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25 May 2004 @ 13:14, by Brian Outten

The celebrated environmentalist and visionairy James Lovelock wrote in an article in the 'Independant' newspaper on Monday 24th May that,
Unless civilisation takes the view that we must use the next most economical and politically acceptable form of power, ie nuclear, then society will face the greatest challenge yet seen to the survival of not just themselves, but of the natural world as well!
The future, he states, cannot wait as the evidence is now worse than predicted with the current evidence of the rate of icecap melting!

Personally I feel that this is a pramatic yet imperfect solution, with the potential of the possibilities of renewable power evident,and of ever increasing relevance, how can we be just giving it lip service??!

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25 May 2004 @ 13:19 by craiglang : Both
IMHO, we probably need to use both nuclear and the various forms of renewable.
While nuclear power is politically incorrect, it is probably needed in the intermediate term. We can hope that in the long term, some new technology comes along such as fusion, zero-point energy, etc. but that is way too far out there to solve the problems of this moment. So for the time being we are stuck with an array of less perfect solutions - including (for better or for worse) nuclear.  

25 May 2004 @ 14:53 by jazzolog : I Wish I Knew
I'm afraid the answer to your question is that too many people are "bought off" and invested to make the transition at this point. I'm hoping the film The Day After Tomorrow that opens in the States Friday may wake up the slumbering species.

Wonderful to see you back Bri, even under such stark circumstances. How about an article on what you've been up to the last 6 months?  

25 May 2004 @ 23:20 by bushman : Hmm
Just want to mention that we would have to store the nuke waste for over 10,000 years, we already have to do that, keep it safe and covered for 10,000 years think about that. But they might just find a way to neutralize it, other than useing it in wepons like depleted urainium shells, anywhere they used that stuff will be contaminated for 10,000 years as well, cant be cleaned up because it turns into micro dust particals. As jazz says, bought off, and shelved till one day they might release the tech, to the public as our saviors. lol. You know if everyone who lives where the sun shines most the time were to get a couple 4ftx8ft solar pannels maybe substidized by the gov, as to paying for itself, they wouldnt have to build full scale powerplants, it could work like the net does in a way, the grid would not black out 1/2 the country ever again if everyone just had a solar set up. its like a 5000 buck investment that pays for itself over say 3 years, then, if you dont use much power you get a payment from the electric company, out here they have to pay you if you get the meter to spin backwards. Thats the best alternitive, as I see it. I live in a very sunny and windy place, and wind blows at night. And the new battery tech the gel packs they have now last 20 years and dont have toxic waste problems like the tryed and true lithium stuff that lasts less than 10 years, sure they cost half as much as the gel packs, but you have to pay to have them recycled as well as replace them more often. So you could buy an SUV for 25,000, and then pay untold 1000s on fuel and taxes, or you could get off the grid and in 5 years you could buy 2 SUVs, and put them on propane, till the hydrogen stuff is easily available for it. So many ways to solve the energy problems, and save the oil for something better, like exotic plastics for a Mars habitat, maybe? :}  

27 May 2004 @ 13:01 by bri_outten : Much appreciated fellows!
The cliche 'caught between the devil and the deep blue sea comes to mind', in other words, what choices do we have? Harsh, but necessary ones.
Personally, I lean towards the arguments of some of my fellow greens, who state that the UK is a perfect place to have all manor of state of the art renewable power technologies (except maybe for Solar - guess why?!!), nevertheless, where there is a will there is a way (good old Will what would we do without him?!@!!!).
We can and should redirect the investment that has so sorely been lacking for so long and invest (taxing & hitting those that have been bought off by way of a steady onslaught of pleading, bargaining, campaigning and shrewd politics)
in the latest innovations that are around.

I'll keep you posted.

& please do likewise.

Much respect and Hare Krishna  

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