New Civilization News: Denial is a problem we can focus on, to help redirect attention.    
 Denial is a problem we can focus on, to help redirect attention.
29 Jun 2002 @ 09:27, by M. Emily Cragg

THE U.S. HAS GONE MAD ...The way to facilitate problem-solving is to redirect attention back on problems people experience, so these problems can be dealt with. ...YET, in our social milieu in which violence is not only promoted, it is subsidized--the viewing of violence is fine, but any and all forms of anger that arise, in any setting are considered and judged to be dangerous [which they are], and so they are repressed and suppressed, not dealt with openly. ...Anger--even legitimate and appropriate outrage--becomes a forbidden emotion. Workplaces, social agencies and government all become very fearful and reactive to any form of display of anger--legitimate or not. ...Anger, in fact, is a natural and healthy part of human psychological make-up when frustration is the experience we obtain. Without anger, we would not have the energy we need, to actually solve a problem. ...If whatever organization you belong to and work for has a Human Resources Department, you already realize that anger is forbidden forbidden forbidden under rules of conduct--for any reason or purpose whatever. A person outraged over an issue is presumed to be an unacceptable employee, out-of-hand. Workers get fired for any breech of displaying anger. [No wonder, workers come back to get even, eh?] ....THAT is insane. Thus, every American organization that has a Human Resources Department in charge of its hiring and firing is insane. Every Security Department that attacks a person solely because they are experiencing anger is insane. Every Social Services agency that discriminates against a person because they are experiencing anger is insane. .....We need to realize, acknowledge AND DOCUMENT THE FACT, that this nation is gone off on a path to mass insanity over the denial of every kind of anger, outrage or human frustration. The only acceptable behavior, in authoritarian terms, is willing compliance, no matter how unreasonable a stimulus, demand or insult might be. .....We must stop indulging and appeasing these INSANE IDEAS--THAT VIOLENCE IS OKAY BUT ANGER IS FORBIDDEN. .....LEGITIMATE ANGER must be allowed to surface off the web's Conspiracy sites, and return to the halls of Congress, the State Capitols and City Hall. .....There's enough pain to go around, that we ought to be able to talk about it, without the fear of retribution. [JUST LOOK AT WHAT the Govt DOES to whistleblowers!] chai

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