and his wife, Grandmother Elizabeth, will then take those attending the gathering on a journey to several sacred Mayan sites within Guatemala. The gathering will be filmed by One Heart Productions to include the journey to the sacred sites which will follow.

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj is a 13th generation Quiche Mayan high priest, Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar, a Grand Elder of the Continental Council of Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas. He is an international lecturer on Mayan culture. 78 years young; he is recognized as a primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Mayan people. To read More

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5 Nov 2007 @ 22:02 by craiglang : Who will notice the Changes begin?
Eschatology - the study of the end times - this stuff fascinates me. I often wonder if 2012 will come in with a bang, or if it has already begun with a whimper.

In the Christian belief, when the era changed, only two people in the world actually knew it had happened - the two Marys at the empty tomb. And at first, they didn't get it, either. Yet the age had changed completely and within three hundred years, Christianity would take over the Empire, for better or for worse.

When an Easter Islander chopped down the critical tree that pushed their ecology past the point of no return, did anyone notice? I doubt it. When we slide silently past peak oil, or the CO2 levels quitely pass the critical point, who actually will (or did) notice a change?

The crossing of a threshold frequently seems to come quietly. Silently, we slip across the event horizon and into the abyss. It's only when we reach the bottom that we hear a crunching sound.

So I wonder, has 2012 already begun? Is it a metaphor for the Changes that are already upon us? And when the calendar wheels converge, will it be only the cumulative effect that we see? So many questions and such massive, irrefutable, irreversable answers - for once the Changes are upon us, we will be committed. Like the descent into a black hole, there will be no turning back.

I wonder if the age has already transitioned, and when the Changes began, for the most part, how many people noticed?  

7 Nov 2007 @ 06:28 by bushman : Hmm
Significant changes, like what was it like before the last iceage, or the fact that water vapor is the most active greenhouse gas on the planet, CO2 is like 5th on the list of greehouse gases, spose man some how woke the volcanic activity under the sea and other volcanos around the world. Jet contrails show us just how much water vapor is up there, and its not of mans doing, its just a natural cycle. Mans big problem is himself and his illusion of power and his ability to creat lies people believe so as they go out and kill each other. Was it was mans tech that boiled our planet and all the rest of the planets too? Was it mans hostility that made the Sun get hotter? Didnt the Mayans worship the Sun? And dosnt thier calendar predict iceages and meltdowns going back 2 billion years? Did the dinos blame themselves for thier demise by comet, saying, "God smote us with a big firey rock because we ate the trees and each other"?

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