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27 Nov 2005 @ 05:43, by Salama Shaquana

This coming Friday a young Australian (Van Tuong Nguyen) will be hanged In Singapore if we can not get the Singaporean Prime Minister to change his mind. This young man is 24-years old. He was arrested in March 2004 (In Changi Airport) whilst in transit back to Sydney. He was carrying 396.2 grams of heroin. This is a crime granted, but the circumstances were that he was taking the drugs back to Australia to clear the debts of his brother, who was a heroin addict. Van should be punished by death by hanging in this day and age is barbaric and inhumane. There is also a legal question that has yet to be addressed and that is did the Singaporean authorities have the legal right to arrest and condemn to death a citizen of another country who is fact did not set foot outside of the airport.

Please sign the attached petition. Van’s days are numbered. Van is not a drug baron. He is a young and silly courier. He does NOT deserve to die for this is foolishness.

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1 comment

28 Nov 2005 @ 08:18 by jazzolog : Yes
Thank you Nemue for the service of the link.  

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