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picture13 Aug 2002 @ 19:31, by Quidnovi

26 August - 4 September 2002
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Andelain I hold and mold within my fragile spell,
while world's ruin ruins wood and world.
Sap and bough are grief and grim to me, engrievement fall,
And petals fall without relief...
Teary visions come of wail and gore."
---The Forestal's song, S. R. Donaldson [The Wounded Land]

Our Planet is ill, VERY ill...

The first Earth Summit, UNCED, was held in Rio, Brazil, 10 years ago.

The second Earth Summit, or World Summit on Sustainable Development, will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from August 26 to September 4, 2002

A defining moment of UNCED was Agenda 21:
"A thorough and broad-ranging program of actions demanding new ways of investing in our future to reach global sustainable development in the 21st century. Its recommendations ranged from new ways to educate, to new ways to care for natural resources, and new ways to participate in designing a sustainable economy. The overall ambition of Agenda 21 was breathtaking, for its goal was nothing less than to make a safe and just world in which all life has dignity and is celebrated."

"Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being."---UNCED (1992), Agenda 21, Preamble, Paragraph 1.1.

Ten years later, in many areas, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Actually one can even say that quite to the opposite of what UNCED was aiming to achieve, a significant and alarming "progress" in NON-SUSTAINABILITY has been recorded:

Poverty facts and stats
Polarization of the World Economy
Global Warming
Global Warming and the USA
Water scarcity and water pollution
Nuclear pollution
Forest and Climate Changes
Marine Pollution
Erosion of Biodiversity
Endangered Species
UCN Red List of Threatened Species
As Hawai'i goes, so goes the world?

"Systems thinkers have given us a useful metaphor for a certain kind of human behavior in the phenomenon of the boiled frog. The phenomenon is this. If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death."---Daniel Quinn, The Story of B

There is another way: Healing Ourselves and a Dying Planet

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14 Aug 2002 @ 04:32 by istvan : Thanks for posting
There is enough material here to explore for any new civilisationists for eons to come or not to come.  

14 Aug 2002 @ 12:52 by scottj : This really does deserve a wider
platform. Ever thought of putting together a webpage with your logs? They really are very special, succinct quality, precious stones that could (should) shine outside of the NCN casket.  

14 Aug 2002 @ 19:55 by alchemist : Focussing on the solutions
In his recent book 'Good News for a Change', David Suzuki identifies the solutions we are going to have to focus on to pull ourselves of this mess, and I think there's a lot to be said for this approach. While a broad understanding of the big picture issues is important, there's only so much that can be achieved by listing negative facts.

I've initiated a Johannesburg Summit discussion on the NCN group World Savers Anonymous, if anyone is interested in joining in.  

14 Aug 2002 @ 23:41 by yashmir @ : Reverse Vectors
Dear Quidnovi - (and Richard - no time to write in your log, so this is for you too):

Just stopping by, have 10 minutes, but of course, this caught my eye, and sucked me in, as all your entries do......I haven't been able to write to Richard, like I promised, because I really do not want to write about what is happening around this Summit. I just cannot, at the moment. It's too sickening. But what I wanted to say related to the point articulated here by Quidnovi, that after Rio, 10 years later, the opposite of what was formulated, has happened. You see, now that is just it.

"Those who thirst frantically for the Light invariably Invoke the Darkness". I've seen this over and over again. When I lived in Cape Town, whole bunches of well-meaning crystal-clutching New Agers descended on Table Mountain, a sacred site, ley line for the continent of Africa. Cape Town had a Magic, it was special. And this lot then started doing all their well-meaning chanting and channelling, and whatnot, and not long after, one of the most bloody civil wars erupted - between PAGAD and the drug lords. Bombs went off, Planet Hollywood at the Waterfront was blown up, and so on. This was 1998/99. Yeah, right. All that channelling sure improved things. NOT.

The New Agers everywhere are dewey-eyed, "activating portals", tuning, channelling, and God knows what else. A "New Age" is coming, a wonderful world, where all will be Enlightened, and the planet will be free. And the MORE this lot do this, the further we plunge into the worst tyranny this planet has ever seen - the leaders are not more evil than the leaders of the past, they just have access to much greater power, technology, and tools for oppression. They indulge themselves, growing bloated on the blood of the planet and her people, and create "wars on terror" to keep the CEO's fat commissions coming. And so on.

I'm not saying the new Agers are to blame - but there is an alchemy happening here - combine ignorance of the "reverse vector" law of the Universe, with pure self-serving greed, political and corporate agendas that have nothing to do with the good of anyone but their own profit margins - IT IS BLEAK, folks. Sticking one's head in the sand like a Oudshoorn Ostrich, saying "we mustn't look at the negative, we mustn't focus on it, give it energy" is NOT GOING TO HELP. The more we resist, the stronger it will get! Clutching crystals and channelling entities is NOT CHANGING ANYTHING for the better. These are NOT appropriate strategies to manage what is occuring right NOW.

I'm working on what will help - just basic, down to Earth, common sense people, with good will and good hearts, linking up - ordinary people, using their dollars to exert pressure on corporations (boycotts, information sharing - the McDonalds and Nike examples serve here) - quietly, unpretensiously doing what is within their power. It will only work if critical mass is reached, but at least it is a start, a concrete, practical approach.

WE have got ourselves into such a deep mess, that reversing it now, is almost impossible. Atlantis II here we come. But it is still vital that people with good hearts, the simple, good people, still quietly do what they can, where they can, realistically, without fanfare.

I have to go - I have probably offended many NCN members - I do not apologise to those who are offended. Because it means that my points strike a chord within them......I am a Lightening Rod. It's what I do. I also get cranky - I am an old soul, and this is a planet with mostly baby and young souls - witness the results. Give a 7 year old child the keys to a Ferrari, and see what happens - that's what's happening here - give the power to the "leaders" of the world today, very few of whom are capable of leading with maturity and wisdom, and you get a planet in this mess. But they are childish and selfish enough to ensure that the dissatisfaction, the will of the people, has no effect, and is thus neutralised (globocops, psi-ops, covert espionage, citizens spying on citzens, advertising, TV-zombies and vidiots, etc, etc.).

We are in trouble. That's the fact of the matter.

Quidnovi in the past referred to me as an "activist", wondering how you could get this category of person to join NCN along with the other categories - artists, and those on a spiritual path......Quidnovi missed that I am in fact, all three - I am an artist, and I am an alchemist of the universe, I know what magic is, I am on a spiritual path too. It is BECAUSE I am spiritually awake, love art/aesthetics, that I have become an activist. This is true of many other activits, who no longer feel they can indulge in a singluar "creative" or "spiritual" identity - not everyone want to play the fiddle while Rome burns.

What the human species has done to this planet and her creatures does offend the deepest Aether. And The Eyes of Truth are Always Watching Us.

Yashmir (in Johannesburg, South Africa)  

15 Aug 2002 @ 00:02 by scottj : Yashmir, I am one NCN member
you most certainly have not offended! I agree totally with your critique of the dewey eyed "accent the positive at all costs" ideology. It isn't just an insult to the majority of the worlds population who have had their lives destroyed by the present system, it is an example of the cause of it, namely the state of denial that exists in the rich countries. It is this denial by the Journeymen of Materialism that allows them to daily support the Filthy Rich in their systematic destruction of our planet. The latter simply disappear the day the former stop supporting them.

Again I agree that what has to be done is confront the system at the front line of ones own life: "Live simply so that others may simply live." If there is work to be done beyond this then it is to puncture the bubble of denial in the minds of people who are NON-believers in so called NCN issues. Story telling may be a far better way of doing this than head to head confrontation.

A new civilisation will be a by-product of awareness, in itself it is a futile and irrelevant task, a distracting hobby and means of reinforcing denial.

I very much appreciate your input here, one of the reasons to maintain an interest in fact.  

15 Aug 2002 @ 00:03 by jazzolog : Here Is The Truth!
Yashmir's comment just above is so packed with nourishing meaning that it is a Log entry all by itself. (I hope you see why I continue to mourn her resigning from this Network; her Log was like that all the time!) Obviously she has dashed this off and probably is upset with people she is noticing in the beginnings of attendance at the Summit. We hope and trust there will be delegates there representing solid science as well as crystal gazers. I pray she will continue to send us dispatches.  

15 Aug 2002 @ 04:57 by alchemist : Focussing on the grassroots solutions
The solutions I was thinking of earlier are of a grassroots, 'hands on' nature that I am sure would appeal to many NCN members. I agree with some of the above comments about New Agers.

If we are going to stop individually and collectively adding to the world's problems, this will require a level of familiarity with solutions and how to implement them. There is no way around this fact. It's a case of looking at the reverse of the same coin.

Scott's comment about simple living is an important one. It's the personal implementation of a solution to consumerism - maybe more powerful than just attacking consumerism.

The more desperate a situation gets, the more likely it is that the participants will turn to finding a way out - because there is nowhere left to go.  

18 Aug 2002 @ 00:17 by shawa : Good reading!...
However. At NCN, I went from "activist" (three months ago), to trusting open ended systems. Maybe the NCN fractal structure (your entry, Quidnovi) is more efficient than what you all think. The fact that it is a "passing through" structure, not a fixed one, allows a circulation of possibilities that any other structure actually impedes. As it does not "invoke the Light", it can´t raise darkness! That´s one of its best, though somewhat hidden, features. I don´t think that "us against them" is a good way to allow for a maximum possible potential future to happen. I understand Yashmir´s rage, but is it really efficient to look onto the events of the world with rage ? Rage sometimes negates intelligence, and God knows we need cool heads.
Yashmir evokes a very interesting thought, though : too much Light invokes the CORRESPONDING darkness. That´s the way the Universe works; towards integration.
Words won ´t change the world. Activism won´t. "Us against them," won´t. Developping real relationships, accross borders, continents, races, social structures, sexes, - in one word COMMUNICATION, will, progressively. Even at NCN. I happen to speak from experience; Yashmir, and people, don´t sweat the small stuff! It takes guts to maintain an on-going communication in here! You can´t just say "it doesn´t work" without having tried all the possibilities. It DOES work. If you put energy at the right place and time, and allow for processes, up and down, up and about, sailing right through, maintaining the goal,the purpose, the cause, whatever your damn flag is at the time. It works.

Quidnovi says:
Yes, Shakti, Zn+1 = Zn2+C :-) No argument, here. I, too, do trust OPEN-ENDED systems, (isn't it what attracted us all to NCN in the first place?) Open-endedness is what we are talking about, here. Open-endedness and, yes, COMMUNICATION
AND...randomness. INCREASING THE BIODIVERSITY OF NCN and the happenstance that result from such interaction is really all my comment was about.
Francis, I think my comment was more about what Yashmir said, really. (Sh).  

18 Aug 2002 @ 05:06 by istvan : Question more
"a creative, self-conscious individual, responsible for action" (a step toward the realization of "Homo Novus", Zendancer?).
Yes Quidnovi, That would briefly describe one of the attributes of the counsciousness of a new human being, Homo Novus.
Words are so comically limited to describe the visions of myself and many others of a new civilisation that we at times experience, as a faint glimpse, desire, need, pain(growing pains),or moments of extasy when we are touched by wings of angels, weather they exist or not.
Negative or positive are just concepts of our minds, not unlike real and unreal are just glimpses into mysteries the mind can only grasp according to what it can respond to.
At this stage of collective human awareness we seem to be still too limited by legacies of the past to be able to crack the "cosmic egg" that prevents us from experiencing reality, and that word to me only means possibility.
Together we may be able to break the conditionings of the self centered homo sapien, or may not, but i doubt if even this will make any difference to the infinitesimally wild churnings of the cosmos.
I hear you, Zendancer...

"Yesterday at dawn,
My friend said, how long
will this unconsciousness go on?

You fill yourself with
The sharp pain of love,
Rather than its fulfillment.

I said, "but I can't get to you!
You are the whole dark night,
and I am a single candle.
The friend replied, I am
Your deepest being.
Quit talking about wanting me!

I said, "then what is this

The Friend: Does a drop
stay still in the ocean?

Move with the entirety,
And with the tiniest particular.

Be the moisture in an oyster
That helps to form one pearl."

---- Jelaluddin Rumi  

19 Aug 2002 @ 09:49 by quidnovi : A+
1) Alchemist: a man of his word!
I understand that Alchemist is working on a "Networking Grassroots Solutions", 'hands on' nature, workgroup he thinks will appeal to many NCN members. I just took a quick look, this morning, in the WorkGroups section, and I am happy to report that The Network Grassroots Solutions group is now open!

2) Us against them, words
The play of words leads to assumptions, expectations, speculations that reality never quite can match. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding, resentment and much emotional turmoil. What I say, what Yashmir says, what Shakti says, "IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO" (I love that song) and a path is only a path. Yes, Shakti, "words won ´t change the world." And, yet, sometimes words do change the world (the constitution of the United States is one such example.) Activism won´t change the world and yet it also has, many times. "Us against them," won´t change the world and yet it is one of the major operating forces at work in the history of mankind (the Indians of America know it well---communication didn't do them much good either, at the time) How can we just ignore this? And Yashmir, how can I prevail upon you to COME BACK to NCN? (Maybe Richard can help me with that one.) I know you are busy, but, I do agree with Shakti, here, "If you put energy at the right place and time, and allow for processes, up and down, up and about, sailing right through, maintaining the goal,the purpose, the cause, whatever your damn flag is at the time. It works." I would LOVE to see a Yashmir Flag floating among the other many NCN's flags. What do you say Yashmir? Alchemist has started a WorkGroup. You might find it interesting to join in. Or you might want to start a WorkGroup of your own with a different angle, addressing issues from a political platform ("us against them" is OK with me, I don't know, whatever works for you, but essentially WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT, and INFORMED ABOUT.) I believe that a multiplicity of viewpoints can only help NCN in the long run. Do not get frustrated either if you find a WorkGroup is not working as you had hoped. A WorkGroup is only a WorkGroup, many people may join, or you might find that you are the only one, but this should in no way be interpreted as a reflection of a WorkGroup's importance or interest. What matters is that INFORMATION and IDEAS are laid out in a place accessible to people who are looking for them now or might be looking for them in the future. In an earlier comment (The space Beagle) I gave as such an example a SF book that was written in the thirties and which resulted some 70 years later into the creation of the Institute of Nexialism (I also said that it has a long way to go, but this is not the point. The point is that IDEAS do tend to take a life of their own. You can never be sure what the harvest will be like, but that should not deter one from planting.) Time is a scarce commodity and you might find that you don't have a lot of it. Fine, don' t spend a lot of time on this. My experience is that people usually try too hard. Just SHARE with us what comes your way that you think we should know. Do you know anyone else who might be interested in joining NCN and help you in your effort? NCN is a TOOL, use it!!!  

19 Aug 2002 @ 12:12 by jazzolog : Been There
We have a nice WorkGroup for newbies. Is there a section in there about Cloud 9, or do we have to add yet another WorkGroup FlowRoom?
{link: |Cloud 9}, Richard...??? :-)
Is this just a rhetorical question or are you really asking? I think I'll just pass on that one and let maybe someone else, who has been around NCN longer than I have, tackle it. ---quid
Sorry if a bit bumpy and rough, quid. I got my understanding of NCN that way---and I presume that those who aren't talking anymore got it likewise. If you like what the "positive" members are saying, stay with them. Get into what's here, and ask the positive ones how to ask questions. ---jazz
My! Are we feeling a bit cranky today, jazz? Be "negative", be "positive", be both, who cares? NCN is a tool. What I am saying is that I see no reason why Yashmir cannot start her own WorkGroup and use it with like-minded individuals. I do not see any rule anywhere that precludes a group of "activists" (if that's what they are---and I think that Yashmir made it clear that she is more than just an activist) to join NCN as a group and use its facilities for their own stated purpose. I, for one, am interested in BOTH what Alchemist AND Yashmir have to say! Something having to do with depth perception, I like to use both eyes. ---quid

Thanks buddy (it's 8/20 and early morning now) and yes I was p.o.'d yesterday about a lot of things---especially plumbers(!). But the fact remains that people wander in and out of this site, writing profiles of brilliant hopes (read any sample when you click Activity at the bottom of this page), the vast majority evaporating into God-knows-what-and-where, and the rest getting involved for a few weeks and then giving up. At least that's my take on it after about only a year. The positive-vibes people, including Ming, say that folks become busy with their real lives after making the contacts here that they need, so the site continues vital fulfilling its destiny and his vision. OK. He's got the stats. So why worry? As far as I can see there are a handful of members, from a Database of 6926 people at this hour, who make any presence felt at all right here doing the work to "change the world." But then, I think it's pretty hard to see very far in this site's setup. Scottj's still planning to leave NCN in a few days; instead of chasing Yashmir, why don't you talk to him about your concerns? And good luck. ---jazz  

19 Aug 2002 @ 19:11 by b : Third eye and JoBurg Summit-bee says
It was just about this time last year that the world had the Durban summit on human rights. That agenda was controlled by the 52 Muslim conference nations and PRC. The results were a destabalizing influence against fairness and appreciation of human rights on the planet. Only Mary Robinson(UN high Commisioner on human rights, now dismissed)by dianac efforts was able to summarize and end the chaos that ensued in Durban 2001. Immediately following that debacle was the mass murderous terrorist attack of USA on 9/11. Yes, the incidents were connected. The information ministers of the 52 Muslim nations(funded by the Saudi family)have been working overtime to project their vision of a seperate Muslim world within the World of Earth. It is full of hate. I expect more of the same at this South African Summit even with its lofty topics. The Peoples Republic of China cooperates and assists the members of the 52 nation Muslim conference block in the UN(the sponsor). Their enemy is plainly USA and USA sovereignty. I will watch for the terror incident after the summit for similarities to last year. I hope Yashmir will keep up the reports of that summit and the demands made by the participants.  

21 Aug 2002 @ 00:50 by yashmir @ : Heh, heh, Quidnovi!
I've suspected a long while, but I believe I do know now for sure who you are. But never mind that. I'll keep it to myself. I wish to recognise and acknowledge you as a Master. Truly. You put out Quality, my Achilles' Heel. I am an admitted sucker for quality. However. I am afraid I cannot be drawn by your lure back into NCN, for a simple reason of priority. Even engaging in this bit of dialogue, I feel guilty at the time spent. I'll wrap it up with this one, then (I will post updates if I have the chance, on the Summit, to Richard personally, as he is a personal friend - I also circulate my updates to other friends across the globe).

I'll put it this way: right here, right now, I can spend my free time, when not earning a living, for example, helping teach someone to read. Should I spend my time trying to figure out what the hell Shakti-Ma is on about, or should I spend my time helping others to get the BASIC tools to self-empowerment? Not even a contest, for me. The day that all the homeless can afford the Internet access they need to come here and bring their voices here, speak their truth here, the day billions of people can READ even before they have internet access, and the day they all have enough FOOD so that they can learn to read, and so get my the day I will come and play here.

It's my choice of priority. I would rather spend my time in the real word, in action, than pontificating here. I would rather know that those two hours I did not spend in NCN, made one person more empowered, or one animal less abused, or helped *tangibly* in some way. The day that the environment heals, animals are free to enjoy their animalness, humans have all the basic equipment to live their life of choice - which means everyone can access NCN and play here if they want to - that's the day I'll come back and play.

With warm regards, and deep respect, Yashmir. (PS - do give my best to MS sometime). ;-)  

22 Aug 2002 @ 13:27 by scottj : I trust the people on here a great
deal and the more I read the more I believe they are trying to do the best they can in the situation they find themselves in. Yashmir has clear choices to make as to how to use her time to best effect and seems to me to be making the right decisions. I live in Norway where literacy, basic health care and so on are not critical issues. On the other hand the denial of reality by 99.9999% of the population is and I see the most important thing I can do to try to puncture the bubble of illusion in the minds of the Journeymen of Materialism. At the moment the only thing that seems to have any effect is story telling and images and that is what I am trying to focus on. This also leads me to feel NCN is a black hole for practical endeavour and that is why I intend to withdraw most if not all of my input. On the other hand, and the reason I have reservations about just packing my bags and leaving for good is that I have met many really fine people her and I don't want to lose contact with them. My greatest wish would be to find some real, meaningful and effective work to do with my friends here but at some point the talking has to move on and we would have to start taking it to the people.  

4 Jan 2003 @ 15:34 by govi : thank you
Very complet, a good project¡¡  

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