New Civilization News: Expressing Dismay is NOT the same as "making a difference"    
 Expressing Dismay is NOT the same as "making a difference"
20 Jul 2002 @ 09:31, by M. Emily Cragg

...We exprss displeasure, anger, fear, disbelief, disgust, consternation at man's indifference and inhumanity to man.
...So what?
...Will that change the ambient level of radioactivity or heat coming from the sun?
...Of course not.
...Will it change the lies, deceptions and deceit coming from our USCoverment?
...Of course not.
...What will create change, in the 5th dimension between Stillness at one end of the spectrum and Order, at the other?
...Here´s a list of steps, actions and stances, we can take that WILL make change happen.
...Stop buying from Wal-Mart, period. They operate OFF the international slave trade.
...Stop using petroleum products, period. Take public transportation, bike or share rides. Let gas stations starve and give their employees other jobs in your community. By doing so you dry up the liquid assets the Coverment can use against you.
...We must grow our own food and make ourselvew ready for a new Ice Age--bermed-in solar-heated. It´s probably better, if several families get together and go in on one community facility. That puts economies to scale to work, that don´t exist in single-family dwellings.
...Get rid of the TV. It is hypnotizing. Maybe it can serve as a permanent VCR monitor, and tell the cable company to go to hell. Buy a short-wave radio instead. The news is NOT what we are hearing, around here.
...Call all the kids home, along with grandchildren, from wherever they have wandered in search of work. You can create enough of an economy by yourselves with what is at hand. We don´t need to be victimized and weakened by the Dollar Economy, any longer. The Dollar Economy is brain-dead and will be physically dead in just a few months time.
...Listen to the kids rap. They are in just as much pain and travail as we adults are. Have compassion.
...Remember: Two wrongs NEVER make a right. And remember: The parable of the wheat and the weeds SAID, the ANGELS would TAKE OUT THE WICKED, not us.

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