New Civilization News: Modeling VIOLENCE creates a core of Fear in our people.    
 Modeling VIOLENCE creates a core of Fear in our people.
24 Jun 2002 @ 06:20, by M. Emily Cragg

...Having to witness violence makes people timid.
...That was the purpose of the Roman gladiator games, to pacify the Roman people.
...American society is creating a generation of couch-potatoes who are afraid to move off the sofa because they viscerally SEE effects of violence.
...This is part of Mind Control.
...Television hypnotizes viewers with flickering film bytes that keep the brain so busy, no independent thought is possible.
...Radio hypnotizes viewers with flickering sounds, in the same way.
...Schools teach conformity, sit still, only ask the correct questions, and study for the tests--not for self-reliance or broad knowledge--another form of Thought Control.
...Churches teach, "Do it OUR WAY because God said so." Never mind, that studied abstemiousness is a calculating ploy to dominate and control others.
...The realities of banking and money say, "Stay put; don't make waves; get a new credit report every three months and keep your credit grades up."
...Never mind, people need and want variety in their experiences. Never mind, that we have a desire to travel and see and experience and know MORE THAN what we can know by being immobilized--another form of Thought Control.
...We have adopted slavery to Mind Control and Violence, not because we wanted either one of these, but because we're so TIRED of resisting it all.
...Stop resisting. Just, turn it ALL OFF and listen to your own inner wisdom.
...Go stand in the yard in your bare feet and look up at the sky once more.
..."The meek shall inherit the earth, and they shall find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace."
...God has promised, and She is not a politician. She has no vested interest in controlling our experiences, only in thriving humanity over Time.

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