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11 Feb 2003 @ 10:49, by Craig Lang

Hi All,

I just read this today, and it made my blood curdle. Read it and I think you will have the same response.

- "Night and Fog" editorial on
- Draft of Security Enhancement Act of 2003
- Article on bill

I'm open to comments here. What do you think?
This is some pretty dark stuff. If it's all true, then the storm is upon us?


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11 Feb 2003 @ 11:04 by shawa : Americans, wake up!
Chilling. Our good friend Vaxen has been posting these articles for months now, to no avail. I wish you more success.

CL Note: Thanx Shakti. I don't normally get involved in political dialog. My interest is more spiritual - healing-related - than political. But this one really got me spooked. It's the thunder of the coming storm.  

11 Feb 2003 @ 11:33 by martha : Ashcroft
He is a dangerous man and is trying to take away our rights. Thanks craig. I have been complaining since the day Ashcroft and Cheney entered the White House.
Shakti- Many Americans are aware of these dangerous men. Remember despite it's present shape, personal freedom has always been in our heritage.(Why do I think vaxen is going to correct me on this statement!!) The problem is one also needs to learn personal responsibility and respect.
The Bush Administration is not familiar with the postive energies of integrity, freedom of choice or respect for all of the earth. But there is a growing force in this country to stop that unconscious behavior. And it can be accomplished with grace, style, love and gentle but forceful action.


11 Feb 2003 @ 12:16 by vaxen : Thankyou...
Craig. I've been trying to alert people for years. Well, I wo'nt do that anymore. They'll just have to go through it like everyone else. I'm under no delusion that the 'Republic' still stands. "To pass this bill is to give up on our republic, on its constitution, indeed, it is to give up on America." If you'll read some of the other 'logs' here you'll never see the word 'republic' used. Americans do'nt even know what the word means. They make the sad mistake that America is a democracy. And that a 'democracy is really a desirable thing! It is'nt, as our forefathers well knew. Ah well, ah so.

Why would I correct you, dear Martha, on your statement? I believe that freedom is our heritage but that outre forces took over long before we were born. I try to see the big picture in all things though I do understand the butterly moving its' wings in Tokyo and causing torrential downpours in Miami! Well, this 'mind war' has been going on for some time now.

I do know that we have been prepared for it from day one of birth into this schema. So I'll practice swordfighting daily and sharpen my wits and hone my skills. If I need to live deep in the forests of yore I can do that. "Today is a good day to die."  

11 Feb 2003 @ 12:27 by martha : jusk checking
Just checking vax on the freedom stuff. Also thought your two cents are worth hearing in the freedom department.
Hey we are having torrential downpours today. Is it a sign from Chicken Little?
Careful sharpening your sword Vaxen Warrior of Freedom.  

11 Feb 2003 @ 13:27 by craiglang : Anyone see the Babylon 5 series?
Hi All,
Did anyone out there follow the Babylon 5 series?
J Michael Straczynski (sp?) was quite a visionary - I think we're beginning to see just how accurate he was.
Every so often as I'm talking, I find myself making the freudian slip of substituting "Clark" in place of "Bush". Only a B5 fan would notice, but the parallels are chilling.  

11 Feb 2003 @ 15:50 by sevenlamb : Rings of 5
Children could resolve this problem quickly. Probably 5 of them. The question is, are we a people who can still unify in support of each other? If not, can we be?

I say yes, and yes.

It's time to throw labels and jingoism out the door.
Grab the hands of four strangers.
Make a ring of rescue.
Do it without ceasing.
Until the game is alive again...

Additionally, I'd like to point out that there is no such thing as fiction. Our ideas about 'what this word means' are misfounded. What we call fiction is 'recombinant prophecy'. It is a 'mimic' verson of the natural prescience skills which it is cognitively illegal to possess or practice, teach, or support on our world. The reason? These skills have been co-opted.

Fiction, is 'new bibles'. The problem is that these 'new bibles' are 'broken'. They exist not in single systems or books, but -across systems and books as integrations of key repeating elements- This is the result of the catastrophe that occurs when human civilizations which were in living contact with 'gods', lose this contact suddenly. The same thing happens to single human beings.

Forget the idea of authors. There are none. What there is, instead, is a 'source of authorShips', and countless uniquely personal moments of 'access' to this source...

This always produces prophecy. But our human skills in relating to, experiencing, or making the necessary integrations in these domains were long ago stolen from as, as children, so they could be sold back to us, in broken form, by mimicry-systems in our cogniscium, as adults.

Power to the rings of heroes!
Remake the rings, now!


11 Feb 2003 @ 16:34 by sharie : awakening
Thank you Craig for recognizing the thunder. I've been posting on this over and over. Prepare. Take care. Life as you know it is about to change. THEY WILL NOT STOP ON THEIR OWN.  

25 Feb 2003 @ 23:12 by magical_melody : More than frightening!
Craig, I heard about the building of camps to place "dissidents in' over 15 years ago, and it blew me away. What does that remind us all of? Hitler? If a president can get in without a vote, this Act surely can slip on through as well! So Mr. Bush wants to go to war, and as if that isn't bad enough, watch the real shit fly, back at home as the distraction of war takes the public attention off of other dark influences at work. People are becoming so paranoid now in the US, that twice in the span of two weeks, in public areas (many died (stomped on) in panic-thinking a terrorist attack was at work). The Bush agenda is so corrupt that I shudder to think how I could even live with so much propaganda and psychic/mental manipulation around me all the time.

It takes leaving the country, to get the emotional and psychic distance, that tends to shut down aspects of one's self, just so one can live one's own life. When you leave the group energy, you are better able to process the emotions without the tensions that tend to make you want to only deal with them at half throttle. Can you believe, with this Act in place, if any of us do anything 'they define' as truly upsetting the administration, they would with this in place, be able to come and take you or I, out of any country and prosecute us?- Ain't no way!! It's time to come together in groups, as we walk through our fears and confront these challenges in supportive and peaceful ways.

The darkness is eclipsing, and yet I believe that the dawn will come, but not without significant dealings with all that has been suppressed and controlled. Ooh, I am so relieved to be witnessing all of this from far away. When the shadow agenda invests so much energy in creating such fear in the American people, (daily terror-ism on television, in newspapers) it destabilizes people, and it cuts people off from their Spirits making them all the more vulnerable to victimization and harm!! When you frighten enough people and confuse them with mental and emotional manipulation, you can more easily seduce them into moving about like cattle. I know I wouldn’t accept any train tickets to any promised ‘safe places,’ would you?  

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