13 Jan 2005 @ 22:36, by Brian Outten

Well, just when we thought we maybe we've all had enough what with wars in the middle east and tsunamis in the south east, then what should come along, only global dimming that's all!

Well, for those of you fortunate enough to have ever come across a british science TV program called Horizon, you will know how well respected and researched this program is. It has brought forward many new and important scientific discoveries and news.

Well, tonight, the latest revelations have involved the discovery of Global dimming. In other words this is the dual effect of:
1) Heavy particulates and a variety of air pollutant chemicals which have been revealed as directly reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface by up to 20% in some area, by a 'screening' effect,
2) Clouds tend to clump these particles which have an effect of causing larger droplets of rainwater to build up the top surfaces causing increased reflection of sunlight back into space.

Both effects have been seen to have been the cause of reduced rainfall in certain areas of the tropics, increasing the incidence of drought in these areas (due to generalised climatic effects).

Nonetheless, and ironically, these limits to the sun's radiation have been realised, since the work done by scientists studying the reduced/ removal of air traffic over the USA from 11th - 13th Septmeber 2001.
They found that due the reduction of the air pollution tracks given off by aircraft, the land/air temperature increased by an unprecedented 1.2deg.celcius (not seen in 30years!) over the space of these 2/3 days.

This has now been linked to the effect of the already existing greenhouse gases being 'used' to trap this increases sunlight energy, thereby highlighting the fact that in REALITY the effect of the greenhouse gases will be magnified when the heavy pollutants are removed (unless of course we wish to choke ourselves to death!)

Hence, the undeniable truth that if we do not tackle these greenhouse gases pronto, the effects will be catastrophic, in the long term (2-5oC) in the next 25 years, causing 6-9metre increase in sea levels.
Despite the methane hydrates stored in the sea which if released as a consequence of these temp. increase will cause an unprecedented (in the last 100 million years, approx) increase in Earths temp.

What to do.
CAMPAIGN, CAMPAIGN against the governments releasing such ridiculous quantities of green house gases, before it is TOO LATE.
Get out and DO SOMETHING, whatever it is.
Please, you know it makes sense.

Love and understanding people.

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14 Jan 2005 @ 01:40 by bushman : Deffinetly a paradox,
They had William Henry on C2C last night, his view is that there is a cosmic cycle within the milkyway, basicly, one supermasive black hole, and several average to small blackholes, colesing with in the galactic core, this in turn sends gravity waves and exotic particals into the galactic disc, this effects the sun, and causes it to be more active, and it has been more active than any time recorded. Out here in Sedona there are some 3000 year old drawings some dating to 7000 years old, these drawings deplict a expanding sun, it tells the story of the last cycle, when all the ice melted, and the clay turned to stone. It even shows that some of the artists knew the landscape of Mars, and drew it and a orbital path they must of took between Mars and Earth, as well the Hopi prophesies telling this story as that half of them went deep underground with the lizard and ant people, and the other half was taken by the star people to a place of safty, that would be Mars. Also is a fact that the Earth is not the only planet heating up, all the rest of the planets are heating up too, if I find the artical again I'll post it below. Now to pull the chemtrail card, if you look at the patents for the fine dust they are spraying and running thru jet engines, whoever they are, they are useing that reflecting agent to do just that, reflect sunlight back out into space. The cost of retrofiting existing tech to burn cleaner so they capture the co2 they produce, would cost trilions a year to accualy do, so they spend 2 million a year and just keep the temp down. Co2 is heveyer than air, so if the air is cooler the co2 can drop to the ground and will migrate to the coldest place and condence, the oceans and poles. So it's posable that the combined effects of trying to cool the planet, and add some solar protection if it's true the sun is getting hotter, would have a side effect in spots of a global greenhouse. But somewhere else on the planet its getting colder in spots. Theres water melting off the poles fast, weather its man or a cosmic cycle, this warming is takeing weight off the poles, centripcal force will take that water to the equator as higher tides, just squish a rubber ball between your thumb and forefinger, notice how the equator expands? And when you unsqueez it contracts, that quake in Sumatra was a contraction. We might already be in a major crissis, and shutting down all use world wide of fossil fuels is not going to stop the melting, even if we stoped burning fossil fuels, and had co2 absorbers all over the place, it still wont stop the melting, people live fine high in the Andy's montains, the air is so thin, so the biger worry in my mind, is not sufocating, but geologic reajustments from the melting of the poles.
Heres some pics of the native art. :}
Notice the huge sun, it has a drawing of a continent on Mars, the nasa pic on the left, basicly shows zones of high solar radiation in red, it also shows higher ground. Notice the right side of the nasa pic, matches the native drawing exactly. You can also see the moons of Mars in the native drawing. I personaly think the Earths global warming situation is more cosmic than man made. But I also feel mans burning of fossil fuels isn't helping, either way it's adding to the side effects of spraying reflective particals into the atmoshere. A true paradox :}
Found the artical.

16 Jan 2005 @ 10:33 by bri_outten : It may well be as you say Bushman
I'm not convinced nonetheless as the image, in my opinion, does not reflect trhe blob in the middle. But, without wishing to be pedantic, you have a point, they are very similar. The drawing of the 'journey' is also interesting.
Thanks for your contribution.
As regards to the sun's changing radiation I haven't come across those theories before. As far as I am aware the sun's cycle is pretty constant and regular.
Lastly, where is the proof that these airlines are deliberately adding to the particulars in the air in order to add to global dimming. I'm just curious.
Many Thanks Bushman. I'd love to travel one day to the site you have shown me. We have similar artefacts over here, particularly in Ireland.  

16 Jan 2005 @ 17:53 by bushman : Not airline's,
it would be the JP8 fuel producers, there is patents for the materials they (the fuel producers) add to the jet fuel, they must add oxydizers for efficiant fuel use at high altitudes. Also something people might not know, is that water is added to the fuel encapsulated by methanol an old way of absorbing moisture from a fuel tank. Now, you can just look at the patents for chems/marerials they add to jet fuel (JP8).
Heres the patent page for devices and substances, patented and used on a daily basis.
Please scoll down and read #36 (RE29,142)
Also here is an early report, notice the date. Most obvious chemtrails started being more noticable around 1998.
This is a report on a recent solar anomoli.

12 Nov 2005 @ 11:31 by rebecca crane @ : stupid
i need 2 find a artical and no one helping me so it sssssttttttttttuuuupppiiidddd  

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