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picture30 Mar 2006 @ 08:56, by John Ashbaugh

Black and White kitty scouts out the back yard under the new moon in the heart of the city.

Wednesday into Thursday, March twenty-ninth into the thirtieth. Black and White kitty scouts out the back yard under the new moon in the heart of the city. The pattern is random. Accounting in the morning, step by step by step, without dropping any ones or zeros, towards the creation of some coherent statements. Evening with a class full of electronics people with a coterie of architectural drafters, and two network designers, as we all get some definitions going about who each of us is, and how we wish to portray ourselves, and for the goals of the life we see ahead, all down to a single page resume and a collection of other relevant documents. Jamie is in the process of redefining what she is interested in, and she has done this before, having once been a very experienced paralegal, now coming out of an intensive electronics program, and discovering a whole new set of interests in computer networking, so we need to put this whole story together, keeping every relevant thing in perspective in relation to her continually evolving goals. Then there is Alice and I hovering over the screen of her resume, she working the keyboard while I work the mouse, getting all of that information about her extensive background as a Nurse’s Aid into perspective for her emerging Architectural Drafter career.
Now there was a day back there, February 15, 2003 as I recall, when a whole lot of folks all over the world came out in the streets ‘cause they were seriously concerned about the U.S. getting ready to invade Iraq. Didn’t have much effect. Now there’s an interesting image of a whole lot of folks coming out into the streets in Los Angeles over the immigration issue. Folks is actually gotta feel the issue to get us out there. Somewhere along the line, there is going to be some issue come along that enough people are feeling strongly enough about that we are gonna go out there, and stay out there. And when we start staying out there, what goes on in all of those buildings will grind to a standstill. Think maybe that black and white kitty knows who knows what? The ins and outs of the neighborhood for one, I should think.

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30 Mar 2006 @ 13:44 by swan : Brilliant!
"Somewhere along the line, there is going to be some issue come along that enough people are feeling strongly enough about that we are gonna go out there, and stay out there." God, I hope it is soon. There is enough room in the streets for everyone.  

31 Mar 2006 @ 20:13 by jobrown : Very, very interesting, John!
There is much more in your essay than superficially catches one's eye/mind! There is TRANSFORMATION-IN-THE-MAKING as it happens, represented by the two girls and you working on their transformational reality/"how to 'present' themselves"! Isn't that exactly what goes on with every one of us -ALL the TIME, whether one realizes it -or not! Just as exactly that is also going on socially, in our Local community, our State/s our Nations/ our Planet. The Global Family re-volving back to its God-given beauty and love and over all Perfection of Life, snekingly pushing through all the barriers of Human misconceptions about (the TRUE Nature) of Life and Love!
If somebody had told me on Oct 15th -05 that at the end of Oct. I would start experiencing those horrible roller coaster rides of anxiety, I would have laughed my head off as the saying goes. "No, no, no. Been there, done that" I would have responded. Yet it happened. Thank God, not only to me , but friends all over the Planet reported going through similar experiences.
Today, I am so happy, I had this experience and was able to do my part in cleansing out The Old, fear based misunderstandings and preconceived notions about "How Life Is" and thus making it possible to climb to the next step on our Stairway to Heaven -as it were. SO MUCH MORE LOVING AND ACCEPTING. Now that I have honed my discernment skills even more, I can see the pitfalls, that much easier and I can do my navigation of my little ship in the Waters of Life, so much easier and it also enables me to feel so much more compassion towards everyone. We are ALL -SOMEWHERE- on this Journey. I agree with you and Swan: "There is room (in the streets)for everyone" . We just have to realize that!... : ). ALL of us!  

1 Apr 2006 @ 17:43 by koravya : Possibilities
Saturday morning. Thanks for those thoughts, Swan and Blueboy. What is this issue of what is the issue that brings the population to the streets in defiance? Suffering, perhaps fear and anxiety about portending catastrophe, feelings of oppression and frustration unmitigated, building to the boiling point. And then there is the role of the military, and the police and the SWAT teams who are trained in loyalty to the perpetrators and agents of oppression to consider. In their uniforms, they straddle that line between where they have come from and who they are working for, whom they have been indoctrinated by. Where do those minds draw that line, and to which side do they choose to step? In Cocabamba, Bolivia, there came a point in the water rights dispute, as the people were gathering in the streets, when the police did not show up. Peaceful demonstrations don’t usually pose much of a threat, but when those demonstrators actually really want to see some results, the countervailing pressures are going to build until either the rock or the hard place is going to have to move. The demonstrations against the war in Iraq did not get there, and the whole thing has now turned into some kind of national debate and approval ratings scam while the murder and mayhem continues unabated. The poisoning of the Earth with depleted uranium, amongst other things, is almost entirely under the radar of public awareness, and it will likely take quite a few very intensive hurricanes before any group of persons begins insisting on some appropriate international policies through something besides petitions to the junta. The issue will be the suffering brought on by the devastation wrought by the economic policymakers. As the pain begins to strike the gut, the awareness and motivation to take a necessary step will bud. All is dormant now, as we wait on the edges of our seats to see what next catalyst of emotional fervor will be perpetrated on our collective consciousness. Something to make the Twin Towers look like a preliminary skirmish. The rooks and the knights and bishops are calculating their moves, and the pawns would do well for themselves to band together and change the rules of the game. Every day is another story, and another set of stories, and yes indeed, Blueboy, the lessons we can learn from the simplest events in our lives, can lead us upon reflection to better understandings of the undercurrents in our own lives, each of our own lives, and where we might be going, and how we might think about thinking about how to be dealing with those things.

1 Oct 2016 @ 10:15 by paket wisata bromo @ : Elegant city
this is completely a big city, that still growth up until now  

31 Jan 2017 @ 13:51 by paket wisata bromo @ : perfecto
Good works always and sucses  

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